New Video: Kat Deluna – ‘Push Push (Ft. Akon)’

Published: Thursday 17th Jun 2010 by Trent

Kat Deluna has finally released the music video for her new song ‘Push Push’. The David Guetta-produced track features Akon and serves as the 1st single from her upcoming ‘Inside Out’ LP which is scheduled to hit stores in September. Peep the video below:


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  1. Nika June 17, 2010

    Next Baby Mama for Lil Wayne..

  2. Gucci June 17, 2010

    girl just pack your bags and move to the dominican republic……the U.S. is not interested. Not even Akon could save boring song

  3. Gary June 17, 2010

    WOW that was good ! but what about that more uptempo version ?


    Kat deluna please f*** off, your not talented, you can’t sing and your music is throw away cheap euro pop at best.

    I’m suprised this b**** even has a record deal, b**** is gonna be dropped afghanistan style after this single FLOP’s.


  5. royalkev June 17, 2010

    Wow is this Bey’s Beautiful Nightmare meets Rihanna’s Sos? …Just done by a lesser artist.


    @ROYALKEV however much i can’t stand Lord Gaga I do also see a bit of her lovegame video in this…….Katdeluna is just ripping off all the sucessful artists and passing it off as her own………BAD MOVE.

  7. MADONNA. June 17, 2010

    I wish Kat all the luck in the world…but this video looks like a cheap knock off of Rihanna;s S.O.S video.

    The song does not have that ‘Push’ to get the publics attention. Very medioce at best. Akon does do a nice job with part though…but Kat’s leg on his is not s*** at all. it just looks like a little girl trying to play dress up and trying to be Beyonce in “Upgrade You’ or Ciara in ‘Ride’. nice try though.

    I am surprised that David Guetta produced this…beacause it is not that good. I hope David does not turn into a Timberland and use silly beats and hooks to trick people into thinking it’ a good song just because his name is on the track.

    ‘Dance Bailalo’ was a track that was on fiah! Why in the world they did not ‘Push’ that track instead of this lame one is beyond me. if ‘Dance Bailalo’ had a rocking video and promoted along with the World Cup, Kat would have had the world’s attention and dancing at her command.What a waste of a hot track.

    But to each theri own. Good luck Kitty!

  8. queenB June 17, 2010

    David Guetta is like making stupid money right now lol

  9. annon June 17, 2010

    yucks. looks like return the favour visually
    the song kinda sucks and its longggg overdue..surprised they still made a video for this. shes set to flop which is kinda sad…but then again who asked her to join konvict!

  10. Randy June 17, 2010

    There’s something about her face that makes me hate herr

  11. wow June 17, 2010

    i mean really? who is spending money on this chick ? Kat honey get the memo wind up was it Ur one hit wonder with lady gaga pretty much taking over everything Ur gonna have to come harder than push push. p.s throwing akon on a track is not gonna help u sorry

  12. Alex June 18, 2010

    well the single cover is HOT

  13. TJ June 18, 2010

    STOP HATING people!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The girl can sing, dance, and perform and you steady tryin to find SOMETHING wrong with her!
    People are just stupid these days……

  14. anita June 18, 2010

    sounds okay but she cannot sing live so this will never work out…

  15. Kat DeLuna July 1, 2010

    You Guys Are All Mad Because You Don’t Know Who Is The Real Kat DeLuna In The Real World. So Second Single Will Be “Be There” From My Second Album.

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