Jermaine Dupri Hopes New Mariah Carey Single Will Be Released In Late 2010

Published: Wednesday 5th May 2010 by Trent

Mariah Carey is aiming to dominate the end of 2010. The icon’s close friend and co-writer/c0-producer, Jermaine Dupri, has revealed that he is hoping that the 1st single from her new studio album will be released “before the end of the year”. Carey and Dupri have been working on the new project for over a week and are still in the early stages of crafting new material. Other producers/songwriters that have been confirmed for the project include Bryan-Michael Cox, Randy Jackson, Johnta Austin and Teddy Riley. Additionally, Carey is planning to release a Christmas album, which she has been planning since 2008. {Source}


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  1. Kenney May 5, 2010

    She needs to take her time making a decent album! Memoirs was an amazing album and if they had chosen another song other than Obsessed as the lead single then it would’ve done better. Mariahwhy can’t you be satisfied with your nearly 100 million sold and just start a family already and give us all a break!

  2. Beyowulf! May 5, 2010

    I love that women! and her music!

  3. chocolate May 5, 2010


  4. SASHA May 5, 2010

    Can someone tell meWhen an artist is on several record labels for example Lady Gaga is on Interscope, Kon Live, Steamline and Cherrytree, does it mean that when an album is sold the money goes to the different labels and the artist (Lady Gaga) or artists (in case of a group) gets less money than for an artist for example Ryan Starr who is just signed to one label (Atlantic Records)?

  5. Maestro May 5, 2010

    Mariah better take her time. She thinks she’s still in her 20s when she could churn out album after after after album, however here lately that hasnt been working. S

  6. Diaries of An Aging Constipated Dolphin May 5, 2010

    How many flops do they want from this FAT, DRUNK, OVER RATED & UGLY DIVA THAT USA EVER PRODUCED?

  7. Maestro May 5, 2010


    Mariah needs to take her time with this next project. Select the right songs, start singing again, and bring Mariah back and KILL MIMI. Im so over that Bimbo and her kiddy lyrics, I WANT MARIAH BACK!!!! I really hope she takes her time, because ‘E=MC2’ I liked some songs but over all the album was whack, ‘MOAIA” I like some songs but over all the album was whack. Now when I took the songs I liked from each album and merged them together…I was album to have an entire Mariah album that actually sounded like something. So take ur time Mariah get it together… AND GET THAT VOICE BACK IN SHAPE

  8. DUCA May 5, 2010

    she is so boring like Leona Lewis!

    R I P

  9. Angels Fart May 5, 2010

    Can someone make this fatso vanish for good?

  10. Tha Phoenix May 5, 2010

    Oh, GOD I can’t even wait.

    Hopefully, this will be another TEOM … I would LOVE that…

  11. HBF82 May 5, 2010

    Go Queen! No one ever be like you. Can’t wait for this. I know you gonna killed it like always.

  12. FiercerMC May 5, 2010

    i hope it’s true…
    i just cant wait…
    every MC album is worth it!

  13. Josh May 5, 2010


  14. Goldmember May 5, 2010

    I can almost bet all the money in my pocket that the people calling her fat are the most overweight, low self-esteem having bishes known to man…

    Anyways, I hope she brings it with this album. Loves Mariah<333

  15. truthis May 5, 2010

    Oh Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. JAYLA May 5, 2010


  17. ayoMIEKA May 5, 2010

    doesn’t it look like he’s sitting on her lap ?

    I love me some Mariah , but a new album is too soon.It just seems like she’s trying to rush out the next TEOM . Glad to know she’s working with Jermaine again though.Like she said , he knows the “Mariah Sound”.Hopefully he can bring it back with this album.

  18. Another has been diva May 5, 2010

    only ugly gays like Mariah Carey 🙁

  19. simon May 5, 2010

    This should not be done- she hasn’t learned her lesson yet- 2 new albums after 2 underperforming albums- not a good look

  20. Gaga Forever May 5, 2010


  21. memoirs of an old racoon May 5, 2010

    HYPE + CHEAP PUBLICITY + MC D = Mariah Carey

  22. Sarah May 5, 2010

    Go, Mariah!!! The fucktard haters can stay mad! It’s great to know that Randy Jackson is going to be a part of Mariah’s new project. They haven’t worked together I don’t think since Charmbracelet.

    Mariah + JD+ BMC+ RJ= SMASH MAGIC!

