Jason Derulo Performs ‘Ridin’ Solo’ On Live Lounge

Burgeoning Pop star Jason Derulo turned in a surprisingly solid performance of new single ‘Ridin’ Solo’ on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge this week.

I say ‘surprisingly’ as with the song being so dire (shudder’s at the recorded version’s pronunciation of solo – ‘soooloaaw’), it was doubtful even a decent live performance could save this one. Thankfully, Derulo proved me wrong, with this acoustic take on the song. Check out the performance after the jump…

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  1. Gucci June 6, 2010

    Absolutely amazing! Jason’s voice and dancing are always on point.Chris Brown stans will be mad as hell. Jason has completely destroyed any hope of him being relevant ever again.


  2. thekiddz June 6, 2010

    Sounds much better without the autotune.

  3. ADE June 6, 2010

    I refuse to believe to believe that this dude is 20. I’m sorry but I didn’t like the rendition, his voice is not the one. And why did he look as if he was in pain for the duration?

  4. MizzCutie June 6, 2010


    Hes relevant because people like you can’t stop talking about him

    Its plenty of room for both Chris and Jason to be on top. Stop comparing. Its fickle and gullible as hell. Appreciate you 🙂

    Anyways, he did very good. He should have released the song like this instead of using all that damn autotune. Great nonetheless 🙂

  5. Rob June 6, 2010

    i like that sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than the studio version , i HATE the way his voice sounds on a track , but he can actually sing , and isnt as nasal as he sounds on track, autotune really needs to die

  6. Truthfully June 6, 2010

    Bluh…his voice is annoying…full stop.

  7. kev June 6, 2010

    @ Gucci, I really was prepared to clown him (and I am usually with you on most artist you ride for & throw shade at)… but he did a good job! I respect it!

  8. Andy BOY June 6, 2010

    I like j-derulo

  9. Geronimo Deuces June 6, 2010

    he is talented, very but you cant compare him to chris…. he looks older thats the only problem, but i like this song and wish him the best. i hope he continues to shine

  10. Geronimo Deuces June 6, 2010

    @ Gucci

    its funny how you are obsessed with chris…. the truth is chris is actually very talented more than little ms no talent its gonna take a while for someone else to kick him out

  11. jewelz June 6, 2010

    sweeter than a bag of molasses…

  12. GangsterA June 6, 2010

    I love him he did great i hate this song though

  13. Alex June 6, 2010

    His 1st 2 singles are great but I don’t like this song at all >_<

  14. Gucci June 6, 2010

    Chris stans stay mad. Jason isn’t begging for his songs to be played on the radio, isn’t jacking Usher’s dance moves, and isn’t sounding like a breathless girl unlike Chris Brown. I think the stans are mainly mad because Jason just s*** on any vocal Chris could ever produce.

  15. rated x June 7, 2010

    ahahaha….let me stop…..
    are delusional rihanna stans(obviously), gonna compare jason to chris brown?
    when jason starts writting hits after hits, after hits for other artists, then ur delusional ass can come on here and dog chris brown.

    when jason becomes a platinum artist, songwriter, than come and talk s***..until then shut the f*** up, and get off chris browns NUTS

  16. Fred June 7, 2010

    If Jason would just do this and by himself I would like him more. Drop the auto tune, drop the fedoras and stop trying to dance like your Chris Brown, fail.

    You people comparing him to Chris should stop, Chris is Chris and Jason is Jason.

    Chris is known for his dancing I do not know anyone that can out do him in that department that is currently alive not even female performers. I do believe Chris has more talent than Jason but Jason will do very well if he will stop copying others and find his own identity because he fails at trying to imitate CB or MJ.

    This was awesome he should stick to this look

  17. Fred June 7, 2010

    Oh and what I meant by stop comparing I meant by sales, and/or talent. Jason is nowhere near what Chris has accomplished in sales of any kind nor in the same league as far as talent goes either

  18. X,Y,”and Z” June 7, 2010

    He has a reverb/echo-effect on his voice. It’ gives it more …”body” than without! Jason Durolu is NOT Chris Brown. Chris just went to Brazil and sold-out concert-after-concert, not-to-mention pocketing SERIOUS cash!

    @Jason Derulo – You’re “transparent”; you’re “wishy-washy” – AT BEST! …And, at best, you’re just another “also ran”! When Chris launches, the European leg of HIS World Tour, y’all-again-be-reminded, why-HE-was-called: THE NEXT KING OF POP!

    @Sam, you suprise me: if his voice was “mic-ed different”, he’d have sound VERY different!
    He was damn-near in a studio-booth WITH BACK-UP singers standing BESIDE him. He was NOT on stage. On stage, in front of a live audience, the acoustics are VERY different from that “controlled environment” he’s seen in!

