Nicki Minaj Addresses The Haters

Since crash-landing onto the music scene, rapper Nicki Minaj has amassed many a fan, yet also many a critic. Seemingly fed-up with the back-chat, the Young Money star, took to Youtube recently to formally address ‘the haters’. Peep an extract as well as the entire video below…(Spotted over at our girl Necole Bitchie)

“I don’t respond to stupidity because I don’t have to. I don’t need it for publicity and people that do that…need it. ”

“I spend so much time counting that green paper that for me to take my time out for stupid foolish, strawberry shortcake bum b*tches that live on planet bum would almost make me… as low on the totem pole as they are.”

And there it is.

While I’m not yet sold on Nicki’s style of rapping (that faux-English accent is a no-no), it’s hard to deny how successful she’s been in getting folks to sit up and pay attention. She’s also one of, if not ‘the’, most charismatic female MC’s to emerge in a long while – which has to count for something.

In any case, it appears the joke is on her detractors; while her name and career are on the up, the same can not be said for many of those popping off.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lily April 5, 2010

    i can see what she’s saying but that just shows that she’s in for the money not for the music.

  2. kingnoah3000 April 5, 2010

    wut?! lol

  3. BEYDABESS (DA REAL ONE) April 5, 2010






    • straightNer September 28, 2012

      Guess you were wrong bout this…Dumb Chick! lol

  4. HUMANA HUMANA April 5, 2010

    Basically she’s saying, “i know, i suck”

  5. cutiepie April 5, 2010


  6. 12345 April 5, 2010

    hey obese, you are my hero, love your comments

  7. April 5, 2010

    beydabass…dont take drugs..arent good for you

    beyonce is basically fake hair! she represents it!

    and diva was whack

    and i guess nearly every star has fake teeth

  8. MmmHmm HoneyBee! April 5, 2010

    well she better start saving them stacks cuz I see her fading like that green color in her wig, in a few!

  9. ADE April 5, 2010

    why the hell was she talkin so damn slow…spit it out! s***! crazy b**** shes so annoying, what a damn mess

  10. yesyes April 5, 2010

    that was actually sickening when the ape in the background started dancing around with that money. Get to MEGA-SUPER-MUTHER-F******-STAR-STATUS like Madonna, Beyonce, Britney, MJ before you start (slowly) banging on about all your ‘green’.

    This vid made me sick.

  11. step April 5, 2010

    hel naw nicki gon be here 4 uh long time n she no she ken kill eny rab bich az she constly states

  12. F*** YOU B**** (KISS MY ASS) April 5, 2010


  13. ThePurpleJournal April 5, 2010

    @BEYDABESS every artist/musician is a manufactured product just like the toothpaste you but at the store. As long as they are speaking under their public name, they are not real. Until you meet them in person as themselves you will never know who real and who not.

    Hating on a celeb is the same as being a fan, because you’re giving them the same attention

  14. Dilla April 5, 2010

    I cosign with F*** YOU B****(KISS MY ASS) Keys is murdering Nicki lyrically, I downloaded a couple of songs from her mixtape, I can’t wait for her to drop/

  15. tyeheem April 5, 2010

    Yo if that’s nicki minaj she is ugly rite there but in some of her pic she looks alrite

  16. Jai14 April 5, 2010

    What a mess … It took me 10 seconds to read those lines, and she went through her speech for 4 minutes damn was she drunk or on crack ? SMH anyway I like Nicki, but if you’re so popular you don’t make video like this, have you ever seen Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Alicia Keys or even Lil Kim addressing the haters on Youtube ? HELL NO ! cause they don’t give a f*** and they sure don’t have time for that kinda s***, so please Nicki, before releasing your first album GET IT TOGETHER and act classy cose if you don’t you ain’t gonna last.

