New Song: Sugababes – ‘Wait For You’

Published: Sunday 7th Feb 2010 by Sam
sugababes wait

With the release of the drama-plagued Sugababes ironically titled ‘Sweet 7’ LP fast approaching (March 8th), a new track from the set has surfaced in the form of ‘Wait For You’. Produced by Fernando Garibay (Whitney’s ‘Nothin’ But Love’, GaGa’s ‘Dance In The Dark’), this is a pulsating mid-tempo, which packs one hell of a punch. Solid Electro-Pop production, with stunning vocals from the group’s latest addition Jade Ewen – who takes the lead here. Great track…

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  1. justme February 7, 2010

    You know I think I like Sugababes better with this new cast,,,

  2. cutiegurl February 7, 2010

    …..who are they? lol

  3. Kendra February 7, 2010

    The song is better with Keisha’s vocals. Listen to her version on youtube and tell me what you think

  4. Pablo February 7, 2010

    Congratulations on the website!!

  5. ROB February 7, 2010

    keishas is so much better, Jade isnt smooth , she tries to belt too much

  6. me February 7, 2010

    its not the same with out keisha

  7. Boricua February 7, 2010

    Too much processing on their vocals…

  8. Mickjoe19 February 7, 2010

    I’m liking the new look Sugababes! They are one of those groups that can change members but still be on top form.

  9. Dolce February 7, 2010

    You do know the whole album has leaked, don’t you? It’s a great album. Thank God Keisha was kicked out. The new line-up is so much better.

  10. AalexisR (The Bahamas) February 7, 2010

    You are aware that the whole album leaked days ago right?

  11. yesyes February 7, 2010

    jade is so much better than keisha. I hope their record label keep plugging away with singles and possibly a rerelease, if this album doesnt sell that well the first time. i love the route they have taken. Mega glam & dancey 😀

  12. tae February 7, 2010

    idk what it is but jade is not bringing it in these songs. I’m i the only one who’s hearing this?? her solo songs shows off her vocals so much better! its like she’s holding back with the babes…
    With that being said i like keisha version better because she brought a nice consistancy to the song but this version with Jade pissin over the track and not taking the song THERE like she could have just turns me off

  13. Sean February 8, 2010

    as much as i was looking forward to Sweet 7, I’m gutted it has leaked, It’s a fab album,love evrry track and i will be buying it on day of release but not many others will be now it’s readily available off loads of sites. Thing this could be the end, just as i got the Sugababes album I’ve wanted from them for years.

  14. antertain February 8, 2010

    I must admit the one with Keisha stands out more but Jade is still the new best in that group

  15. ACE February 8, 2010

    OKAY so I aint gonna lie… I hate it. I dont know something about these girls seems real artificial since…. well…. you know what happened. Nothing they’ve released so far lives up to their name. Its like this Jade girl attempts to have the same soul and compasion Keisha had and it just doesnt work. I’ve done my homework on these girls and this stuff their gearing up to release to the US is gonna make them a laughing stock. First off if they wanted to give the group a face lift and APPEAL to AMERICA … kicking out the one girl who could actually SAAAAAANNNNNNGGGG wasnt smart. Keeping the other two glorified backup singers(cuz they cant dance that well) wasnt smart either. Now Jade, Keisha, and one of the other two… could’ve worked.This… its like the Supremes without Diana Ross- they may get a hit but who’s gonna remember it?

  16. Sassoonboy February 8, 2010

    Great song!!!…..jade sounds fab!!…i wish them all the luck!!!….all i wana say I wish people would stop saying Keisha sounds better!!…she is a bully!!…and she was not the creator of the babes…it was siobhan donaghy and mutya who were performing as solo acts and were asked to perform together as a duo!!…keisha happened to go along with mutya to the studio one day …she got invited to sing!!!…she has never been the creator!!!!…she is supertalented and have great respect for keisha!!!…but like other members past and present!!!…they all are talented in their own right and bring something new to the group!!…please give these girls a chance!!!…also a recent interview with founding member siobhan donaghy …explains why she quit the band!!…/SiobhanDonaghy

  17. Matthew February 9, 2010

    Well Jade certainly is no keisha! and i agrre with the shes trying to belt too much line. But these songs were written specifically for keisha ya know. If they want to have version4.0 fine, i dont like it, but i hate it when the new girl tries to do something different to well established songs. Jade just do what Amelle did when she joined which was every same note, evry same adlib that my fav mutya did. I hate it when i hear them do push the button now.

    anyways, keishas version will always be better until we actually new songs that keish hasnt touched.

  18. Matthew February 9, 2010

    oH, BUT I CANT GET ENOUGH OF THE SONG!! Original, thank you sweet 7 sampler!!!

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