Mary J. Blige’s ‘Stronger’: Will You Be Buying?

Published: Monday 21st Dec 2009 by Sam
stronger with each tear

Mary J. Blige‘s 9th studio album ‘Stronger With Each Tear’ hit stores in the US today.

Though initially sceptical about the project based on earlier samples, we here at That Grape Juice are loving what Blige has served up with this and  have had the LP on constant replay since receiving it. Best described as “one of those albums where (almost) every song could be a single”, Blige is clearly onto a winner this go round. Here’s hoping the record’s sales reflect that.

Will you be buying Mary J’s ‘Stronger With Each Tear’?

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  1. Fashionisto December 21, 2009

    FA SHO!!!!!!!!!


  2. k December 21, 2009

    Damn right I’m getting my copy tonight from Walmart. I CANNOT WAIT! I love you Mary, you are the QUEEN! Mary is beyond amazing, so much love for her!

  3. shawn December 21, 2009


  4. korey December 21, 2009

    already bought it! sooooo good!

    been bumpin’ ‘I Am’ for a minute now for my boo!

    get it mary!

  5. Jr December 21, 2009

    Definitely up there with Mary’s best! Standouts: I Love U, Kitchen, Good Love.

  6. Olli December 21, 2009

    yes I WILL.. xD

  7. Lovinman December 21, 2009

    Already got my copies.
    The record is excellent. Great Job Mary.

  8. Lashun December 21, 2009

    No. It’s Christmas. My coins have to go elsewhere.

  9. Nick December 21, 2009

    I got it., have not listened yet tho..,

  10. Jimmy Jack December 21, 2009


  11. GeeMan December 21, 2009

    No the holidays call for other things but I hope the sells are great.

  12. December 21, 2009

    I Love U, Tonight, and Good Love are my favorites, but it’s ridiculously consistent and a very positive record. She goes young without selling out (IMO) and it just feels like a Mary J Blige record — no other way to explain it.

    I’ll be getting it ASAP and hope it sells tremendously well.

  13. peter December 21, 2009

    $3.99 today at amazon

  14. HappyBall December 21, 2009

    I will be downloading….

  15. Rhythmic Trick December 21, 2009

    I wonder if Sam will write a scathing comment about the album being less than $4 on Amazon mp3 like he did with Rihanna? No, I thought not.

    The album is okay but it’s HARDLY ‘one of those albums where almost every song could be a single’, unless by a single you mean a minor hit at urban radio and nowhere else. It’s just more of the same from Mary. Full of perfectly nice midtempos which don’t climax. The only proper ballad is a bonus track taken from a soundtrack, for god’s sake…

    I really miss the MJB who gave us amazing material like Be Without You, No One Will Do, Baggage, MJB da MVP, One, We Ride and Reflections (I Remember) between 2005-6. She’s lost all her direction and it’s a huge shame.

  16. antertain December 21, 2009

    Yeah got mine in Brixton from CD Bar
    Great Album

    Was meant for someones present but i opened it lol.
    I went and got one more 4 the person lol

    BANGING (I wish “Hood Love” still had Johnta Austin on it though like the original)

  17. Kareem December 21, 2009

    i bought the cd today did not listen yet

  18. keith December 21, 2009

    Not buying Mary’s CD but I like it …a lot. Especially “I Feel Good” because it reflects my personal headspace.

  19. Nikki December 21, 2009

    Couldn’t agree more Shawn….

  20. Sammy December 21, 2009

    Man Cassie’s album is so much better than this s***.

  21. Parisian girl December 21, 2009

    I aint checkin for Mary her last Song is a bit Boring

  22. JOjO December 21, 2009

    dunno, will wait to hear more..

  23. Dre December 22, 2009

    Mary is the best great album pick up this album u will enjoy it i love it

  24. Nana December 24, 2009

    Girl, No matter if Kendu gets into it with Brucie. The damn album is fire! Red Hot Ghetto S***! Just get the damn CD! Last night Mary wasn’t letting a girl get in her “Kitchen”! Now if you had the CD, then you understand what happened to Kendu!

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