New Song: Cassie – ‘F*ck You Silly (Ft. Nicki Minaj)’

Published: Monday 18th Jan 2010 by Trent

Video model Cassie has been working on her new album ‘Electro Love’ for quite some time. Emerging from those studio session is a track entitled ‘F*ck You Silly’ which features rapper Nicki Minaj. Diddy’s ‘special friend’ will be releasing the album later this year.

The beat goes hard on this track but that is its only selling point. How did this girl manage to get a record contract? She is literally speaking her way through the song. Scratch that, we all know how she got and kept her record deal.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. bobby January 18, 2010

    i like it i guess but it would have been better with someone else tho

  2. Red January 18, 2010

    I like it.
    I like Cassie, yeah, she cant sing, but her voice is kinda sweet

  3. shelly-chelle January 18, 2010

    Cassie’s ode to diddy…smh by the way where’s SAMMY at? LMAO!

  4. deleteriousdee January 18, 2010

    Is this a Danja song? Please be Danja!

  5. Qelz January 18, 2010

    Cassie isn’t as bad as Nicki Minaj. How the heck did she get a record deal because she can’t rap and that accent that she has made for herself is horrendous. Cassie’s lack of vocal abilities never bothered me because her two songs were catchy. Nicki Minaj is like listening to nails on a chalkboard.

  6. JT January 18, 2010

    “She is literally speaking her way through the song. Scratch that, we all know how she got and kept her record deal.”

    I hope Sammy’s dumb ass take note of this. Cassie is garbage waiting to be taken out.

  7. anonymo January 18, 2010

    Out of tune as usual, she sounded better under Ryan Leslie.

  8. JT January 18, 2010

    but i sort of like the song.. haha

  9. TTSUP3R January 18, 2010

    That ‘Property of Bad Boy Records’ voice tag is distracting. Honestly I only listened to this cuz Nicki’s name was in the title. I think it’ll be a hit only cuz the beat is sick.

  10. muse January 18, 2010



    he gonna put 1000 comments lol

  11. JT January 18, 2010


    you know and speak the truth. sammy is a dumb d*** sucking h**, along with Cassie. =)

  12. WTF January 18, 2010

    i like it..she sounds better than rihanna’s whinning!!!

  13. Carl January 18, 2010

    I only listened to it for NIcki of course I loved her part. Umm. BYE!

  14. ImYourStar702 January 18, 2010

    What a waste of a good beat..,…*pours out alcohol*

  15. Chantal January 18, 2010

    Oh dear go away and never come back-cant Diddy afford good producers for her.

  16. Ben January 18, 2010

    She is the lamest chick out there no heart, no vocal talent and no ability other than being a jump off-oh were is ignorant Sammy/Cassie to give her props this sucks and blows at the same time.

  17. SOOS January 18, 2010


  18. g3 January 18, 2010

    all i have to say is where is sammy LMAO cassie is a joke 4real ill be honest the songs they pick as singles in the past for her are catchy but thats about it she has no substance or good talent take a seat or stick to modeling plz

  19. stan January 18, 2010


  20. gio88 January 18, 2010

    she is telentless like rihanna…

  21. Prince January 18, 2010

    I love it and Nicki Minaj was da best choice 4 dis song

  22. Antertain January 18, 2010

    Did someone put this girl above MONICA!!!

    Maybe i’m missing April fools day.
    I’ve not heard much worse Collab’s than this!

    Even Mya’s track ponytail with Nicki Minaj flushes this down!!!

    I warned u Sammy that the track “Spread Eagle” was coming, but they changed the name to F*ck You Silly!!!

    And F*CK she is silly!!

  23. Anthony January 18, 2010

    The song is hot.
    She doesn’t sound bad at all.

    This is the best I’ve heard from her..
    She sounds like she’s been working
    on her vocals.

  24. Chris T. January 18, 2010

    Antertain, ur silly…lol

    And now that there is a post specifically dedicated to Cassie there is NO SAMMY…wow, lol

  25. вeяячℓiσuѕ вeα January 18, 2010

    maybe it will be a hit for her?

  26. berry January 18, 2010


    Utter TRASH!!!!!

  27. Dilla January 18, 2010

    I don’t really care for the song, with the exception of Nicki’s part, but it’s what I expect from Cassie=Fail. Diddy will still keep her on though, making records that don’t sell because she gives good head.

  28. dont take shyt January 18, 2010

    bless her heart
    Stick a fork in her she is DONE

  29. Aryo January 18, 2010

    Oh my where is Sammy
    I dunno wat Sammy has seen in cassie that he is killing himself for her!
    She really is done and the best thing she can do is to give up singing!!!!!!!!!

  30. Aryo January 18, 2010

    Look at her ugly face in this pic!
    she is not that ugly but i dunno why she looks so stupid in this picture
    anyway she sucks

  31. TRUTH January 18, 2010



  32. mememe January 18, 2010

    She is such a waste of space in the music industry

  33. MONTE January 18, 2010


  34. Gumaro January 18, 2010

    HARD!! Love Cassie and this is the music she is known for, she has never put out a vocal song, she puts out harmonies and beats! that is her style and aint no other b**** doing that, everyone tryning to be beyonce and HOLLER on a track, there is more to music than vocal ability, actual music, and whether or not Cassie makes the music, that is what she brings! Brilliant! Love you cass!

