Mariah Carey Performs At Walmart Shareholders’ Meeting

Published: Friday 4th Jun 2010 by Trent

The legendary Mariah Carey performed at this morning’s Walmart Shareholders’ Meeting. The songbird gave the excited audience of Walmart employees solid renditions of two f her classic hits – ‘We Belong Together’ and ‘Hero’. Check out fan footage of Carey’s ‘Hero’ performance below:

By any standard, that was a very good performance. Although Carey’s performances are obviously not as effortless as they were in her youth, she definitely held her own and showed that she could still shut it down it down when she decides not to lip-sync. If anyone has the ‘We Belong Together’ performance or a higher quality version of this one, feel free to send it in!


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  1. BeyonceBreezy June 4, 2010

    Gotta love Mariah <3

  2. Hector June 4, 2010

    FYI: This was in the MORNING. If anyone knows anything about Mariah, it is that she is not a morning person, when it comes to singing, or just about anything else. Thus, she did very well given the circumstances. Kudos to MC!

  3. chocolate June 4, 2010

    fat b****!!!

  4. iDrag4MCAndBey June 4, 2010

    Pretty Good Performance. Now I KNOW She’s Pregnant. She’s Glowing, Her face is fuller & so are her b******. So happy 4 her!

  5. Gucci June 4, 2010

    LMAO, enough with the excuses. Mariah’s voice is no longer legendary. Blame it on years of smoking, alcohol, and those massive implants. And she’s performing at Walmart? Really?

    Mariah honey it’s time to hang it up. She always sounds like a cat in heat live. Where is Whitney when you need her?

  6. BEYDABESS (DA REAL ONE) June 4, 2010

    EWW SHE SO FAT!!!!


  7. Gucci June 4, 2010


    LMAO! Child you always crack me up omg

  8. Topman June 4, 2010

    She’s performing at Bud Walton Arena for Walmart executives, VIPs and employees you dumbass

  9. Gucci June 4, 2010


    womp womp honey her voice still cracking. Possibly because her baby is kicking. And if that’s not a baby in her gut then sweetie she needs to get off of the stage and hit the gym. Whitney girl we need you.

  10. SPRING June 4, 2010

    dat was really good.. she still got it goin on..
    not her best but am so proud of her… still doin her thing…
    love u MC..


  11. Robert June 4, 2010

    Ya’ll Whitney fans need to STFU! Yes Mariah’s voice is shot but not as bad as Crackney Houstons’! I swear her stans must be smoking the same crack that she is cuz that crack h** is set to die at any minute!

  12. BitchPlease June 4, 2010

    @Beybedess is too funny I swear lol

  13. BitchPlease June 4, 2010

    @Beydabess sorry lol

  14. Jorgee June 4, 2010

    Ok, So I LOVE both Whitney and Mariah.
    But you Whitney Stans HAVE to be delusional.
    Whitney sounded HORRIBLE on all of her live performances and her tour has gotten HORRIBLE reviews.
    Before the drugs, Whitney really could go and had a beautiful voice.
    But NOW, even Rihanna shits on her vocal wise.
    So Whitney Stans (Y’all have to be 50+ right ?) #SITDOWN

  15. LJAY June 4, 2010

    UPDATE: Whitney no longer can sign either

  16. Mike June 4, 2010

    Mariah, the one and only Superdiva!!! She sounds great! Out of Whitney Celine and Mariah, Mariah has always been the greatest!

  17. exposed June 4, 2010


  18. MK_B_Fly June 4, 2010

    I loved that.

  19. exposed June 4, 2010




  20. Gucci June 4, 2010

    ALL of you stans need to sit down in the garbage next to Mariah’s Angel Advocate LP that got tossed! At least Whitney doesn’t make a fool of herself at a funeral for one the greatest artists of all time. MJ must have been turning in that casket listening to fat ass Mariah destroy one of his songs. Truly sad.

    Don’t get me wrong boo i love Mariah……when she hits the studio (and the gym) because lord knows this girl can not sing live to save her life! This is not 1990. Stop living vicariously through what Mariah USED TO BE and how she USED TO SOUND because girl it’s 2010 and her voice is on life support. If you listened to this without any video so you couldn’t tell it was Mariah wouldn’t you have been horrified? Don’t even front sweetheart.

