Hot Shots: Chris Brown In Miami


Chris Brown was seen on the streets of Miami recently. There is still no word on when the singer will release the 3rd single from his ‘Graffiti’ album, ‘Pass Out’. Check out more images below:



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  1. Sasha February 8, 2010

    poor chis brown he is probably wishing he waited b4 dropping the album it probably would have sold more

  2. beyoncebabez February 8, 2010

    you would call this hot shots wouldn’t you 😉

  3. Tia February 8, 2010

    Such a cutie. He’s releasing his mixtape on the 14th, so his fans will have something tangible to look forward to.

  4. JOEL February 8, 2010

    He’s changes.

  5. Persia February 8, 2010

    gorgeous gorgeous boy! xoxo

  6. TOO S*** February 8, 2010

    chris brown is so s*** !!!!
    he just taking his time doing his own thing…

  7. Time is ticking February 8, 2010

    His looking good, very good looking guy, His Hot

  8. sugar February 8, 2010

    chris looks fine as hell…. rihanna is with them r*****, i guess chris is the one with the last laugh

    Go Chris Go
    Grafitti will spread your name

  9. Topman February 8, 2010

    Want his jacket!

  10. Parisian girl February 8, 2010

    He’s fiiiiine!!!

  11. Tosh February 8, 2010

    Lawd have mercy! If he’s in Dallas this weekend…HE’S MINE!

  12. AC February 8, 2010

    I feel like half the posts these days are “Hot Shots”. Is it possible to cut down on them? Celebrities walking out on the street like oridinary people is not news.

  13. shay February 8, 2010

    he is so s***

  14. ADE February 8, 2010

    lame ass little boy

  15. kj February 8, 2010

    He is s***

  16. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut February 8, 2010

    Wasn’t he in Miami exactly this time last year on his jet ski’s, you know – right after the “incident”…


  17. Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper February 8, 2010


  18. sugar February 8, 2010

    @ AC

    go away pls your not needed here

  19. MS.CLAY February 8, 2010


  20. Da Vinci February 8, 2010

    Poor lost soul he don’t know wat to do with himself

  21. nikki February 8, 2010

    awww he looks cute

  22. mez February 9, 2010

    doesnt he ever stay home…. Havent seen him doing any community service lately…

    He is so not cute!

  23. wtf February 9, 2010

    Poor lost soul he don’t know wat to do with himself

    u must be talking about rihanna.she does look like a man sometimes…

    Chris looks s***…see u boo on friday at fashion for haiti in NY with naomi…yasssss!! get it boo

  24. KodieBlue February 9, 2010

    Chris Is Loving Miami!

    He Recorded The Majority Of Graffiti there.

    And He’s always there except for his Fan Appreciation tour

    And His Interviews, and Community Service, He Stays In Miami now.

  25. justme February 9, 2010

    fu*king woman beater

  26. mskeribaby February 9, 2010

    This is the state of pop culture:

    “chris looks fine as hell…. rihanna is with them r*****, i guess chris is the one with the last laugh

    Go Chris Go
    Grafitti will spread your name”

    When someone who did something wrong gets the last laugh…. seriously i hate bringing it up but when others do in this manner gets me mad lol, i mean how can someone seriously say a “woman beater” got the last laugh… stuff like that irks me the wrong way

  27. Renae February 9, 2010

    He’s a cute little boy, been looking better lately. I hate he ruined his body with all those tattoos. He’s gettin all the backlash too from his mistake with RiRi.

  28. anon February 9, 2010

    Third single? What were his first two singles. Top 10 any of them. I Can Tranform yah barely made top 20 lol. Crawl didn’t even reach top 50 LMAO. go get em chris!

  29. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut February 9, 2010

    @mskeribaby, keep in mind that these are his fans saying those things. His fans are generally in the 12 – 17 age range, so they really aren’t as bright as those of us who are more mature and therefore you can’t expect any better from them until they grow up. Chris Brown has a flop album, he’s been completely blacklisted by the industry, and he’s STILL hated by more people than he is loved. For the past month, all he’s been doing is walking around in fashionable clothing.

    How his fans can say he’s having the last laugh, when even his own smile seems strained due to all the stress he’s going though, is totally beyond me. What exactly is there to laugh about? His career is ruined, his image is ruined, and he’s trying to hold on to what little fanbase he has left by releasing a mixtape.

    This boy is indeed a poor soul who doesn’t know what to do with himself, and until he gets his act together by actually finishing his community service and his domestic violence courses AS HE WAS ORDERED TO DO, instead of parading around like some gay pride parade attendee, things will not get better for him.

