Lauryn Hill Performs ‘Turn Your Lights Down Low’ At Raggamuffin Festival 2010

Published: Sunday 31st Jan 2010 by Sam

The incomparable Lauryn Hill took to the stage at Australia’s Raggamuffin 2010 reggae festival today at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Joined by Julian Marley, Hill (34) gave a rousing performance of Bob Marley’s classic ‘Turn Your Lights Down Low’ – which she herself covered and released in 1999.

Though a little rough around the edges in places, I really enjoyed this. What’s more, watching this really has me eager to see Lauryn find peace and come back and remind the new generation why she is who she is. She has an audience, she has a label (still signed to Columbia), so the ball really is in her court…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Chris T. January 31, 2010

    YEY!!!!!!!! The QUEEN is back to shut it down. Teach all of them a lesson. Bring it L-Boogie!
    We will always love you.

  2. TC January 31, 2010

    That’s right Chris T! Lauryn reigns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hboss January 31, 2010

    She still got it

  4. TRUTH January 31, 2010


  5. 12345 January 31, 2010

    We are waiting for you, Queen

  6. klg0845 January 31, 2010

    Keep on waiting. She owes Colombia 2 million dollars. And until she pays up, they are not releasing her from her contract nor releasing any new music from her.

  7. seriously? January 31, 2010

    Why does she owe columbia money?

    Does lauryn smoke? Her voice sounds different and not in a good way….
    Ihave heard that child birth changes your voice a bit though..idk

  8. anonymo January 31, 2010

    Yes Ms. Hill show these fakers how it’s done. Look at how she oozes talent and passion without even trying.

  9. anonymo January 31, 2010

    @KLG0845 Is that just gossip? Why wouldn’t Columbia release more music from her to recoup their money?

  10. klg0845 January 31, 2010

    That’s not gossip. It was reported years ago in the press. She took 2 mil from the studio to record her second album. Per Colombia, it was so bad it was unreleasable. They asked for either her money back or a releasable album. She has done neither. So they’re in a stalmate.

  11. anonymo February 1, 2010

    @KLG0845 I’ve been following Lauryn Hill for years now and have never seen this report. Can you post a link? Also, I don’t see why they won’t release her out of the contract because they’ll never get what they want,. I accepted her music has shifted to a more spiritual level long ago and I’m happy she hasn’t sold her soul to bring out gimmicky crap like we see with Beyonce et al. (including the once soulful MJB).

  12. truth February 8, 2010

    leave her the f*** alone shes not a sale out the rest of the so called artist

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