Sugababes Start Recording New Album

Published: Sunday 27th Jun 2010 by Sam

Following the epic flop that was their not-so ‘Sweet 7’ LP, what’s left of the Sugababes announced this week that they are recording the album’s follow-up. More after the jump…

Longest serving member Heidi Range lifted the lid on the commencement of recording earlier this week:

“We’re only three days into recording our new album, so it’s early days. We’re not sure about any collaboration yet and we don’t even know when it’s going to be released.”

With Amelle Berrabah, adding:

“We’re keeping to our Sugababes sound but we’re also hoping to try new things too.” {Source}

Reliable word has it that the ladies are clocking in studio time with a number of the producers behind their biggest selling albums such as ‘Three’ and ‘Change’. I can’t help but feel it a futile effort, though. After all, it’s not so much the material that’s the problem; it’s their image. As I’ve said many a time, the fact the booted out the last original member, Keisha, pretty much meant that any credibility they had went when she did.

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out.

Randomness: Poor Jade, jumping from the frying pan to the fire. Bless.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Snooks June 27, 2010

    I agree with you 100 percent Sam! I’m over in the U.S. and was put onto the Sugas by my friend when he played “Hole in the Head” while in his dorm room. I fell in love instantly and dug up all things Sugababes. When I made it to the Amelle years, i was sad because Mutya and Keisha were my favs (I never thought Heidi could sing and was just…there).

    But, Keisha was enough to keep me enthralled and I discovered all the newer stuff too (About You Now, No Can Do, and eventually Sweet 7). But now that they not only lost Keisha, but KICKED HER OUT of the group she, Mutya, and Siobhan started, I’m too through with all things Sugabes. I don’t really see them being as successful anymore with the group, and honestly, they should just retire the name out of respect, if not for Keisha, then for the fans.

  2. Fatima June 27, 2010

    For some reason I still love Amelle, but I despise Heidi enough (and her TERRIBLE overblown bridge sections) that I kinda am wishing failure on them. And that’s not something I ever do with any stars (unlike 90 percent of the people who post here)


    As far as I’m concerned with no Keisha and no Mutya there is no sugababes, Amelle is just a raggedy ass w****, flashing her ass and her tits in their music videos to gain cheap sales… maam, we do not want to see your sour saggy udders, keep those coverd in future please honey !!!

    This album is gonna FLOP harder than sweet 7 no one is even checking for there tired droopy asses anyways b****, boo, bye !!!

    199whenever to when Mutya & Keisha left the band !!!

    R.I.P !!!




    follow me on twitter you f****** s*** beautiful b******

  5. shania June 27, 2010

    they just called themselves the sugar babes, with no orginal members left, theires nothing left of what the public loved 🙁

  6. Fake Me B**** June 27, 2010

    That’s a joke right ? new album … SMH

  7. Tha Phoenix June 27, 2010

    Everyone over here in the Uk was so excited for the Sweet 7 era, we were so hyped about ‘Get S***’ – then they dropped Keisha and we stopped caring. I stopped caring. I SAID it was a bad idea for Jade to join them; I loved her and I thought she was better off being solo.

    Oh, well. Here comes the next flop.

  8. Kendra June 27, 2010

    FAIL #tTeamKeisha


    my comment was placed beneath Fatimas why ????

    I had the second comment ? WTF was the point in moving it one place down.. smh…….
    Samantha & Trentishinaqua grow up my sweeties.

  10. Justin June 27, 2010

    I loved Sweet 7! Bummer that they’re going back to an old format… Group drama aside, if this doesn’t work out, I hope Jade can still make it solo.. 🙂

  11. bips June 27, 2010

    the first time i’ll write something like this wish them the biggest flop of their carreer!!!!!!kicked out the last original member and and the most talented of the band …..

  12. k June 27, 2010

    Jade leave this sinking ship before its too late!

  13. AlexanderTG June 27, 2010

    Fact is Sugababes didn’t do too well until Heidi replaced Siobhan. It was the combination of her, Mutya, and Keisha that was successful. Once Mutya left the end was just a matter of time. Some people have talked about the original line-up getting back together – can’t see that happening as I think it was Mutya and Keisha who pushed Siobhan out – what goes around comes around I guess.

  14. TeamKeisha June 27, 2010

    I am not here for these whores.

    Trashy, raggedy looking, b******.

    F*** them, they will flop again, I don’t use anymore…Poor them.

  15. Teflon Boy June 27, 2010

    It does seem futile to me as well…, the vocal sound of Sugababes will always be the combo of Mutya and Keisha’s quick vibrato sound. Mutya’s was cool where Keisha’s was more syrupy (I loved Mutya’s aloof vocal tone), between them they gave the group an old-school (i.e. young Brandy-style) rnb credibility.

