Report: Katy Perry To Retire From Music

Published: Friday 18th Nov 2011 by David


Pop staple Katy Perry has had quite the year.

From releasing the smash hit album ‘Teenage Dream‘ to marrying British comedian Russell Brand, it has been eventful to say the least.

So, in news that will shock some while pleasing others, she is reportedly planning to retire from music once her ‘California Dreams Tour‘ comes to an end.


Full story below…


According to the New York Post, Perry has informed her management company that once her current tour says goodbye to fans next week after 122 dates, so will she.

For one year so  that she and her husband can begin to start a family.


The report comes just days after the singer was rumored to be pregnant with her first child.

However all speculation surrounding that story was quickly shut down when she responded directly to fans, citing ‘over eating‘  and not an actual baby as the real cause for what some described as a ‘bloated look’.

It also comes a week after it emerged that as of next year, she and long time collaborator  Dr. Luke would no longer be able to work together due to a 5 year contract the producer has signed with Sony Music banning him from lending his services to non Sony acts.

However, with Perry’s own label situation shrouded in confusion as Capitol Music– to which she is signed to- recently  acquired by Universal Music after its take over of EMI, could this year out really be a way for the star to secure a brand new deal with another one of Universal’s divisions in time for album #3?

Keep it locked on That Grape Juice for more on this developing story.


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  1. Teyah November 18, 2011

    Beyonce was her inspiration for this! Tbh I would rather see her slay the charts than Rihanna.

  2. qweqweqwej November 18, 2011

    Aw it’s a shame.

    I really hope/pray she gets her 6th #1 with the teenage dream album. I want her to beat MJs record so bad and what a way to leave an industry that would be.

    She might not be the best performer or singer but she has amazing singles and her videos cant be questionned.

    Good luck in whatever route you go Katy P!

  3. BOWDOWNBITCH November 18, 2011

    Good for her.

  4. JJFan1814 November 18, 2011


    Yall make it sound like she’s gone for good..

    I hope she doesn’t fake a baby bump like Beyonce!

  5. jamir21 November 18, 2011

    Awww so sad !


  6. James227 November 18, 2011

    Well if she is retiring for one year than that’s great. Getting rest and starting a family is a good thing.

  7. becareful November 18, 2011

    Katy be careful you’ve only been around for a few years Beyonce has been around for 15 and you can see that her comeback was not that big. You will be forgotten very quickly so make sure you stay in the press while your on break.

  8. tweetypiebabe1 November 18, 2011

    She’s only taking a break for one year to focus on her family so it’s all good. I too just really hope she gets another number one with this single. Best way to leave, even for a little while, is on a high note 🙂

  9. JoJo November 18, 2011

    retiring for one year, thats not retirement, that’s a normal break….ppl just throw terms around so loosely these days…I guess when she comes back with a new album she will be considered a “legend?? anyway, she needs to just go away forever, I could really do without her brand of generic pop tart music…

  10. pat November 18, 2011

    i wish Katy the best.
    For the author of this article, however. I wish a course in English. The next to last paragraph is one unintelligible run-on sentence.

  11. Lady Gaga: Bow Before Me! November 18, 2011

    Most likely just trying to get under a label that Sony owns so she will still be able to get her cheap remixed price-slashed pseudo #1’s. Gurl please.

  12. Jamesson Marshall November 18, 2011

    Sounds like a necessary choice. The road can get lonely and when you find someone you can settle down with, that should be a priority.

  13. ERIC November 18, 2011

    I don’t like Katy’s recent music as much as I liked the music from the first album, but she’s cool.
    Here’s hoping she has a nice year away from music. 🙂

  14. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare November 18, 2011

    Yep, another “too good to be true” post The TGJ staff definitely knows how to make one *click.*

    Anyway, back to Rihanna’s “We All Want Love.”

  15. I’ma have to send her back to her maker November 18, 2011

    Awwww man! I thought she was retiring forever. This woulda been better news.