    And I see Gucci, up-in-here! ‘Brave Gucci’ …!! I’d have thought that after Rihanna’s “Israeli Hotel Pool Accident,” you’d have gone underground for some time: letting the …”storm” pass, and-the-red-wash-out!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  19. Dave June 7, 2010

    I like him, his voice is amazing when he wants to be, but he sounds out of breathe here, & once again he’s over doing the runs. He always seems out of breathe to me.

  20. Tiff June 7, 2010

    he is WHACK!

  21. wendy June 7, 2010

    wack!!! Is he out of the closet yet????

  22. wendy June 7, 2010

    Oh and he sounds like he out of breath. Maybe it’s his lungs.

  23. janice June 7, 2010

    this black ugly goon is doing nothing but imitating chris brown

  24. Gucci June 7, 2010

    I guess I touched a nerve? Um jason is a natural talent. Chris Brown sold out concerts when the capacity was like 1000 seats. How is that an accomplishment.

    Chris Brown is finished and Jason is the reason way. His voice is phenomenal. Keep dreaming about fruit loop brown and have a nice day. No need to mention little ol’ me

  25. Emma June 7, 2010

    SINCE YOU INSIST on comparing this guy with CB …he can sing dance woteva he wana do but FACT WILL ALWAYS REMAIN ….CHRISBROWN = SEXGOD Jason = below average looks.sorry but that is all and Chris WINS HANDS DOWN!. and please don’t compare there talent that’s a mockery to Chris anyway! PEACE 😉

  26. vegasgirl June 7, 2010

    I’ve always thought the kid could sing, but someone above said he is one of the reasons that Chris B is “irrelevant”…that’s not true. NOBODY would miss mr. derulo if he dissappeared tomorrow because even though his music singles are popular, he himself is not. He still hasn’t done enough yet to establish himself as an ARTIST with a strong IMAGE yet, and that is very important.

    As nice of a voice that derulo has and as popular as his songs are I don’t hear much about him, I see Beiber being more “relevent” right now. Justin’s audience is palpable, I still don’t know who Derulo’s audience is. He has to distinguish himself soon because if he doesn’t , someone else with more personality and a cuter face( sorry, my opinion!) will take whatever place he is trying to claim.

  27. Gucci June 7, 2010


    Chris looks like a retarded buck tooth chipmunk girl. Jason is the good looking one. You must be blind and deaf. Chris has no talent outside of his dancing, so please hang it up.


    FInd his voice extremely annoying……the singing through his nose…..bad vocals etc…..

    I can’t stand Chris Brown but when it comes to talent the truth is

    Chris Brown > Jason DeFloplo

  29. trina k June 7, 2010

    At the end of the days chris brown will always be on top he has brought out more singles than jason can even get his tiny brian to think of jason is one of the most big headed ppl in world he dosent give a s*** about anyone but himself and i support chris brown over him by a far! because he is far better! jason is also a wanabe in his videos he needs to be un oringinal and stop doing the normal thing and coping everyone else its hella lame! also he needs to check before he helps his pal out iyaz writing solo and then write his own solo because iyaz sound much better sooo oops he wont be doing that again! i asked someone do they know who jason deflopo someone sed i do not know who he is and the i sed chris brown and they were yerr he dope why! so my case is closed!!!!

  30. Parm June 7, 2010

    SMDH. Jason has no originality, everything Chris Brown does, he wants too do. But the funny thing is that Chris Brown has talent, he doesn’t need no damn autotune to prove it unlike that idiot. Michael Jackson even said Chris Brown was one of the best performers of our time and Jason needs to understand he will never take that place!! Yes, Jason Derulo can sing…but that’s all. Chris Brown on the other hand is a singer, dancer, actor, choreographer, songwriter, director (he directed all his music video except one), producer and he’s great person. Ignorant people need to get over 2009, realise all that really matters in this industry is talent and when they notice that, it will be Jason who is ‘irrelevant’. Before you judge Chris Brown, take a look at yourself and ask yourself, are you perfect? …God bless you.

  31. Gucci June 7, 2010

    What are you stans talking about? Chris Flop was autotuning every song on his album. And why are you calling Jason a flop as if Chris is doing any better? At least I hear Jason on the radio sweetie where the hell is Chris?

  32. Elisa June 7, 2010

    @Gucci dude I would shut up if I was you, you’re just making yourself look stupid. Chris Brown can obviously sing after all every single he has released has gone platinum or gold on itunes. Jason derulo can’t. I also think your blind to think Jason is better looking than Chris, I mean really? Let me finish by saying…God bless you!

  33. Gucci June 7, 2010

    Since when does iTunes charts mean one can sing better than the other? Jason’s voice has range. Chris Brown sounds like the same teenage girl in every single song. Let it go sweetie at least Jason isn’t resorting to mix tapes for some credibility.

