Kelly Rowland Talks Style

Published: Wednesday 28th Apr 2010 by Sam

Pop star Kelly Rowland discussed the ins and outs of her style with Top Billing. The interview took place while the singer on the set of her photoshoot for Cosmopolitan magazine in South Africa recently. Check out the video interview above…

Tidbit: In other Kelly news, the video for her exceptionally well-received new ‘Commander’, is set to be shot within the next few weeks. Meanwhile, the shooting of the album packing, from which the song is lifted, took place in New York yesterday. It’s all coming together rather well for Ms. Kelly…

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  1. Adam April 28, 2010

    i always liked kelly rowland… i like commander..i hope it gets love in all countries..she deserves it

  2. YASSSS!!! April 28, 2010


  3. Darla April 28, 2010

    I am so happy for Kelly! I am like a proud mother. I cant wait for the cd i fell in love yesterday with Commander my son played it for me. I always loved this young lady she is a real class act. Be blessed Kelly!

  4. ~TeAM WeeZY~ April 28, 2010

    LMAO @ Sam and Trent actually being Kelly stans! Smh.

  5. jonstrax April 28, 2010



  6. Gucci April 28, 2010


    is going on with her hairline….pushed back farther than her album release date girl. Anyone else think it’s ironic that Kelly is talking about being stylish with a ball of yarn in the middle of her head?

    Commander was simply okay. If/when it flops, we can finally end this ridiculous debate with the Kelly Stans. Someone said yesterday that gay men will be be loving that song…and it makes sense because queen 1 and queen 2 Trentisha and Samantha already love it. Work it girls!

  7. Tae April 28, 2010

    i swear i love dah kelly haters….i love kelly man n i cant wait for her album das mah b****

  8. Gucci April 28, 2010

    And I’m guessing she finally found a sponsor? Because it seemed like no one was trying to throw that girl a bone for the longest time. Anyone who will deny that her hair needs some immediate construction work is COMPLETELY in denial.

    For the sake of the Kelly Rowland stans, and for the sake of gay men around the world (especially trent and sam), I hope her album doesn’t flop again. I’ma need those Kelly stans to add some bark to their bite. They have been all talk and no action since 2002.

  9. Stoney-Brie April 28, 2010


  10. Joan April 28, 2010

    Good Evening
    Why are you evening on here Gucci if you don’t like Kelly Rowland why evening come on here and listen to anything that she is saying or singing. This is something that I don’t understand at all. If you don’t like someone just dont’ come on at all. stay away and go to someone website that you do like. stroll down to someone else and talk about what you do like. can you do that Gucci

  11. NikkiIsChillin April 28, 2010

    I’m so excited for Kelly. She’s stepping up her game. Get it Ms. Kelly!!! It’s your time to shine.

  12. Gucci April 28, 2010

    it’s not that I dislike her (I never said that). And am I not still entitled to an opinion? You know I only speak the truth, and anyone with 20/20 vision may not be able to see her career but you can definitely see that her hair is a hot mess honeyl

  13. Ghetto Fab April 28, 2010

    @ Joan

    Gucci is hilariously stupid. For someone who claims to hate her. His ass is the first one in here writing two to three posts per Kelly topic with at least a paragraph for each post lol. He stanning for Kelly more than the Kelly Stans. If she was as irrelevant and a nobody like he says she is, than he wouldn’t be the first one in here every post she’s got. He would bypass them like the real people who dislike Kelly do. Ignore her. But no, instead he stans for her ass daily and can’t wait to read what Sam or Trent has wrote about her and respond with the quickness. If he really didn’t like Kelly he would ignore the posts. But he does so he will keep stanning in disguise lol.

  14. Ashley April 28, 2010

    get it Kelly.

  15. miba April 28, 2010

    I hope everyone are requesting this song. the time is now if she flops it’s yall fault.
    I requested it 2 times alreay they don’t seem to have here in miami But maybe this will make them go out and look for it

  16. los April 28, 2010

    I have requested it down here in Tampa Bay Fl they said they are going to play it soon. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  17. los April 28, 2010

    P.S. Kelly is so gorgeous in that video wow she is a true beauty and her body is like a perfect barbie doll!!!!! The true black barbie!