  16. nicegirl November 18, 2011

    Well it’s just a ‘break’ not retirement. I wish it was though. And I wish Rihanna would join her.

    Anyway, have a nice break Katy.

  17. RDK November 18, 2011

    Katy we know that an’t happening,my be just a break but no retirement.

  18. Jacob November 18, 2011

    i hate her so much , glad my ears won’t be bleeding hearing her s***** new music on the radio next year

  19. AmbeRussell November 18, 2011

    well this is retirement when u look at how most pop artist today have album after album or release so many singles that the there is over a yrs worth of music from 1 album. so this, to some is a career suicide and a major deal, but it isnt. that’s good for her. she needs to take a break, find herself, start a new life with her husband. she should enjoy the fame n her life and really see what her lif eis like now, with out all the lights n cameras and come back n know who katy perry is n get back to her true self (pre fame katy not a katy gaga hybrid)
    check out the channel, amberussell on youtube.

  20. Misty Jean November 18, 2011

    Remember when artists used to wait 3 to 4 years before their next album? Sales are so bad now, in order to stay relevant they all have to release an album year after year. It will eventually catch up to them. I’m specifically talking about Rihanna. She’s going to burn out and go Britany bat shiz.

  21. RHI RHI IS QUEEN November 18, 2011


  22. matreiya November 18, 2011

    I wish she would take Rihanna with her

  23. CREEPY GAGA November 19, 2011

    Misleading titles I see

  24. MISHKA November 19, 2011

    Good for her.

    I think Katy knows she’s just a pop product and although she’s making a lot money (more than Rihanna who is on tour like she breathes), she’s not too proud of it.

  25. Bey’knight November 19, 2011

    Woah i reckoned they’d wanna capitalize off TD by releasing a new lp. I dont approve of their antics for number 1 but i aint mad. Rather her than that lousy rihanna and her abrasive tone-deaf, brain-dead stans. Katy is alot more palatable in every way

  26. MaZ November 19, 2011

    Good news! Byyyyyye girl!

  27. Teacher November 19, 2011

    ^^^^Go suck Jay-z’s d***! U c** guzzling C***!!


  28. Teacher November 19, 2011

    That was for Bey’knight and nebody else who’d like to.


  29. Teacher November 19, 2011

    F*** Sam too!!….LLOLOLOLOLL!!!



  30. Bey’knight November 19, 2011


    Well too bad u felt my comment was targeted at u. I kinda thought u were a relatively sensible stan (well as sensible as it gets in the rihanna navy anyways). No lies in my words; u know weed-lover Rih is lousy, she dont even try ta hide and u her stans? Well until yall learn how to measure her manipulated success w/o bringing up a more accomplished senior, older artist, yall will remain sore losers and her no 1s will always be belittled cus at the end of the day, hit singles is only 1 factor in a singer’s career. When this singer cant even sing, it makes even less a factor cus the truth is she’s gettin em hits for the wrong reasons

    take care, “teacher”

  31. ITSVERYPERRY November 19, 2011

    its only for one year so she can start a life and get inspiration for another album…as she writes her music, unlike like some people 😛

  32. small_angel November 19, 2011

    I love her.. Really like her Teenage Dream album!!!

  33. Laurie November 19, 2011

    Yall make it seems as if she was gone for good no that’s just a BREAK that’s all it is, this happens all the time with artists

  34. kimberly November 19, 2011


  35. ARYO November 19, 2011

    HELL NO, i love katy’s music 🙁

  36. Bey’knight November 19, 2011


    They can only break one kind of record we know what that is. If only other artists were poised to release an album every holiday season lol

  37. MassiveAttack November 19, 2011

    Its good she’s taking a break. Help her recharge her batteries and fill her life with meaningful things. She knows life doesn’t revolve around the hot100 only. Rihanna should take a cue from this and not be scared to go away for a bit.

