Aguilera’s ‘Bionic’ Debuts At #1…In The UK

Published: Sunday 13th Jun 2010 by Sam

Though Christina Aguilera‘s new LP ‘Bionic’ is set to debut with alarmingly low numbers in the US, the record has performed markedly better here in the UK – debuting at #1.

Interestingly, the album is Aguilera’s 2nd career #1 on the Official UK Album Chart, with the first being 2006’s ‘Back to Basics’. The 29 year old’s most successful LP ‘Stripped’ peaked at #2 on the chart back in 2002, while her self-titled debut peaked at #14 in 1999.


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  1. rick June 13, 2010

    it’s really not a terrible album
    it’s got some good tuens on it.

  2. SunDee June 13, 2010

    How much did Bionic copy sold in UK?!
    Btw, Thanks God! She deserved it…
    Congrats Miss Aguilera 😉

  3. ico June 13, 2010


  4. beyondre June 13, 2010

    Congrats!!!!!! Vanity/Prima Donna/Bobbleheads/You Lost Me – are my shyt!

  5. GangsterA June 13, 2010

    Glad to see her do well in the uk they really know how to support great artists with all respect everything on the charts here is pure garbge esp without saying names katy perry and lady gaga yes i am mad so dont tell me no s***

  6. AlexanderTG June 13, 2010

    ‘really not terrible’ ??? Or in the opinion of myself and those I’ve played the album to so far: ‘bl**dy fantastic’ Such a huge range of musical styles all on one album – my favourites tracks so far: Elastic Love, Lift Me Up, the stripped down version of I Am, Monday Morning and Birds of Prey.

  7. H June 13, 2010

    Good for her, how much did she sell? cause the last weeks #1 was only 27k

  8. FUTURE June 13, 2010

    Thanks you Sam so much for posting. Congrats to my girl Christina, I’m so proud of you.


    I bought this on the day of release……..unlike the fat americans, here in england we support talent.

    People like Perez Hilton have been a huge part of Xtina’s downfall he tells everyone the albums rubbish…..when in fact it’s actually a really strong album and definently her best to date………………………………………… Perez Hiltonz followers are unable to form their own opinion as are most americans….which is a shame for them because they are missing out…….

    and @ Trent he thought this album was going to FLOP so…….. let me just tell you something honey, america is just one country in the world. peoples music doesnt begin and end at the US borderline, so sort that s*** out b****.

    Overall Congrats Xtina I knew the album would be a success here.

    Lets just wait for the haters comments now.

    *ALL DONE*

  10. BEYONCE VS. WORLD June 13, 2010


  11. ??? June 13, 2010

    Congratz! i love the fact all the haters are not commenting but they are reading its obvious.. they don’t know what to say. UK loves talent! America loves Sh@t like Glee ;P.. I meen is Glee a joke?

  12. Katie June 13, 2010

    Oh, please, DanBOfficial. No one really cares about major success in any other country except the US. It’s sad, but it’s the truth. Where do the majority of acts come out of nowadays? US. The US may just be one country, but it makes up the majority of the international music industry. If your point is valid, then British, Australian, and other non-American acts should stop trying to break into the US music market. Oh, wait, that will never happen because without American support, most artists sink into obscurity. Without the US, your precious Susan Boyle, Leona, and other singers, would not be at the level that they’re currently at. So, before you attempt to insult America and Americans, think of who has supported YOUR acts time and time again. Idiot.

    Anyway, congrats to Christina.

  13. Gary June 13, 2010

    WOW ! Congrats !

  14. jonstrax June 13, 2010



  15. ??? June 13, 2010

    awww….you sound disappointed. Sorry she’s good and her album is amazing. Would that shut you up now?

  16. Leepcd89 June 13, 2010

    Xtina Is The Best & If U Don’t Like It F*** U!!!

  17. UGh June 13, 2010

    who the hell is Xtina? :S

  18. UGh June 13, 2010

    oh Christina…lol
    i get it ….sigh


    @ Katie

    Dont care about major success in any other countries LOL ??? your a f****** idiot….
    sucess in ALL countries is what makes someone a world class music artist…..look at Trey songz he is sucessful in the US only = why he is still considerd a suck ass music artist.

    Music artists strive for their music to reach peole around the world not one country (US).
    ignorant fool LOL LOL LOL LOL !!!!

    And why are people asking how many copies the album sold over here ? all you need to know is it’s No.1.

