What Whitney’s Grammy Shut-Out Means Moving Forward

Published: Thursday 3rd Dec 2009 by Sam

As reported earlier today, the legendary Whitney Houston has been unceremoniously shut-out from the nominations for the 52nd annual Grammy Awards. The news comes as a shock to many, as the singer’s critically acclaimed, Platinum-selling comeback LP ‘I Look To You’ has long been touted as a Grammy favourite, with its US release date even brought forward to make it eligible for nomination.

While many will debate as to why Houston, 46, was snubbed (a prominent reason cited being her supposed diva antics towards the committee – comprised of writers, producers, industry folk –  at her peak), it’ll be interesting to see what happens with her comeback campaign moving forward. With the Grammy’s supposed have been the crowning moment of her rise from the ashes, so to speak, her team will have to find alternate ways to further enrich the campaign – the answer not being solely to tour.

That Grape Juice exclusively reported months back that there’d be no further singles from the album this year. However, upon the start of the new year, Ms. Houston’s best bet IMO would essentially be to put her best foot forward. By that I mean, releasing some of the record’s A* cuts (‘For The Lovers’, ‘Worth It’, ‘Calling You Tonight’, ‘Nothin’ But Love’, for example) – no playing around. In being frank, neither ‘Million Dollar Bill’ or ‘I Look To You’ were first or second single worthy IMO – something which proved not that big a deal when looking at the album’s success to-date, yet will do with the selection of future singles.

It’d also definitely benefit Whitney being more visible, not necessarily in the way of just performances, but talk-show interviews, TV specials, and maybe even a return to movies. As much as Whitney may have become accustomed to her ‘new life’, any hopes of making a significant dent on the music industry once again will require diligence and concentrated saturation of the market (see Mariah‘s hustle and flow approach during the ‘Emancipation’ era…my girl was everywhere!). Speaking of Mariah, does anyone else see Whitney’s Grammy shut-out as a more extreme version how they did Mariah at the 2006 show? Not the business. That said, I guess this whole episode further lends support to the age old saying that “nothing is a certainty”. Here’s hoping things move onwards and upwards for Whitney…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Steffon December 3, 2009

    Poor Whitney! Brandy should have been nominated as well f*** sales, Human was a great album.

  2. Imyourstar702 December 3, 2009

    The Grammys are SHIFTY!!!! they did the same thing to Mariah last year and back in 05 or 06 whenever it was when she was snubbed for song of the year for we belong togther even though that was the song of the year she lost it to kanye i think. Its disgusting that BOTH Whitney and Mariah have less 10 Grammys each despite them being two of the best vocalist of our time!!!. It doesn’t make any sense…. smh

  3. OGGIE December 3, 2009

    Maybe she was shut out cos the album is WACK! the only good song is Million Dolla Bill

  4. bobs December 3, 2009

    Maybe because her voice is crack scortched, she can’t perform live, oh and the album thoroughly sucks.

    BTW: Rihanna got 2 noms, and didn’t have an album out by the grammy deadline.

    Grape juice: Always supporting the crap.

  5. Thatmangojuice December 3, 2009

    brandy .. human? Where is it?

    Grammy schmammy.

  6. Ken December 3, 2009

    Poor Whitney, well, as least she can say she tried the comeback thing!!!!!

    And somebody please explain to me what this “Taylor Swift”, thing is all about. the cheesy ass songs that she writes, and same old dresses she performs in and same ole curly sue hairdo….I don’t get her…Oh and on people.com website today, it was announced that Beyonce got 10 grammy nods, and taylor 8 – yet THERE WAS A PIC OF TAYLOR AND HER STORY….WTFFFFF….. i mean really, are you serious….so you know what that means

    Sorry Beyonce, but taylor’s gonna UN-DESERVINGLY take it all at the Grammys – and that SUCKS royally.

  7. kit December 3, 2009



  8. Ms StaceyK December 3, 2009

    I’m def saddened that Whitney was snubbed …. I Look To You is a solid album IMO… “what don’t kill you , makes you stronger “, Keep Ya head up Whitney …..

  9. 12345 December 3, 2009

    rofl, who takes grammys seriously nowadays? like every award besides the oscars, grammys suck, its all about album sales and they dont care about the talent of people that didnt sell that much like the old times bleh

  10. THE TRUTH December 3, 2009


  11. wanda December 3, 2009

    Actually, Whitney’s album is really a solid album. One of the few that i listen to from top o bottom w/o skipping a track. She has the sales domestically and internationaly. Sam, I don’t think it’s a matter of singles because radio,I feel has shut her out. Mariah/Madonna will feel or has experienced the same thing.