  18. Gucci April 28, 2010

    @Ghetto Fab

    Uh oh…red light honey don’t you do the same thing in other posts with artists that I will not even waste time mentioning? And for the record I’m not a HE. Kelly Rowland probably is but I am not. You get so pressed at the slightest negative thing about Kelly. I apologize for telling the truth boo. I just dislike her hair, and I am encouraging her stans (you included) to go out and support her instead of attacking everyone who doesn’t praise her. I’m doing the girl a favor…unless you want another career flop. I’m honestly trying to be nice this time.

  19. Aunt Jackie April 28, 2010

    Kelly looks cute, and I like the new hair actually. MUCH better than the last hair style! I also prefer her with less make-up.

    What up to Gucci, nice to see you on another Kelly Rowland post.

    Some people can’t stand to see wholesome gals with real talent succeed. Damn shame.

  20. Gucci April 28, 2010

    @Aunt Jackie

    Hey girl! Had to upstage you since I saw you on every Rihanna post this week. It’s not that we don’t want her to succeed, it’s that she just hasn’t.

    I don’t understand why people think their definition of real talent is superior to other people’s definition of talent? People like who they like for different reasons. Honestly, Kelly’s voice is mediocre but let her stans tell it…it blows Mariah and Whitney out of the water. *side eye*

  21. yeah right April 28, 2010

    Obviously Mr or Ms gucci, or watever it wants to be today, wants alot of attention…so why dont you all just ignore IT!! This is all about kelly! Kelly will win…she is on her way!!

  22. Aunt Jackie April 28, 2010

    @ Gucci

    LMAO @ Blowing Whitney & Mariah out of the water. Not even. I do think Kelly has a wonderful voice, though.

    I agree with you about liking people for different reason, but as far as VOCAL talent, there is certainly an objective criteria to defining vocal talent. Dancing talent can also be judged on an OBJECTIVE criteria.

    That’s the fallacy people make, I think you actually make it quite often. Just because there are SOME parts of singing and dancing and entertaining that are subjective, does not mean that ALL of the parts are measured subjectively.

    Another fallacy committed on here on the time is the naturalistic fallacy, that is, confusing the attributes of something for the definition.

    An example of that fallacy being: just because someone can carry a tune doesn’t mean they can sing. Or: Just because someone moves around does not mean they can dance.

    So, in closing I think that my definition of talent is superior to most people’s misguided, illogical definitions…yes. That’s because I simply have more sense than most people.

    I hope Ms. Kelly will succeed, and I think she has the right ingredients this time around.

  23. Work it girl… April 28, 2010

    See what happens when you get out from under the Knowles thumb?! so happy for Kelly…

  24. Gucci April 28, 2010

    @Aunt Jackie

    I’m sure you would like to think your definition is right and everyone else’s is wrong. You should be a judge one day :). But enough about condescending points of view…

    You mentioned vocal talent, but I was mostly referring to the term talent in general. Dancing and vocal abilities are not the only markers of talent that an artist can possess. Uniqueness, vision, and musical ear are also important talents that go unnoticed because people are way too busy arguing about who can sing better than who and who can dance better than who. There are millions of people in this world that can sing and dance hun. What separates and artist from someone who can merely sing and dance is very, very important. Have you wondered why some of the artists you deem as “talentless” still manage to stay on top?

  25. Aunt Jackie April 28, 2010

    @ Gucci

    No, I’ve actually never wondered why artists I know are talentless stay at the top. It’s certainly not because of a musical ear. The term talent in general can be applied to an array of things. So, using that loose definition anyone can have something called ‘talent’. I always thought musical talent as an entertainer (who clearly doesn’t compose music, choose songs independently or write lyrics on their own) always referred to singing and dancing.

    The artists that are talentless remain on top because they are able to be molded and change with the publics fickle wants and desires.

    Want Reggae? I can do that.
    Want synth-pop? I can do that.
    Want R&B? I can do that
    Want Rock? I can do that

    Want edgy? I can do that
    Want s***? I can do that.
    Want bohemian? I can do that.
    Want futuristic? I can do that.
    Want classy? I can do that.

    That’s why talentless artists stay on top. They can change with the times, and have the money/machine to help them change with those times. People who have a unique voice, talent and style that can’t be molded as well, or CHANGE with trends AREN’T cash-cows, that’s why they are not popular for lengthy periods of time, or sometimes even popular at all.