    *ALL DONE*

  20. MaZ June 13, 2010

    CONGRATS X-TINAAAAA! Fall back haters!


    My fav’ tracks are Elastic Love/ Glam/ Prima Donna/ Desnudate/ Lift Me Up/ All I Need/ You Lost Me/ Monday Morning/ Bobblehead….Best Pop Album of the year! lol

  21. AlexanderTG June 13, 2010

    @Katie – ‘no one really cares about success outside the US’ – what total drivel – if Michael Jackson had had that attitude Thriller would have only sold 29 million copies (the US sales) instead of 110 million (the worldwide sales) – Madonna would have had to be content with total album sales of 64 million rather than 200 million – only a total moron is going to pass up the chance to triple their album sales by caring about the 95% of people who don’t live in the US.

  22. Aurore Bimpudi June 13, 2010

    We love you xtina, unlike the americans WE APPRECIATE TALENT lol

  23. Chica June 13, 2010

    Congrats Xtina. We love you in the UK. The US need to show her more love too. Katie Xtina is a worldwide artist so her sales outside the US are just as important as those from the US. Acts which only tend to sell in the US i.e Keyshia Cole, Trey Songz etc are almost 100 % dependant on their US sales, Xtina is not.

  24. Jeff June 13, 2010

    Congrats christina,
    I’m just annoyed by the fact that peeps in the US just plain ignores and trashes
    a talent like christina. I think her downfall in US was mainly due to
    whole lot of unnecessary and stupid comparisons with gaga and just dirty talking in general.
    I thought that the album was pretty good. Especially WooHoo could be a HUGE hit.

  25. Antom June 13, 2010

    xtina is a global superstar!!!and out side of the USA xtina Heve sold more than 30.000.000 albums , and is very importan doing will ouside of the USA, soo thanks all the fans ho soport or girl xtina. I’m here in California and I have my bionic !! And I love it, to me I don’t really care about the charts cuzz not matter in what spot ou chart xtina is . She aways bring the great music and she is soo fffff s*** I love he 4ever and I can’t wait to see her live in concert!

  26. Antom June 13, 2010

    Hey xtina fans I’m here in the USA and xtina is doing big in the USA she is in the top 5 in iTunes and she is doing great too ! The only animal ho do not acepting xtinas talent is Peggy hilton and litle mosters , but ho cares xtina has sold more than 45.000.000albums wold wide so if the loser don’t whant to see who owns the throne is cuzz the are so estupid that they can’t see the xtina is the best siger of or generation !!! F*** all the heaters .

  27. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) June 13, 2010

    ShameShameShameShameShameShame on all you haters especially Americans.
    #1 in the UK and so is the rest of the world…go Chrissy!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Mr.727 June 13, 2010

    I have to say that the UK is a much better artist to achieve success, cuz here in the states we’ve been stuck on the stupid s*** for to long, same people, same here today, gone tomorrow artist! I really wish America would get their music act together, cuz everyday that music industry is dying here! The only people that get promoted are teeny bopper acts with no talent! Congrats Xtina if they don’t show you love here in the states the Uk will love you! I really want to visit London!

  29. NEVER GIVE UP June 13, 2010

    Rofl, okay and it debuted at number 1. It doesn’t matter if an album debuts at #1. There have been albums that have been released during the worst times of the year and barely hitting 100k that have debuted at #1. If it is under 200k that is very much laughable and she’ll still be considered a flop.

    We all know she won’t be #1 in the U.S. There isn’t much competition out but still she won’t be #1, most likely #2. And how convenient of her to release an album when there is virtually no competition and the top albums of this year are losing its steam right now.


    “It doesn’t matter if an album debuts at #1”

    having a No.1 album in a country your not even from doesnt matter ????
    LOL i just fell of my bed Laughing at that dumbass COMMENT LOL LOL LOL LOL

    the haters are clearly at full force.

    hey @Antom it’s 42 million but who’s counting eh 😛 lol

    *ALL DONE*

  31. thekiddz June 13, 2010


    I agree. Bionic is Christina’s best album to date. She came full force on the ballads; I Am, You Lost Me, Lift Me Up (favorite). Most of the up-tempos are awesome too, Elastic Love, Bionic, Glam.

    Oh and your avatar is hilarious. Lol

  32. XtinaFan207 June 13, 2010

    May I remind you all that debuting at #1 here in the US is very difficult and the facts are that this album is not that good. The US is the world’s largest music market and its very competitive especially if you are a pop artist. She has abandoned her R&B roots and she made a dance album. Its like a country artist making a Hip Hop album. I love xtina but this album is terrible.

