Jill Scott To Release New Album This Year

Published: Friday 8th Jan 2010 by Trent

Neo-Soul diva Jill Scott is preparing to release a new studio album this year. The record, entitled ‘The Light Of The Sun’, serves as the 4th installment of t her critically acclaimed ‘Words And Sounds’ series. According to Soul Culture, the singer’s LP will hit stores in Spring/Summer.

As one of the most technically skilled singers to emerge in the last decade, to say that I am eager to hear this record would be an understatement. In addition to her lyrical prowess, Scott’s expansive vocal range and power ranks her in the same league as Lauryn Hill, in my opinion. Moreover, ‘The Real Thing’ was undoubtedly a  modern classic, as many of the singles from the project still enjoy heavy rotation on the R&B formats. ‘The Light Of The Sun’ is definitely one to which I look forward.


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  1. sugar January 8, 2010

    she looks very sad and very i wonder whats happening

  2. January 8, 2010

    that is all.

  3. Ms.G January 8, 2010

    Yes, I was waiting for this.

  4. stan January 8, 2010

    i’m probably in the minority, but i find her voice rather annoying.

  5. Honey January 8, 2010

    I love Jill Scott! I can’t wait to buy her cd and see her on tour. She gives a great show. However, this picture posted look s nothing like her. It’s really a bad look.

  6. Erica January 8, 2010

    lol..@ stan..I love me some jill scott, when she sings live, she really expresses her lyrics the way she feels it…so that’s probably why it seems annoying..but her writing skills are amazing. Love Jill Scott!!!

  7. stan January 8, 2010

    @erica.. i actually used to listen to her quite a bit, but after a while her voice sounds very whiny to me.

  8. Ashley V. January 8, 2010

    What great news! I was wondering when she would release her next studio album. Her foray into film and television did her some good, but I’m soooooo glad that she’ll be releasing her next album later this year. She is one of my favourite artists and she has consistently released AMAZING albums. I am looking forward to her next album.

  9. anonymouss January 8, 2010


  10. anonymouss January 8, 2010

    and yea she looks a bit pissed off in da pic…u coulda chosen a betta pic trentie she got lotsa dem.

  11. Dilla January 9, 2010

    I cannot wait for this album to drop. Jill brings that heat.

  12. Dave January 9, 2010

    Can’t wait

  13. jjlova06 January 12, 2010

    Both her and sade are coming out this year!! I’m too excited!!!!!

  14. Brutha H March 11, 2010

    The experssion in the pic is just for dramatic effect. She is a much better volalist the Jill Scott. One of the best of this era. This is a good year for REAL music, Maxwell, Sade, Raheem Davaughn, Eric Robinson, Jaheim (even). Jill, Erykah, D’Angelo, India & Bilal are all releasing new music this year. SOOO sick of cookie cutter performers Trey, Beyonce, Rihanna, etc.

  15. Brutha H March 11, 2010

    My badd, I think Jill Scott is a much better vocalist then Lauryn Hill

  16. Mallorie April 15, 2010

    Titled {The Light of the Sun}, the album is expected to be a spring/summer 2010 release, just in time for Scott’s return to the stage… I know I cannot wait for this album to come out. If anyone saw her recent appearance on the Tyler Perry show for the promotion for W.D.I.G.M.2. she sang a few words from her new album and it sounds REALLY good!

  17. Acharm May 30, 2010

    I love Ms. Jill. I can listen to her album over and over and never get tired. I call her CD an album because it is worthy of being called such. An Album s something you archive a CD is something you tear apart and m**. How many Artist can you listen to and call a musician. She is a true vocalist. I cant wait for the new album as well. Oh and the natural on the Tyler Perry show was bold and beautiful..Jill rooocked it. She made me so proud. Keep doing what your doing. I love the pick because it reminds me of the raw beauty the sista’s in the 70″s graced.

  18. Alfred January 27, 2011

    Jill is dynamic, inspirational, and sensual. I am drawn by her spirituality, attracted by her frankness, and captivated by the range of her voice and the richness of her genres. I have attended two of her concerts so far and have seen her in three movies. When you meet Jill Scott the person, you will be compelled by her music. I am a student and fan of Jill Scott.

  19. special k February 19, 2011

    its mid feb. and still no sign of ms. scotts new release..whats up

  20. special k February 19, 2011

    its mid feb. and still no sign of ms. scotts new release..

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