    Heidi gave them something they were missing when she joined as Siobhan’s voice was too similar to Mutya’s and Keisha’s from what I remember. Add to the fact Siobhan was lanky where Mutya and Keisha were short and curvy, Heidi’s body shape fit theirs and made them them look like a group. Mutya was irreplaceable IMO and from Amelle stepped in to fill her shoes the writing was already on the wall.

    The Sweet 7 era was strong in terms of singles and should have really worked but to get rid of Keisha just before the promo began and then to roll out not a full black girl but a mixed race girl put the final nail in the coffin as far as their audience was concerned. If you blur your eyes the group was always made up of a white girl, brown girl and black girl so hiring Jade, a tall half black girl was poor judgement because aside from firing Keisha, THAT really messed with the formula.

    As many have said it stopped being the Sugababes because (despite the fact the group was always a manufactured product behind the scenes) Keisha’s presense made it ‘feel’ like she was steering the ship and powering the machine on…, without her they are a completely new group singing songs none of them had any hand in; how do they perform Overload now?!

  16. James June 28, 2010

    Though I have slated 4.0 before, I sought of wish them success with this new album. Its not really the “Sugababes” anymore, but you can’t blame Heidi and Amelle for the current situation they are in. Keisha was a b**** from the media has said, although I do disagree with her being booted from the group. It was Keisha’s fault that Siobhan quit, because of bullying, Mutya left on her own accord, and Keisha created such a reputation for herself with her attitude. I do think the lineup change ruined the Sweet 7 era, but hopefully when Keisha and the Babes come out with their individual albums, the fans will be able to embrace both parties. Heidi has been in the Sugababes since 2001 which is a long time, so people should give her a break. Perhaps they should change their name though. Maybe “The Brand New Sugababes” which would be an allusion to The Brand New Heavies lol.

  17. Candy Bling June 28, 2010

    They need to give it up, they aint ever having success AGAIN.

  18. James June 28, 2010

    I wanted to add that I personally think that this next CD should be their swansong album. Also, the order of vocal superiority needs to go a little something like this:

    Heidi (Majority of vocals on album)
    Amelle (Do the vocals that suit her and add to the quality of the songs on the album)
    Jade (Mainly backing vocals and none of the overpowering Mariah Carey style vocals)

    I personally think that Jade shouldn’t even be in the group. Or she should be kept to a bare minimum as far as lead vocals goes, as her voice only reminds fans of the group that she is the b**** who replaced Keisha. Heidi should be given prominence on the next album because she didn’t get to sing on the last CD as much as the other two, plus she is the only remaining “original” babe left.

    I really do not like Jade being in the Sugababes as she has totally changed the group as far as the quality of what they stood for. I think the case here for the next album would “too many cooks spoil the broth” meaning have it a predominately Heidi and Amelle album, and let Jade sing bridges.

  19. Dev June 28, 2010

    See, the problem is that they’re a bunch of mediocre singers, the original group had unique voices that instantly made them recognisable and although Mutya left you tell the sugababes from Kiesha’s vocals, now they’re just a bunch of singers, and although jade can sing theres nothing original about her voice. Personally i still there over, the fact that they are talking about sticking to there original sound when there are no original members is kinda a joke. There just a bad tribute band now

  20. Chris June 28, 2010

    Are we still giving them crap about Keisha being kicked out? Lets clarify that it was a management decision that steered the Sugababes ship in that direction. The remaining two girls had every right to carry on with their dream of being in a band. Lets just all move on from the drama and accept that, yes, there are no original members. And yes, the sound has changed. But they are all talented vocally. Treat them as you would any new girl group and see what the next album is like. If the UK fans continue to harp on about the Keisha thing like some ridiculous school-yard argument, then they will just market themselves elsewhere and tackle the Asian market and America. In my opinion, Jade is too young and not womaly enough to ‘make’ the band but she still has a great voice. I loved the Sweet 7 album and am gagging for the next one to be released!

  21. demeanor June 28, 2010

    Goodluck to them. Though got to say Heidi can’t sing, she’s got this hush lullaby voice that just wrecks all the sugababes songs I’ve listened to, hence no solo career for her

    Like Amelle’s Husky voice, it’s quite adaptable..



    OMG so true about heidi ! your getting into the music then her voice comes on and just f**** it all up.


  23. Marv74 June 28, 2010

    Good lord, will they just stop, I’m still waiting for the news for them to split up as it’s bad enough Sweet 7 was such a flop they still insist on calling themselves the Sugababes! The fans don’t like them, the critics don’t like them and I’m pretty sure anyone who was involved in their early days (producers, stylists etc) don’t like them!!

    Note to Chris who wrote on the 28th, if we’re meant to treat the group as a new group, why don’t the management and the girls release themselves as a new group (i.e new name, new music style etc) These are 3 girls who clearly have no identity and with Mutya’s help no right to name themselves after a group they slowly took out.

    This album will flop like a pair of old lady’s boobs and they will get dropped and the originals will shine as solo stars again (but hopefully get back together again if they have any sense)

  24. Kyus93 June 28, 2010

    Can’t wait!!!! The Babes will be back on top!!!