  34. Elisa June 7, 2010

    Chris tries different genres of music, he done ‘forever’ which was a pop record, ‘holla at me’ was hip hop, ‘matrix’ was rock, ‘another you’ was a country record and ‘sing like me’ was R&B, do you want me to continue? Jason derulo only does Pop. For you information Chris has only done 2 mixtapes which were for his fans, yes he loves his fans no matter what any one says. How much love does Jason derulo show his fans? …Thats what I thought! I don’t understand how you can say he sounds like a ‘teenage girl’, I mean seriously? But the truth is, we don’t actually know what Jasons real voice sounds like because he uses autotune all the damn time. No offense but Jason derulo sounds like a dying donkey when he sings. By the way how many copies did Jasons album sell?


    @ELISA give it up sweety breezy is a flop, yes he is talented but after his disgusting behaviour he no longer has/deserves a career in the music industry.


    …..Not to mention the FLoptapes he keeps releasing every other moth Chris’s desperation for a career is beyond embarassing………please stop.

    *ALL DONE*

  36. X,Y,”and Z” June 7, 2010

    ….Where do I start? I mean, on-sooooo-many-levels…..

    I’d suggest y’all carefully listen. Listen to his voice, if you really listen, you’ll hear his voice has been “electronically treated”. Meaning, they’ve got a reverb on it, which gives a “large-room/hall-like-effect” to it. If this dude were to sing live, and you’d compare it to this, you’d hear for yourselves.

    This dude could NEVER go to Brazil and perform. Er ….correction, he could, but no-one would buy HIS tickets! I know a thing-or-two ’bout Brasil, Chris has done well, and-will-continue-to-do-well-in-Brasil; Jason Derulo and Trey Songz definitely WON’T!!
    This Jason Derulo is nervous: the release of this video, he “hears” the NEW King of Pop ‘on-the-come-back’, to reclaim HIS throne!

    And let me end by saying this – this dude shouldn’t be in-front-of-a-camera! If there’s ANYONE who should, as far as R&B artists, excluding Chris, it should be Trey Songz, NOT Jason Derulo!

    @Gucci — You see, “you don’t kick a man when he’s down”, as this Jason Derulo did when Sam interviewed him: Mr. Derulo chuckled when mentioning Chris, remember that? If you think THAT went unnoticed, to those of us out here in Cyberspace, guess again!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  37. Elisa June 7, 2010

    thanks ‘x y & z’ I agree with you. Not only does Jason derulo have no talent, he’s ignorant as he proved in that interview. ‘DANBOFFICIAL’ how can you say Chris flopped? None of Chris’ singles or albums have flopped. Yes Graffiti didn’t do very well but thats because he was blackballed by radio stations and stores. In addition Graffiti didn’t have much promotion either, not to mention the incident which bought out the ignorance in people who thought they should judge.

    In response to your comment on Chris’ ‘disgusting behaviour’ all I have to say is, your not God so who are you to judge? You weren’t there in the car with them when Rihanna pushed Chris too the limit (Don’t cover for her because you’ll just make yourself look stupid, Chris wouldn’t just flip out like that). Chris made a mistake but there’s two sides to every story, people need to stop making out that Rihanna is so innocent,. She lied in her 20/20 interview & said she left him for her ‘young fans’, seriously? No she left him after her team realised how much money they could lose. How can she talk about ‘young fans’ when she can’t even dress herself properly. Don’t say it’s ‘fashion’ because being a h** is not fashion!
    Oh & I see your a ‘Rihanna stan’, really? you support someone in the illuminati? SMH
    God bless you!

  38. lisabelle June 7, 2010

    @X,Y, “AND Z”

    Chris was never crowned the next King of Pop. Only by his dumb ass fans/stans. Usher or JT would have gotten that title before him anyways. He’s the prince of pop but he’s no MJ

  39. tracy June 7, 2010

    @X,Y,”AND Z”
    I wasn’t aware that MJ lost his King of Pop title? Is Elvis no longer the King of Rock & Roll? Is Madonna no longer the Queen of Pop? Please STFU!!! Chris Brown IS NO WHERE NEAR being the King of anything. He hasn’t (legally) sold 750 million records, had 13 #1 singles, won 347+ records, had the most Guinness World Records of any solo artist, need I go on? It’s one thing to be a fan, it’s another thing to be delusional. I’m a fan of Chris Brown but I would never compare him to any of the legends I just mentioned.