    Knowing Whit, she will probably say eff em and move on with her life. I don’t see her sitting down on anyone’s chair fielding questions about her Oprah interview. I do think that worth it and salute should be release but pop radio won’t play her. That is why i think i look to you was the right choice.

    I am still in shock about this and I won’t be watching the Grammys. Does this award even mean that much anymore when these young artistswill have 10,12,20 Grammys compared to Whitney 6, Mariah 5, Diana Ross 0? Again, I’m very disappointed and saddened.
    Damn, the Dream went in! no grammy love either!, none for Ne-yo, wtf!

    @sam, what diva ways did Whtiney display @thegrammys. Her last award was 1999-2000. She was there last year to present J hud and got a standing O- not sure what u mean by your comments- a bit of a reach I think.

  12. Kimmy December 3, 2009

    To be honest the only person I think who should have gotten more nods is P!NK.

    Whitney comeback was weak IMO

  13. 12345 December 3, 2009

    and one more proof that this industry is dead, competition nowadays sucks thats why these talentless fuckers get so many awards and nominations, i would like to see them at the 80s or 90s, taylor swift? beyonce? lady gaga? this is disguting

  14. doble December 3, 2009

    the nominations are wack as hell. taylor swift gets 6 noms. really?

  15. aaaaaaaaaa December 3, 2009

    Lady Gaga is nominated, and Whitney isnt???? thats b*******

  16. D-enda December 3, 2009

    Looks like she needs to release some new material sooner if she wants that grammy!

  17. Imyourstar702 December 3, 2009

    All i wanna know is how the hell did T-Pain get nominated??

  18. bobs December 3, 2009

    Lady Gaga’s album is WAY better than Whitney’s. Honestly, ‘I Look To You’ is mediocrity – it is not a top 5 album nominee album in any realm.

    If there was a grammy for ‘Best Effort from a Recovered Drug Addict/Alcolholic’ – she should be front and center.

  19. GeeMan December 3, 2009

    Sorry but people Taylor is 3x platinum in the U.S. and over 5x platinum world wide. She is only doing well based on country sales but pop sales as well. As for Whitney she had a strong comebaack but at the same time her label held her back in the sense that she had limited appearances and she only appealed to her fan base the young ones buying are not checking for Whitney or any of our other older divas. The grammys went based on sales and popularity as they always have but talent nowadays is little to none that the difference. In all honesty the grammys are for the kids because the viewership is down so they do something for ratings and artist like B, J and Taylor draw the kids attention that why they receive the most noms.

  20. robyn December 3, 2009

    If the album went on sales the Whitney’s album should be nominated in the r&b field as besides Beyonce, her album is the best selling r&b album for a female for 2009 releases and right behind Maxwell’s for overall and he had his album out almost 2 mths before hers so that’s lame.

    The album is decent nad if old Charlie Wilson who is definitely not hip or soft on the eyes as is Anthony hamilton and if they got nods then surely Whitney could have and she’s almost double their sales in 12 wks compared to their nearly year old album.

    Thist stinks-

  21. incognegro December 3, 2009

    Crazy thing, Whitney is one of those few artists where their reputation (and relative power in the music industry) far exceeds the Grammys. Although getting another grammy would be nice, it really does not add any additional cred. to her rep.

    On a different note, the Grammy’s aren’t worth a damn!!! I remember when there used to be honor associated with winning a Grammy. Nothing was guaranteed, even if you were “it” girl/boy of the moment. Now Grammy’s are given as gifts to those artists that have built up quite a following in the business.

    Diana Ross has never won a grammy. India Arie gets snuffed out of 10 nominations, but Britney Spears wins a grammy – let me guess, it’s because of vocal talent. Jasmine Sullivan’s looses Best New Artist to Adele (who is equally deserving and talented), so now the Grammy’s are nominating her songs that did not get love the last go’ round. It’s all a sham. Congrats to this year’s nominees, but I now consider the grammys equal to that of an MTV moonman! smdh

  22. Baleia December 3, 2009

    Incognegro your words are very nice!
    Whitney is not the same yes! But she’s still relevant and one of the best of all time even with huskirer voice (like the haters said!).
    Personnally i’ll never watch the grammys again!
    Snub i look to you was a bad move for NARAS!
    The album is so consistent! It will sell well next year a lot! And NARAS will have to apollogise for this horrendous act!

