Mariah Carey Added To Haiti Charity Single Lineup


As reported earlier, ‘The X Factor’ judge Simon Cowell has been busy trying to organise a charity single for Haiti. Now, Mariah Carey has reportedly joined his cause by agreeing to add her legendary voice to a cover version of REM’s classic ‘Everybody Hurts’, which will be produced by Steve Robson. Other performers said to be confirmed thus far for the song are Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle, Cheryl Cole, Alexandra Burke, Rod Stewart, James Morrison, Mika, James Blunt, JLS and Miley Cyrus.

Despite the horribly boring song choice, I am very excited to hear this one. So far, Cowell has managed to gather some of the best singers in the game right now, and I’m certain that with his influence and their collective fame, the song will do well. However, there is one name on the list that perplexes me – Miley Cyrus. She has undoubtedly been added to the track because of her star power because her one-dimensional voice certainly pales in comparison to the other singers. I sense (and hope) that she will get a one line appearance on the record like she did on ‘Just Stand Up’.

Sidebar: Why do I have a sinking feeling that Rihanna’s name is going to pop up within the next few days?


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  1. ryan January 25, 2010

    nowadays miley cirus can sing better than mariah tho..

  2. mez January 25, 2010

    Because alot of people love Rihanna and makes product move off the shelf… unlike alot of your ‘singers’ who simply bore people to death. RIhanna immediately adds immense satr power to any event….

  3. no tea, no shade January 25, 2010

    ^^ girl rihanna is boring as hell… unfortunately, in a charity single it should be more about vocals because you won’t perform it in your “edgy” attire or walk a runway in the video – which is why Miley and Rihanna should be nowhere to be found..

    I’m glad Trent and Sam actually appreciate the heart and soul that goes into music, the kind that makes you feel somethin.. now I know most of yall don’t wanna feel nothin anymore and that’s fine.

  4. Jamie January 25, 2010

    There it is again…. another post, another diss to Rihanna

    For God’s sake stop it.

    OK, it’s generating comments for you i.e I’m commenting.

    But I’m getting really REALLY bored of it now. It’s actually making me want to leave the site and not come back. So much negitivity. If you don’t lilke her, her voice, her image, her music, then just simply do not post about it.

    I know it’s your site, but the fact is she HASN’T at the moment in time been added, had nothing to do with the story you are reporting, so why comment on it.

    And the fact remains, she is more successful than you will ever be, and you have to keep relying on her to make you blog interesting, to generate comments and hits. So thanks to Rihanna for giving Sam & Trent something to write about, otherwise we’d be stuffed.

  5. whystillinbusiness January 25, 2010

    No Rihanna dont! stop that lie, people have learn the hard way that Rihanna is just a pretty face so stop. That’s the same thing J thought on RTT, the same thing the producers on her flop of a album thought and she has yet to have a #1 from any of these projects and her latest stuff with Haiti has sunk so stop with Rihanna makes a difference. If she had the ability like talent she would make a difference but the big overall picture in which no stan wants to look at is she is not doing well at all! Rihanna is selling like she has been out for a year on the charts and to date it’s only been 9 or 10 wks. So to say she moves stuff is an understatement to the fullest cause she has yet to move her own stuff in a way that’s suppose to be fitting a superstar on top, and making moves like you say and with such STARPOWER… Why do you think the label is trying to get back as much as they can by putting her everywhere and the dummies cant see the more they put her somewhere the more she goes down… Rihanna has no talent, a singer can work a song from every angle and then come back to that original spot, but not Rihanna she practices a song and that’s that! There is no emotions, substance or nothing when she sings and when she tries to venture off it takes her off of what she has studied. Mariah can sing, Whitney can sing they may not be up to their old par but they know how to work cause they know the elements of singing. Your superstar with the so called STARPOWER has yet and will never learn it cause it’s not there.. She talks while music is being played in the background when she sings… Long but true..

  6. Ben January 25, 2010

    This song is getting to to to much-who is not singing on it they should step forward it will be five singers.I can guarantee it will be a mess.

