Brandy Signs With Island Def Jam?

Published: Saturday 19th Jun 2010 by Sam

R&B star Brandy looks set to capitalise on the success of her hit VH1 reality show, ‘A Family Business’, with a return to the charts.

According to sources, The-Dream, who heads up the Island Def Jam Urban division, confirmed on a New York radio show that the former Moesha star is the latest addition to the label’s roster (along with J. Holiday).

If indeed true, Brandy joins the likes of Kanye West, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lopez on the label.

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  1. keasyy June 19, 2010

    she is fugly

  2. Glam_guru June 19, 2010

    I hope they dont do her how they did Amerie!!!

  3. carl June 19, 2010

    Amerie, teairra, janet and mariah deluxe edition.

  4. veebz June 19, 2010

    I just hope they handel her properly. Def Jam has a rep to either Blow you up or F*** you up

  5. BROCKAURWORLD! June 19, 2010

    YAYYYYYYY i’m soooo Happy for her!!!!! She’s been through soo much and she bout to come back n show these Kids How TO SLAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    A murderer on the label !!!!


  7. keasyy June 19, 2010

    brandy and “slay” dont even sound right.


    lets just hope she stays away from alcahol and cars in the near future another murder will kill her career. (pun intended)

  9. eded June 19, 2010

    Sam stop hating! Brandy is a multi media star! TV, movies, endorsements, barbie dolls. And more. And that’s without being in a group. She’s also sold more than 25 millionrecords and this her second reality show. It should say R&B/Pop Superstar Brandy

  10. anon June 19, 2010

    @ DANBOFFICIALL I find u hilarious!! But I would give a roach more respect than I would ever give u. U are purposely commenting on every Brandy story calling her a murderer so you can get a reaction from Brandy fans, and the funny thing is u know it’s not true. Is it really that serious? U need a life, seriously. Anyway…………………
    I’m happy for Brandy, hopefully she’ll bring that heat with her music and hopefully Island will support and promote her the right way. I think she’ll receive the recognition she deserved with Full Moon on this album. Get it Brandy!!!!


    @ANON not my fault Brandy guzzled down a bottle of jack then decided to get behind the wheel.

    don’t see how she could have even crashed with those big bug/horse eyes on the side of her head……

    either way……..her good girl image has gone since she killed that little boys mom and she’s never gonna be mainstream again so she may aswell sit her ashy ass down and go join kelly flopland, chris *woman beater” Brown and Butchriah in the land of FLOP.

    *ALL DONE*

  12. satisfactionguaranteed June 19, 2010

    @Glam_Guru you’re so right. i hate what they did to A. she doesn’t deserve such a s***** label

    good luck Brandy

  13. jonstrax June 19, 2010



  14. King David June 19, 2010

    First of all Sam, thank you for the exciting news! I am so excited for Bran! Second, of all Sam why would you use that unflattering picture of Bran when you guys just posted a shoot she did with YRB magazine and you had 4 shots to choose from for this article. Third, I hope Island Def Jam gives her the same treatment over at Universal Motown because she deserves and should demand the whole labels attention because this a business and if they signed her they should make sure she has everything she needs to succeed(ie….hair,makeup,heavy promotion,touring etc) so that they can see a big return in sales and vice versa. Fourth, I find it strange that after leaving Epic Jennifer Lopez went to Island as well and now Brandy. I just hope now JLo won’t get any of Bran’s leftover songs again because we all know she doesn’t do them any justice(ie..Ryde or Die, Louboutins). Fifth, and I am finished @DANBOFFICIAL who are you to judge anyone! You are not God so you have no right to say she is a murderer when you weren’t on the road that day and you weren’t in the car with either party you are going of what you heard the media tell you and the media told you lies. The media is saying that Whitney Houston is pregnant but is she no! They tell you these things to be the first to say that blasphemy that you feed into you idiot! Go to church and pray that God has mercy on your soul for spreading such hurtful lies and accusations on his children! That is all!



    siddown biatch.

  16. Ankka June 19, 2010

    hahahahahahahahahahahah!!! U are funny!!!! but also right! she is a murderer!
    what a lovely Beat-Her-Down avatar U got there!!! Beat-Her-Down forever & for always a FLOP !! good work!!

  17. King David June 19, 2010

    @DANBOFFICIAL I don’t entertaing ignorance, bufoonery, or coonery and that is all that seems to come out of your mouth God Bless you! That is that last you will hear from me concerning you!

  18. KNUCK June 19, 2010

    Why would an Aaliyah/rihanna/PISStina stan even need to throw so much shade? Wig still MATTED and TRAMPLED from those album sales sis?