  23. HEALTHY BLACK QUEENS December 3, 2009

    “Its disgusting that BOTH Whitney and Mariah have less 10 Grammys each despite them being two of the best vocalist of our time!!!. It doesn’t make any sense…. smh”

    It really is! The award has lost its appeal. As long the album is good quality, and the fans are proud of it, who needs critical acclaim? It would be nice, but at the end of the day it is just a bunch of people’s opinion.

    I didn’t like Whitney’s album, but it has been successful so it should be recognised. If sales is the problem, Flo Rida shouldn’t be there. His singles sell but his albums don’t.

  24. FUSION December 3, 2009

    I’m sorry, but the album is bloody terrible. It’s full of songs that sound like B sides from the 90’s. Are we not forgetting that Whitney is waaayyyy past her best vocally, which is her strong point. She is not a songwriter, producer or artist in my opinion. She is a singer, who has lost her ability to interpret other people’s songs. For her to get grammy nominations over more deserving artists, like Beyonce, for example (even though she got loads of noms, just using it as an example), that would be outrageous. The fact of the matter is, people can call this a comeback all they want, just cos they want Whitney back on top, but if you don’t have the material, work ethic, attitude or voice to prove it, it aint gonna happen. Whitney deserves no grammy nominations and should count her blessings. Her record company won’t allow her to do too much promo, cos she’s blatently still on crack – you just have to look at the X Factor episode to see that. Clive Davis is a disgrace. How on earth can you let someone who is clearly having difficulties with drugs, get on stage, allow her back up singers to do all the singing, whilst she praces around like a nut job and still call that a comeback?

  25. chiefodude December 3, 2009

    Definitely shocked Whitney didn’t get nominated but…there’s always next year??? 2009 was an incredible year for Ms. Houston and I have a gut feeling that 2010 will be even better. I Look To You is one of Whitney’s best albums to date, I think the Grammy’s will redeem themselves for the 2011 show.

  26. Kendall December 4, 2009

    Its an utter disgrace. Its a slap in the face to Whitney, the biggest I’ve ever seen. Her CD debuted at number one and has defining moments through and through. Its pitiful to imagine what the academy was thinking or if any personal agendas interfered with what truly was her moment. I don’t think people understand how serious it is in regards to her, her success, her legacy, and the Grammy’s credibility. With all do respect to the nominees this year, their nominations and upcoming wins lack any sort of credibility or backing.

  27. DexterSuperior December 5, 2009

    Brandy?????????? Human should’ve appeared on Best Contemporary R&B Album

  28. Dane December 5, 2009

    I Am Not Shocked. I Hoping She Will Get Nominations For The 53rd Annual Grammys. To Some People The Album Is Good, And Too Some People The Album Is Bad, And Too Some People The Album Is Alright. Its Just Our Opinion.

    And For BOBS, GrapeJuice is Not Supporting The Crap. They’re Supporting Whitney. And Rihanna Got 2 Noms Because They Were Songs That Were Realease Before The Grammy Deadlines. And Don’t Just Say Rihanna Got Noms Because Those Noms For The Grammys Are Shared Between Kanye and Jayz. And Without Them She Couldnt Get Nom.

    I Guess BOBS, Your The One Supporting The Crap!

  29. Chris Carter December 5, 2009

    Who cares about the dam grammys thies days. Whitny and Whitny fans don’t need some dumb grammy award to know that Whitny was and is one of the best female artist of the year, its all about album sales and I LOOK TO YOU is one of the best selling albums of the year with sales continuing to rise above other albums each day. (I WILL NO LONGER BE WATCHING THE GRAMMY’S) AND I HOPE ALL SUPPORTERS AND FANS OF WHITHEY WILL DO THE SAME.

  30. Jimmie Lee December 5, 2009

    Somebody has to be shut out. Many somebodies, in fact. Donna Summer didn’t get a nod last year either and, in my humble opinion, Donna Summer’s Crayons cd is much better than Whitney’s I Look To You. And, Donna can still belt vocally, while Whitney is just not that good live.

  31. Bobby D December 5, 2009

    The Grammy awards have ZERO creditability these days, in fact they havent in a long time.


    The grammys are rigged, b*******, and/or all of the above.

    F*** the Grammys. The only awards I see as having creditability anymore is the American Music Awards and the Peoples Choice Awards.

    I repeat, f*** the grammys. PEACE

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