Hot Shots: Brandy At Pre-ESPY Party

Published: Wednesday 14th Jul 2010 by Sam

Peep R&B star Brandy posing it up at pal Serena Williams’ Pre-ESPYs Party in Bel Air last night (July 13th).

The former Moesha star is currently filming season two of her hit VH1 reality show, ‘A Family Business’, as well as recording her new album, which will reportedly be released by Def Jam.

More pics below…

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  1. royalkev July 14, 2010

    Brandy, so hot! Can’t wait for the project and I think she is looking vibrant and ready for a comeback! Give it to ’em B-rocka!

  2. Bobby from Bulgaria July 14, 2010

    Nice… suitcase… 🙂

  3. Rashaan July 14, 2010

    Brandy has always been beautiful to me! The older she gets the better she looks…..I a really loving her look, vibe and persona! WTF is up with Vivica’s face…..I’m just saying!

  4. royalkev July 14, 2010

    @ Tefl, where you at? … I know you see how lovely Bran is looking right now!
    Go back to the other Post!

  5. KNUCK July 14, 2010

    Amazing.. just like her music 🙂

  6. ~AalexisR~ The Summer King (The Bahamas) July 14, 2010

    She is a pretty girl. I don’t see why other people get off calling her otherwise.

  7. StayAfro July 14, 2010

    As Always my girl delivers not only musically.. but fashionably as well.. cant even get over the 160grms

    And i think the bag is to carry her Ipad.. she likes to keep in touch with the stars with her Ipad so who knows..If the album is definitly looking as hot as as she is.. Well nuff sed

  8. prince July 14, 2010

    wth happened to vivica she look like she gained weight and her face looks weird

  9. anon July 14, 2010

    Very pretty. Brandy has really stepped her game up!!

  10. danisha July 14, 2010

    Brandy, You have been giving me everything I needed from you!


  11. JP July 14, 2010

    Love you, Brandy. Very cute pics.

    Highly anticipating the new album.

  12. why? July 14, 2010

    ehm yeah, but that huge ”clutch” is just unacceptable. like why, who, when?

  13. L.S. July 14, 2010

    I love Brandy BUT the shoes and purse need to———>>>>>GO! The purse looks like it could double as a carry on luggage, and the shoes need not to be put together with that dress. She looks gorgeous nonetheless, just those items don’t work well for her overall look. #thatisall

  14. Teflon Boy July 14, 2010

    @Royalkev…, Hey, what’s good matey. I saw your message really late last night so was gonna respond today. Now, you know I would normally have some words for this but Brandy is saying everything that needs to be said at present lol. She is indeed in ‘that zone’ right now…, and we both know what happens when she’s in ‘that zone’…., *cue amazing music* Haha!:-) My email is my name so I don’t wanna put it straight up on here like that what with all the crazies runnin’ riot so let me construct another way and I will get at you asap for sure.

  15. royalkev July 14, 2010

    @Tefl, yup Brandy gotta win(like she said on the show)! She is giving me alot of energy and I know what that means, the album is going to be sick! It’s few people you can bank on to be delivering in this industry and she’s definitely one of them for sure!

    Okay, you figure out something. I was trying to understand what you were getting at in your post, but I’m sure you’ll be more detailed later. It’s funny because I noticed the songwriters contest (judged by Rihanna in the other thread). Good lawd! …Anyway, I’m tightening up a few things in the summer so we can collaborate on some projects I want to wrap up (I’ll explain) and maybe we can have a hit for Bran! She’s coming out in the fall, I believe. 🙂

    Get back at me!

  16. ULISES July 14, 2010

    That is a BIG ASS BAG! It looks like a portfolio. I want to know what’s in that. BTW- Brandy… can’t wait to hear your new music/album which will be produced by Timbo!!! K that’s all.

    “Jungle”- s***, tribal, exotic summer anthem. Don’t click on the link! You’re not ready for it, or are u?

  17. Lawayne July 14, 2010


  18. Kevin July 14, 2010

    That purse has to be bigger than my computer monitor. What on earth does she have in there,?

  19. UmYa July 14, 2010

    Pretty, Talented, etc…

  20. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) July 15, 2010

    Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot……………………….go Mo to tha….E to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol!
    Luv ya soooooooooo much B Roch and I’m pleased you’re back out there doing your thing. Keep it up, Luv…!

  21. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) July 15, 2010


  22. Junior in Jamaica July 15, 2010

    Brandy…what a huge bag!

  23. Phoenyxx July 15, 2010

    Brandy is 834 different types of GORGEOUS! However, why is her handbag so large? LOL
    Vivica…I’m confused at what happened to your face, dear.

  24. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) July 15, 2010

    Go Brand Nu….lol! Lovn ur bag and it’s appears some people finding it hard to get it. FYI this is called FASHION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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