  35. Its Me Again January 18, 2010

    That was tight. I’m loving that song, especially the reference to Chris Brown’s bowtie :p

  36. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    OMG OMG OMG this is song is Amazing, im literally shaking as I write this. This is the best thing Cassie has ever done in her whole career. Its so inspiring to hear something sing a song like this because we know h*** like beyonce, mary j blife, mariah, rihanna, monica, Jlo, jasmine sullivan, janet and whitney would never dare do something. I nearly come when i heard this song for the first time i swear. This shits on everything that any other singer has done. This is gonna smash worldwide in every country.

    Cassie I knew you had it in you to do this.

  37. Bobby D January 18, 2010

    I can talk my way thru a song, and willing to sleep with someone up top. SO having said that, where the f*** is my record deal????

    lol im better off being normal anyway. being a celebrity would stress me out

  38. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    All the people who mentioned my name in this post please do not deny how brave cassie is for doing a song like this. What other rnb h** in the industry would do something like these??

    Cassie, you are my queen. I love you so much and im gonna buy so many copies of your album. Your an inspiration to me. Your my idol. Im always gone support you my queen.

  39. Just Saying…. January 18, 2010

    OH WOW speak of the damn Devil! Oh SAMMY boy……where are u @?? No comment on your “Queen” Cassie?? LMAO this chick need to hang it up for God’s Sake for real she is a train wreck…..and Nicki Minaj? hmm…even worse! smh…..

  40. Imperfect Angel January 18, 2010

    @Just Saying oh trust me Sammy was up on this post right when it got put up…..pathetic this song and her SUCK…next!!!

  41. Dave January 18, 2010

    If she could actually sing, the track would’ve been done justice, hopefully they shop this around to like Nicki Minaj said, “A Bad B****” *Cough* that can actually sing.

  42. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    @Imperfect Angel and Just saying.

    THere were so many haters that they banned me. BUT HELLLL NOOOOO i ride hard for Cassie and nothing anyone can do will bring down Cassie reign adn I will always find a way to support my girl. Damn right im back on TGJ and yall never make me leave coz ill always find a way back HAHAHAHA.

    Cassie you is my girl will yall platinum selling self. People when was the last time the so called legends (hasbeens) mariah, janet and whitney do a song like this? they to scared yo. Cassie has guts and that makes her a true legend

  43. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    Cassie gone f*ck you haters silly hahahah. The queen says it best her self.

  44. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    Sings ‘shes a bad bad woman, but yall already know’. Damn this sh*t is HOOOTTTTTTT.

  45. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    LOL you haters got nothing to say huh? Cassie gone done shut yall haters up big time. And there yall was saying cassie gone flop, she’ll never have a good song and she’ll disappear. Damn she showed you the f*ck up like damn. Im embarrassed for you guys.

  46. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    Yo Cassie, you a bad b*tch imaa call you Lassie. Got dayum this is amazing you guys just don’t know.

  47. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    Well haters, looks like we got another smash hit to add to her repertoire

  48. Aryo January 18, 2010

    Sammy Where were U at ??
    I just wanted to tell U that I dont hate her but her songs SuuuuuuuuuuuCK!
    You gotta accept the truth

  49. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    Why the hell can’t anyone see my got damn posts???? OMG pure haters tryna stop Cassies shine SMH

  50. Tha Phoenix January 18, 2010

    For those damn fools who think Cassie is a success…

    Even I can admit Me & U was my s*** back in 06 , and yes it sold one million downloads- before everyone heard her none-singing a*** flop HARD on BET…

    Then Long Way 2 Go came out (which, again, I actually liked) came out, stalled at #97 on BB100 then fell out the chart completely. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL

    And FACT :

    her first album only sold 450,000 copies worldwide to date. That’s not even gold. Official girl failed to chart, Must be love failed to chart… Every song of hers, no matter the potential if given to a better artist, FLOPS. Because no one cares…

    And I’d be willing to bet a lot of money that Sammy is really Cassie – she’s been known to do this kind of mess before – she was called out over on Concrete Loop.

    How f****** embarassing…

  51. Tha Phoenix January 18, 2010

    And for anyone who wants to argue about the FACTUAL album sales, head over to United World Chart and check your damn facts..


  52. SASHA FIERCE January 18, 2010

    lmfao @ cassie

  53. HAHAHA January 18, 2010

    @Tha Phoenix….OMFG u right Sammy IS Cassie!!! If you look at his/her comments carefully you will start to see the pattern people like 4real… starting too if that really is Cassie then boo you are SAD and need a life ASAP because that’s just pathetic how your trying to promote your career by downing others…..shame shame shame

  54. anonymouss January 18, 2010


  55. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    Can you guys see my comments about the Queen Cassie?

  56. Red January 18, 2010

    Okay, she cant sing, but come on she doesnt sound that bad on this track, I kinda like it

  57. NICKY January 18, 2010





  58. Sammy January 18, 2010

    Can yall see my posts?

