LeToya & Brian McKnight Perform ‘Torn’

R&B star LeToya stopped by The Brian McKnight Show recently for a chat with the renown crooner (click here to watch), as well as perform a special rendition of her smash ‘Torn’ (with McKnight playing the piano), which you can view above.

Great performance! Ms. Luckett sure has come a long way vocally since her earlier solo days; really honing her talent to a point where, today, she has much more vocal power and control, as well as better technique. Artistic growth really is beautiful thing.

Randomness: Now if only her label could get their act together and pull out the stops to ensure her talent isn’t wasted or unnoticed (sigh). That said, with her being signed to Capitol – who are owned by EMI, who themselves are on the brink of a meltdown, Ms. Luckett could hopefully be looking for a new label home soon. Something I hope materialises,  as she has too much potential for it to be wasted.

Your thoughts?

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  1. SIMPSON February 7, 2010


  2. princejg February 7, 2010

    this lady is so vocally underated especially on her song good to me she can blow, almost all the girls from dc can sing anyways mainly b, kelly,toya, and michelle

  3. ash jones February 7, 2010

    i thought Capitol records is owned by Virgin?

  4. Truth February 7, 2010

    Letoya is awesome!!! She is the best singer out that DC group. Her first album was better than any thing beyonce or kelly and michelle ever put out. Her album Lady Love is proven to be a smash without any promotion. You know why people are aware her amazing gifts. And go check out her in Preacher’s Kid she does an fabulous job in it as well. She is also a better actress than the others. Now I know why Payola knowles was trying to stop Letoya from shinning because he knew his daughters were going to never get seen or heard. But now she is still shutting the haters up. Because Letoya can’t be stop no matter if it’s him or her record label. She already has new people to back her up. So happy for all your success. At least you don’t have to fake with numbers for white people to notice you. You shine all on your own. Now that’s worth more than any awards you really didn’t deserve like your ex band member, the fake beyawnce!!!!!


    I think Letoya Luckett can sing better than Michelle Williams. (which was her replacement) Just one thing, why did Beyonce’ say that she couldnt sing? If I remember correctly Beyonce said “Latavia is tone def, and Letoya has no voice at all” – Beyonce

    However, maybe Letoya grew into her voice. I remember when she 1st came Back Beyonce did and interview and said how wonderful she sounds. So, maybe she grew into it. Im glad all the ladies are doing their thing. I would like to see Latavia a lil more though.


  6. B**** Please February 7, 2010

    Letoya did her thang with my song.

  7. I am Hatian February 7, 2010

    LeToya is really humble. I love that about her. Hopefully her luck will change soon and she have a another label that appreciate the artists. Love her, she has a beautiful voice.

  8. cutiegurl February 7, 2010

    shes great vocally
    but something about LeToya makes me think she is a b****, don’t know why that’s just the vibe i get from her

  9. stan February 7, 2010

    she sounds great… but why didn’t she perform something from the 2nd album?

  10. AalexisR (The Bahamas) February 7, 2010

    LeToya is great vocally. She has grown though and I thought Beyoncé was talking about Latavia not LeToya. Oh well both can sing. @Stan, because Mr. McKnight picked Torn.

  11. cutiegurl February 7, 2010

    shes great vocally
    but something about LeToya makes me think she is a b****, don’t know why that’s just the vibe i get from her

  12. Independent Thinker February 7, 2010

    I guess I’m not as easy to impress because that was nothing special to me. There’s no denying the girl has range (as far as her head register is concerned) but her tone is rather nasally and as a singer if you don’t have tone you don’t have much of anything. I did however buy her sophomore album Lady Love and I love it. Maybe she’s better suited for the studio because as a live performer,she does not impress me. She just doesn’t have the tone.

  13. Sasha February 7, 2010

    Letoya is underrated

  14. Kikyo Fierce February 7, 2010

    idk why yall saying shes underrated. .. .shes a flop & thats her LIFE story. . .her flop her presence in musis described as flopping. . Shes ugly & her voice sounds like shes sucking d***.. . .its wack! I wish she would give up!

  15. Dave February 7, 2010

    She did good. She really is underrated.

  16. I am Hatian February 7, 2010

    Why do I feel like Sam is more of the postive and Trent is more negative? When I first came back to reading TGJ I felt the undertone of writing on this blog was a bit different. Now I know why.

  17. I am Hatian February 7, 2010


  18. Truth February 7, 2010

    Wonderful job Letoya. I love everything about this beautiful true Legendary songtress name Letoya. I think Bryan was tryng to get a date or something Letoya. That will definitely be a good look for the both of them. Hope yall went on a date or something after the interview. He seems like a gentleman. Just my thoughts. But you sounded great Lady Love.

  19. Rob February 7, 2010

    That was amazing. I love Letoya and eventually she will get her shine. Karma is the truth and the evil machinations of the Knowles-clan will not be able to keep her down forever. Hell, Matthew is already getting whats is long overdo with his whole paternity suit and divorce. Go Toya!

  20. E11 February 7, 2010

    all im saying is Michelle cud never…

  21. Jamie February 7, 2010

    Here we go bringing up other DC members. LeToya’s voice is just boring, just like her songs. FACT! There’s no need to try and throw no one else under the bus because she flopped. LeToya is far from humble; she just knows how to act in front of the camera. DEAD @ this old, dry song

  22. N/A February 7, 2010

    @Jamie How Can Someones Voice Be Boring?…Either U Can Sing Or Not simple As that…if u don’t like her voice why u even look at the video or even comment….haters be coming out the wood works when LeToya does her thing and gets priased.

