New(ish) Songs: Toni Braxton – ‘My Ring’,’Looking At Me’ & ‘Wardrobe’

Published: Monday 25th Jan 2010 by Sam

Judging by the amount of ‘WTF Sam…’ emails I received following our post on the delay of Toni Braxton‘s new LP ‘Pulse’, it appears my comments about not feeling much of Toni’s new material didn’t go down too well with her fans, prompting an influx of ‘haven’t you heard this, this or this?’ themed messages.

Interestingly, such messages seem to have done the trick; as, after wading through the suggestions, it seems Ms. Braxton is indeed cooking up a storm in the studio. Check out three tracks (all up-mid tempo), all which surfaced within the last month or so, which have kinda renewed my faith in her project (maybe not sales-wise, but quality-wise):

My Ring (Produced by Madd Scientist / Written by Jesse McCartney)

Looking At Me (Produced by Darkchild)

Wardrobe (Produced by D’Mile)

Hit(s) or Miss(es)?

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  1. hihihihihi January 25, 2010



  2. bryxxx January 25, 2010

    I can’t wait for her album since i heard these songs that leaked. Toni French boys are waiting for you!!!!!

  3. Mr.727 January 25, 2010

    This is why she is not selling, go back to your old formula, or update with some soul, all this computer s*** is why people don’t sales numbers, they only do s*** that is hot, and this electro-pop mess is why we have the lack of creative vocals and musical sound now!!!

    So glad Sade is coming back out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes I will bring her name up cuz she is always keeping it simple, but always challenging herself to be better!! Toni take note!!!!

    I miss her debut days, when she was sing the hell out her music, stop trying to appeal to the teeny boppers, make grown folk music again Toni!!!

  4. GeeMan January 25, 2010

    The last reminded me of J.Sparks one step at a time the latter were decent. I still waiting for that song that will put Toni back on top.

  5. Jasmine January 25, 2010

    She is trying too hard. If she went back to her old style and just a strong R&B track like Love should have brought you home she could easily get massive radio play and be back on the top of the charts.

  6. Erica24 January 25, 2010


    SO TRUE.

    Jesse McCartney is that dude tho.

  7. its me!!! January 25, 2010

    Ur late. If yall weren’t so busy bashing rihanna u would have been posted these songs

  8. Anndee January 25, 2010

    I miss the old Toni. I’d buy her record if she delivers her the soulful ballads like she used to.

  9. Sarah January 25, 2010


  10. Jark January 25, 2010

    Lookin’ At Me isn’t actually a Darkchild production. It was produced by Lucas Secon who did I Hate This Part and It Takes More by Jordin Sparks. He also produced Make My Heart which as it stands will be the second single from the album (although sadly it’s not very good – Lookin’ At Me is much better).

  11. ok January 25, 2010

    i like the first 2. the 1st is like a single ladies but for a grown a** woman

  12. January 25, 2010

    we still don’t know the tracklisting to her record, so all the stuff that’s been leaking may just be rejects or specifically to get her name back on the blogs. who knows? the real heat could be leaking closer to the release of “pulse”.

    that being said, i adore her voice and can’t wait to see what she comes up with.
    you KNOW she’ll have some good ballads on the record.

  13. La’Wayne January 25, 2010

    LOVE Toni and the songs are off the chain..i hope the gets the success she deserves wit the new album cuz i kno it’ll b hot

  14. Makeba Riddick January 25, 2010

    Grapejuice, lets not forget that two of these songs were penned by one the industrys most sought after female writers, Makeba Riddick. Shes the American writer who penned various Beyonce and Rihanna records. Theres no shock here that the Toni records would be hott too. She co-wrote “Ring” with Jesse McCartney and Wrote “Lookin’ At Me” which was not produced by Darkchild, but the British producer Lucas Secon who did “Hate This Part” for PussyCat Dolls.
    Lets get the credits right before we do anymore postings shall we. These songs are Killer!

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