  59. NICKY January 18, 2010




    B**** BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Sammy January 18, 2010

    @Nicky HELL NO you didnt just call this trash? It shits on everything any other singer has released. Its hot and gonna smash the hell out of the charts

  61. sokmidyk January 18, 2010

    this song and one hit wonder SUX a$$

  62. Sammy January 18, 2010


    This is the hottest song of the new decade b****

  63. anon January 18, 2010


  64. Oops! January 18, 2010

    OMG @Sammy shut the F*** up! Like really just shut the f*** up NOBODY and i mean NOBODY cares about Cassie and NEVER will she will never be relavent in this industry and no matter how hard she tries she will ALWAYS be looked at as that girl who opened her legs for Diddy and Ryan Leslie just to score a record deal so like really leave it alone and go read a got damn book because i repeat NOBODY and i mean NOBODY is checking for this h** BUT you and other mindless Cassie stans alike people cant even comment on rather they like the song or not because your bugging everybody with dumb talk….go somewherez puhlease! You sound sick honestly……..

  65. Slick January 18, 2010


  66. Erica January 18, 2010

    why did I think of sammy immediately? lollllllllll hey sammy!!! lol

  67. Sammy January 18, 2010

    @ OOPS

    people are checking for her. people checking for her so much that they tryna sabotage her career. People keep telling she only sell 300,000 copies of her smash debut self titled album ‘Cassie’ then they say it never went platinum. Then they say that it only sold 100,000, like what the f*ck. Cassie went platinum on yall ass and trying to change information on wikipedia (so sad) aint gonna do s***. ALWAYS TRYNA BRING A CLASSY, HARD WORKING, RESPECTFUL SISTER DOWN.
    Don’t worry Cassie, us fans got yo back through thick in think, all the hard times and all that bad stuff.

  68. Sammy January 18, 2010

    Oh again this song is SO HOT, it makes me week at the knees no lie. i be tearing up hearing how far she come, talking about issues that other non sanging h*** aint got the guts to do.

    Cassie I love you so much i’d die for you. Id do anything for you Cassie. Your my Queen and you’ll live on forever

  69. Sammy January 18, 2010

    Hey ERICA. How u doing sister?…..become a Cassie fan yet? If not you’ll soon be one. You youngins just dont know much bout music, but one day you will and you’ll be fore Cassie 100% 🙂

    oh and I’m glad you think of me when u see Cassie coz I ride so hard for her. OMG OMG OMG imagaine if she made me her publicist :-O

    OMG OMG OMG im shaking at the tohught of it i cant even type properly.

  70. Oops! January 18, 2010

    HAHAHA WOW Sammy……i wouldn’t be surprised if 2 weeks from now ThatGrapeJuice reports Cassie got a restraining order from some mysteriously insane crazed fan haha i’d REALLY die out laughing if that happened omg yo….

  71. Ben January 18, 2010

    Sammy please take this the right way you need professional help-you really have no pride and must do something quick.It is unhealthy for you to post so many times about one person and use such crude filthy language you are not a teenager, get a grip you put people off Cassie-try and calm down.

  72. Slick January 18, 2010

    Sammy got issues…

  73. Cris January 18, 2010


  74. jamie January 18, 2010

    I’m pretty sure Sammie alias is Cassie Ventura… #justsayin

    Cassie is the only person that believe in herself other then Diddy’s d*ck and that b**** can’t type.

  75. Cyimo Simo January 18, 2010

    great song

  76. ThatAppleJuice January 18, 2010

    More hate from the dump s*** that is Trent. Who’s opinion did you steal this from?

  77. jeffrey January 18, 2010



  78. parisian girl January 18, 2010

    now i understand why this post has 77comments,i was wondering why it was so popular
    [email protected] and his delusional ass…

  79. parisian girl January 18, 2010

    some parts of this remind of janet’s song”2nite”

  80. nerd January 18, 2010

    a lot of cassie’s hater need to bounce. seriously ,why put the effort when they already have an opinion that can’t be change. Don’t waste your breath people.

  81. artisticBarbarian January 18, 2010

    umm…shout out 2 the HB..she kills every verse she touch! BUT, this SONG is just NOT poppington!!! Cassie…u know better…#sityoassalldawaydafuckdown for this one

  82. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    @PARISIAN GIRL & Jeffrey

    Damn aint nobaody wanna copy Mariahs flop ass. Please Cassie so much better than that h**.

    And I never hear that 2nite song by Janet but I don’t even need to listen to it to tell you ‘F*** You Silly’ (the new womens anthem) sh*ts on it.

  83. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    Damn they banned me for a 2nd time SHM. Just because I like Cassie. That is DISGUSTING and pure hatred. I thought we are all allowed the right to have an opinion

    Don’t worry Cassie them haters aint gone bring us down. Ill just keep creating more accounts.

  84. Erica January 18, 2010

    @Sammy….HEY BOO! LOL..I have always been a cassie fan. I don’t think people understand…we all have a choice to like someone or not. She’s cool at what she does!

  85. Lost0nez January 18, 2010

    this song is pure garbage the best collabo tho..u got the worst singer n the world female rapper on the same track so wat does worst n worst = f*** you silly..

  86. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    @ERICA you right boo. Peoples gots to learn. I’m just telling them that cassie is the ish around here and all they fav singers are flops. Aint no harm in that.

    ‘Imma bad bad woman, but yall already know,
    I’m hot to handle baby, I need an animal,
    You can’t understand it
    Im so stupid with it
    boy I f*ck you silly, eh

    Damn this gonna SMASH. Trust me. This is pure HOTNEEESSSSS!!1

  87. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    @AP. Damn person singing is a mess. I bet that you aint it. Damn yous a flop. You done gone embarrass yo self. SHM

    Check Cassie singing acapella

    She slays that woman singing…oops I mean you singing.

