Hot Shots: Alexandra Burke In Haiti


Alexandra Burke was spotted in Haiti recently. The UK singer is said to be working with Save The Children to help the impoverished youth of the nation. Burke also contributed her voice to the remake of REM’s ‘Everybody Hurts’ alongside fellow ‘X Factor’ alum Leona Lewis, and others, to help raise funds for Haitian relief. The song sold over 205k units in its first 2 days of release, outselling all of the other top 20 singles release that week, combined. {Source}

What do you think of the pic?

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  1. mskeribaby February 12, 2010

    i kno this is a good cause but damn alex those kids look more glam than u… looking like they came to save you

  2. X,Y, “and Z” February 12, 2010

    There, but for the grace of God, go I! Haiti, you are in our hearts and prayers!

  3. Carl February 12, 2010

    ^ LOOL that is so bad.

  4. Ben February 12, 2010

    mskeibaby who are you Toya from Toyas world.Have some self respect and dignity those comments are inapprpriate.What have you done to help the suffering in Haiti.Love Alex and wish her the best at highlighting what is going on there.Why should she go glammed up what an ignorant comment.

  5. Tyrone February 12, 2010

    You can always rely on a stupid black person to make light of a tragedy affecting other Black people.I am sure she will make a difference keeping attention focused on Haiti.

  6. wtf February 12, 2010

    great to see a celeb ACTUALLY going over there to help as apposed to singing songs for attention..kudos to the girl!!

  7. moi February 12, 2010

    hahahahah don’t get your panties in a bunch mskeribaby just typed what everyone was thinking! lol she looks a hot spicy mess, wig all lopsided lmaooo

  8. Mia February 12, 2010

    looool mskeribaby
    i knew she was ugly even with all the makeup she wears but nothin could prepare me for this. the raggedy wig is killin me lmao

  9. Kyus93 February 12, 2010

    She’s beautiful but anyone would look mashed up in a situation like that. i don’t know what kind of sick person would put on make-up and spend ages doin their hair when there’s such devestation all around. Like ^ said, you can always rely on Black people to put other Black people down and make fun of issues effecting Black people :-/

  10. WTF February 12, 2010

    The money spent to fly her out there would be better spent on aiding the relief effort. How is she helping ? is she going to do adopt a child, lift bricks ?

    Great PR nothing more than that.

  11. Kyus93 February 12, 2010

    Well she’s helping out :-/ It costs no more to fly her out than it would have cost to fly out some other relief worker

  12. Sam February 12, 2010

    Mia/Toya you are back, are things slow on Toyas world or you have just come trolling to steal stories.What type of homes were some of you raised in I am sure you are all ugly even with make-up and I know you are Toya/Mia.Alex is there with Save the Children and has gone out a month after the earthquake to show people what still needs to be done.It is very sad and shows the lack of class of some of our own people to insult her.

  13. I Heart Music February 12, 2010

    I am happy to see Alexandra Burke helping the people in Haiti. She looks nice in the picture. She is a talented and beautiful girl. Nobody should be shocked that she looks better when wearing makeup, because everybody looks better when wearing makeup.

  14. Ben February 12, 2010

    WTF stop showiing you are pig ignorant and stupid.Alex flew out with clothes, toys and foodstuffs.It is a good thing that the press are covering her.It seems some people just know hate and foolishness.Those are our own people suffering what have you done to help.

  15. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut February 12, 2010

    DEAD @ MsKeriBaby’s first comment!

    “looking like they came to save you”

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH *deceased and decomposed* XD

  16. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut February 12, 2010

    On the real though, it’s good to see her in Haiti doing something first hand. It’s one thing to sing on TV for these people; it’s a whole different story when you put yourself on the line in dangerous situations for a good cause. Kudos to her for sure.

  17. mensa lol February 12, 2010

    Alex is doing a great job
    she paid her own HOTEL/AIRFARE and gave a genreous donation to the appeal
    you jealous a ***holes who are critisizing her looks need to take a look at your own mirrors and spot the conceited , stay at home on the laptop, going nowhere,jealous, twats that you are
    amd as for you Mia, go back to the hole from whence you came. silly cow

  18. cutiegurl February 12, 2010

    awww those kids are so cute!
    Alex has a big heart

  19. 12345 February 12, 2010

    Why are you all complaining? It is awesome that she is there helping but you cant deny she looks awful, I dont know what is the problem

  20. chelsie February 12, 2010

    Alex looks fine. Unfortunately not everyone can look glam and tbh that sort of work takes alot out of you. It isnt a fashion show.

    WTF, Alex is in no position to be adopting kids. She is 21.. And tbh I find it worrying that people can just turn up and take home a kid. There doesn’t seem to be an stringent checks to ensure the kids are going to a safe environment. Instead it looks like they are being passed out like sweets.. they can be sold into child trafficing.

    Help isn’t exclusively ‘adopting’ or remooving rubble.. when you go on charity jaunts, there are plenty of other things to do.

    LiyaK/Mia, I see you have found other sites to spead your poison. Name change mean nothing when you say the same things everywhere else. You say you are a leona fan – we are the ony ones who call her LeLe- but you never on her sites ever!

    Also, I will wager my half my trust fund (and its a lot))that even like that, Alex looks better than you… and is much younger than you too.. Nobody is visually ugly except in perhaps spirit.. Alex is dedicated a week of her time to help the haitian kids and yet all you have done is bash her appearance.

  21. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! February 12, 2010

    The problem is that , she was not taking a glamour shot! She was there to help in real way, and that explains the picture! All you dumb m************, talkin all this s*** about Alex need to step back!

  22. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! February 12, 2010

    I wanna see what some of you losers look like in the daylight! Ugly ass, heffa’s hidding behind a computer. Get Bent!

  23. mskeribaby February 12, 2010

    Lol my comment wasn’t ignorant but real, unlike a lot of you sugar coating, i gave her props for what she did but as this blog comments on the looks and appearance of a lot of stars why does it stop in this situation….

    For the memo the question asked in the post is “What did you think of the pic”… I did that pure and simple lol all this “I think she is showing what needs to be done and contributing to the struggle” these are all facts we know but sure as hell don’t answer the question me and a few others did that so all the stans can fall back, the funny thing is I actually like the girl

  24. Melanie February 12, 2010

    She actually went out there to help and some ignorant people have to make pathetic comments on how she looks?!?!?! God help you.

    She’s a real star, genuine and a caring person. Haters, just f*** off!

  25. PhittedPhilly February 12, 2010

    mskeribaby girl ilove you for what you said

  26. Mike February 12, 2010

    She is such an attention w**** but that’s another story.

    It’s good to see she took time out of her schedule to go down there and help (I doubt almost any of them know who she is anyways) but she looks like a t***** mess.

  27. Ben February 13, 2010

    Mike are you as dumb as you are ugly.Show some class if that is at all possible and act like a mature adult if that is at all possible.I am sure looking good was the least of Alex’s worries she went to give food, clothing and toys to people in need.What does that have to do with anyone knowing who she is it is out there it was meant to focus attention on the situation for those outside the country.Get a life and stop demeaning other Black people.

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