  30. MushyLove_1992 February 9, 2010

    Chris looking fine as hell(as I knew he would)! Hope he enjoyed his self. MUAH!!!xoxoxo

  31. stuypapi February 9, 2010

    he ook good

  32. stuypapi February 9, 2010


  33. shay February 9, 2010

    Y do people keep saying hes a lost soul???????????He was in miami for the hatiti thing and he stayed for the superbowl.If u do like him fine but y hate????Its a waste of time.And as for his cd,its not doing well for him but not in general.The males he up against cds r not really doing any better then his,even though u would think so since u see a lot of them everywhere.Chris has actully been very busy but if your not a fan u prob wouldnt know.Im not going sit here and run everything hes been doing down(this comment is already getting to long lol).All im saying is,I wish the hate for him and her could stop.If your not a fan of one y go on posts that r about them????And then throw out hate cause u dont really know many facts.I personally never go on post about her unless have something postive to say.Im not a fan so I dont really know what shes doing so I dont hate.I just hate how people who claim to not be fans yet they seem to know so much about artist that they hate.If I dislike an artist I really dont care to know whats going on with them.I dont try and follow them or their friends on twitter,or find out when they do interviews or when they r on ustream,ect.So to me,if u do any of thse things u r a fan.

  34. hopeful February 9, 2010

    He looks great and seems to be in good spirits, Just taking it one day at a time. I also don’t get why post on someone you don’t like. just keep it moving, thats what I do.

  35. E11 February 9, 2010

    i aint even gone lie, ima cop that jacket

  36. That’s How They Get You February 9, 2010

    He should really pull his pants up. I mean, it’s 2010. Just… c’mon.

  37. Tabri February 9, 2010

    Well considering Chris is blacklisted from EVERYTHING I think he is doing fine. Chris has sold around 400000 or more albums worldwide in 2 months. As of Feb 1, CNN reported he sold 1.4 million singles from his new album that were downloaded. He donated 50-60 grand to Best Buddies and DV charities from October to December and made around 7 million in two months with his fan appreciation tour that was sold out(small venue or not). That doesnt include the money he was paid to host Clubs on New Years and model clothes in Milan etc etc etc.

    If you have not accomplished even close to what he has in the last 3 or 4 months I suggest you probably have no authority to say anything about this boy. Most of you will never make a 1\4 of what this boy has in just 4 years. Failure you guys are hilarious.

  38. X,Y,”and Z” February 10, 2010

    @Trend and/or Sam — Isn’t Chris, just now, announcing HIS world-tour dates? … Finally, we get to see Dude in-action! Did y’all see how the crowed reacted to him at that Haiti-relief concert? …They LOVED Dude: the BEST STAGE-PERFORMER – BAR NONE!!!

    I think he’s supposed to be doing Reggae Sunsplash – wow, if there’s a reason to ‘chill-a-yard’ this is it!!

  39. Malibongwe February 10, 2010

    I srill love Chris Brown… Actually, I still love him and RiRi the same, if not more… Both their latest albums are FIRE. It’s just sad what happened… Oh welll

  40. kenville February 10, 2010

    great albums no matter wat will sell … u cant sleep on him … wake u haters !! dude is stronger meantly and artisticly , his music will speak 4 it self, im a music lover(NOT A FAN !) and i love his new music !! and yes im male , and i like these pics , dude can dress NO HOMO!! its a pity he cant come back down here in Barbados even to perform lamo … lol … the men wil surley pelt at him 4 riri lol … but real talk that transformer single is hott have yall heard the amount of dancehall artists on that beat ? DUDE IS BACK !!!!!

  41. lisa February 10, 2010

    chris is likeing good ans s***

  42. Keesha February 11, 2010

    To all of the people STILL calling him names, LET HIM MOVE ON! You don’t know what Chris is doing to get his life back together and if you actually cared, you would know that he does his classes every Monday and that he has donated money to and spent his time with Best Buddies. He even donated to the Jennesee Center (if I spelled it right). So he is getting in life back together and he had performed in Miami for the SOS Haiti telethon. I loved his performance!

  43. Nesa February 13, 2010

    Breezy seems like he’s back on his feet and moving forward. The album is so solid – deep songs (new for him), fun songs, crooners. Seems he had a lot of fun with the mix tape, and fun being the darling of the European fashion world And he even was voted in the top three in a Billboard poll for sexiest man artist!!

    I feel so bad for him that so many people hold his big, public mistake against him.

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