  88. AP January 18, 2010

    You’re delusional go get some help!i don’t even think that woman is a singer….she’s just at at the same level along with Cassie lol

  89. jeffrey January 18, 2010

    Yea cassie is a better singer than whitney the voice
    Mariah the songbird

    aretha the queen of soul


  90. ADAMBURRELL January 18, 2010

    this song is nice..nicki’s verse is gewd i like the part at 1:45 when she says ” you dont want to get away”

  91. SOME1 January 18, 2010

    omg sammy, reading ur comments is the best part of my day, LOOOOOOOOOOOOL….u r so ridiculous….this song sucks…. 🙂

  92. Sammy January 18, 2010

    @AdamBurrell. Damn right you knw to like this song. I knew the haters would come around at some point.

    @JEFFREY. Cassie is the Voice, she is the song bird and she is the Queen of soul. This song proves it. The grammy are haters and give their awards to flop poeple so I’m glad Cassie aint got none. She don’t need one to prove how great and accomplished she is

  93. Kongo January 18, 2010

    Damee why soo much hate
    i dont really cear for her.. but she has some ok songz
    this song it just another of her many ok songz =/

  94. jeffrey January 18, 2010


  95. Sammy January 18, 2010


    @SOME1. HELL No this smash dont suck. Try and name a song better than it. (without using one of Cassies many platinum hits Me & U which got to No.1 in Canada, Long Way 2 Go, Official Girl, Is It You, Must Be Love and Skydiver.

    @KONGO. Damn see what all the Cassie haters are like. Can only be one thang. Jealousy. but KONGO you hella wrong for saying this is one of her many OK songs. Sorry but this shits on anything you thing is great. Sorry but its the truth.

  96. Sammy January 18, 2010

    *Bumps to the tune* ‘Yo Cassie, yous a bad b**** i’mma call you Lassie’. This ish is gonna explode. She gonna snatch hella weaves of some of all the RnB chicks.

    Nikki Minaj I aint sure this gonna be good for yo career boo coz all u gone be remembered for is ‘that b**** who featured on that mega star Cassie’s world wide smash hit ‘F*ck You Silly’.

  97. Music Lover January 18, 2010

    I can’t believe you people are even responding to that delusional b****. He’s obviously insane. At first I was laughing at him, but he’s so serious, it’s not even funny anymore. I hope he gets some psychiatric help, for reals.

    Anyways the song sucks more so than Cassie blowing on Diddy’s d***. She’s already irrelevant. It won’t be long before everyone completely forgets this h**.

  98. Sammy January 18, 2010


    You don’t even know how angry it makes me when people diss my queen so you better stop. Like I said, always tryna bring a successful, classy and talented sister down. look how many posts this has got. Dang gone be at like 200 at this rate. So obviosly plenty people checking on her. No need for hate. Jealousy is a hell of a drug and you guys be smoking it. Cassies a platinum seller. She got lots of fans. On Mediatakeout she got combined views of nearly TEN MILLION because of her leaked pics. The whole world be cjecking for her. like to see some of yo so called legends get that many views.

  99. Music Lover January 18, 2010

    Are you fucken retarded or what?! You don’t like people talking about your “queen,” yet you talk more s*** about other artists than a fucken public toilet!!! And the only reason why this received so many posts is because 99% came from your insane ass. And fine I admit lots of people are checking out for Cassie like you said. But it aint for her music, but for her p**** and tits. At least you admit that she’s a straight up h** too.

  100. Sammy January 18, 2010


    HELL NO i didnt call no damn h**. She to classie for that. Classie Cassie as I like to call her. yeah maybe people be checking for her fine ass but more are checking for her music. Cassie this our year baby, we gonna smash. My success is her success and her success and my success. Did you know 1,000,000 people downloaded her legendary smash Me & U? Janet and Mariah could only dream of those stats. Ugly ass old h***. They look like the crypt keeper. Pic below lmao lololololol.

  101. Sammy January 18, 2010

    Got damn link, just stype in crypt keeper in google images lol

  102. y2kmalone January 18, 2010

    @ Music Lover
    WTF you cant be serious……LOL

  103. Rihanna Flop January 18, 2010

    LMAO half of these 106 comments are from no other then sammy
    i only like nicki minaj, as a matter of fact, shes the only reason why i listened to this song
    good job nicki cassie needs to sit down somewhere, should have given that record deal to someone who REALLY deserves it.
    Cassie=a less successful rihanna

  104. Rihanna Flop January 18, 2010

    LOL @ sammy i was wondering why a cassie post has so many damn comments

  105. Raychel January 18, 2010

    @rihannaflop I agree with you cassie sucks
    but you should create your own blog and post on rihanna
    and leave her name out posts that dont even have her name in them

  106. Rihanna Flop January 18, 2010

    last time i checked, this is a BLOG dumbass i will post whoever name i want
    wherever, whenever i want. Stop stalking me and my comments b****
    see my username dummy? if you dont like what i say, don’t read my damn comments it’s as simple as that

    rihanna daily is on a post somewhere to your right h**, make yourself at home over there
    look like a f#ckin lil boy with glasses

  107. Rihanna Flop January 18, 2010

    *on a column somewhere to your right h**

  108. Raychel January 18, 2010

    @rihannaflop whatever….
    I said I agree with you and this is a blog your right..
    I ddidnt even say anything mean to you..
    like, how did you get all that anger out of what I said to you?

