Alexandra Burke Performs ‘Broken Heels’ At Royal Variety Performance

Published: Wednesday 16th Dec 2009 by Sam

The Royal Variety Performance 2009 has literally just came off the air here in the UK. Burgeoning diva Alexandra Burke was one of many acts who graced the stage at London’s Royal Albert Hall to perform in front of the Queen. Burke, 20, performed her new single ‘Broken Heels‘, which you can watch above (Tidbit: she’s not miming, the video lags a lil bit. I’ll update when a better one becomes available).

It appears my prayers and fasting have gone a long way, as Alex has FINALLY started performing another song other than ‘Bad Boys’! Thank flipping-goodness for that. About the actual performance, Ms. Burke continues to tear down the house each and every time she performs. I’m particularly impressed with her ability to ‘sell’ what she’s performing. Regardless of how sub-par the material she’s performing starts out, I find myself feeling the track that much better after seeing her perform it live (see: this, and ‘Bad Boys’). A feat only world-class performers are capable of.  It really is so exciting seeing Alex deliver such calibre of performance. I mean if this is what she’s dishing up now (first album campaign), one can only wonder what we’re in store for as she continues to hone her craft. Gwan!!!

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. S.P December 16, 2009

    sam u should stop using info because its not official, rathar report as more accurate. chris debuted at no 7 not 6 and guccimane not 11 but 10, last time u said that rihanna would debut at no 5 while she did 4 beating ladygaga while u said ladygaga would chart higher that her, u lose creditebility. gud perfomance frm lady gaga

  2. thatmangojuice December 16, 2009

    i still can’t help but compare her to leona … and i just am not feeling her ever since those promo pics and these songs she’s putting out.

    still not interested in her

  3. me December 16, 2009

    Excellent performance. It saddens me A LOT of people aren’t feeling the song. She should release “The Silence” next, I think.

  4. antertain December 16, 2009

    Alex is definately performing way above the song’s quality but i defo see this song as a single success for Europe and Asia.

    sidenote: It’s great to harmonise to)

    I love The Silence but i love They Don’t Know even more either one can be singles as she actually could bring out a ballad after two up-tempo singles..

  5. Beangelic100 December 16, 2009

    A Brillient performance by Alexandra, the more I hear Broken Heels the better it gets, what a voice. Ballad or uptempo, she always gives a great performance.

  6. Fanmaniac December 16, 2009

    Alexandra is 21 years old 😛
    This performance made me like the song a bit more, great voice!

  7. Rihanna Flop December 16, 2009

    im not really feeling this girl
    good vocal ability but i dunno…lol

  8. troy December 17, 2009

    wowa amazing preformance loved it she is great

  9. Sam December 17, 2009

    She has it all she sings, dances and entertains she will go far -loved it.

  10. hi December 17, 2009

    Seriously do your research this event was in Blackpool not London. If you worked for a newspaper you would get fired for stupid mistakes like this.

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