    The industry doesn’t use! The music wasn’t good and no one likes her stank attitude and diminishing vocals!

    Everybody knows by now that brandy wasn’t drunk and she was like 3-5 cars away from the origin of the accident. Your fraudulent tea is COLD and the shade is far from a kii sis.

    Anyway, I hope that if this is true everything works out! They are a few successful people on the label but numerous failed efforts! After what happened with Epic I just don’t know about IDJ!

  19. June 19, 2010


  20. DA LIGHT June 19, 2010

    YEAASSS atleast shes signed to a major label.. She knows she needs the right promotional energy to get things FUKIN Movin.. and im 120% sure will Bring the heat in the meetings and put her foot down with the direction and single choices for the next album. Heres hoping that the a new found chemistry between Herself and Da Dream will Break free a new sound, shes a fan of his Im a fan of her work.. So things are looking REAlly GUUD for her!!! YES B

  21. CC June 19, 2010

    Hmm im not sure if I like this…its good she has a major record deal, but the only female artist def jam care about is rihanna! They did a crap job with amerie, and im afraid that they will do the same to brandy. Its a shame cos they both have way more talent than Rihanna, in fact I think Brandy has one of the best voices around.

  22. Pucci June 19, 2010

    Good for Brandy.

  23. Dave June 19, 2010

    I hope the best

  24. ~AalexisR~ The Summer King (The Bahamas) June 19, 2010

    Good for her.

    People who don’t know the whole story throwin shade. How sad.

  25. ThaBeyonceStan June 19, 2010

    I hope her next album will be a success!

  26. Quiana June 19, 2010

    I don’t know about this because look what kind od song that they gave mariah, ameria, and others. Yeah they only focus on Rhianna and it’s a shame. Will the real talent stand up please.

  27. XChrisX June 19, 2010

    Oh great! Another career for LA Reid to r***!

  28. DrizzyBey June 19, 2010

    Brandy needs to demand all attention on her. Island Def Jam currently focused on molding their product (see: Rihanna). So Brandy better come up in their like a boss b**** or they gonna treat her HORRIBLY (see: Amerie).

    I love how haters are the first to comment!

  29. LEEK June 19, 2010

    I think in order for Brandy and alot of artist to succeed they have to move in the same way an independant artist moves.

    1. Establish a very close relationship with radio (Monica has a great situation with V-103, they’re the main reason for the singles switch form “Here I Am” to “Love Over Me” when J Records was dragging ass Reggie Rouse [Programming Director] stepped in.

    2. Invest in your own project. Pay for studio/recording cost out your own pocket. (You’re not going to overspend if you’re paying for it.) Then get reimbursered by the label.

    I would care less if my album was barely gold if my profit margin is more than someone that is damn-near platinum. 800,000 copies sold and all you made was 50-65K, that’s my definition of a dud, flop or whatever you call it.

    3. Go the Chitlin Circuit route. For artist to that have product coming soon, the best way to let people know is to hit the cities that don’t show up on a North American tour itinerary such as Biloxi, MS; Beaumont,TX; Louisville, KY; etc. alot of the mid-west & deep southern cities can be a real breeding ground for astrong fanbase.

    If the Chitlin Circuit was intrumental for Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Louie Armstrong & many other legends I think it can be for artist today.

  30. truthis June 19, 2010

    well see how this one goes cause brandy got to get in line its alot of artists over ther vying for promo and attention…hope she dont get lost in the shuffle like many others….

  31. LEEK June 19, 2010

    4. Label reps gotta stop the strictly digital ad campaign. As long as print publications exist, there is no reason for album ads to be only on websites.

  32. UrBOy June 19, 2010

    The BEST VOCALIST will get her shine AGAIN!

  33. Healthy Black Queens June 19, 2010

    She is just as crazy as JLo for signing with Def Jam. They promote Rihanna and no one else. If Mariah’s success wasn’t enough to warrant good treatment then Brandy (and JLo too) is doomed.

  34. smartee June 19, 2010

    This is a dumb move! Any female artist who signs with Def Jam is foolish! The only person the label cares about is Rihanna’s stank a**! They LUST her so much that they are pushing her to hurry up and release another album this year, since the last only sold a couple million, and are already hooking her up with the most known and expensive producers in the industry! We’ve seen what they did to Amerie, Mariah Carey, and even Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer lost her touch any way though, but the label still didn’t push her new project. And with Mariah, they purposely chose the weakest album fillers off her last 2 albums and gave her a low budget for music videos.

    Brandy has a unique voice and can sing, but many just aren’t feeling her anymore. Straight R&B is doing horrible and barely exists, and Brandy was never POP, JUST URBAN CROSSOVER, and with her voice, she could never have successful pop hit.