  109. B-Real January 18, 2010

    LMAO……..The beat is hot but ummm………she CANNOT SING!!!! Sammy are you Cassie??? Cuz you are about the only muthaf*cka that thinks this s*** is hot…..

  110. Raychel January 18, 2010

    lol @b-real

  111. Sammy January 18, 2010

    @Rihanna Flop

    Cassie is way more successful than Riyawna and Beyawnce, they flops. No one cares about them. since when they get hella people checking for them and getting over 110 comments on a post bout dem like Cassie. Exactly. You 2 h*** above need to respect the Queen. nicki shouldnt have got on this song coz Cassie out shined her. She’ll always be known as that s*** who freatured on Cassie world wide smash hit ‘F*ck You Silly’.

  112. Sammy January 18, 2010

    @ Be real.
    Plenty people think Cassie hot. Her sel tiltle world smash album ‘Cassie’ went platinim featuring hits such as ME & U (which got to No.1 in Canada) and Long Way 2 Go. Her new mega hotly anticipated ‘Electro Love’ out this year is gone smash any other release out this year.

  113. Raychel January 18, 2010

    @sammy if she’s so great
    why isnt she relevant now?
    why isnt her songs topping the charts?
    yea I thought so

  114. Rihanna Flop January 18, 2010

    telling ppl what and what not to say on a damn post smh
    rihanna is a h**
    rihanna sounds like a howling dog/electrocuted cat
    rihanna has no ass, hips or personality
    Rated Sh!t has been out for 8 weeks and just reached gold in the U.S. LOL
    rihanna is a media w****
    rihanna has no stage presence
    rihanna never heard of a damn bra or even clothes for that matter

    u happy now? get lost

  115. Raychel January 18, 2010

    @rihanna flop you’re really ruthless
    I shouldve just said that I agreed with you
    people like you just love to start fights.
    and I bet you’re going to say *you started the fight*
    yea not really…

  116. Rihanna Flop January 18, 2010

    forgot to add
    rihanna is all s**/image and no talent whatsoever lol my bad

  117. Sammy January 18, 2010

    Cassie is relavent now. Damn u on this post so u must be checking for her. Did you know 1,000,000 people downloaded her legendary smash Me & U? Cassie ‘The platinum selling future legend) got lots of fans. On Mediatakeout she got combined views of nearly TEN MILLION because of her leaked pics. The whole world be checking for her.

  118. Sammy January 18, 2010

    @Rihanna Flop. You just name everything yourfavorite singer is lol. Thanks for saving me from having to type al that. 🙂

  119. ADAMBURRELL January 18, 2010

    isnt sammy spam?

  120. Raychel January 18, 2010

    @sammy oh, so she’s known by her leaked pictures??
    thats a very nice reason to be known… smh
    yes, me and u was a hit, but what about NOW???
    where are her hits?
    her singles failed to do ANYTHING on the charts..

  121. Sammy January 18, 2010


    How am I spamming? Can’t you see the people above me asking me questions? God I can’t even defend my point now? Geez

  122. Sammy January 18, 2010

    @ Rayhal

    Least she didnt purposely leak her pics like Rihanna.

    Bout cassie she got a hit out right now. Where you been boo? Its called Skydiver and its about to smash world wide. Here it is below

  123. Raychel January 18, 2010

    @sammy I think they are BOTH in the same boat with that topic
    and hun, skydiver isnt even an official single.
    its not even on itunes..

  124. Sammy January 18, 2010

    RAYCHEL boo Cassie got hits such as Me & U (which got to No.1 in Canada), Long Way 2 Go, Official Girl, Is It You, Must Be love, Skydiver(which gone go platinum) and plus this hit on this post. She got prodicers like RedOne and artists like The-Dream and Akon checking for her. See below.

  125. Sammy January 18, 2010

    Cassie Ft Akon.

  126. Sammy January 18, 2010

    Cassie Ft The Dream.

  127. Sammy January 18, 2010

    She got plenty people beggin to work with her

  128. Music Lover January 18, 2010

    @Sammy- The h** hasn’t released a song that has charted in years. If you think leaking nude pics is “classy” then that’s on you. The point is she is irrelevant that is why this h** flashed her v***** and tits for the world to see just to extend her 15 seconds of fame. She is a low class h**. There is no other excuse. Who cares if “she looks better” than others? She is a straight up skanky ass slutty ass whory ass c***. If it looks like a h**, smells like a h**, tastes like a h**, “sings” like a h**, then it’s a fucken h**. That’s the straight up truth. I’m sorry to break it to you. Get over it!

  129. Raychel January 18, 2010

    @music lover without all the vulgar language I agree
    @sammy I like debating with you at least your not as vulgar as other people lets keep it going
    cassie may have had those hits, but its not just about what you did in the past
    her album has been pushed back MANY times
    her stingles are obviously FLOPPING
    she is desperate and leaking her music like thats gonna help her
    I feel sorry for her. rihanna and cassie may have lackluster vocal ability but rihanna sure is doing better than cassie is
    that should tell you something.
    cassie is DONE

  130. Sammy January 18, 2010

    @MUSICLOVER maybe you should be banned for using that language coz when I did i got banned TWICE. But that aint gone stop me supporting my queen coz i gone keep making new email accounts LMAO so theree aint no way to get rid of me.