  25. FUTURESTARdelux June 28, 2010

    I have been a Sugababe fan all the way from the start and i still am now. People are hating on Heidi & Amelle (and even Jade) because Keisha was kicked out but i don’t understand that?
    We all know that Keisha bullie Siobhan out of the band and to bullimia (Siobhan is awsome but underrated as a solo singer). Mutya was amazing and to me her voice was the most recognisable and i was sad when she left.
    At first i admit i did hate on Amelle but she is good (just not as good as Mutya) and she brought something different to the table.
    The “Catfights & Spotlights” album didn’t do as well as “Change” because of bad single choices and bad management it was a WAY better album than “Change”.
    Again i have to say that blaiming the other girls for the decline is stupid, Since Mutya left we all know Keisha was in controll and it was her that turned away from the original innovative sound of the band and towards a more generic sound ( Sweet 7 ) if Girls Aloud had put that album out it would have been praised but everybody knew that the Sugababes could and still can do better.
    Hating on Heidi is stupid she is the sweetest girl ever and so is Jade and even Amelle is nice. You can’t be expected to work in an environment whare you’re beeing bullied and that’s why Keisha had to go.
    They didn’t even kick her out of the band, Heidi & Amelle said they were leaving and the label (obviously tired of Keisha’s attitude and bitchiness) asked them to stay on with a new member.
    While i was kind of dissapointed with the studio verions of the “Sweet 7” tracks when the girls sand them accousticly with their own arrangements and harmonies etc they sounded AMAZING and that’s why i’m not writing them off and i’m hoping others don’t either.

  26. Bob June 29, 2010

    What a waste of time and money! They should spend it rebranding themselves. Sugababes is an innovative sound and a statement on multicultural Britain. White + Black + Brown = firm statement = success. White + Brown + Brown = confused = fail.

    OK before i get slated for my maths skills let me say that it is a shame its all come to this….speculation aside on bitchiness and victimhood, someone behind the scenes made a serious miscalculation and the Sugababes brand is going down because of it. Its a good thing Mutya is trying to get the rights to the name….hopefully she can be the impetus to revive Sugababes like a phoenix from the ashes minus the Amelle and Jade mutations.

    Heidi will be next to be pushed/jump/escorted out with security. And it will be because Jade will be put on the front (another ill-advised move) and Heidi will see no benefit from her helping to facilitate Keisha’s exit (lets face it whatever went down, Keisha would never have been out of that band if Heidi had been on her side). Amelle will drop Heidi like a sack of hot potatoes and side with the new ‘voice’ of the Sugababes (how sickening that Amelle is being touted as the ‘voice’ of the Sugababes, eh?) and Heidi will be on twitter 24/7 with messages on how X or Y is helping with her solo effort.

    And that will be the end of the Sugababes freakshow. Anyone fancy some popcorn??

  27. Bob June 29, 2010

    Another thing….

    It really grates hearing Amelle talk about keeping to ‘OUR Sugababes sound’. The deluded girl joined the ship when the sound(read HARD-WORK) had already been formed – she has nothing to do with it!!! All she provides is a cod-husky voice that Mutya trademarked with the band. And she struggles with that at the best of times.

    And the fact that they are (apparently) going back to work with producers of the (brilliant) ‘Three’ and (somewhat less brilliant) Change era speaks volumes. I bet they wish Keisha was around to push them forward in creativity and contacts. Say what you want about Keisha – she drove the 3.0 ship forward and had it not been for her exit ‘Sweet 7’ would have been a resounding success. ‘About a Girl’ was poised to be an era defining moment for them…

    As it stands, the 4.0 version is a headless contraption with Heidi as a backbone and Amelle and Jade as celebrity-seeking, direction-less, flailing arms!

  28. carl July 2, 2010

    ok. I know they have a bad image now but I don’t care if they are whores… If the music is good, i like it.

  29. Tiospears July 9, 2010

    well.. The 4.0. Is just for a pathetic fun of a party.. The most i regret of Sugababes is Mutya and Siobhan Departure, we can’t say Heidi is a lucky charm who brought Freak Like Me #1, it was because Mutya and Keisha! I love how Mutya vocal is.. I just regret she received a shorter verse that Heidi in Push the Button, Mutya always been pretty to me than other babes.. Keisha just trying to be “Beyonce” in Sugababes, like she kicked out Siobhan like Beyonce kicked out Letoya and Latavia in Sugababes, and try to sing over the song especially in Change and Catfights and Spotlight, yeah.. Like Beyonce.. She dare to do it cause No More Mutya that more vocal friendly than her.. That the truth is i feel comfort to listen Mutya than Keisha..

  30. Tiospears July 9, 2010

    i mean in like Beyonce kicked out Letoya and Latavia in Destiny’s Child, not Sugababes.. Silly me!

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