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Published: Tuesday 22nd Dec 2009 by Sam

Following the surprise success of LeToya‘s most recent single ‘Regret’, the Destiny’s Child alumni has confirmed that another song from her ‘Lady Love’ LP will receive the single treatment, with the song being (drum roll please…..) ‘Good To Me’! {Source}

Great choice! Honestly speaking, I’d argue it’s the best choice made regarding Ms. Luckett’s whole project to-date. As one who was somewhat surprised at the album’s lack of mainstream appeal (too many ‘samey’ ballads), ‘Good To Me’ (with it’s commercial sprinklings), along with a few other select tracks, really stood out as viable potential chart smashes if given the right push. The notion of ‘the right push’ being essential these days for an album/single’s success. Of little importance in the current industry climate is how good an album actually is. Instead, if 2-3 solid and/or well promoted singles are released, it’s usually enough to drive up album sales. Anyway, enough of my rambling, check out The Underdogs produced ‘Good To Me’ below:

Hit or Miss?

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  1. pjayy December 22, 2009

    ii love this song im glad its bein released

  2. Sibel December 22, 2009

    No that’s not THE song. I wish they’d choose “Don’t need u” as the next single. Cuz among all the ballads “Don’t need u” was the best one. But I like this song too,so I hope it’ll so well 🙂

  3. Rhythmic Trick December 22, 2009

    I really don’t get this choice at all. It’s glaringly obvious that Take Away Love needs to be released. Anyway at least it looks like she has some support from her label now.

    Sam are you going to do a post on Lemar’s newie?

  4. HBQs is back!! CLICK HERE FOR MORE December 22, 2009

    I wanted Lazy or Don’t Need You, but a single is better than no single at all. The album is great-9.5/10 for me. A pity her label aren’t as driven as she is, otherwise it could’ve been a smash hit!

  5. Ralph December 22, 2009

    Praise SAM 🙂

    “Good To me” is my favorite song of the album. I AM SOOOOO HAPPY its getting the sigle treatment !!!

  6. s December 22, 2009

    was hoping for… ” take away love”…. oh welll…

  7. CJordN December 22, 2009

    I LOVE “Good to Me”

  8. columbia06 December 22, 2009

    TANK produced “Good To Me”, not the Underdogs.

  9. private caller December 22, 2009

    This song is not produced by the underdogs! Its actually produced by Tank and Jerry “Texx” Franklin….check the album credits! as a matter of fact the underdogs didnt produce any song on this album! just getting the facts strait here!

  10. Boricua December 22, 2009

    ^^^ Thank you!
    Gotta love that lazy “journalism”

    Glad this is going to see the light of day! LOVE that song and she really shows her vocal range on the song!

  11. Fierce December 22, 2009

    4 singles or 35 singles wont make this album sell give up Letoya and focus and your next.

  12. tjack25 December 22, 2009

    My FAV on the album!! Yaaaay! They shouldve saved money and never released “She Aint Got” as a video. The order shouldve been “Not Anymore”, “Regret”, “Take Away Love”, “Good To Me”

  13. antertain December 22, 2009


    I’ve talked about this song for MONTHS & MONTHS & now look….


    Toya is one of the tru grinders and find a way when the odds are against her..

    “so if you wannna be miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnneee just be gooooooooooooood to meeeeeeeeee”

  14. koko December 22, 2009

    Yeah this song really shows off her vocal growth and should do well, at least on the R&B charts. I like After Party and Don’t Need You and also Lazy. Either one could be the next single. But just glad she’s gettin some support. Her album can go Gold , which would be good.

  15. Dave December 23, 2009

    Great single. She SANGS the s*** out of this. SLAY R&B Toya. Stick to what does you most justice.

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