  38. YOOSONDALOOSE November 19, 2011

    So this coming.
    She will be missed, but a long break would be good for her, she can work on amazing music and then comeback with good songs maybe 3-4 years down the line.

  39. jill November 19, 2011

    This isn’t new she was on Entertainment Tonight 2 or 3 months ago. Katy said she was ready to start a family. Katy alos said she wanted to find more inspiration, when she returns it won’t be pop music. Well that’s what she said.

  40. mel November 19, 2011


    I know BUT she’s 27 and Russell is almost 40, she wants a family, she’s ready.

  41. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) November 19, 2011

    This is called “taking a break” NOT retiring.That’s b*******.Did Christina retire in 2007??Did Britney retire in 2009?Did Beyonce retire in 2010?NOPE…

    And enough with this Dr Luke story…well, this “story” is actually a non-entity.He can still collaborate with her, the only change is that now he has to ask Sony for permission which he’s most definetely going to get.Labels hardly ever say “no” to collaborations with artists from other labels and especially now that he OWNS his label, they are not going to block him…

    When she comes back, she needs to have an extended range, better performing skills and some cool music.She needs to step it up when her break ends

  42. Teacher November 19, 2011

    November 19, 2011 at 5:07 am

    Well too bad u felt my comment was targeted at u. I kinda thought u were a relatively sensible stan (well as sensible as it gets in the rihanna navy anyways). No lies in my words; u know weed-lover Rih is lousy, she dont even try ta hide and u her stans? Well until yall learn how to measure her manipulated success w/o bringing up a more accomplished senior, older artist, yall will remain sore losers and her no 1s will always be belittled cus at the end of the day, hit singles is only 1 factor in a singer’s career. When this singer cant even sing, it makes even less a factor cus the truth is she’s gettin em hits for the wrong reasons

    take care, “teacher”

    I felt the same way about u but lately you’ve been shading Rih left and right and idk y…..Rih is doing really well at the moment so how could I be a sore loser…?….Im not around Rihanna so who am I to say she’s lousy?..She luks tired as hell and hasn’t stopped yet so I wouldnt say so…..but I sed u seem 2 have a problem bcuz ur n every Rihanna post talkn trash about her just bcuz u can nd Im guessing that u claim to be sensible…?….sure….


  43. Teacher November 19, 2011

    And yall always talkn about smbdy bringin up ————-‘s name…..I c yall can’t help from mentioning good ole Rihanna!


  44. jill November 19, 2011


    You’re delusional, like ALL rihanna stans are.

  45. honeydip November 19, 2011


  46. ThankMeLater November 19, 2011

    I prefer Rihanna doing this instead of her..I actually like Katy

  47. JohnVidal November 19, 2011

    I agree with most of you she needs to go away forever! And so does Rihanna. The world would be such a better place

  48. Yellow Gorillah November 19, 2011


    I’m sorry I don’t want her to break mj’s record No My Mam!! and let me tell you something she is going on a break for a year! GURRRRL she gone get replaced faster then you can say Teenage Dream.. Beyonce went on a break no wlook at her,

    Katy ain’t coming back TRUST me! as soon as she has the baby she gone be over the whole pop star thing and will just end up having mor ekids and live in a farm somewhere in the uk with her hubby.

    Why is rihanna’s name on this post???? YOu call rihanna fans crazy but YOUR the one bringing up her name loooool where is the logic?? You Mad That Rihanna Game Taking over your empire..

    Rihanna will be concentrating on her movie next year and will be doing other endorsements there will be no album next year. and after that she will release her greatest hit’s. Worry about your fav not rihanna..For people who dislike her you can’t seem to keep her name out your mouth always talking that talk

  49. MUSIC FAV beyonce4ever November 19, 2011


  50. JER November 19, 2011

    LMFAOOOOOOOO she was told she can’t work with Dr. Luke and them anymore and was like DUCES

  51. Onyx November 19, 2011

    I really hope she retired from Music, she really hurt my ears, i hope the next be that canadian kid.