    America is a great country. I don’t need lectures from foreigners especially anyone here from Europe mainly b/c a European company is dumping oil on our shores. May I remind Europeans that we save you in WWII. We helped bring down the Berlin Wall. Worry about your own country’s problems. No need to lecture about my country’s musical taste. The facts are that this album is at best mediocre. Christina’s talent is her voice and I hardly hear it on this record. Also Auto-tune is used on this album. She wore a shirt once that denounced the use of auto-tune. I’m upset that she fell back on what she stated by wearing that shirt. If the album turns out to fail it will be because it is simply mediocre. Perez Hilton has nothing to do with this album being panned by reviewers and he has nothing to do with its lackluster sales. Christina fans know her as an R&B artist. They want R&B from her, not Dance music. Also the Lady Gaga comparissons are not b/c of Perez Hilton. Dance music is really big now and Lady gaga is the one who has set the really high standards. Of course she will be compared to Gaga. Her look is also enough to start comparissons. Its just the times we are in in music. Simple as that. All of this could have been avoided if Christina just stayed true to herself as an artist. all she needed was a new R&B album where she used her voice to deliver beautiful, inspiring songs. That why I and most other fans love Christina. We did not get that this time.

  33. CAUTION I’M FRENCH June 13, 2010

    I can’t believe to read all your comments… It’s a lil bit shocking to see how much you just see THE MUSIC as a s*** of sells numbers. And why y’all compare Christina to (for example) Beyonce or other. There are no comparisons to make. Sorry. I wish in France we’ll never be like you, American or English about considering music. (Sorry 4 my english I’m from Paris LOL)

  34. CAUTION I’M FRENCH June 13, 2010

    In France we LOVE Bi-On-Ic!! Go XTina, don’t care about what dey sayin’


    @ XTINFAN207…you think because you have the words Xtinafan207 as your name it doesnt make you a hater ??? LOL LOL LOL I just spat my tea out reading your b******* LOL LOL LOL

    dont disguise yourself as an Xtinafan207 to throw shade.

    @Xtinafan207 -quote-
    -The US is the world’s largest music market and its very competitive especially if you are a pop artist.-

    LOL LOL LOL the billboard hot 100 album/singles chart “IS” full of pop music.
    you been smokin crack with whitney ? cause your making about as much sense as her performances.

    and you clearly havent listend to the album because theres R&B, theres ballads and electronica pop, so before you chat s*** do your research honey and actually listen to the album and not just read reviews…..form your own opinions on subjects, instead of reading haters gossip blogs sites, who know nothing.

    *ALL DONE*

  36. XtinaFan207 June 14, 2010

    I am a fan. I’m sticking up for the fans who know her as an R&B artist, which is what she is as an artist, which is most of her fans (might I add)



    The first album was pop.

    The second album was R&B.

    The third was Jazz/blues swing.

    The fourth is electronica/pop.

    so you need to get over this R&B obession because she’s changed her style with every album.

  38. Amber June 14, 2010

    I am really excited about a new album dropped by Christina, she is so lyrical and talented!!! I hope it doesn’t suck. I want to enjoy some new work by her. “)

  39. ed June 14, 2010

    best thing about the uk is they support their artists, xtina has done zero promotion in the uk for this album release, the single totally flopped in the charts (despite pretty heavy airplay and reasonable video play) as for the US being the most important market, thats just so false, americans are so fickle and just buy whoever theyre told to buy, many of the top selling artists in america arent actually successful internationally, all that fuss and hype round lil wayne for example, he has had little to no success anywhere else, and frankly none of his material will stand the test of time. to be a truly successful act, your music has to have longevity, and you get that by speaking to everyone, not isolating and restricting yourself to one country. good luck to xtina, shes gonna need it with all this negativity surrounding her, hopefuly this will give her the drive to come back with a better album next time round

  40. boytoy1814 June 14, 2010

    congratulations X-Tina !!! F*** THE UNITED STATES !!!!!!!

  41. Teresa June 14, 2010

    To everyone who is dissing the US just because Christina’s album isn’t doing well here, chill! We don’t buy ‘whatever we’re told to buy’, we buy what we want to buy, and that obviously isn’t Bionic. Who cares? If you like it, that is all that matters!