    @RAYCHEL – Whats wrong with pushing an album back, heck she can push it back 100 tiems and ill be happy because she’s obviously a perfectionainst and wants her material to be top dollar. Her singles are smashing so I dont know where u be getting ur info from. Don’t trust Wiki coz I seen info change on there bout Casssie the last couple of days (obviously to try and make me look stupid but it failed). Cassie sold 895,000 copies of her self titled album, whereas Rihanna boo is struggling to sell that much.

  131. Sammy January 18, 2010

    @MUSICLOVER Cassie didnt leak her pics. Someone else did so she is still the most classiest chick in the game boo. And the pretiest. Her regin aint gone let up ill tell u that.

  132. Music Lover January 18, 2010

    @ Sammy- You got banned because you were spamming and trolling. Anyways that’s what I thought. You don’t have a response, huh? Because you know it’s all true. I’m actually not a Cassie hater. I just hate how you think she is the s*** and everyone else is beneath her. I mean it’s your opinion, but damn, control yourself please.

  133. Raychel January 18, 2010

    @sammy rihanna has surpassed that amount with ALL her album sales combined.
    rated r is even surpassing that amount.
    if she’s doing so well, her singles should be charting, and they areent.

  134. Music Lover January 18, 2010

    @ Sammy- It doesn’t matter. She was stupid to think that nude pics of her wouldn’t eventually be released. If she was a truly classy she wouldn’t have taken them in the first place. Anyways good luck to her and to you.

  135. Sammy January 18, 2010

    @ RAYCHEL – Thing is the haters be downlaoding Cassie singles and then sending them out on the net which then stops people from buying them. The sales would be a lot higher (even though it dont matter coz she be smashing anyway).

    @MUSICLOVER – She trusted soemone and they betrayed her. I swear if i ever knew who that person was…all imma say is they better whatch their back. Yall hater gotta look at the link Imma bout to post below and you’ll wonder why you ever hated her. Not eveyone is lucky enough to have her soothing, clam, heavenly crystal clear vocals.

  136. Sammy January 18, 2010

    Cassie’s Smash hit ‘Don’t Go Too Slow’

  137. Sammy January 18, 2010

    Yall got nothing to say? Thought say. You haters got shut the hell down.

  138. Sammy January 18, 2010

    thought so*

  139. B-Real January 18, 2010

    The b*tch suckin d*** searching for a spotlight……..Top in CANADA!!! No checkin for that h** here in the US……..

  140. Sammy January 18, 2010

    Not only Canada but Official girl smashed and topped the charts on the Norway billboard. Yeah US are checking her coz her debut album went platinum. Duh

  141. B-Real January 18, 2010

    Nevertheless the b*tch still can’t sing……and she wack

  142. Sammy January 18, 2010

    Did u check the link I sent for Cassie singing acapella and the one of her singing her hit ‘Don’t Go To Slow’? You’ll be blown away. She can dance her ass of to. Check the lin below

  143. Sammy January 18, 2010

    Cassie Dancing to her mega smash Norway No.1 hit Official Girl

  144. shelly-chelle January 18, 2010

    oh gosh…that delusional fool SAMMY is back. I thought you were banned? This song is b******* and you know it. Just admit it!!!

  145. Sammy January 18, 2010

    @SHELLY-CHELLE How u doin boo? Still hating???

    I was banned (Just for airing my opinion smh) but all i gotta do is create a new email account and im back HAHAHAHAH Yall thought you were gonna get rid of me that easily?… TRIPPIN.. Aint nothing gonna stop Cassies reign so I you guys get used to me coz yall gone be seeing a lot more of me 🙂

  146. Sammy January 18, 2010

    To get this post to 150 i just wanna say that I…..

  147. Sammy January 18, 2010

    Love you Cassie. You my queen and ill always have your back. Brush of what the haters say coz you’l lbe more famous than they’ll ever be :).

  148. Travis January 18, 2010

    Cassie cant sing for s***!!!!!! She’s horrible. I like the song only because of Nicki Minaj. Cassie will never have a huge career. Well maybe if every artist drops off the face of the earth but at the point I wouldnt even listen to her even if she was the only thing “singing”

  149. Erica January 18, 2010

    @sammy boo, you are more popular than the Keep em’ comin’! Your a True cassie stanatic!!! lol.

  150. Erica January 18, 2010

    side note= People dont have to call these women h*** like, Rihanna, cassie, etc. I don’t think it’s right to call a woman a h**. That’s SUPER degrading.

  151. MACartist January 18, 2010

    This is more trash from classless cassie.

  152. drowned world January 18, 2010

    Finally, SAMMY’s got something “appropriate” to trash Cassie’s single and album…fire away dude 🙂

  153. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut January 18, 2010

    How the f*** did this s*** get 155 comments?? This ain’t even a Rihanna post! O_o

    You know, at first I thought this Sammy asshole was for real. But then after a while I began to think that this was just some idiot looking for attention on the internet, doing so by hyping up one of the least talented females of the game – thus obviously causing a reaction by those who know better. But now…I’m starting to think this s*** is serious. This fool is even posting YouTube links on this b****, showing us how Britney Spears makes her look like a talentless twat (and I love Britney, but that’s really saying something.)