  35. i wish i would June 19, 2010

    She’s waisting her time. Brandy, Bran, Brocka, had her time and its over. She is just not viewed the same after the accident and the settlement she paid the familys, her lying about being married on her first reality show. No ma’am. She’s a liar and a has been, and she will have to compete with Mary J. Blige, or Nicki Minaj if she wants to tastes her R&B success of Rap success. Brandy go home and raise your daughter. Plus her personality is BooBoo and boring as hell on that tv show and super fake. Keep singing on Youtube like Shanese. (remember her)?

  36. i wish i would June 19, 2010

    How is Def Jam going to market Brandy with that unfortunate face, the lacefronts and lets not even go there with them Eyebrows. Hated it.

  37. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) June 19, 2010

    @ danbofficial and the rest of the haters can anyone of you tell us(Brandy fans) what you’ve actually achieved in life that worth wealthy to emulate otherwise you shouldn’t judge others when you don’t exactly have a clue about what you’re yapping on about.
    If you think you can do any better go on and give us your best shot pathetic ignorant narrow minded twats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. RhiRhithegoatkiller June 19, 2010

    @I Wish I Would, you sound somewhat hard but right in your statement. People don’t see Brandy in the same light any more. Being viewed as a has been manipulator (Kelly with Beyonce) liar and have to complete with the likes of Mary J Blige, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and even her biggest competition would be RIHANNA I don’t see her even coming somewhat close. IDJ will surely foscus on their money maker RIHANNA for sure. Good luck anyway Brandy.

  39. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) June 19, 2010

    Brand is here to stay hence no matter what the haters say is irrelevant and as such will make no difference whatsoever.
    Who haven’t actually lied in the entire life?????????????????
    It’s called being HUMAN cuz you make mistakes and learn from it which was in Brandy’s case yet some evil worshippers wouldn’t let it go and will berate her at every opportunity. You lot need to chill and grow some backbone or else you’ll end up being bitter for the rest of you lives for no apparent reason. Having said that whatever issues you’ve got need to be sorted out by yourself and stop taking it out on innocent people only because they’re famous.
    This forum is meant to be allowing people to express their harmless opinion and in the process play banter. It’s rather the opposite on here as I’ve realised some people have issues which have made them fiiled with hatred and as a result makes me wonder whether its the enviroment they were brought up from. You need to get a life and stop initiating unneccessary attacks as that will gain you nothing but full of hate. Bloody ignorant BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!

  40. BEYONCE VS. WORLD June 19, 2010


  41. Theone June 19, 2010

    Brandy failed with her last two albums, what makes you think she will be successful with the next one? She joins countless 90s R/B artists who faced dwindling fan-base. Props to Mary, Monica, Usher, R-Kelly for continuing to cater to their core audience.

  42. LarryJ June 20, 2010

    Unfortunately the odds are against Brandy, and her signing hasn’t even been confirmed. Island Def Jam will not release Brandy’s album until second/third quarter of 2011. They’ve used up most of their resources to back Rihanna’s upcoming record. Everyone else will just have to settle for a 2011 release and hope that the impact of Rihanna’s project dies down by then.

  43. Yellow Gorilah June 20, 2010


    Don’t talk about brandy like that dude fo real..She is a great person so please one accident and your calling her out. She is soulful and very religious she aint like that at all.

    She is amazing and really has a great voice the best along with xtina
    But her mooving to def jam hmmmm I don’t know and it is kinda true def jam don’t know how to promote people well except Rihanna .

  44. Tavarus June 20, 2010

    I def hope this is true cuz she would do major good on this label…

  45. StayAfro June 20, 2010

    The haters know wat to do..sik of repeatn myself…

    I think if brandy signed its because shes happy with how she will be promoted..ofcourse shes taken her time to review things and get things right, Shes in a better place right now.. if anyone has followin her career as of late.. shes definitly on the up..

    Brandy can make a strong return with the right promotion and thats what def jam is good for, Brandy also needs the dream or who shes working with to make the craziest s*** shes done.. Shes already stated that shes cming with a harder and funner album.. a major direction switch from her human effort..