  17. April 5, 2010

    female hip hop is atrocious right now

    THIS is the most buzzed about artist?

    i miss the days of bahamadia, mc lyte, and latifah…hell, i miss foxy and kim cause all five of those heffas (plus eve, missy, etc) would eat nicki minaj alive on the mic…

    first off, b****, drop an album and have a career longer than 3 seconds before you address the “haters”

  18. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut April 5, 2010

    ^^ Stole the words right outta my mouth.

  19. Music Lover April 5, 2010

    That pic is not flattering at all. And out of curiosity, are her tits real?

  20. queenB April 5, 2010

    ok so this is 4 minutes of my life that i am never getting back 🙁

  21. Carl April 5, 2010

    Too many haters in one damn post.

  22. Steffon April 5, 2010

    Lmao!!! what ???

  23. cool chick April 5, 2010

    this was so lame smh she is givin her ‘haters’ way too much attention

    be a REAL woman by ignoring them,do you and keep s*** movin! By the way, this is the first time i seen her look so ugly wtf? She also looks high and she says she doesnt need to respond to ‘stupidity’ but then WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS VID?!?


  24. ::SquareBizz2020:: April 5, 2010

    Wow the hatred is RAMPED on this post! lol alot of ya’ll mad cuz shes talking to YOU!! and its true bum b****** are the biggest talkers! and no matter what ya’ll say she is DOIN IT for somebody who has no album only ONE real single and even that just barely dropped like last week! she is smashing the game! getting mad respect from all the majors in the game, everyone is tryna collab wit her and wether you like her or not she is putting female rappers back on the map in a game where femcees no longer exsist! and thats a good look! and if you cant take your stupid ass opinion out of the equation and admit that then that makes you one of those hating ass bum b******! thats just squarebizz! you dont have to like her but dont say she aint doin it cuz she is! nicki is KILLIN! and her album is gon be savage! so them other rap b****** ya’ll co-signing for better step they p****** up and get some status QUICKLY! cuz once nicki hits the scene officially…they might as well not even come out KEEP HAYTIN B******…CUZ PLEASE BELIEVE SHE’S ONLY GONNA KEEP GIVING YOU REASONS TO!! ROGER-COPY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  25. kekeluvsu April 5, 2010

    @ Dilla and F*** You B**** (Kiss My Ass)

    I couldn’t agree more. Keys went HAM on Nicki and F***** HER UP. She wants to talk about Haters but Nicki you don’t even have an album out yet. And weren’t you dissing b****** for fame as well? EXACTLY. I f*** with Nicki but ppl in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I’ve also heard some songs on Keys’ mixtape and the b**** is bad. She is def. a lyricist. I can’t wait to see her blow up either.

  26. niki April 5, 2010

    what kills me with some of the folks on these post is that they have so much shade to throw. I am not a big fan of hers or much rap music for that matter, but why bother reading about someone u hate. i see exactly what she is saying. I have said this many many times. if their successful more power to them. i cannot understand all the name calling just because you don’t like someones music. NICKI GET YO MONEY GIRL.

  27. Kami April 5, 2010

    I think its silly that people complain about Nicki Minaj not being a ‘true’ MC, when no one else is stepping up to try to outshine her and actually be successful at it. If you’re so mad that she’s talentless, go out of your way to try to promote someone who isn’t and push her into the music industry to push out Nicki. Until someone rises to the plate to ‘dethrone’ Nicki Minaj, then you can’t really complain. Its ultimately up to the people to decide if they want someone or not.

    People hate on nicki

    When the reality of it is –
    They’re on top for a reason.

  28. Kami April 5, 2010

    Then at the same time, she was kind of hostile in addressing her ‘haters’.
    She should’ve just ignored them. They’re obviously getting to her.

    Making this video was a huge, huge mistake.

  29. Carl April 6, 2010

    All i’m gonna say is the same people who are complaining that Nicki is wack then why aren’t you buying the albums of Trina, Eve and so forth? Yeah I thought so cos them b****** don’t even go gold no more so what you got to say now? The only female artist I would put above Nicki is Missy and from what I remember Nicki WILL be featured on Missy’s next album because they are the only two people in rap who step outside a box, no one wants to hear remy ma talking about the same I grew up in brooklyn s***. They all rappin’ about the same s***. #NIGGAIMDONE.

