Hot Shots: Christina Aguilera In Vegas


Christina Aguilera was spotted in Las Vegas last evening. The singer hosted a New Year’s Eve party at Tao nightclub, where she sported a slimmer frame and a short bob. Aguilera’s new record is rumoured to be hitting stores in March. Peep more pics of the star below:


What do you think of her new look?

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  1. SparkD January 1, 2010

    Christina looks super fantastic!

  2. Alex January 1, 2010

    She finally got in together!

  3. MORE TRUTH January 1, 2010


  4. Ghetto Fab January 1, 2010

    Its different. Not sure if I love it but I do like it. She needs to hurry up and put an album out. If I hear Britney’s S***** one two three song one more time I’m going to shoot myself. Hurry up Xtina! I’ve missed that amazing voice

  5. Parisian girl January 1, 2010

    Lmao@ghetto fab!!!
    Girl you can stay mad!!Britney aint going nowhere!!!
    1,2,3 not only you and me
    getting down on 3p
    everybody loves hummm counting!!
    #1song on hot 100 and her new album will be release in may2010!!
    Stay mad bish!lmao!!!

  6. nate January 1, 2010

    yes Christina!!! I can’t wait to hear a girl with actual vocals on the radio again!!!!! Hopefully she come with the hits tho.. Not sure about the new look, but her body is slamming!!

  7. SOOS January 1, 2010

    The first picture is SOOOOOOO FELICITY HUFFMANish :D:D

  8. I January 1, 2010

    she is SOOOOO trying to bite LADY GAGA’S look…the make-up,hair.. etc.

  9. January 1, 2010

    i wasn’t aware lady gaga invented the blonde-bob-with-red-lipstick look.

    anyway, she looks good and it goes along with how her album is supposed to be.
    can’t wait to hear her on the radio again.

  10. 12345 January 1, 2010

    I dont see anything Gaga in her, buy some glasses c***

    as for her look, I think she looks awful, she is a natural beauty, one of me the most s*** in the game, why does she put all that makeup? It makes her 10 years older

  11. Blu Majik January 1, 2010

    yasss Christina! Looking good girl!

  12. king January 1, 2010

    I always wonder y she put all this makeup on her face.and that nasty breast implants always distract me from her singing…
    but the bish is one of the best singers out there.
    she needs to stop with all that war paint on her face

  13. rightround(U.S.A pride!) January 1, 2010

    what the hell? she looks so bad!

  14. anonymouss January 1, 2010

    wow @ her losing all the baby fat…her body would be perfect if she had a lil more of an ass. 0.o
    still nice 2 see her out n about. cant wait for her release as well as toni’s.

  15. jean alchemist January 2, 2010

    the only true artist in pop 100 percent secure unlike bey who wont take a break,hard to believe how many albums shes put out to date,good good

  16. Marcus January 2, 2010

    She is looking H-O-T.
    I cant wait for the album!!! March roll on!

  17. Jasmine January 2, 2010

    I like that she lost weight and I think this is the first time I’ve seen her smile in years.

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