  40. ella June 7, 2010

    @X,Y, “AND Z”

    Much of what you say is true MINUS Chris being the “New King of Pop”. I don’t have anything against Chris and he is undeniably talented but he f***** his career up at a very very bad time. Part of his mainstream success (whether people like it or not) was his appeal to white audiences. YTs no longer f*** with him after the DV incident and he’s had some powerful people against him (Oprah, Jay Z, radio station DJs, the entire American media). He’s only 21 and hadn’t reached his full potential. The music industry is evil and many are working against him. He’s even being “replaced” by mediocre talents like Justin Biebonicplague, Gay Songz & Jason Derula. The industry has “moved on” and no longer cares about Chris or his success overseas. He will never reclaim the career he had before Chrihannagate. He was a young, innocent teen singing love songs to young girls. In REALITY, he went completely against that image when he beat up his girlfriend. People build people up to bring them down and Chris has already been brought down. The only way he will gain back some of what he had before is to completely change his image and sing songs targeted to a completely different demographic. He’s no longer the “it” boy or “teen idol” of choice.

  41. tiggs star June 7, 2010



  42. Kaelz June 7, 2010

    Yuu Clearlyy are R E T A R D E D if you thinkk that Jason Derulo is better than Chris Brown. Chris has more talent in his finger nail than Jason has in his whole body. And as far as the looks go, Chris is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY sexxyier than Jason. Don’t know where you have been looking, because clearly it wasn’t at Chris. He is the best singer/dancer ever (besides Michael Jackson). Don’t try and hate on him just because he’s great. Stupid Rihanna-loving hater!!
    PS shezz a F R E A K!!!!!

  43. Nyamal June 8, 2010

    chris brown is good dance is better than jason derulo, chris brown is hot than jason derulo jason derulo is very ugly s*** he look like dog s*** at all.chris brown he has good look for really is very very very hot chris brown your cool man we love you and we love yuor music we love everything about you chris brown

  44. Nyamal June 8, 2010

    jaz_z he say he not happy to chris brown cuse his very very ugly to chris brown chris brown is so hot than jay_z jay_z he want have chris brown body bout he can’t get it tha ist why he don’t like chris brown not because he hit rihanna his not rihanna man at all he is have beyonce man bout he just hate chris brown cuse he very very ugly to chris brown. jay_z he look like dog s*** he is b******* ugly man is jay_z

  45. Nyamal June 8, 2010

    jaz_z he say he not happy to chris brown cuse his very very ugly to chris brown chris brown is so hot than jay_z jay_z he want have chris brown body bout he can’t get it that is why he don’t like chris brown not because he hit rihanna his not rihanna man at all. he is beyonce man rihanna is just b**** on jay_z. bout he just hate chris brown cuse he very very ugly to chris brown. jay_z he look like dog s*** he is b******* ugly man is jay_z. even jason derulo i thing he don’t like chris brown cuse chris brown is better than jason derulo. omarion is very good boy he know chris brown is good than jay-z and rihanna even kanye west bollshit. we love ya chris brown omarion bow wow tyga

  46. Nyamal June 8, 2010

    jaz_z he say he not happy to chris brown cuse his very very ugly to chris brown chris brown is so hot than jay_z jay_z he want have chris brown body bout he can’t get it that is why he don’t like chris brown not because he hit rihanna his not rihanna man at all. he is beyonce man rihanna is just b**** on jay_z. bout he just hate chris brown cuse he very very ugly to chris brown. jay_z he look like dog s*** he is b******* ugly man is jay_z. even jason derulo i thing he don’t like chris brown cuse chris brown is better than jason derulo. omarion is very good boy he know chris brown is good than jay-z and rihanna even kanye west bollshit. we love ya chris brown omarion bow wow tyga. rihanna she slapped she b**** all

  47. Bacqui June 8, 2010

    Team Breezy, we found da thief,,,Look at his stiff shouldiers…This aint swag pass swag this Haitian boy Jason Dethief stole C Brrezy’s swagg..We want his majesty’s swagg back

  48. EWWdeFU@Kno June 23, 2010

    De oh no is just FASK a** CHRIS BROWN COPY! I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT ANYONE BUYS THIS CRAP! You cannot just replace greatness with just anybody! This is an insult to any music lover with good sense!

  49. sam September 15, 2010

    you rock

  50. sam September 15, 2010

    you are the best man sing ridin solo for me man

  51. sam September 15, 2010

    my name is sam cruse send me something koondrook box 190

  52. james October 21, 2010

    JASON DERULO SOUNDS GODDAMN AWFUL LIVE!!!!!! if he didn’t have autotune, he would be nowhere… Honestly, more than half of these comments are either spamming or just talking out of their a**es cuz he sucked!!!!

  53. Anonymous May 18, 2014

    Honestly, I don’t understand why Jason DeRulo is relevant. He is not bringing anything new to the table and the manufacturing of his image and more importantly his music is obvious. His act is old and repetitive. The Ushers and Chris Browns have already presented the choreographed dancing and pop/R&B act. I just don’t quite get it. Why should I care?
    The same can be said about Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone. Nothing about their music or images are original.

    In one word, I conclude and sum up my thoughts on Jason DeRulo : boring

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