Eminem Discusses Michael Jackson Similarities


In a December/January issue of Complex Magazine, Hip-Hop superstar Eminem delved into a discussion about his upcoming album release, his successful return to the charts and his issues with drugs. While elaborating on his past drug habits, the rapper noted several similarities that he observed between himself and the late King of Pop Michael Jackson. An excerpt from the interview can be seen below:

When the details of Michael Jackson’s death came to light, did you see any parallels?

“Oh, 100 percent,” Em said when asked about parallels between Jackson’s demise and his own hard times. “When you read things about Michael Jackson it’s hard to decipher what the f— is true, but there’s the story of how he woke up at whatever time and he needed something to go back to sleep because he has this or that and it didn’t work — that’s exactly what used to happen to me,” Em continued. “I would take a couple of pills and I would be up an hour later and I’d want more.

“It’s one of the pitfalls of fame,” he added. “I could just say, ‘Yo, I need this and this and this,’ and they’re going to give me whatever I want.” {Source}

It goes to show that the old saying is true: “with great power comes great responsibility” With seemingly unlimited financial resources and a team of well-paid ‘yes’ men and women at their sides, many celebrities lose touch with reality. Hopefully stories like Em’s and Michael’s, as well as those provided by the countless artists who have been consumed by the drug world, will inspire future and current generations to ‘just say no’. Eminem’s ‘Relapse: Refill’ hits stores on December 22nd.


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  1. FUSION December 1, 2009

    KMT at em, i didn’t see him show much sympathy when he was alive. no class whatsoever

  2. Cutie December 1, 2009

    Love Em. I hope he’s really off that drugs.

  3. HEALTHY BLACK QUEENS December 1, 2009

    ^VERY true, Fusion. He did mock MJ when he was alive. Another person expressing pity when MJ was the b*** of their jokes whilst alive.

    Anyway, “With seemingly unlimited financial resources and a team of well-paid ‘yes’ men and women at their sides, many celebrities lose touch with reality.”

    Also very true. They forget to have honest people who aren’t on their payroll. Instead they’ve got false family and friends. It’s best to stick with the people you knew years ago instead of bandwagon jumpers.

  4. Monica December 1, 2009

    Yeah who cares what he says. He was one of the main people always clowning MJ every chance he got. F***** scumbag. How dare you try to compare your situation with his.

  5. Jennifer December 7, 2009

    Eminem is pure trash!!! And there is no similiarities between him and Michael Jackson. Never was and Never will be. Em, your feet aren’t big enough to fit MJ’s shoes, and you definately can’t soar high enough to reach the bar that he raised, years ago. A**hole!!!

  6. YamiPrem October 29, 2012

    You are all misinformed.

    MJ and Em cleared it up afterwards. MJ even wanted to feature Em in one of his songs and asked for help for his comeback. He was still waiting for Em’s reply before his life ended.

    Haters gonna hate.

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