    I guess Sam COULD ban Sammy for spamming this blog – but then again why would he? If Sammy can generate over 150 replies to a topic that doesn’t even involve ThatGrapeJuice’s “Queen Rihanna”, Sam would be an idiot to stop him from doing so.

    So with that said, Sammy – I salute you. You obviously have the rest of these people on lock with your b******* (150+ comments strong), and I for one cannot hate on that. As far as the song is concerned – I didn’t listen to it. If a s**** has her nude pictures leaked onto the internet for everyone to see, and can’t back up the fact that she’s a s**** by having at least average vocal ability or dancing skills, I usually don’t listen to that s****’s s***.


  154. drowned world January 18, 2010

    @ YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut

    Hear Hear…

  155. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    @ERICA I like you honey, you my boo for real. I know I seem to be more popular than some of these posts. Some peoples been saying that they only check this site for me, damn TGJ should be praising me not banning me (Which failed lmao). God damn this post getting crazy views and I know its coz I been riding hard for Cassie. I only been posting on her for bout 2days and I’m already making a name for my self. I told yall I don’t play when it comes to Cassie. If me and cassie can create these hype in do day who knows whats possible.

  156. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    @YOU PUT THE LIME IN THE COCCONUT – It’s all gonna be about them Cassie posts from now on. I know that SAM and TRENT are haters of her so the posts may be few betweenm but hell when they do post bout her views are gone fly up. Guess Rihanna getting knocked of her pedistal of ‘Comment Queen’ round here eh. However i’m not sure if you miss typed this bere here ‘ showing us how Britney Spears makes her look like a talentless twat (and I love Britney, but that’s really saying something’ Umm are you sure. Did u see her VMA performance? Her dancing was a mess and still continue to be a mess to this day. She could never do this (link below)

  157. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    Cassie dancing to her No.1 Norway smash hit Official Girl

  158. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    Oh and COCCONUT. You really missing out by not listening to this future smash you know. The beat is hella mad. The first line is sick. It goes ‘Yo Cassie, you a bad B*tch Imma call you Lassie’ Hotness. The beat is crazy and Cassies vocals (as usual) are on point. I see big things for her furture. I mean I’m becoming known quite quickly on these boards and everytime someone see Cassie they gone think of me and they gone see my posts showing how talented Cassie ism which will then gain her new fans. Electro Love is gone be hot Cassie, it gone smash charts everywhere.

  159. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    Oh Cassie boo I think you can add another accolade to your many achievements including Me & U being a No.1 hit in Canada and Official Girl being No.1 In Norway for the ‘Most Commented On Post’ of all time in the history of TGJ. Honey things are getting better and better by the day. Cassie love you. It’s hard convincing these haters how great you are coz they very small mined, and to read the pure hatred I thought I was gonna crumble and give up. Then this song arrives and all this excitement, energy and hype shot through my body quicker than you can say ‘CLASSIE CASSIE, and I was like AINT NO WAY IN HELL SOME HATTERS GONE STOP YOUR REIGN BABY GIRL. So I picked me self up and im gonna keep going hard for you boo. MY QUEEN, MY GOD, MY CASSIE.

  160. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    Woops posted the wrong video above. This is the vid which puts that dancing that Britney did at the VMA’s to shame.

  161. Gumaro January 18, 2010

    DAAAMN this post is NOT playing now…I am glad Cassie is getting her music out there, whether or not people think she can sing, she is putting out music, which is what we first knew her for (not a model, or a girlfriend, or anything else), and her fans, like me, love it and her for doing this. I love Cassie’s sound and the music she makes, keep pushing cass. Your FINALLY starting to make this sound YOURS and perfecting your new SOUND, good for you. The album is gonna be super glossy, I cant wait. MUCH LOVE TO ALL CASSIE FANS, for voicing what you feel is good music and keeping horrible comments to yourself. Becuz in reality, nobody knows her or what goes on. People just speculate and think of what is going on, nobody knows her life. certainly not ignorant hating people.

  162. SAMMY January 18, 2010

    @ GUNARO.

    That’s the ish I’m talking about. I praise everything you just said right there. Finally a classy post unlike the many haters. We need more of you on here.

  163. Just Saying…. January 19, 2010

    LMAO OMG SAMMY x2 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I’m STILL scratching my head on how this dude posted ALL these post back 2 back THAT fast…..somethings smells fishy here and it aint just what’s between Cassie’s legs :p…..and Sammy did u really call Cassie your “God”?? Oh…… are slipping, tripping and hitting in the head…..mmm mmm mmm boo! getting kinda scared now….

  164. shelly-chelle January 19, 2010

    wow this is the most attention cassie ever got even her naked pics didn’t generate this much attention smh. you know SAMMY u should be cassie’s manager or hype man lmao u can make anyone believe she’s the best. I’ll at least give you that.

  165. ThatAppleJuice January 19, 2010

    (sigh) Now That Fail Juice is gonna post more Cassie hate because this has more comments than any Rihanna post.