    Just enjoy the fact that it is doing well in the UK and that you are enjoying the album on a personal level. That should be all that matters to any Christina fan. Yeesh! It ain’t that deep people!

    Peace 😀

  42. wiz June 14, 2010

    The album is really good, b****** repent.

  43. Dave June 14, 2010

    I’m happy she’s getting some success in some places. I hope she just doesn’t scrap this album & start on another one, she worked too hard on this one, for years with the ideas, concepts & everything else.

  44. mark ginnis June 14, 2010

    I like” You Lost Me!” Who says you cant put a ballad out first. that is what she should have done

  45. supernova June 14, 2010

    xtina is great!

    i love x.


  46. AlexanderTG June 14, 2010

    The fact is that though the US might be the biggest market in the world it doesn’t make up a majority of the world market. Christina could easily survive on her non-US sales. To date she has sold 16 million albums in the US and 26 million outside the US (and 8 million of those US sales were from her first album which didn’t do as well elsewhere). I don’t believe people in the US just buy what they’re told, that’s obviously not true – but the fact is that the US market is very different to the others in the world. Bionic is an album that’s going to appeal more to the European, Asian and Australasian markets. It might still do well in the US even after slow initial sales, but I’m sure the majority of its sales will be outside the US.

  47. BIONIC FOREVA June 14, 2010

    Im so sick of these ignorant and eratic comments that are said about” XTINA” Haters go to hell and sit on a damn brick ugh anywazzz ;/ congratulations XTINA PLUS I disagree with this her album will gain momentum after the next single here in the U.S. sales in comparison to the other wannabes out there that are trying to sell am shes doing well. “BIONIC” is an outstanding album mixing it up with the electronic sounds and her ballads are great and raw . She truly is the “VOICE” and not some “PUPPET” and just to let y’all know “WOOHOO” is a promotional single for the album not an actual single / Perez shitty A$$ needs to go sit on a damn brick and kiss my ass he doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about damn p**** he’s the reason for the controversy surounding XTINA and GAG-GA lol. They are both different artist with totally different styles . XTINA has been here longer and sold more albums 45 million and still counting as BIONIC will add more ; shes been doing crazy fashion and music videos before GAGA landed in the music business. “LEGENTINA “said back in 2008 she was going to do a more futuristic and electronic sound do you remember “KEEPS GETTIN’ BETTER”

  48. gfssd June 14, 2010

    haha omg she only sold 24,300 . she is a failure

  49. angga June 14, 2010

    this forum is so ffff funny. 😀 anyway guys i didnt admit about xtina issues copying other artist especially lady gaga. i love them both. they have to sing together in one stage, it’d be fun.. i did the mashup for xtina’s single and gaga’s brand new song alejandro. u can check it on
    anyway congrats to xtina. hope she’ll get top position on the worldwide charts with bionic

  50. xxxxxxtttttttttttiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaa June 14, 2010

    yeah, xtina is no.1

  51. WorldCupAddict June 14, 2010

    Thank u Teresa and XtinaFan207 for sticking up for America. I’m tired of all these foreigners and their anti-American Comments. I don’t need to hear their BS. It is a British Company that is dumping 90,000 Barrels of oil a day into the Gulf. The British government and the EU have done nothing about BP and the enviornmental disaster they are causing. It has the potential for this oil to travel across the Atlantic and into the Thames River, into the English Channel as well as the mediterranean sea. President Obama has been to the Gulf several times. I’m sure it would not hurt his feeling if leaders from the UK and the EU came down.

    So you all got it. You trash talk America for what Xtina’s sales might be?? Well I respond with a REAL ISSUE. Stop bashing America and worry about your own country’s problems. I hear Britain has a debt crisis and U guys over there should trust your Prime Minister. He is a good man and is taking the right steps. Greece, Spain and Portugal have major economic problems too and the Euro is becoming weaker. So please worry about your own issues. Xtina not selling well in the US is not an issue that is worth using as an example to trash talk the US. An Issue is that WE HAVE 90,000 BARRELS OF OIL SPILLING INTO THE GULF EACH DAY AND IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.

    And come on….this album is not too good. Its OK but its her weakest one yet. I don’t want Dance music from her. Let Britney Spears make that crap.

  52. SunDee June 14, 2010

    I hope there’s some maturity & respect in this thread/TGJ.
    No need to bashing if you dun like the artist,
    no need to bring US vs UK. this is gone too far….

