Alexandra Burke Performs ‘Broken Heels’ On GMTV

Published: Tuesday 19th Jan 2010 by Sam

Alexandra Burke continues her promotional campaign for new single ‘Broken Heels’, this morning performing the song on GMTV a few minutes ago. {Skip to about the 2.10 mark}

It goes without saying that Ms. Burke was using a backing track, which in this instance is allowable considering the intense routine and the fact we all know she has vocals for days. In fairness to Alex and her fellow talented vocalists, everyone has their limitations when it comes to singing or dancing. Lip-syncing when standing there is an entirely different situations (*cough* Mariah *cough*). In any case, enjoyable performance.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. shelly-chelle January 19, 2010

    exactly why I stan for mrs. queen bey she can do it all sing and dance at the same time!

  2. Tha Phoenix January 19, 2010

    Love this girl. And she’s friends with the Queen B… Love. Love. LOVE.

  3. Carly January 19, 2010

    Most people lip-synch on GMTV – their studio is not set up for that kind of live performance. Alex delivered a note perfect live vocal singing Hallelujah in Belgium yesterday. She is more than capable of delivering, and has also done the Broken Heels routine live on the RVP, as well as numerous live performances of Bad Boys.

  4. Melanie January 19, 2010

    This was 110% live. And her vocals sounded great. Love this girl!!

  5. Ben January 19, 2010

    That was on point Alex is only 21 and is going to be huge.She sung that so well and so what if she had a backing track she did not have a band with her.Love her and lets support her.Go Alex you rock-love you.

  6. GeeMan January 19, 2010

    Funny how Mimi or Rhianna name always come up on your site when a post may not be about them its says to me that you need them for your board to a hit. Honestly they can careless about and your site because both women are adore by millions worldwide and very successful. In this case you defending this young lady who is trying to become a huge star in her homeland.hopefully ole girl won’t just an act for the moment and let’s pray she is around almost 20 yrs and can inspire others like Mimi has throughout her career. But so far her material hasn’t lived up to the hype. With all the talent in the world remember it doesn’t scream success.

  7. anon January 19, 2010

    @shelly chelle

    i can’t wait for beyonce to get old and stop altogether because of you pathetic fans that compare everyone new in the game to “queen bey” i can’t wait!

  8. Sally January 19, 2010

    Alex will have a 20 year career because she has talent, works hard and is a great singer.Watch out for her in America mid year she is going to be big and she deserves everyrhing that is coming her way.Just be happy that she is living her dreams and always acts with class and dignity.

  9. shelly-chelle January 19, 2010

    @anon suck a d*ck! If you don’t like it look away

  10. January 19, 2010

    f*** you for the unnecessary mariah shade

  11. Paul January 19, 2010

    MORE Mariah hate. Never gets old for you, does it?

    And you wonder why most people have lost respect for this site.

  12. TRUTH January 19, 2010


  13. Sally January 19, 2010

    Oh truth you are a self hating nego if this was about Cheryl you would be sallivating like a dog but keep trying your best Alex will be huge worldwide so get used to it.She will not start doing promo in the US until June.She is covered in alot of US sites and blogs and has sung with Neyo, Beyonce and Flo Rida so you get with the programme loser.

  14. Marcus January 19, 2010

    That really makes me laugh truth just go away and stop posting on Alex threads.You are a fool and too sad for words. If you do not like her why read about her, watch her, comment you are becoming obsessed-get a life.

  15. Kyus93 January 19, 2010

    Everyone mimes on gmtv, it’s not just alex. They don’t have the facilities to perform live

  16. Sara January 19, 2010

    She obviously had a backing track that she was singing to-it was a pre-recorded programme not live anyway.Alex is really that good vocally that she sounds spot on and always gives 100 percent.Love this girl she is going all the way to the top.She is doing a promotional tour in Europe where she is starting to get Top 10 and Top 20 hits with Badboys at the moment.

  17. anon January 19, 2010

    @shelly chelle

    no, you go and suck a d***, time is ticking until beyonce drops from that big headed pedestal she is upon 😀 LOLL.

  18. Kyus93 January 19, 2010

    Don’t worry about the hatred Alex, some people are just jealous!

  19. Ben January 19, 2010

    Some people only come on here to post crude comments and to show how ignorant they are there is no need for foul language we are not children.It is a shame that too many people have so little resepct or just did not go to school.Haters will always be around and be bitter Alex is the real deal and I am very proud of her.

  20. Uzo January 19, 2010

    Pause at 3:51. Alexandra Burke is BALD!!

  21. KodieBlue January 19, 2010

    Lets Go Baby! She’s goingto explode in the U.S. Just watch. She’s Definitely Bringing So Many things to the table. You’ll See!

  22. NONE May 1, 2010


  23. GrapeJuice December 17, 2010

    Dear Alexandra,

    You ain’t bringing anything we haven’t seen.

    the USA

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