Hot Shots: Solange’s Refinery 29 Shoot

Published: Wednesday 30th Jun 2010 by Sam

Solange posed it up for fashion mag Refinery 29 recently. As well as featuring in a pictorial, the ‘T.O.N.Y’ singer opened up about why she stepped away from House of Dereon, her new afro, new album, the Beyonce comparisons, and more. Pics and quotes after the jump…

You’ve got such unique style, would you ever consider being involved in the family fashion business, Dereon?

“Why thank you very much! It’s funny you ask because I initially was involved as the spokesperson, but the clothes just didn’t reflect my personal style and I decided to hand that over. That’s the great thing about my family. We work together so closely that if something’s not working out, we can be honest about it and there won’t be any grudges or issues. I wrote a couple of songs on my sister’s last album and if there’s a line she doesn’t like, she changes it and we keep on moving. I will say though, they did just do a bedding line that I am extremely in love with and I was like, ‘Can I model that… in my house?'”

What inspired the bold new ‘do? You mentioned you can no longer hide with that hair, has it changed the way you see yourself?

“When I was recording, I was staying in a house with five guys and two showers. I knew there would be a shower wait everyday and with my natural cropped hair, it’s mandatory that I wash it otherwise it gets stuck to my head like glue! I wanted to get something that I could literally roll out of bed without looking nuts. I watched so many Chaka Khan YouTube videos and became sort of obsessed with her during the process. I went to my stylist and said ‘Give me the fro.’ I walk differently now, sing differently; This hair has spirit and soul.”

You’re friends with lots of Brooklyn bands—Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors—how do you see those bands inspiring R&B and Hip Hop?

“Well, to be honest, I think we inspire each other. Want to know who re-introduced me to “My Boo”? Edward Droste [of Grizzly Bear]. Who played TLC’s “Creep” when I totally forgot what a jammer it was? Caroline Polachek [of Chairlift]. MGMT played Bone Thugs in Harmony’s “Creepin On Ah Come Up” backstage after one of their shows and I had total junior high flashbacks. I think so many hip-hop artists are now jumping on this weird electro bandwagon thinking it will broaden their audience instead of doing what made them them in the first place. There’s definitely a group of folks in hip-hop like Kanye, Q-Tip, and ?uestlove who know how to appreciate an album like Bitte Orca and see the beauty in it. As for R&B, I’m so bored with it. After being an R&B junkie for years, I actually turned to a lot of indie music because I was just so uninterested. I grew up loving Missy Elliott, Destiny’s Child, SWV, Aaliyah, Carl Thomas, Melody… nowadays that substance and style are kind of dead with the exception of a few.”

Tell us a little bit about working on the new album.

“I went up to Santa Barbara, found this house on five acres in the mountains and invited a bunch of amazing musicians to come live there with me for a month and just experiment. We woke up around 10 a.m. and made music until midnight, all of course while drinking good wine, picking avocados from the trees outside to make guacamole, and maybe enjoying a joint or two. I left the process a little crazy, but I really feel like I came into my own.”

You mentioned being inspired by Janet Jackson’s “Pleasure Principle” video. As a younger sister of an iconic star, do you have to work harder to differentiate yourself?

“If anything, I feel like if I didn’t have a sister who was a huge star, no one would think twice about how I look, because they would have no one to compare it to. I would just be another gal who wears loads of vintage or counts Grace Jones as inspiration. But because I’m Beyoncé’s sister, I’m an easy target to say, ‘There’s no way those two had the same parents, and have one be naturally this way…this has to be a ploy for her to appear cool!’ It makes me want to pull out pictures of five-year-old me next to nine-year-old her wearing a tutu over polka dot stockings and an old scarf over my head. It would be so much easier for me to put on a little black dress, straighten my hair, and sing about dancing in the club, but it’s not my job to prove anything. I’m here to make music, to inspire myself. I’m not selling my likability, I’m sharing my journeys. If you don’t like it, believe it’s real, or understand it…then keep my name out yo mouf.”


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  1. truthfully June 30, 2010

    oh shiz…i didnt even recognise her from the top pic….

  2. thekiddz June 30, 2010

    LOVE Solange! The afro looks good on her and she always speaks her mind, that kind of honesty makes her even more likable.


    I do like Solange but cutting her hair was a huge fail, she doesnt have the bone structure/nose for the shaved head, sorry my sweetie.

    She’s got that tumbleweed on her head now so…’s an improvement I guess.



  4. ~TeAM WeeZY~ June 30, 2010

    I love this chick. Initially I thought she was a little b****, just judging her from her countless bitchy-ish interviews, but I think she’s just the type of person who speaks her mind and does what she wants regardless if other people like it. And although I do love her, I think her entire reason for going “afrocentric” was to distinguish herself from Beyonce and I think as time went on she found herself within that distinguishment which created a very unique style for SOLANGE instead of “Beyonce’s lil’ sistah.” But that doesn’t bother me because absolutely adore her and her music! Her “Solange and the Hadley Street Dreams” album was so F-in AWESOME, it’s ridiculous! I like how she had REAL music and instruments, instead of the electronic production. That album is like soooo insanely great! I’m so anxious for this new album, HURRY UP CHILD!