  53. AlexanderTG June 14, 2010

    @Worldcupaddict – just a point – BP used to be a British company when it was called British Petroleum, but the name was changed to BP to reflect the international ownership of the company – currently only 40% of the shareholders are Briish and 39% are American.

  54. Lennox June 14, 2010

    Opened with only 24,000 lowest for a #1 ever.

  55. XTINA AGUI June 14, 2010

    UK VS US IN WORLD CAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. DizzyGuy1985 June 14, 2010

    You have the U.K…and than you have a real country like the U.S.A..lolz. Did someone really call Americans fat?

    Anyway I knew her album would flop. She is just trying to do anything to stay a float. She can not compete. Her, Mariah, and Usher. Its a wrap.

  57. Aurore Bimpudi June 14, 2010


    PLEEEEEEEEEAAAASE UK IS A REAL COUNTRY, the US is less then 200 years old get your facts straight you moron, and xtina is doing well in other european countries and AUSTRALIA, ARE THEY NOT REAL COUNTRIES TOO?? lol

  58. Aurore Bimpudi June 14, 2010

    May I remind people that xtina managed to only sell 24,000 because she did not promote bionic in the UK.

  59. AlexanderTG June 14, 2010

    Enough of the US is great / no, the UK is great nonsense. I don’t think the majority of Christina fans in the UK are criticizing the US as a country or Americans as a nationality – after all Christina is an American. Maybe the problem is that over here in the UK there is a perception (maybe true or not,) not just from comments on this site, but from the web in general that a large number of people in the US are desperate for Christina to fall on her face. An impression is given that its not really to do with the music, but rather with her – that for some reason there is some sort of witch hunt going on – and a lot of us are wondering just what terrible thing is she supposed to have done to deserve all the vitriol – I mean, she just makes records doesn’t she?, which no one has to be buy if they don’t want to – its not like she’s been dealing crack outside middle schools or something!

  60. SunDee June 14, 2010


    oh yeah you got it right! so much hatred on Xtina. they’re so mean to her… & looking back at the haters comments on every Xtina posting it showed how Bitchy the attitude. it’s like the DRAMA on ANTM! lol…wow it’s just tooooo much negativity & unnecessary.

  61. ~TeAM WeeZY~ June 14, 2010

    Why are people going crazy over her having a number one album??? It’s all about the NUMBERS! There are plenty of artists that have released an album and it didn’t go number one but it doesn’t mean it didn’t sell well. The same goes for people who have number one albums but didn’t sell alot. B.O.B’s album debuted at number one but it only sold 140,000 copies and Ludacris’ album debuted at number one but it only sold 120,000 copies. As long as you’re the top seller of that week then you will be number one. That’s why some record companies wait until no other “successful” artist is releasing an album the same week so that their artist could be number one.DUH! So that “number-one-album” ish is irrelevant if the numbers aren’t good. Smh. Learn something people!

  62. Delroy June 14, 2010


    I agree with you partly, i remember how Perez slated the B.EP album nd look what happened there, they have now become one of the biggest selling artist withe the song that i hate (i got a feeling). So with perez going off on one, it shows that the yanks are not all dumb ass blog worshippers. They have a mind of there own, i am a brit and im not going to join in with the whole US/Uk thing, bcos i can’t be asked lol. The one thing that i want to add is that you go on about how the yanks support there talent and how our artist (leona & Boyle) need you. One of the reasons why i think that they did well in the states is bcos you guys like Mr cowell and thats one of the reasons for there success there.

    Besides that they did well elsewhere, & i remember hearing an American artist say that most US artists only get big in the STATES after success else where like the UK. I can name a few artists but ill mention one and thats Pink.

  63. Damian June 14, 2010

    CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTINA, The UK is the top of the Musical food chain for Europe and a no.1 over here is a VERY big deal the whole of Europe pays attention to that, look at what it did for Winehouse! This means that Christina’s album has had amazing reviews and remember folks she has had hardly any promotion over her at all as she has not been able to come to the UK yet showing that her album was bought purly on the fact that it is a great CD, so stuff all you haters, im sure it will do the same all over the world and america may talke a little longer to catch up but once people her of the international success that the album is getting then all will jump on board and ignore the gaga p**** lickers who tried to sabotage this release. True talent can not be denied, Chrstina is truly BIONIC!!!

  64. Diane June 15, 2010

    According to the Daily Double Hits, Christina stands a good chance at a #1 debut.

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