  30. Michelle April 6, 2010

    I think that , since Lil Wayne is in jail, Nicki had some time to waste instead of sucking his d%$@*! its obvious that that girl Keys got on Nicki’s HEad. She ate her up real quick.. Anywayz, I respect her hustle even tho its short lived.. Because she will get dethroned- which is kinda pointless to say since she’s not even Queen!- As far as I’m concerned true Female emcees like
    LIl KIm are still at the top- Lil Kims done several albums, shows, features, and she writes her s***- Nicki has yet to do any of that at least as much or for as long- so wut on a f***** mixtape!!! Mixtape and fake chicks are outta fashion!

    Oh and that Massive attack mess of a song..lmfao!! The Hook was weak-
    Nicki sound like a broke down Patra- PLus she doesnt even know how to move all that fake A%$ she really- smoke and mirrors is all I gots to say
    She jus lil waynes Puppet while hes locked up- he wrote her songs so he’s getting paid while in Jail-
    Nicki jus gets paid from features and shows- she cant even afford someone to count her young money for her…wtf
    Note to Nicki- you are so plastic- and have no direction-and you are not the most talented-grow the fu&% up!
    Oh i forgot yur like 30 anywayz, tryin to be a youngsta…its over…you are the weakest link!

  31. Diane April 6, 2010

    Everybody loves Raymond…

  32. Its Me Again April 6, 2010

    She seems extremely arrogant, vain and materialistic.

    To say I’m not a fan of hers would be a bit of an understatement. Role models like her amount to a lot of what is wrong with the teenagers of today.

  33. Its Me Again April 6, 2010

    And yea, I said role models above. I know she and certain other people will say that they don’t set out to be anybody’s role model, but the reality of the matter is that teenagers do look up to these people and hang on to their every utterance, fashion and action. Whether they intend to be or not, they are. And it’s sad.

  34. Stacey April 7, 2010

    Ooh! Shame on y’all for all the hating! When Trina or Eve or Kim gets the shine that Nicki is getting right now then come back and talk that noise bc from what I remember last NOBODY was checking for female emcees until Minaj popped on the scene. Oh and yeah she haven’t put out an album yet but you can catch her on your favorite artists cd lol! (Usher, Luda, Robin Thicke, etc…. you pick one!)

    And lastely… it’s Barbie b******! Hahahaha!

  35. tuckpoo April 7, 2010

    @ it’s me again, really role model???? come on yawl…like she is the worst thing out there stop it you sound ridiculous. I like her i like the way she raps, i think her style works for her, her gimmick (which just in case you didnt realize everyone in the entertainment business has one, some just more out there then otheres) it works for her. and they are all in it for the money thats how bills get paid!!!!!!!!!!! im just saying…alot of haters on here but human nature is what it is!!! cant help but hate on the next person doing better then you or fulfilling their dream……i love her quirkyness her delivery and her fake accent it brings something different.. she and lil Kim are so diffrerent its ridiculous, i love lil kim but their rap delivery is so diffrent its riduiculous….listen and stop hating people…

  36. tuckpoo April 7, 2010


  37. tuckpoo April 7, 2010


  38. SuperStorme April 8, 2010

    Oh gwarrd. I’d pay to have this chick assassinated. Get on ma damn ass nerves. Dye her head red and stick her head on a stick like a toffee apple. I watched hoping I’d been wrong about her and she’d show herself to be more than just a gassed up gimmick and i could give her credit but jheeeez! She just stupid and ignorant. what the hell was she talking so damn ass slow for?? And if she’s too busy counting paper to address the haters why make a video addressing the haters?? I don’t get it. Must just be me. *shrugs* oh, and for the record she cattttted Lil Kim’s swagger with no shame #dpmo

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