  52. LTM November 19, 2011

    Taking a break and retiring from music are two different things. SMH, Katy will be back to slay and wig snatch your faves, so enjoy the break 😉

  53. commanderofthedancefloor November 19, 2011

    for all the haters rihanna already took a year off, and she is still doing fine, i think katy will do just as well.

  54. dang November 19, 2011

    Thank the Lord.
    Please let Rihanna follow suit

  55. Perry Power November 19, 2011

    Katy Perry is not going anywhere people. Shes just taking a break after tour like she did after the Hello Katy tour. Only this time she wants to focus on her personal life. She’ll be back and the pressed ones will deal with it

  56. RICHANDBLACK11 November 19, 2011


  57. Vanessa Yordanova November 19, 2011

    I think riri should retire not katy; i’m not a fan of Katy Perry’s music but I prefer her insted of Rihanna and yes i’m a Rihanna hater 😉

  58. ITAINTYOBABY November 19, 2011

    It amaze me how Bey stays on so many of these so called haters mind, this post wasn’t even about her but yet the bottom feeders still fill the need to speak the Queen’s name

  59. Rainey November 19, 2011

    Good. I hope that she likes her year off so much that she never comes back. I don’t need to hear any of her howling. The music industry should start looking for real talent. Bye bye Katy!!!

  60. maria November 19, 2011

    @Yellow Gorillah

    rihanna releasing greatest hits album? lol her ass only been out for 5 or 6 years. Who is going to but it? She needs to take a year long break, and she has NOT taken any breaks. She going to end up like Lindsay Lohan a cracked out w****.

  61. aj91892 November 20, 2011

    Rihanna has NOT taken a year off. Sure she didn’t release an album the year of the Chris Brown incide, 2008 I believe, but she did re-release GGGB in ’08 and kept singles going through the year. So no, she hasn’t taken a break. 5 albums and a re-release in 6 years. There aint no god damn break,

  62. number1k9 November 20, 2011

    Katy Perry took a well reasonable break following her debut Pop album (2nd studio album) ‘One Of The Boys.’

    She filled her time quite well keeping people still in tune with her by being featured on a (remix) track with 3OH!3 and Timbaland. She came back stronger than ever too might I add!

    I think it would serve her right to do something similar with this year long BREAK, not retirement (as incorrectly reported). And if she wants to have a baby during the year, so be it. *STILL I find her with Russel Brand disgusting, ewww! Why Katy!?*

    As for the person who said Rihanna took a year long break already. No she has not technically. Yes she did not release a brand new studio album in 2008, but she re-released her 2007 album ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ that year, and was still releasing new singles from that album (“Rehab”) that rode into early 2009.

    Then that summer she was featured on “Run This Town” and come October/November 2009 she was already gearing up for ‘Rated R’ by releasing “Russian Roulette.” So she had maybe a 8 month break at longest. And that’s only if you do not include her “Run This Town” feature.

    BTW I am a fan of Rihanna AND Katy Perry, so if responding don’t come at me like that!

  63. gotintoririfever18 November 20, 2011

    soo i’ll have to wait another year for a riri katy collab??

  64. bey’knight November 20, 2011


    u are right, i’ll make amends. the truth i listened to TTT and i was really disappointed with the content and i know that sounds rich coming from me but i was a die-hard Rih fan up until her new attitude during the RR era, i dint mind as much cus hse delivered musically, Loud was ok but TTT should not be anybody’s 6th album certainly not Rihanna who actually should have something to say but i’ll keep it cute henceforth 🙂

  65. fdsa November 21, 2011


  66. George Feldman November 23, 2011

    Nooooooo even though it’s just a year what’s she gonna sing about once she has a family and kids?

    ” I forgot to pack my sons lunch and ooooo he went hungry ah o ah yea! Yesterday he spat up on my versace oooo yea I had to get it dry leaned ooo yea.”


    her carrier is over noooooooo Katy you can’t do this

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