  7. Hector January 25, 2010

    LMAO @ Ryan: “Nowadays Miley Cyrus can sing better than Mariah tho.” Boy, go sit down. Miley Cyrus has never, and WILL NEVER, be a better singer than Mariah. Mariah, at her worst, sings circles around Miley.

    I’m excited for Mariah’s addition to this song. Should be awesome!

  8. Sarah January 25, 2010

    Rihanna name is NOT going to show up here. Sam #SITURASSDOWN.

  9. Shawty C January 25, 2010

    This is gonna be so boring and not sell well in the us because we dont know who half of there people are.

  10. shelly-chelle January 25, 2010

    If rihanna is added, she should just donate $$$ and put us all out of misery

  11. TRUTH January 25, 2010


  12. Ben January 25, 2010

    Alexandra Burke and Leona Lewis should have recorded a duet-Superwoman,
    Sisters doing it for Themsleves or Hallelujah.

  13. wtf January 25, 2010

    personally i am happy mariah is there..dnt think simon is a rihanna fan but with def jam trying to put rihanna everywhere to push that rated flop anything is possible. they need to get their returns somehow so….

    they need whitney as well i say!!!

  14. 12345 January 25, 2010

    another article with the name Rihanna mentioned ROFL, I’m starting to believe that you really need a therapist for that obssession, it is beyond limits.
    what are James Blunt, Miley Cyrus, Mika, Cheryl Cole and Alexandra Burke making next to the Queen and Godess Mariah Carey? Like seriously and btw, Miley Cyrus atleast said something on the “Just Stand Up” song, Ciara didnt even open her mouth, ROFL

  15. Manny January 25, 2010

    Mariah Careys & Mary J. Bliges’ parts were by far the best in ” just stand up “. Mariah had more then one line, did rifts and used her whistle register tward the end. I guess you ain’t take anytime to listen to the track. Mariahs Voice is still legendary , Have yu’ve seen the reviews from her tour ? Critics going on & on about her voice, about her still being able to hit EVERY note in emotions, even the ending notes . Please, yu sound stupid. People just love to Hate on Her, Rihanna too . I think Mariah will be a great addition to the track, her voice has been more then fine as of late.

  16. Manny January 25, 2010

    ^^ to the nay-sayers on here.

  17. matt January 25, 2010

    i commented on the previous post about rihanna, u bring her name up even though nothing has been confirmed so you can collect all the rihanna stans and haters together to battle like it always is!

  18. Red January 25, 2010

    horribly boring song choice??? whats wrong with you? EVERYBODY HURT IS A CLASSIC

  19. parisian girl January 25, 2010

    rihanna monday
    rihanna tuesday
    rihanna wednesday etc….
    and i’m like”why are you so obsessed with her”?

  20. GetitIn January 25, 2010

    Who should they get on the song then? Your weak, FLOPPING ass favorite Kelly Rowland that you stan for hard for??

    PLEASE FALL BACK. God, you are such a hater

    Let celebrities do them and DO GOOD & CHARITABLE THINGS FOR THE WORLD. Damn

  21. hihihihihi January 25, 2010





  22. Slick January 25, 2010

    This is a vocally stellar line up! cant wait!

  23. Kyus93 January 25, 2010

    Leona, Mariah and Alex all on one song? *DIES AND GOES TO HEAVEN*

    but why the hell is Cheryl, Miley and (let’s be honest) JLS on there? You’re gonna have all these powerhouse divas and then Miley with her ho ass screechy self and Cheryl ‘i can’t even sing my ABCs in tune, oh btw let me whup that black womans ass in a toilet and call her a black b****’ Cole. Hopefully they’ll be like Jedward in You are Not Alone and get one line, and Alex can lead like she did on Hero

  24. Sarah February 10, 2010

    The song is great because it has all of the best voices in pop on it espesially Cheryl Cole and JLS

  25. Eros February 15, 2010

    Mariah bores me to death… šŸ™

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