Trailer: ‘What Chilli Wants’ (Reality Show)

Published: Thursday 4th Mar 2010 by Sam

The official trailer for TLC’ star Chilli‘s new reality show, ‘What Chilli Wants’, surfaced today. After initially being rather sceptical about the VH1 show (which debuts April 11th), I must say I will definitely be tuning in after watching the trailer (courtesy of our good friend Necole Bitchie). Check it out below:

Your thoughts?

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  1. DizzyGuy1985 March 4, 2010

    This actually looks alot better than I thought. It seems like her standards are a bit too high. But than again she may end up finding someone.

    I think I will tune in and see how it is!

  2. Oggie March 4, 2010

    The show looks fantastic Chilli looks hot as hell, TLC always had so much character and i’m glad Tionne and Missy is there too, it looks really entertaining i’ll be watching!

  3. MaZ March 4, 2010

    Are they serious??? loool Seems to be funny…With Missy and T-Boz…can’t miss it!

  4. ADE March 4, 2010

    looks like absolute shambles!

  5. nickii March 4, 2010

    Okay, the trailer looks really interesting lol @ Missy saying “girl your standards are so high, you gonna have to date Jesus” Dead!!! will be watching just to see if it’s really great as it seems, but damn i am getting at all these reality T.V shows………… Can somebody be creative enough to bring something new on the table??

  6. cool chick March 4, 2010

    i was done with these reality shows a long time ago!

  7. ROB March 4, 2010

    i like that its not about her recording her album , it looks gd , f*** i love new york its all about what chilli wants

  8. Pucci March 4, 2010

    Am I the only one who thinks that Chili & Usher should take another crack @ it? i for one was really rooting for them.

  9. cool chick March 4, 2010

    btw, you only find someone when your not looking so damn hard

  10. Ms. CLaY March 4, 2010

    It looks a bit interesting! It’s way better than I expected because when people initially said that she would have a ‘dating’ show, I was expecting it to be along the lines of “Flavor of Love”/ “I Love New York”/ “For the Love of Ray J” -ish. So good luck to Chili and the show, I guess I’ll watch.

  11. me March 4, 2010

    Seing this makes me miss lisa left eye.

    Seing t-boz in the video it makes you think if lisa was there too its just sad.

  12. hking March 4, 2010


  13. cvt March 4, 2010


  14. Miss 2-2Hot March 4, 2010

    I think I will be watching this. It’s sad that Chilli is 39 and still searching for someone. I always thought she was very pretty and down to earth. I agree, though, why should she settle. I loved her with Usher; however, at the time, he still wanted to play the field. Yeah, this is going to interesting. What happened with her and Floyd? I thought they were kicking it at one point? I guess I am out of the loop 🙂

  15. Be BETTER not “Bitter!” March 4, 2010

    I think this actually looks like a Good Reality Show! I am also very dissatisfied with the amount of Reality TV being shoved down our threats. I know that there is no shortage of great writers, visionaries and thinkers in the world so why not give some new raw talent the opportunity to develop more Actual Scripted and Acted shows for us to watch of high Caliber.

    Long Gone are the days of Good shows like The Cosbys, Living Single, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, 227, Family Matters, Girlfriends, In the House, A Different World, Soulfood, and the list goes on and on….it’s so sad for this future generation to come!

  16. koko March 5, 2010

    @cool chick…you are 100% right. Folks sometimes be trying too hard and missing what could be right in front of them. While the show doesn’t look as cheesy as I thought, I really hate reality shows where people are looking for love, it is just too desperate.

  17. algie March 5, 2010

    this looks good.missy is so silly saying date jesus lol

  18. pookie March 5, 2010

    Chilli dont want no dang MAN!! Her standards are sooo high because she really has no interest in men. This way it kinda explains her lack of a relationship with a man, because aint nobody worthy… Bitcjh PLEASE!!!!!!!

  19. Leon March 5, 2010

    looks like a hot show! TLC rule! look forward to the new album

  20. ARFA March 6, 2010


  21. Gods blessings March 10, 2010

    Her standards are not to High my husband does not drink or smoke or eat pork! There are men that will hold themselves to this standard and as long as she is doing the same that is all that matters. Stick to your desires (those stand for fail to stand for something will fall for anything!!!

  22. JaDread May 28, 2010

    Her walls are too high to climb, the only one that can climb that high is God. I mean we are all looking for the special person, are we going to get everything in a person that we seek, the answer is no, therefore, you accepts that we all have flaws. Chili don’t think she has flaws, she does, she is stuck up, self centered, and always looking for the bad in everything or everyone, she needs to stop looking and work on herself, she has some major issues. One thing Chili, the man you seek is right before and he is not all that “fine” as you want, you’re just selfish and self-centered and that is why you’re still alone and will continue to be alone. GOOD LUCK, YOU WILL NEED IT.

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