  21. Gucci June 4, 2010

    And please tell Nick to stop feeding this girl it’s getting out of hanf

  22. lala June 4, 2010

    that dress…sausagelikey^^ ahhhh

  23. Kelendria June 4, 2010

    My Lord… I can’t stand the FATass but one thing is for sure. Fatass can BLOW!!! She SANGs. Her voice is so fcking STRONG!

    Weedney is DEAD. Since she “came back” from crack (came back my ass but whateva!) she has NEVER given one remooooooooooooooooootely decent perforamnce!

    F****** at least sings her ass of to this very day!

  24. Gucci June 4, 2010

    Girl please when has Mariah ever given a performance that didn’t sound like a whale giving birth? Whtiney has always s*** on Mariah vocally. You Mariah stans talking all of this mess as if COWriah has had great performances.

    And whitney needs no autotune by the way SWEETIE. *points to Obsessed*
    I hope Mariah shopped around for a workout kit while she was in Walmart boo.

  25. bobby from bulgaria June 4, 2010

    Hate will only lead to you dying in loneliness and misery… That’s what happens to those of you… And that’s how it’s meant to be… So be it…

    While Mariah is loved by millions around the world… 🙂 She sounded awesome and she is one of a kind… All the others are like whatever…

  26. JAYLA June 4, 2010



  27. Mike June 4, 2010

    @ Gucci- you have no idea how ignorant and uneducated you sound! You are pathetic.

  28. bobby from bulgaria June 4, 2010


    Tyler Perry Addresses Mariah Carey Quitting Colored Girls

    Posted by Jonny on Friday, 04-Jun-2010, 2:45PM EDT | Comments (8)

    In a letter to his fans, Tyler Perry admits that he was caught off guard by Mariah Carey’s sudden withdrawal from his latest film,For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf, while also adding that Thandie Newton, Michael Ealy, and Tessa Thompson have been included to the cast.

    “I’m there on vacation, celebrating life, thanking God and just relaxing when I get a message that I have to come home, that Mariah has dropped out of the film! I said “What? You’re kidding? It’s five she has to go to work, nobody does that. We have a deal. IT’S FIVE DAYS BEFORE SHE IS SUPPOSED TO GO TO WORK! So, I got on the plane and came home and started trying to re-cast this major role in the film.”

    “I land and get to the studio, and I’m like, what happened? I was told that we got a call, saying that even though our deal was done, she had been advised by her doctor not to do the film. I said “What? You know I want a doctor’s note, don’t you?!”…LOL,” states Perry.

    While widespread speculation is that Carey is pregnant, neither the singer or her husband Nick Cannon have confirmed such report.

    “But to tell you the truth, I don’t know what that means and, unlike the tabloids, I won’t speculate. All I know is that I’m waiting just like the rest of the world to find out what happened.”

    Perry goes to say that he hopes the best for Mariah, “In spite of this, what you need to know is that I am a huge Mariah Carey fan and always will be. What I do know of the woman is that she is a professional and wouldn’t back out of a deal unless it was a major issue. So, whatever is going on, I wish her and Nick the best, and she has all my love, prayers and support. I just wish I could have finished my Mai Tai before I had to get back and re-cast this role!”

    “Anyway, I wanted to announce the official cast, baring anymore doctor surprises, : here they are: Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Loretta Devine, Anika Noni Rose, Thandie Newton, Kimberly Elise, Kerry Washington, Phylicia Rashad, Macy Gray, Tessa Thompson, Michael Ealy, Hill Harper, Khalil Kain, Omari Hardwick and Richard Lawson.”

    Unless they have minor roles in the film, left out were Isaiah Mustafa, who was given a spot by Perry on the Oprah Winfrey show, and Jurnee Smollett, who was mentioned by Perry at the premiere of his last film, Why Did I Get Married Too?.

    Source: Black Voices | Gary

  29. Robert June 4, 2010

    Whitney stans I have three words for ya’ll: Being Bobby Brown. Everybody saw Crackney Houston in action literally talking about “dooky bubbles” being pulled from her b***. She’s an A*** infected crack w**** who not only fat Mariah but every other female artist in the game shits on live vocally today even Ciara.

  30. Gucci June 4, 2010


    But I do have an idea of how gay you look in that pic, sweetie.