  5. Ghetto Fab June 30, 2010

    I have learned to love Solange. She’s such a free spirit. Almost very hippy-ish. its cute. She follows the beat of her own drum. Her style is unique and original. Most importantly she’s a great songwriter. That can’t be said for others….


    So true about the song writing thing, this b**** KNOWS how to write a song unlike her sister who either steals someones music or adds a full stop to the end of a lyric and claims she co-wrote it, no maam !



  7. royalkev June 30, 2010

    She a sassy girl and you gotta love it! She’s so honest and true to herself. I respect her and I’m glad she has a true sense of who she is as an individual. I admire her for standing her ground and not doing what’s popular to fit in(especially when it’s easy to give into that pressure). It gives her, her own identity in the knowles clan. I like B, for who she is and I like that her sister is who she is. They compliment each other. As far as I’m concerned Solange is the perfect little sister.

  8. bjksolo June 30, 2010

    SHE LOOKS GOOD!!!!!!!

  9. FreshUrbanEnt June 30, 2010



  10. Gumaro June 30, 2010

    F*** Solange, stupid b**** is just like everyone else jumping on the indie/electro bandwagon, she is tired, lame and a dumb ass.

    AND LMFAO at her “enjoying a joint or two”, this will not earn you CRED, though I am sure you WOULD hope it would…dumb ass solange, poser b****.


  11. GangsterA June 30, 2010

    I love solange shes so cute

  12. Quin June 30, 2010

    The entire industry slept on her last album. If it had been anyone else but Solange making that album say….Alicia Keys, she would have gotten SO much recognition and awards. Her album was very original and her videos were BEAUTIFUL. She’s VERY underrated.

  13. DMAC June 30, 2010

    I heart Solange for staying true to herself and the art and just….doin HER! Love it or hit it…she is who she is and is quit unapologetic about it….as she should be 🙂

  14. EXPOSED June 30, 2010


  15. here to laugh June 30, 2010

    I agree with Gumaro. Solange is just hoppin on whatever is hot at the moment, first the Jamaican-dancehall trend (Solo Star anyone?) and now the indie rock thing. I will admit that homegirl has some serious pen skills, but it irritates me when people praise her for being so “different” when she’s just a folllower of the trends, just like 98% of the artists today.. She has a decent voice and good writing skills, she needs to quit trying so hard with this “hippie chick” image and being a b**** when she gets interviewed. And this is coming from someone who has some of her music.

  16. Reasonable Voice June 30, 2010

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised and impressed by some of her style choices. I’m not saying that I like all of her wardrobe decisions, because some of them are just a hot mess, but there’s definitely something going on there. I really liked that outfit she wore to Bey and Jay’s set at Coachella.

    tres chic

  17. RhiRhithegoatkiller July 1, 2010

    @Quin & DMAC so agree with both your statements. Hopefully people will not continue to sleep on such a talent. Her last album was the s***.

  18. BEYONCE VS. WORLD July 1, 2010


  19. Justin July 1, 2010

    I’ve got to hand it to her. The way she speaks really makes you feel that what she’s saying is true. Whether it is or not I think is anybodies opinion. Oh well. 🙂 Loved that last paragraph! Hilarious!

  20. nickalus Randle July 1, 2010

    THIS IS MY GIRL !!! always real, GOTTA LUV HER, her music is good, & I am excited about her doin snything…LUV LUV HER!

  21. Dave July 1, 2010

    I love Solange. She’s beautiful inside in out; & she’s a amazingly, incredible, multi-talent. & Just like she said, “If you don’t like it, believe it’s real, or understand it — then keep my name out yo mouth!” Gotta love that woman :). Can’t wait till her upcoming album comes out. I agree her last album was great, honestly it shitted on like everything that came out that year, especially quality wise. Not only was it intricatedly written, & very poetic, it took that & was able to mesh beautiful melodies, soul sangin, & dance tunes into like every song. A lot of artist try to do that, & fail. Solange did it, it did a great Fusion. Love her 🙂

  22. mr.M July 1, 2010

    just as FUGLU as her sister


  23. mr.M July 1, 2010

    fugly FUG***


  24. Fatima July 1, 2010

    You can NOT hold Solo Star against her. She was a teenager and likely had no creative control whatsoever. At that age she probably didn’t even know what she wanted to do. Solange knows her stuff now and she has for years. The last album had her sampling Thievery Corp and she cover Bjork in concert. Not even the “it” artists right now. I admire her work and her own personal style.

  25. Stay Mad! July 1, 2010

    Solange is that b****! I can’t stand that new nappy afro of hers, but she’s dat b****!

  26. Kay July 5, 2010

    LOL at you guys for hatin’ so hard. I love Solange. She switches up so much because she has ADHD which would also be a reason why she smokes from time to time. She likes to keep herself interested which consequently makes her interesting. That’s understandable! I like her and identify with her so much. Go Solange!

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