  23. Mariah Summer Tour 2010 May 5, 2010

    July 1st – McDonald’s
    July 3rd – Burger King
    July 4th – Applebee’s
    July 7th – KFC
    July 11-15 – Taco Bell

    More dates to come ….. Stay tune !!!!

  24. Teflon Boy May 5, 2010

    ‘Now when I took the songs I liked from each album and merged them together…I was album to have an entire Mariah album that actually sounded like something. So take ur time Mariah get it together… AND GET THAT VOICE BACK IN SHAPE’

    ^I agree completely, I really enjoy Mariah but she’s yet to put out a body of work (aside from Emancipation) that sounds like it wouldn’t have been better had she lived with the songs a little longer and made sure they made narative sense. Some of my favourite songs of the last few months happen to have come from Memoirs… such as Candy Bling, Inseparable, Mre Than Just Friends etc. but then about 5 of the cuts that made that album could have been left off in favour of some of the stronger cuts from E=MC2 such as Love Story etc… the list goes on. If she was an artist who waited 3-4 years between albums I wouln’t say that but she’s a prolific songwriter so there is always new material round the corner for her. Her biggest obstacle is actually herself though, her musical image needs a freshen and even though she’s scared of being seen as old it seems I think part of the reason Emancipation thematically did so well and was so welcomed by the mass audience was because she looked and sounded like a grown up. Not an old fogey but a grown woman and it made her seem more compelling than the Barbie juvenile image that has become her default.

    Lastly, if you’ve seen any of the youtube clips of some of hr recent performances you’d be amazed at how good her voice is right now. I don’t know what the hell she’s been doing but her voice is better right now than it’s been in the last 10 years. That in itself makes me interested in what her,Jermaine and B C** will bring because she’s regaining the vocal tools to really sell it.

  25. The fact May 5, 2010

    Nobody cares if she has a good voice in this era or not.

    People want to see good performance not a cow prancing on stage in front of 2000 audiences. Mariah is just a studio diva…nothing more nothing less!

  26. The fact May 5, 2010

    Memoirs of An Old Raccoon ….?!

    Kah ahahahahahaa Jjajajajajajaajaja ahahhaha LMFAO

  27. Rude Boi May 5, 2010

    Cant wait…….to see her flop again ! 😉

  28. Last Boy on Earth May 5, 2010

    “nearly 100 million sold” .. actually it is nearly 200 million sold and lmao @the ones saying that Madonna is better because she sold more albums hey dumbasses Madonna started her career 30 years ago Mariah 20 years ago so it is obvious that Madonna has more sales then her, plus, since 2000 it is very hard to sell albums with the illegal downloads so Madonna had the luck to be 20 years selling and selling without her albums being downloaded illegaly while Mariah didnt have that luck..
    and this Diva, Legend, Queen, none of your favourite singers can write a song like her and sing like her, such harmony, such deep emotions, aside from E=MC2 every album is a masterpiece and she writes all her songs, this woman is a genius and still there are people disrespecting her, and you wonder why the music industry is struggling and we only listen to auto tune and people talking about “disco sticks” and I know people will say “lmao a Rihanna stan talking about industry struggling” , to you I just say, listen to Cold Case Love and Fire Bomb. Out.

  29. Lambs are shallow May 5, 2010

    Just because she wrote her own song…doesnt mean people is interested.

    No wonder many of her songs never going to be evergreen snoozefest at large, no substance and boring as watching grass grows…except one song – All I Want For Christmas Is You To Buy This Song Once A Year…


  30. Sarah May 5, 2010

    ^^^Mariah has written much better songs than Madonna.;-D

  31. Tha Phoenix May 5, 2010

    @Last Boy On Earth,,,

    actually MC is the biggest selling female artist of all time – verified by the Guiness Book Of World Records..


  32. Kelendria May 5, 2010

    Who cares about Mariah?

    F***ck F****** Carey!

    F***ck Weedney Crapston!

    F***ck HAGonna!

    F***ck Flopnet Jackson!

    Noone stands a chance next 2 Ms KELLY ROWLAND! commander is gonna make the biggest impact this year. #1 on billboard #1 on world charts!!! mark my words suckers!


  33. M4Ri4H May 5, 2010

    Yeah they’ll break records for the most flops released in a row.

  34. cash May 5, 2010

    “memoirs” garnered her some of the best critic reviews in the last decade, most comparing it to “Butterfly”, yall say its a flop because it didn’t SELL like Mariah usually does, thats why its a flop? whatever the case may be, the material was solid. & E=MC2 is far from a flop & her voice is in fine form, her recent performances have shown just that.