    The thing you mention about uniqueness and vision is a great point. As long as the “artist” and I use that term VERY loosely in reference to pop-tastic chicks today, have people working for them that have vision and can make them appear unique, they will be around.

    It’s simple, I don’t know why people make this ish so complex……….

  26. lyric_lee April 28, 2010

    my chick bizaddd – damn i love me some kelly and damn she is fly and hell and she is so classy and elegant and for the hair this is one of the best styles of seen on her where she is actually embracing her hariline!! we all know esp the stans that ms kelly’s hair line is further back which makes it a lil challeninging when it comes to hairstyles she either has 3 choices – she can embrace which she is abve , go the bang route or try to lower the hairline with a wig which is a hit and a miss because ive seen some hair stlyes where ive been like ? and ive seen stles where i have been ok with and then purely blown away like above – i personaly love this style and think it works best or the curly wet look or the ponytail with the bang and there a few others as well – to gucci this is her nautral hair line actually and she is embracing it now like rihanna does now – she didnt then she used the bang route too – brandy still chooses to hide hers by the wigs and anyone who has seen her show knows what im talking bout -she still my chick tho – and as for kelly – pure stan for life -AWAITING YOUR COMMAND MS KELLY – WOOOORRKKKK!!!!!

  27. Gucci April 28, 2010

    @Aunt Jackie

    If musical talent as an entertainer merely consisted of singing and dancing, then the music industry would be over saturated with regular people who can do that. You don’t think molding yourself and changing your appeal is an important talent for an artist? Okay 🙂 I completely disagree though because that doesn’t make much sense. Apparently not everyone can do it though, regardless of how much money/machine they have behind them. I don’t really see the correlation between having absolutely no talent, and being hugely successful. Talent is most definitely a general term that can be applied to an array of things, and that’s why to say an artist has no talent, is to dismiss every attribute they possess and equate it to absolutely nothing. Would you not consider Janet Jackson, Madonna, or even Britney Spears pop icons? They’ve been around for quite a while. None of them can sing. Dancing? Choreographed. Or let’s take Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey. Great voiced, no dance talent. By your own criteria you would say these artists have no talent, right? Enlighten me.

  28. Aunt Jackie April 28, 2010

    Not at all, being able to be molded is extremely important. If you want to call that a talent, okay. Under your loose definition, that fits. I’ve always said that’s important. It’s one of the most important things in this industry.

    Of all the artists you listed, they have a weakness and compensate with a strength. Janet is not a strong singer, she makes up with dancing. She can be molded. Madonna is not a strong singer, able to dance, entertain and re-invent herself (herself, not use others to do it FOR her that’s what separates the likes of Madonna and Janet from new POP TWITS)

    Whitney and Mariah are not dancers, they sing.

    People like Ke$ha and Rihanna can’t do either well. What the public is left with is two moderately attractive pop-tarts completely dependent on outlandish, expensive fashion, explosions, glitter and a changing image. Nothing else. It keeps them successful. If that’s your definition of talent, my that’s a loose one.

    That’s the difference Gucci. These other women had something they could do well. The image came along with that. These other women had a heavy hand in molding themselves, ESPECIALLY MADONNA. They weren’t put together by a machine. Anyone with common sense, perhaps an understanding of music history (or maybe anyone above 17) can see that. It’s simple, it doesn’t need to be made more complex than it is.

  29. Gucci April 28, 2010

    @Aunt Jackie

    Alright sweetie. I don’t think you realize that anyone can “dance” if they are choreographed, as is clearly the case with Britney Spears and Madonna. I’m glad you agree that Madonna’s ability to re-invent/mold herself is clearly a talent, which ironically was my point from the very beginning.

    We can go back and fourth about which artists were/were not responsible for reinventing themselves and which artists were just “molded by a machine” but nothing is conclusive because neither of us have all the answers or evidence, and we shouldn’t pretend to. You can simply chose to believe what you want to believe. However, I still am sticking to my opinion that talent as a music artist and entertainer isn’t just defined by singing and dancing. if you look back in history, it was always something that these iconic artists had that made them popular and extended far beyond their ability to sing or dance. For the record I am over 17. The fact that I don’t agree with your assertion doesn’t make me any less intelligent. I think you need to keep up with the times and stop living in the past. Kelly Rowland has an okay voice, and can dance a little, but you have hailed her as an astounding talent for some reason. It’s looking like you’re backtracking on your own criteria for what musical/entertainment talent is. No?