  31. GangsterA June 4, 2010

    Mariah is the s*** and she always will be the no 1 diva in my book she did great and shes deff better than whitney in everything from the look to the vocals

  32. Blasian June 4, 2010

    I just don’t understand??? I Know and How Whitney lost her Voice but I’m trying to find out how MARIAH Carey lost her’s ????? *__*

  33. Kevin June 4, 2010

    i doon’t get why you peopel are saying that this was a shitty performance. i thought it was great!

  34. MCISTHEBEST June 4, 2010

    MC singing her #1 HITS Hero & We Belong Together at Walmart Shareholders’ Meeting Mariah is pregnant, like another commenter said her face and the boobs are much fuller! she is most likely waiting for her 1st or 2nd Trimester to start talking about it! Very good performance for someone who HATES to sing in the morning!

  35. Blasian June 4, 2010

    Mariah singing WE BELONG TOGETHER

  36. Mr.727 June 4, 2010

    I want to set you fuckers straight! First of Mariah has 18 #1’s, she has hold over 200 million worldwide! She can sing circles around all of those whores you mention! Unlike some people I can admit her voice is shot to hell, but if you constantly sing, and using your voice, eventually it will start to get worn out! I will keep it real, the reason why she has flopped in the last few years is because of the material, and producing, and the horrendous people she worked with on her last albums! Honestly Mariah has pay her dues to the game, won her awards, cranked out her hits! You young ass gits need to see suck on a tit, cuz Maraih name been in the history books! That is why you young fuckers have grown up with the worse music in the last decade! You feel like your Niciki’s your Rhianna’s you what f*** evers will be legends????? You think that people will embrace these no talent lames ass contributors to music! What have they done to set themselves apart to be receive as worthy of getting any accolade? Winning a Grammy is not enough to make you epic as you delusional people say!!! Things are changing, people are are starting to wake up from being poisoned by your shitty wannabe singers! I will let you people keep believing that Rhianna can sing! What the f*** are you going to say, she pretty, has more money? No matter how you make her to be in your cracked out minds, Whitney, Mariah, and all the other “REAL TALENTED WOMEN THAT MADE SUCCESS FROM THEMSELVES PURELY OFF THEIR GOD GIVEN GIFT” Rihanna will never reach 1/4 the pinnacle of fame the they have!!! If anybody needs to hang it up, it is your Goat God Rihanna!

  37. Blasian June 4, 2010

    You can’t take nothing AWAY from Miss Mariah Carey The Woman of the 90’S

  38. bobby from bulgaria June 4, 2010

    @Blasian: The Woman of the Millennium that is… 🙂 She’s THE ONE…

  39. MizzCutie June 4, 2010

    Look gay? I didn’t know gay people had a look. Thats the dumbest thing I’ve heard by far..

    Anyways, she doesn’t sound like she use to but she still did great. Doesn’t take away from the fact that she is and always will be legendary…

  40. hassan June 4, 2010

    @ GUCCI like u serious? lol whitney cant even song i will always love you R.E HER BIRMINGHAM PERFORMANCE I WAS THERE SHE WAS BEING BOOOED MATE

  41. candilove June 4, 2010

    all u haters need to shut the f*ck up….you all kno Mariah IS and ALWAYS will be the ish….she may be a little thicker than we all are used to but she still looks great. whether shes preggo or not shes a beatiful woman and you should feel ashamed for talking so horrible about her. no matter how much money and fame she may have….she is still human! treat her that way….ur ass is sitting behind a key board talking mad ish….why…cuz ur a loser (@gucci) and dont have anything else to do but play on the computer….now let me go back to my world and get some work done!!!!


  42. MUSIC LOVER June 4, 2010

    She did well. People who say she sounds terrible, PLEASE TELL ME ANOTHER BALLAD SINGER THAT CAN SING BETTER THAN HER RIGHT NOW? Exactly, no one even comes close! When you can name a singer that can sing as difficult of BALLADS like Mariah can, shut the f*** up because you sound stupid as f***. So what if she can’t sing as good as she used to, and she can only hit those notes in a record studio. If it’s so easy to sound so good in a studio, when the f*** will we hear someone hit as high of notes as Mariah?! Haters fall back! ;]

  43. MizzCutie June 4, 2010


    Sweetheart, ignore the ignorance. You look fine 🙂

  44. Eric June 4, 2010

    Im not a Whitney or Mariah fan but Whitney fans needs to stop hating on Mariah cuz Whitney cant even hold a note these days compare to Mariah. Mariah still got it. Yall sound desperate!

