Mariah Carey Rocks Madison Square Garden

Diva Mariah Carey held a New Year’s Eve concert last evening at Madison Square Garden, New York City. The show served as the prelude to her ‘Angels Advocate Tour’ which starts on January 2nd in Atlantic City. Peep the performances of ‘Emotions’, ‘We Belong Together’, ‘H.A.T.E U’ and more below and after the jump:


‘Love Hangover/Heartbreaker’

‘Make It Happen’


‘We Belong Together’


‘Countdown To 2010’

Mariah is on fire! That ‘Emotions’ performance was fantastic in every sense of the word. Although she has lost some stamina with age, the songbird proved that she is still able to hit every note in her illustrious vocal range. I can’t think of a better way for her to kick-off 2010. With performances like these, Mariah is on track to having a terrific year. Great stuff!


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  1. @Hayaseta_LYM January 1, 2010

    one word AMAZING

  2. King January 1, 2010

    Simply Perfect. She killed them!

  3. hihihihihi January 1, 2010



  4. Dru – U.K January 1, 2010

    WOW!! She was amazing :)!! Is it true she sang migrate?! If so I sense a new remix bonus track coming in memoirs!!!

  5. drillpill January 1, 2010

    Madison Square Garden was Crazzzzzzzzy!! the concert was one of the BEST to ring in the New Year -Happy 2010 EVERYBODY!! what would we do without the Haters (:-D) they make us stronger for 2010… Love You Forever MARIAH!!!

  6. Jr January 1, 2010

    AMAZING! Here’s hoping she brings some of that heat to her TV performances for the remix album.

  7. candy bling January 1, 2010

    wow she just punched all the haters square in the jaw!! Mariah sang

  8. 12345 January 1, 2010

    WOW, the Queen is back with her full force, all bow!

  9. GeeMan January 1, 2010

    I must say I love it what can I say always over the top and forever my diva.

  10. Anne January 1, 2010

    Overall, I thought the performances were nice and I was surprised how well she did in comparison to other tv peformances that I’ve seen lately. I agree that her loss of stamina affected her ability to maintain her vocals at times during songs but she definitely still has significant vocal ability. I don’t agree that she is back with ‘full force’ because my memory of her performances ‘back in the day’ at her peak is too fresh but she is obviously still a force to be reckoned with.

  11. January 1, 2010

    nothing warms my little stannish heart than to see mc do well.

    here’s hoping 2010 is a good year for her.

  12. MORE TRUTH January 1, 2010


  13. casmir January 1, 2010

    I think she should present herself without all the dancers and showy stuff. Her voice is all the show spectators need, like Sade, who only shares the stage with her band, so all the focus is on her – as it should be with Mariah. The dancers are distracting. She’s not Beyounce or Jen Lopez, etal – she can hold the stage alone. Maybe if she wasn’t trying to dance around her ‘stamina’ would not be competing with her vocal breathing. Whatever, she’s still the best. Mariah remains on ‘Fire’ . . .

  14. FUSION January 1, 2010

    Mariah was fantastic. People can say what the hell they want, but that Emotions performance says all i need to say: MIMI’S BACK!!!!!!!! Roll on 2010. if Mariah scores a number 1 single in this decade, that will mean she has had a number 1 in each of the last 3 decades. That would be an amazing feat!

  15. rofl January 1, 2010

    This is true talent, look at this, now you have it, do you see someone lip synching? No. Do you see someone shaking their ass like a low rent s***? No. Do you see someone almost naked? No.
    What you see here is a true talent, a true diva that has been gifted with an amazing voice that can make you feel all kind of emotions, she has been doing this for 20 years, (besides the backing vocals she made to other artists in the 80s), a living legend, I’m proud to have all her discography, I’m a rock’n’roll guy, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith, KISS and all those old school rock’n’roll bands are what I listen to, but this woman right here is an angel, she means alot to me with her voice and lyrics

  16. Blu Majik January 1, 2010

    She did great. I wish I was there. I hope 2010 brings much success to her.

  17. G.U.S January 1, 2010

    Mariah on the top anyone not have got a Memoirs? everybody buy!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Kevin January 1, 2010

    hahaha haters can’t f****** criticize her AMAZING SINGING, so you decide to call her out on spending a lot!?

    she’s got more than enough money, her contract with Virgin ($80 million) was the most expensive music contract at the time.

  19. FiercerMC January 1, 2010

    She is truly the best singer there is!!!
    Others would spend so much on stage production, costumes, break their bones off for an awesome choreography but MC can just sand there with her signature mic sing her out out and beat them all!!!!

  20. bebe January 2, 2010

    she is done, no one bought that s***** album, and the remix album will flop hard! LOL! this b**** is as done as a 20 minute egg! HA!

  21. GeeMan January 2, 2010

    It crazy how folks take time to spit negativity when they can’t accomplish half of what the next person has accomplished in two decades of work and service to the people. Again maybe this album didn’t explode like others but at least she can still the benefits of success from different arenas of life and entertainment and say what yu will out of some of peers she is the one of few that can still get press good or bad and has new fans that match oldschool fans. Also after two decades rocking out @ MSG to a sold out crowd when only many younger artists and acts who have been around a lot longer are doing so. So she must be doing something right even if she didn’t score another #1 at least she can say I sold out MSG on NYE 2010. Can yu?

  22. bebe January 2, 2010

    no I can’t say that, but i’m not the one selling flop albums, I do great in my lane tho! Mariah is a flop.

  23. bebe January 2, 2010

    not even gold. Lol!

  24. t January 4, 2010

    I was there on New years eve and i have always admired her talent and while I was impressed with her vocal ability that night I was left a bit confused. Mariah and her band sounded great but she came on at 11:00 pm and played until shortly after 12:00. Her husband Nick came out and acted his age and then pulled her off the stage with no encore. I know my tickets cost 175.00 a piece and this is the first concert i have gone to with no encore. It just was unprofessional that she allowed this to happen. People pay good money for a show like this and to get rushed off the stage by your immature husband is not the way to go for your fans. You got to think that this was not the best choice Mariah has made. Her management shouldn’t have allowed this to happen.

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