  30. Gucci April 28, 2010

    Especially when she’s doing the exact same things you are criticizing Ke$ha/Rihanna for.

    *side eye*

  31. Aunt Jackie April 28, 2010

    @ Gucci

    I’ve always held that the same tenets constitute talent.
    Success doesn’t equal talent, neither does a wonderful, well-constructed image. You and others like you accept that as talent, and it’s no surprise.

    An artist can be wonderfully talented in certain areas and lacking in others. The point is, they make up for those things with something else that’s required of them. That’s clearly not backtracking. But to be skillful in none is not something I will accept, whether that’s what “everyone” accepts now. I’m not a follower, and never will be. The masses don’t dictate how I think, which is logically, clearly and cogently.

    Expecting a singer to be on key, and and actually hit choreographed dance steps (Rihanna is choreographed, and her dancing still isn’t hailed, by the way) certainly isn’t living in the past.

    The other thing about ‘evidence’ of artists reinventing themselves…’s much more common now to have a full time stylist than it was when someone like Madonna came out. Think Grace Jones had a stylist? Think again. But that’s an argument for another time.

    You don’t have to agree, and I don’t expect you to. I know now that people have no expectations and will justify things any way they can, as not to be honest about what these “artists” really are.

    Ms. Kelly is a strong singer, and a pretty good dancer. When she came out, being able to abtually sing on key and hit choreographed steps was a requirement (with a few known exceptions).

    Kelly doing the same thing these other ladies are doing? Now that does deserve some serious side eye.

    Of course, to be successful as an “artist” you need something else besides being a good singer and dancer. Some call it an “It” factor. Which can be personality or look or both. You may need something BESIDES being able to sing and dance….but not JUST that something else. That’s the entire point, and the point I always make.

    Like I said, anyone who is over 17 can see my simple point..or should I say anyone who is mature enough can see my point.

    Rihanna is successful, the bish isnt talented.

  32. Gucci April 28, 2010

    @Aunt Jackie
    We went from arguing about talent being simply the ability to sing and dance, to agreeing that it consists of many different attributes beyond that. Progress! My original point is proven. I agree that an artist should have more than one though. But just because an artist doesn’t knock it out of the park in one aspect, doesn’t mean that they are completely talentless. (see: Madonna/Briney Spears)

    And to answer your question, no I don’t think Grace Jones had a stylist, but I bet you she does now. 🙂 Does that make her less talented? And while we’re on the topic of Grace Jones, she wasn’t an astounding singer or dancer either throughout her career yet she’s still an icon. But I guess that just proves my point which we already inadvertently confirmed.

    Kelly Rowland isn’t doing what Rihanna and Ke$ha are doing? Sorry hun but i could have sworn Kelly was trying to re-invent her image and sound, I could have sworn she was on stage wearing the same glittery, outlandish, expensive attire. So yes, that is backtracking on your part. By your own criteria, Kelly Rowland has no talent.

    I actually do consider myself to be mature, and certainly mature enough to consider alternate opinions without being condescending and assuming that i know all there is to know about what constitutes an artist/talent/the music industry.

    Kelly Rowland isn’t successful, or talented.


  33. Rated x April 28, 2010

    Rihanna is successful, the bish isnt talented…..

    thats the truthful ish i ever heard.
    cosign 100%

    now, i must say that wig look so damn cheap kelly..but congradulation on ur hit single…
    hopefully things gets better for u in the near future.

  34. dakkylove April 29, 2010

    all this music analysts its so funny seems like most of you want to quit your day job and go into full time crticizing artists *cough cough Gucci* now let me quote kelly rowland on something…”opinions are like b*** holes everyone has one” .have your opinions, keep ur opinions and call me when ure opinions start fetching money for now its just a waste of time.
    i love how she looks in this video, she looks beautiful even without all the retouching this mags do, i bet she is one of d few artists whose magazines spread come out same day without retouching cos she looks that good.