  45. Gucci June 5, 2010

    bump whitney….where is eminem when you need him? I’m not going to play with you Mariah stans anymore because at the end of the day Mariah and her cracked up vocals speak for itself.

    At least Whitney isn’t having her CD’s scrapped and flopping as hard as COWriah. No one was talking about accolades sweetheart we were talking about that voice and this performance. If only the girl wasn’t eating so many LAMBS maybe her voice would not have sounded like nails on a chalkboard.

    <3 Mwuah

  46. Chris June 5, 2010

    Have you seen S****** CRACKston lately?
    Headline: Did Whitney Houston EAT Bobby Brown? Enough said.
    At least its been unofficially announced that Mariah is pregnant, S****** ballooned for no reason.
    And CANT SING? The fact that she received a STANDING OVATION proves that people still appreciate her work.
    Whereas attendees of S******’s CRITICALLY SLAUGHTERED tour consistently WALK OUT and COMPLAIN ON CAMERA. Not to mention that she is BOOED at least once every show!!! LMFAO!

    Next time you wanna comment using DOPEney’s name, think again.

  47. MizzCutie June 5, 2010


    LMAO @ Whitney eating Bobby Brown. Some of ya’ll are too much 🙂

    But lets be fair ladies and gentlemen. Whitney and Mariah are both LEGENDARY. End of discussion. I HEART them both. End of disscusion 😀

  48. MAH June 5, 2010

    mariah has been struggling for a minute and this performance is no exception…and can we please stop bringing up whitney houston when we talk about mariah carey…honestly not in the same league…whitney provided the vocal power and inspiration that paved the way for mariah don’t get it twisted…i would hope that people start to extend the kindness afforded to mariah to whitney…both women’s voices were at one time clearly gifts for above, and now they each struggle perhaps for the same reasons (i am esp. curious when it comes to mariah, we know why whitney’s voice has changed, but what is mariah’s secret? cuz change has definitely come to that voice)…i should be up front and say that I am indeed a Whitney ultimate fan, but this does not cloud what i am about to say…for all of those mariah fans that celebrate these mediocre performances, stop having such high standards for other singers cuz this here would not have been a number one single if she had sung it like this, and that’s not hate that just honesty!!!

  49. Bobby D June 5, 2010

    GOOOOOO MC! love it. love her.

    and i even love the haters cuz you guys keep her relevant =D

  50. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) June 5, 2010

    Thats my are the queen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. amazing June 5, 2010

    where’s whitney when you need her?…maybe on a binge? or getting booed off of international stages, getting walked out of, and hardly entertaining the world with that oh so “legendary voice.” I wonder, where is whitney?…b**** is a female bobby brown, period. stop acting like he brought her down, she’s bobby with a p****.

  52. Carlitos June 5, 2010

    it’s funny. toni braxton has been through more than both of these chicks, and still has the better voice. not to mention she has 2 kids (and has the better body). OH! she’s 3 years older than mariah, and 3 years younger than whitney.

  53. BENJAMIN June 5, 2010

    Not as bad as before. She is improving. Maybe there is still hope. However, I hope she is pregnant, otherwise she is truly getting too fat.

  54. Gucci June 5, 2010

    throughout that entire performance the only sound I heard was MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  55. Anne June 5, 2010

    This performance was better than the other recent performances by Mariah that I’ve heard. However, it’s still obvious that her vocal ability has significantly diminished. It’s kinda sad to watch the decline of Mariah and Whitney, two of the strongest vocalists ever. I hate when both of them start singing “you and you and you” or “you, you, you” in the place of the long “you” note that they use to be able to hold. But at least they are improvising and working with what they have left. Since Mariah seems to be improving, MAYBE she’ll work her way back to that legendary voice. I haven’t heard any recent improvements in Whitney’s vocal performances so I don’t have as much optimism for her.

  56. rob June 5, 2010

    that was very good for present mariah her acrobatics, transitions n range arent what they used to be but she can definetly powerhouse sing still

  57. Sugarwalls June 5, 2010

    There is no other female artist that comes close to her achievements!!!
    So haters just keep on hating bec you can’t put her down!!!
    She’s a living legend!