    I for one still love human, and look forward to release of some fun tracks… and ‘da light’ is right if the chemistry is right wid her and the dream and the musical direction is interesting..then watch her shine

  46. royalkev June 20, 2010

    Brandy is a beast, ya’ll haters don’t understand. This girl has a certain musicality to her that you don’t commonly see in the industry. She is a star and she’s recognized for all her major success, so all she’s has to do is produce a hot album (and all Brandy fans know that’s not really hard for her to do). Only “Human” wasn’t a real Brandy experience to me and I think that’s because she put everything in the hands of Darkchild when his main focus wasn’t her at the time. Hopefully all that is behind them and the two have really settled their differences. This record label she’s signed to now would really benefit from having an artist like Brandy, she’s evolved. She’s already established with her own core fanbase(unlike Amerie) and she’s still able to authentically carry a swagger that Mariah doesn’t have and could never create at this time. It’s all about building on top of her foundation right now. Jlo was huge at one time too, but I think she’s seen her best days and her sound is hard to translate into what’s necessary to make a hit song today(though she’s talented in a sense as well). Brandy’s a very easy artist to listen to! I don’t see her having any of these issues that others have faced before her on this label. It’s apples and oranges!

    Dan B officiall, on these Brandy post we can’t be frends(but it’s all love when we talking about Bey- see you on that side) – but, You are crazy… not in a good way! Brandy is a sweet, humble person. She is not a murderer and she is not a liar(swift smack to ririthegoat killer). Yes, she did try to protect her image by covering up some of her personal life – but stop being so quick to ridicule in your glass houses!

    @Leek, thanks for the positive energy. The only killing Brandy’s going to do will be in the industry. It’ll be Full moon to the 10x power in 2010/2011!
    @Nas(Brocka stan) I see you on that last post, keep handling business and rep’ing for our girl.

  47. mark ginnis June 20, 2010

    It is stupid to sign a mature aerists whose best days are past, def jam is stupid

  48. mark ginnis June 20, 2010

    sorry ARTIST

  49. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) June 20, 2010

    @ Royalkev…no probs cuz I’ve got all under control as it appears some spiteful morrons have no clue to the reality but always with a blame-it-on-the-world attitude which probably explains why they don’t exactly progress in life. Such loosers as usual spends their entire life throwing accusations as well as spreading their misery where ever they’re about like a bad smell everyone could certainly do without.
    I mean looking down on an All Rounder superstar like Brandy will sure ring a bell how easily you’re being manipulated by the media not to mention possessing the brain of an animal (no offends cuz even they’re actually well brainy now adays)!
    Having said that to all the haters tell me what you’ve achieved in life so far???? Bet you couldn’t even finished your elementary school. EFN TWATS!!!!!!!!!!

  50. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) June 20, 2010

    @ Mark…… and who rattled your cage Mr Sticky nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. BENJAMIN June 20, 2010

    Not a good choice, but we’ll see how this plays out.

  52. Jayk01 June 21, 2010

    She met with Larry Jackson earlier this month to sign a new deal with J Records or Jive Records. Not sure which. Extremely unlikely she’s with Def Jam considering that both Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez are with them and both artists have recorded material originally intended for Brandy’s next album (think: louboutins, whipping my hair, villain, stupid in love, cold case love etc.)

  53. whatever! June 21, 2010

    Who didn’t see this coming? When this has been MURDERER, had dinner with Jay-Z, Beyonce & Ri-Yoda several months ago, I had a feeling she was going to whine to
    big papa” aka JOE CAMEL a.k.a GAY-Z, a.k.a. ILLUMINTI TOOL #1 for H-E-L-P with her NOTHING of a career!

    I know I’m not the only one SICK of so-called celebrities doing fake @ss REALITY shows!

  54. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) June 21, 2010

    @ one asked you hateful and redundant as well as silly opinion, stupid little twat!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Bullfighter808 June 22, 2010

    The original boring artist…… lame. she has taught Beyonce a few things of being boring and unorginal. The only good thing is that she doesn’t scream in her songs.

  56. T- Rex June 22, 2010

    … for the record, Brandy was INVOLVED in that car accident!!!!! she Never killed anyone and was never charged, infact her car was a few cars back from the car that pushed the woman who was killed in to traffic. the only reason she was blamed for the accident was because she was there and the victims sought to make profit from her….Dummy!

  57. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) June 22, 2010

    T-REX… further to your post, I don’t suppose they’ll make such fass if she wasn’t famous. Betterstill claiming for that sort of money isn’t gonna bring your dear precoius one back hence what’s the point. I mean the entire world is so mean with full of hate and will as such do anything as long as there’s money (famous person) involved.
    Pathetic Low-life loosers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Bryan Angton June 23, 2010

    I think it might be a good look but I still want her to sign with Timbaland. And @DANBOFFICIALL shut the f*** up Brandy hater you must like her it must be somethen good bout her cause you keep on comment this topic bout Brandy. Brandy is a Beautiful and s*** girl. If you don’t like Brandy don’t send negative comment cause Your a Hater. If your not a Brandy Fan and you always talk s*** bout her stay off her tip cause it must be somethen good if you talk s***.

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