New Song: Cheryl Cole – ‘Parachute’ (New Single)

Published: Saturday 16th Jan 2010 by Sam
cheryl c

UK media darling Cheryl Cole is looking further extend the success of her solo project ‘3 Words’ with the release of ‘Parachute’. Confirmed today as the latest single to be lifted from the Platinum selling LP, the song was jointly produced by Syience (Beyonce & Jay-Z’s ‘Hollywood’) and

Though Ms. Cole certainly leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the quality of her voice, music etc, this definitely stands as one of her better solo offerings thus far. Unashamedly Pop, with Urban sprinklings, I can see this one being a mainstay on the radio here.

Tidbit: It will be really interesting to see how Ms. Cole’s solo career holds up once the X-Factor hype dies down. Speaking of the popular show, there are reports that Simon Cowell is lining her up to join the panel of the US show. Hmm.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. iDrizz January 16, 2010

    I love That Grape Juice!

  2. Chinny January 16, 2010

    ^ LMAO @ IDRIZZ, she kinda sounds like Lady Gaga on this song.

  3. Val January 16, 2010

    Why would you feature Cheryl Cole on this site, she is the same person who punched a Black woman and called her a Black b****.I have no interest in reading about her anywhere especially on Urban blogs.She has no talent and cannot sing-enough of her please.

  4. The Truth January 16, 2010

    Val…you are an ill informed fool. The fact of the matter is that Cheryl Cole was found by the court to NOT have racially assaulted the nightclub toilet attendant. To put in in simple terms that you might understand…THE TOILET ATTENDANT LIED about the racial slur.

    Cole probably has more racially diverse friends than most American Pop star…Not to mention that she is married to black Premier Football Ashley Cole.

    Its great when people share their opinions but Please dont spread lies…you moron.

  5. Kyus93 January 16, 2010

    Just because she’s got black friends doesn’t mean she’s not racist. She’s trying to move away from the racist allegations, so that’s why. And she married a black guy because he’s RICH

  6. matt January 16, 2010

    cheryl cole racist. GRR, she got cleared of assault or any racial abuse. why do ill informed dickheads think they can call someone a racist without any proof 😐

  7. Minusplus January 16, 2010

    True she was cleared of being a ‘racist’ but The jury found her guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, The judge sentenced her to 120 hours of community service and ordered her to pay her victim £500 in compensation, as well as £3,000 prosecution costs.

    she’s a talentless chavy thug who got lucky! she’s utter crap with a s***** album….and sleeping with a black man does not mean you are not a racist…..Im just sayin!

  8. Val January 16, 2010

    You are an ignorant fool who is also ill informed why call yourself The Truth.The facts are these it was the security guard that had to drag Cheryl off the toillet attendant who stated that she had used the term and I quote Get that Black b**** back here, the toilet attendant did not state that and she was never called a liar in court.The judge threw out the racial abuse claim because the security guard had talked openly in the press about this and the judge deemed it inadmissable.You are a disgrace and I hope you are not a Black person The truth.Having s** with Black people and even marryong them means nothing some men are sexist and still marry women you are an ignorant low life who is self hating and again I say why feature someone like her.

  9. Ben January 16, 2010

    This debate is juist appaling, it is sad and shocking to see Black people defend someone like Cheryl.It was obvious from the start that she had to hook up with a Black man to save her career, the press were not letting up in the racism issue.It is just sad that Ashley Cole has so little pride but I suppose we have seen what a sham of a marriage it is.I agree with Val we do not want to know about her.

  10. Mickjoe19 January 16, 2010

    Anyway back to the song! Think this is a great song, considering she’s got a major lack of singing ability! Catchy as hell!

  11. Mile January 16, 2010

    The song is as awful as she is and I did not know you could work in the US with a criminal conviction somehow I cannot see that working in her favour.

  12. Airon January 16, 2010

    That record would of made a hot GaGa or Beyonce song!

  13. Blasian January 16, 2010

    the song is the worst! I don’t think she is going to make it in the US with this!

  14. Kikyo Fierce January 16, 2010

    who cares about this RACIST b**** & her none singin ass! Go take yo ass back to that wack ass group and stay yo ass there! Thank you we don’t want no wack ass heffa like u in US stay that ass over there in UK!

  15. Jamie January 16, 2010

    This version on your site has been speeded up a bit or at least the key up’d as it’s different than on the album

  16. chelsie January 16, 2010

    Where is the proof that Cheryl was or is indeed racist? Its all fine and dandy posting links and condeming Cheryl.. but ask yourself this, why did the club owner go straight to the Mirror’s PR department? Before calling the police? Also the only time the ‘racism’ was brought up, was in the mirror exclusive and was NOT mentioned in any of the police statements.

    Yes you can sleep with another person of a different race, and be racist but I sincerely doubt Cheryl is.

    She married Ashley Cole – who is mixed race btw. His mom is White and his dad is black.

    Ashley may be thick but there is no way in hell Sue would allow her son marry Cheryl if she had any misgivings about Cheryl. She was extemely upset when her son suffered m***** chants during a Euro game.. (I forgot who England was playing against)

    Cheryl is a bit of a chav who got lucky tho. lol!!

  17. chelsie January 16, 2010

    Also prior to Cole, Cheryl dated Keiron Dwyer and that was after the allegations.

    A lot of what was actually said was and still is speculation. There seems to be some confusion as to what Cheryl was supposed to have said.

    I like this song tho.

  18. TRUTH January 16, 2010


  19. Pinky_G January 16, 2010

    Crap song.
    She can’t sing.
    She’s really the only one in Girls Aloud that really cannot sing well (if any1 wants to dispute, i dare you to youtube her audition and live shows on Popstars; The Rivals).
    God help us all if this also goes to number one.

  20. WTF January 17, 2010

    ok many strong views on cheryl hmmm…the song very ummm cheryl..nothing spectacular!!

  21. Sandy January 17, 2010

    Go away Chelsie you seem to post on every site with stupid comments. Cheryl is a chav and a racist who took up with Black men to prove she was not and save her career.No one cares about what you have to say.The song is crap like Cheryl plus I am sure they will not let her work in America with a criminal record.

  22. Aryo January 17, 2010

    Is dating her?

  23. chelsie January 17, 2010

    Sandy, please explain why, if Cheryl is racist, Sue Cole would allow her son to be used as a cover for Cheryl. She went for Ashley’s ex girlfriend who went for him in a kiss and tell…

    there is no way any parent would allow their child to get with someone who is racist against their child’s color.

  24. Keekster January 17, 2010

    Well…. The song is aight despite all tthe things people are saying. I don’t really see it as a top #1 song here in the states. But hey nowadays u never know.

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