  58. bobby from bulgaria June 5, 2010

    Well, life is tiring sometimes… So everything changes in time… Our bodies, our voices… It doesn’t have to be any other reason for not sounding like some 20 years ago… We are not constant…

    But that doesn’t mean Mariah’s not the best vocalist ever… Cuz even now she sings better than most of them, and she just can’t be singing a song for some 10-15 years and not change it here and there cuz it’s getting boring guys… She has changed some of them cuz she likes improvising and remixing and so the song gets a new sound and a new life…

  59. International Asshole June 5, 2010

    both the haters AND the delusional stans need to stop. #1 No matter now many excuses you make for her, Mariahs voice isnt and will NEVER been the power it was in the 90’s. it comes with age and her alcoholism. Same as Whitney. However you cant deny what BOTH artists have achieved. they BOTH inspired the greats (and fuckery) of today. soo pay respect. And yes, Mariahs fat and has a mindset of a 4 year old. But she paved the way for alot of artists today.

  60. bobby from bulgaria June 5, 2010

    Well, Mariah’s pregnant now and maybe since she married they were trying to have a baby and when you do that you have to eat… So that’s your “fat” argument…

    The mindset of a 4 year (or 12 year) old? – Well, whatever… I have it too… So???

    I’m happy and I do whatever I want to do, I have fun, drink a lot and did some crazy things like pole-dancing and taking my pants down in a club, or rolling dead-drunk in the bushes in front of the club, or even teasing and rubbing myself in complete strangers, men and women, in a club on a vacation and even the naked girls that were dancing ON the bar there liked it and became friends with me and my friends the first night…

    And that’s one thing I also like Mariah for – she’s crazy too… She’s not afraid to show what she’s got, to take her clothes off in a live show, or give a speech when she’s had some wine… 🙂 I love that… 🙂

  61. Gucci June 5, 2010


    wrong honey she’s a living COW. It’s all fun and games until McDonald’s chops and screws her fat ass into one of their burgers.

    Mariah stans keep living in 1990 sweetie but at the end of the day the performance was still horrible. Let it go <3 Whitney may sniffing crack but she still sounds better than COWriah.

  62. bobby from bulgaria June 5, 2010

    Ha ha, in your bravest dreams only… 🙂 🙂 🙂


    OH MY GOD, MY EARS !!!!!


    b**** needs to drop a few pounds off that fat ass body too.

  64. Kearx June 5, 2010

    She dnt sound that bad


    It’s a shame Mariah is such a flop considering the talent she once “HAD”

    the key word being “HAD”

    Mariah just can’t hold her own on stage anymore so when she trys so sing these big numbers she just shows her fat ass up.

    please stop Mariah…..because your embarassing yourself, and your fans.

    B**** needs to get herself a gym membership too, it’s one thing being thick, but when your straddling the line between the thick/obese category, it’s really not a good look.

    Mariah ALSO needs an image/style/music change for the new album, since the “emancipation of mimi” she’s been “ATTEMPTING” to make bad replicas of that album !!!!

    Mariah You can’t re-create an old album so try something new B**** !!!!
    and get rid off your FLOP ass HUSBAND !!!!



  66. bobby from bulgaria June 5, 2010

    Like anybody cares for your stupid opinion… hater… Blah blah blah… Whatever…


    hater ? I like Mariah !!!!

    you need to keep things real BOBBY !

  68. FUTURESTARdelux June 6, 2010

    ok that was pretty whack although she did pull it together towards the end. 🙂
    I love Mariah and it annoys me that her voice isn’t what it was but it isn’t her fault (as far as i know).
    @Gucci is f****** delusional, a cat being stabbed slowly to death sounds better than whitney these days lmao!…….
    and how does trent try to make out this was a great performance after he made those b******* comments about XTina’s Idol performance? lol….

  69. s*** gaga June 6, 2010

    xtina is the new one, xtina is prima donna!



  70. Dzitka June 7, 2010

    Not fat. She’s growing a whole new person inside herself….but yeah she is sounding a bit weak.

  71. Dzitka June 7, 2010

    the neckline on her dress is also very unflattering which adds to why she is looking chunky. this top makes her so broad.

  72. Laura June 9, 2010

    Dudes seriously! Who the f*** cares if she’s fat or not? She’s a singer and not a model, so it doesn’t matter at all.

    Yeah Mariah isn’t able to sing like she used to, but she’s still awesome. Can’t say the same about Whitney. I’ve seen Whit live and boy i wish i had saved my money. I’ve never seen something THAT worse! Google Whit’s last tour and you’ll know what i mean.

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