  23. Keekster February 8, 2010

    Letoya girl fight for what you want. Even if it feels like you’re going backwards trust that your not. Take Tina Turner for example, she kept going even after she left everything. I’m rooting for you!

  24. SparkD February 8, 2010

    Letoya was at church—Lakewood this weekend talking about her movie–but I love Letoya because she’s committed to growing as an artist.

    And she’s the most forgiving and positive member of all DC. She didn’t get bitter after the break-up and never trashed the other members—and she’s not even bitter even though Capitol isn’t behind her. I love her spirit, strength and “hustle.”

    Her personality is so fun, bubbly and down-to-earth. How can you NOT like her!!! I’m glad to see her grow vocally.

  25. Gary February 8, 2010

    Yall don’t have to be haters to love a girl , i love Letoya Like CRAZY but yall don’t have to insult Michelle directly cuz she’s the best vocalist from the group after the lead singer ( Say watchu want but we all know that Michelle’s voice is Crazy/Special ) Try POSITIVITY , not NEGATIVITY !!!

  26. Supernova February 8, 2010

    Sorry, but Letoya is the best singer out that DC group. Them other chicks just have access to million-dollar studios, microphnes, synthesizers, and sequencers which will make them sound good. And Letoya is not ugly, she’s gorgeous; so don’t hate b******. The only reason she’s not gettingt the success of Beyawnce is because she ain’t trying to sell her soul like Beyawnce. She doesn’t have to dance around half-naked in leotards that are cut around her crotch and that’s because Letoya is CLASSY; something a few of you ducks on here can’t comprehend. Oh yeah, take into consideration that she is singing in front of Brian McKnight (a certfied legend that she looks up to dearly) so she could have been nervous, but even with that; SHE SMASHED THAT SONG!!! Team Letoya All The Way!!!!!!

  27. Letoya is the Best!!!! February 8, 2010

    I absolutely love Letoya. She is one of the realest and humblest people I’ve ever seen in that industry full of fake weaves, noses, voices, personalities, etc. She has true talent and it shows. She is beautiful and just needs the right team behind her. Keep movin’ Letoya and you will succeed because the RIGHTEOUS shall PREVAIL!!!!!!

  28. me February 8, 2010

    WOW that was great she is so talented.

    She is so underated.

    She has proper talent not like these b****** rihanna, cassie and so on.

  29. SparkD February 8, 2010

    She got away from DC at the right time, and got her own vocal coach to help improve her vocals. The reason why Toya improves at a faster rate and has more consistency than Kelly is because her voice wasn’t “stifled” to enhance and blend with Beyonce’s. Kelly has a totally different voice from Beyonce, but she was trained to sing like her—-listen to Simply Deep and hear how much she sounds like Bee.

    Kelly didn’t come into her own vocals until Destiny Fulfilled and Ms. Kelly when she was forced to be truly solo from. Because Toya left at a much earlier time, she had room to improve—not correct damages made from having to enhance/blend with another singer.

    Although I think Kelly has a stronger voice, I still believe if she sang live with Letoya, she would be upstaged. I truly hope Kelly’s new vocal coach can help her be consistent and grow into the mini “Whitney Houston/Glady’s Knight” she was meant to be.

  30. antertain February 8, 2010

    If Letoya, a platinum selling SOLO artist is classed as a flop THEN i’d love to be in her shoes LOL!!!

    Some should think before they speak.
    LeToya is respected because of that great personality & her hustle and grind to get herself in the position she is now.

    She’s grown so much..

    Great job on torn.

  31. keeping it real February 8, 2010

    How many ablum did her sol ablum sale? 35 thousands. Who sounds better Toya or RiRi. Sorry but Beyonce, Kelly can and will sing circles around both. Toya has gotten better vocally mad props to her. And yes I do see that b**** in her. When is come to the vocal, can she sing rose around Beyonce,Kelly,Monica,JHud, Mary J, Jill Scott,Keshia and even Brandy, no she can’t but she do sound better than Britty,RiRi

  32. keeping it real February 8, 2010

    That was her sencond solo ablum sales.

  33. Thomas February 8, 2010

    Her 2nd album sold 160,000 and it still selling….
    (35,000 was first week sales, not total)

  34. ladylove February 9, 2010

    Letoya has such a beautiful voice and she is NOT a b****! I met her a couple of years ago and she is very kind.

  35. Black February 12, 2010

    EXACTLY!!! LeToya is FAR from a B*tch, she is the most personable sweet person you’d ever meet, what a dumb a** thing to say! But it really doesn’t surprise me, people are so ignorant these days it’s disturbing!

  36. Black February 12, 2010

    I’m not gonna say who she sings better than, that imo is just not needed. I will say that LeToya has improves greatly, and because she is such a nice person and she’s worked so hard I’d LOVE to see her be bigger than she is. GOD is with her, so she’ll be fine!

  37. Black February 12, 2010


  38. kekeluvsu February 20, 2010


    She’s not approachable? LeToya is one of the most approachable ppl in the music biz. And I’m tired of cutegirl with the shade you always throw Toya when making a compliment. You either like her or you don’t. And She is far from a flop. Her wack ass label isn’t promoting her so she is doing it all herself. THAT HUSTLE AND PPL SEE THAT. You might not like her, but you damn sure can respect her.

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