  35. KellySTAN4EVER April 29, 2010

    Am I the only one who loves GUCCI!!!!!!!!!!!

    GUCCI likes Kelly and only wants her to succeed!! hes just doesnt say it in a nice way….

  36. KellySTAN4EVER April 29, 2010


    But why do u feel U have to justify urself to anyone??

  37. Misty April 29, 2010

    YASSS Kelly! Beauty, brains and talent! Werkkkk…2010 is yours!

  38. Muni April 29, 2010

    Beautiful, Waiting for COMMANDER video, People ignore this person called GUCCI, not being a KELLY ROWLAND stan but he/she has more comments tha any KELLY stan. KELLY 4EVER!!!!

  39. Honesty pays April 29, 2010

    Success is affectn ur world wit d investment of ur personality d only person who can tell if ur a success is u cs u set d targets…@gucci n aunty jackie dis book myt help in ur argument ‘talent is not enough by John Maxwel’
    @kellystan4eva u av spoken d very truth Gucci is shown hard luv…n I bet gucci luvs dis song…
    @gucci…comin straight from my heart I Luv U…

  40. ADE April 29, 2010

    her body is BANGING!!!

  41. Renae April 29, 2010

    I haven’t heard any music from Kelly, when is she going to release something so we can decide whether or not to support her album. I mean I know this one song is buzzing around but nothing thats r&b.

  42. Independent Thinker April 29, 2010

    Renae Honey, where you been?

    “Commander” is Kelly’s 1st single for the album and it has been making it’s rounds on the net since yesterday. If you’re looking for an r&b song from Kelly you may be waiting a while because right now she is focused on making everyone “dance”. Because she’s the “Commandeeeer”. Oh,that song is so hot. Her new album will be a fusion of dance music and soulful r&b with urban influence(seeing as how those are her roots). I’m sure she will eventually release a more urban cut,but there have been plenty buzz cuts floating around: “Everywhere You Go”, “How Deep is Your Love(with Micheal Buble’), and ofcourse, “Smooches”. Though none of these songs will be features on her album they can still hold you over until the album comes. In the mean time, buy “Commander” on i-tunes. Request the song on your local pop radio station while you’re awaiting the video and keep surfing the net for more information.

    Get your K-Row fix daily.

  43. Gucci April 29, 2010

    I was being really nice this time too :(. I already said the commander song mildly surpassed my expectations (I played it twice), but in terms of mass appeal which Kelly’s fan base is looking for her to attain, I’m on the fence. If the girl was succeeding, I wouldn’t be encouraging her stans to get off of the computer and head on down to Walmart to buy an album or too. It’s the same with the Ciara stans. Even though I don’t care for them, I can admit that the only stans who actually deliver are the Beyonce stans.

    All of this talk about “talent” is completely empty and meaningless because at the end of the day, you can always have the amazing ability, to sing and dance…………on the side of the street begging for change. Her image needs an air freshener, and she needs to remind people who she is as an artist. That’s all I’m saying girlies! Maybe I do come off harsh, but that’s just too bad. When she honestly wows me, you better believe I will be on this board defending her, but until then………… only issue is that hair.

    If her album and/or songs flop, I will be back to ask the Kelly stans where the hell they were. I haven’t seen them take action since 2002 when her first solo effort dropped, so 8 years later I’m not sure why they think that attacking people and accusing everyone they dislike of having no talent is going to sell Kelly’s albums. Sorry.

  44. LostOnez April 29, 2010

    @ gucci so do u think Kelly is working on music Just to Wow U..ur only one person.. n u R 1 of them people dats not going to pick up the album or buy the singles why should she “wow’ u…u Don’t coutn unless u wanted to support the woman..other than dat Go back 2 ur Only GOD beyonce since yall think she’s the biggest thing dat even happen 2 music but her music sales jus keep decline..

  45. Trosto07 April 29, 2010


    NOW WORK!!!!!!!

  46. missingbeyonce April 29, 2010

    she look nice COMMANDER is hot for beyonce fans dont hate on kelly if you dont like her cuse bey is cool with kelly and she love her

  47. April 29, 2010

    Lol at attack the radio!. that was funny. but yes people lets get these djs spinning this record.

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