  35. Retire Old Hag May 6, 2010

    Mariah….40 yo hoochie mama and still singing ?! 🙁

  36. Beyonce Forever May 6, 2010


    Madonna has more #1s song and she wrote better songs than Mariah….. worldwide !!!!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙁

  37. liverpool UK May 6, 2010

    I love you mariah your the only singer i listen too, i love all your songs ,and cant wait to hear more 🙂 i hope you tour the uk soon love yaaa xxxx

  38. MK_B_Fly May 6, 2010

    Okay, so I heard some folks saying that if Mariah had picked some songs from E=MC2 and some from MOAIA, the album would’ve been much better (personally I love them the world over but here’s a mash up I did of the songs from each albums making two new albums – one for the fans who enjoy Mariah’s uptempo radiofriendly songs and one for the fans who like Mariah to siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!…)

    I’M THAT CHICK (instead of E=MC2)

    1. I’m That Chick
    2. Ribbon
    3. I’ll Be Loving U Long Time
    4. Last Kiss
    5. Up Out My Face
    6. Obsessed
    7. 4Real, 4Real
    8. Cruise Control
    9. O.O.C.
    10. More Than Just Friends
    11. The Impossible
    12. Thanx For Nothing
    13. Standing O

    LOVE STORY (instead of MOAIA)

    1. Touch My Body
    2. Love Story
    3. Candy Bling
    4. I Stay In Love
    5. Inseparable
    6. H.A.T.E.U.
    7. Side Effects
    8. It’s A Wrap
    9. Migrate
    10. Betcha Gon’ Know
    11. For The Record
    12. Bye Bye
    13. Angel
    14. Angels Cry
    15. I Want To Know What Love Is


  39. Eric May 6, 2010

    mariah has way more #1s then madonna. and mariah isnt a hoochie. yu should see madonna in 4minutes with justin timbo. stripping with that saggy boob job. mariah is classy. Having 18 #1s and selling over 150million world records and her perfume smells amazing. Mariah is PULCHRITUDINOUS

  40. PRECIOUS YOURE A DUMMY B****! @VonniMediaMogul May 6, 2010

    lol WOW! you guys REALLY LIT INTO THER ASS! or is it just the same person commenting over and over… hmmmm

  41. The One May 6, 2010

    @ The FacT……..Look at your statement !!!! Nobody cares if she as a good voice in this era!!!!! If that is the case than the music world is in bad shape……No one cares because you have all these none talent acts out here on stage dancing and looking pretty, while they can t hold a note to save their live. Just because you are musically illiterate doesn’t mean the rest of the world is…..Stupid little person!!

  42. The One May 6, 2010

    Its funny how you people get on here and talk negative about artist personal life and physical apperances when given the chance you would quickly give your life to be where they are!!!!! Even if she flops on all her up coming albums she still has touched and change more lives thriugh her music than you will ever do!!!!!! Taiking about an album is a flop when your life is a flop!!!!!!!!Its good to be Mariah Carey, just sake them off mimi!!

  43. DP May 7, 2010


  44. bobby from bulgaria May 8, 2010

    I just can’t wait for Mariah’s next new single!!!

    And for her new album!!!

    And for her new Christmas album!!!

    And for the Memoirs Dance Remix Album!!!

  45. Jesse May 10, 2010

    I enjoy Mimi’s music, can’t deny she has the voice, still reigning the charts (27 weeks at #1 in Brazil for “I Want To Know What Love Is”)- simply blissful track!

    She does make gr8 music and she’s original, compared to any goon trying to hip thrust and dressing in drag clothes…pls

    I know this project gonna produce the next song of the decade as she did 2 decades (FACT)
    90’s – One Sweet Day
    2000’s- We Belong Together

    No one comes close….

  46. Churning Flops July 14, 2010

    someone should make her pregnant….and sit home…

    she becoming a snoozefest polluting the airwaves…..

    enough of her garbage 🙁

  47. Churning Flops July 14, 2010

    Mariah >>>> Janet !!!!!

  48. Cristian August 16, 2010

    She’s working so hard dam what a beast two albums!?
    you all hatin cause she’s workin with jermaine the one who created her greatest hits. What ever Jermaine creates becomes hits! Look at Usher’s confession cd he produced the album and it became a hit. Mariah will have hits in 2011 WATCH!

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