  166. Cyimo January 19, 2010

    U’ve been waiting so long, I’m here to answer your calls
    I know that I shouldn’t have had you waiting at all
    I’ve been so busy, but I’ve been thinking ’bout- what I wanna do wit you
    I know them other guys, they’ve been talking ’bout the way I do what I do
    They heard I was good, they wanna see if it’s true
    They know your the one I wanna give it to
    I can see you want me too…Now it’s Me & U

  167. dan January 19, 2010

    it’s like…yeah the best lyrics i’ve ever heard! wow…cassie will be bigger than michael jackson and her voice is like….mariah, whitney, aretha, beyonce combined! she is such a vocal powerhouse!
    an oh my god…those lyrics…i mean, she dares to say what others dont! and in such a classy way! yeah, she is really an icon and a role model for girls!

    f*** you silly….great lyrics…lick it like lassie, dumb b****!

    there is no word for describing cassie’s non talent…oh wait, yes, maybe its her talent of sucking d****!

    which i dont get is, why does she always get those hot beats?!

    diddy must be paying a lot…

    i bet cassie is scared of you, sammy…

  168. Tha Phoenix January 19, 2010

    Sammy is the kind of person who will stalk you, threaten to kill you if ‘you don;t love me back’….

    Sneak into your hotel room and hide in the bath, drive 5m behind your tour bus on the motorway…

    This ish is terrifying…

    I think we should call the police….

    And PREDICTION: Electro Love will sell less than 40,000 first week…

    Cosign below all who agree…

  169. shelly-chelle January 19, 2010

    @tha phoenix lmao! she’ll be lucky she can sell one copy. With her looks she could of been a model. It’s sad she can’t see that diddy is playing her and everyone is laughin at her. lol im like why even bother?

  170. Oggie January 19, 2010

    I Like the song and I like Cassie, she started out not being the greatest of singers but she put the work in and i really like hoer tone she sounds no worse than any other pop vocalist and this tracks cool, not as strong as It Musit Be Love and Skydiver but it’s cool and I Love Nicki Minaj

  171. Reasonable Voice January 19, 2010

    sammy, I love you!

  172. Tha Phoenix January 19, 2010

    @Shelly-Chelle …. you are speaking the damn truth…

    Why should we even care? The album will come out, flop, then we won’t have to hear from her again for at least another 3-4 years…

    It’s all good…

  173. Erica January 19, 2010

    @ Sammy. Yes, I like you too, your too funny! People don’t understand, YOU go hard for Do whatever you feel..

    It’s not affecting me, my family, or my money, so im not bothered at all!! lol.

    People take things to serious. =]

  174. Raychel January 19, 2010

    @sammy I respect you, you are a true fighter!!!
    @erica I really like you too!

  175. Antertain January 19, 2010

    Sammy i TOLD u your ass gon get fired by CASSIE and the taken wrong steps again!!!

    Did you realise that this post is about you and not Cassie so now EVEN you have stolen her limelight & made her a blog D-lister.

    Your too much but it’s jokes so it good that u not banned LOL.

    You better beg Cassie 4mercy cus u getting more responses to yourself more than the actual song posted OOPS!!

  176. Gumaro January 19, 2010

    OMG Erica could not have said it any better. Cassie will put out a hot album, b****** who talk s*** will still listen to it, will be blown away, and her fans will continue to supoprt her. PERIOD. Damn I wonder if fellow British residents trash Susan like this, we are going to hell in a handbasket with all the down bringing we do to our fellow brothers and sisters….people need to pay attention..we are missing the big picture here. jesus is getting disappointed in us.

  177. SAMMY January 19, 2010

    I don’t know if this post is gonna come through because they’ve banned me for the THIRD time now SHM. There’s only so many accounts one guy can make so I aint sure how much longer I’m gone be on these boards. What I don’t like is that TRENT & SAM can diss Rihanna, even though Cassie is way more talented, every got damn opportunity they get. But when I diss someone they ban me. If that aint hating and double standards or what ever the saying is I don’t know what is. Don’t worry Cassie, you know what they say ‘if you got haters then yo doing something right’.

    All I know is is that ELECTRO LOVE by CASSIE is out this year and it’s gonna smash the hell up. People say they ain’t checking for her but I know for damn sure that they gone listen to the album, even if out of curiosity, whether they like her or not.

    Hmm I’m just thinking so far I’ve used hotmail, yahoo and google to create different accounts which have all got banned. Wonder what other email thingys are out there so I can comeback and cause more record breaking comment views on this site…..

  178. Gumaro January 19, 2010

    Damn Sammy you are not playing, but you are keeping it VURRRRY real.

  179. DizzyGuy1985 January 19, 2010

    I can’t stand Nicki sometimes…her damn voice and I can just picture her crazy looking eyes and face. She just kills me with her little accent. I like Cassie..jumper or whatever it was called was good.

  180. anonymouss January 19, 2010

    ho song by a ho woman :/

  181. robbie January 20, 2010

    i like the song. cassie is talented but she would do much better and make much more money as a songwriter/producer. she does have song writing skills that should be put to good use not just for diddy to tak advantage of!!! cassie do your thing on your own!! go get that money and a new man!! diddy is old and dried up and has entirely too many baby mamas!!!

  182. cassy July 20, 2010

    Ya sit here and talk s*** about her but then again shes still making money! this song is awesome and plus cassie has really good songs and theres a reason y she has a record deal and is making money. shes making money as we speak!

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