Leona Lewis Hits The Studio With Dallas Austin

Published: Friday 23rd Jul 2010 by Trent

As reported earlier, Leona Lewis is currently hard at work on her 3rd studio album. Now the singer, who has reportedly teamed up with David Guetta, Ne-Yo and J.R. Rotem, has now brought producer Dallas Austin into the mix. Austin is known for his work with TLC (‘Creep‘), Blu Cantrell (‘Hit ‘Em Up Style’) and many others. {Source}

Let’s see if Lewis’ new found sass and Austin’s skill can create magic. Either way, it’s refreshing to see that she’s not putting her fate in the hands of the increasingly redundant Ryan Tedder.


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  1. Soulful Roses July 23, 2010

    Interesting. Leona is an amazing talent so I hope Mr. Austin takes advantage of that and gets her some great lyrics and beats. Can’t wait for the outcome…

  2. Lewis92 July 23, 2010

    Another David Guetta-produced album? NOOOO….. Are these stars crazy?? Everyone wants to work with him… Boooooring.

  3. mishka July 23, 2010

    Now that she’s single, I guess she plans to move to the US

  4. phatmat44 July 23, 2010

    *reaching out to U*
    So I know this comment is random but I’m coming to the readers of that grapejuice for sum help. I recently went through a horrible break up with my ex and I’m still hurting over it. He’s now with sumone new.and it’s killing me…
    but music is my outlet; my medicine and that’s why I’m coming to the readers of TGJ, because over the last 2 years of coming to this site daily I’ve learned that you readers have and amazing knowledge of different music and genres. So I need sum good new music to help me overcome this heartbreak. I need new songs of encouragement, empowerment (in the vein of “i will survive”). Right now my ipod is filled with nothing but love songs 🙁 .
    so I wanna thank you for reading and thank you in advance for ur help. I could really use it <3

  5. Dev July 23, 2010


    For starters try Monica lesson learned. After my recent break up that song was on repeat. I’ll hit you up with some more later.

  6. Dev July 23, 2010

    I don’t care who’s writing and producing, its all about how it sounds…. how she sounds

  7. BeyonSLAY July 23, 2010

    My gurrrrll… LOVE HERRRRRRRR! Imma STAN for her soon <33

  8. Kahari July 23, 2010

    @PHATMAT44: Here’s some songs that have given me courage to move forth with my life. I created a playlist entitled “The Oydessy” which I draw from a new journey on life, a renewal. I won’t include the mushy love songs on the list since you’re not in the mood for that, but here’s my list. Hope you like and best of luck! 🙂 :
    1. “Another One” by Chrisette Michelle, from Epiphany
    2. “Mirror,” by Monica, from Still Standing
    3. “Don’t Need You” by LeToya, from Lady Love
    4. “Even Angels” by Fantasia, from her upcoming album Back to Me
    5. “Not Anymore” by LeToya, from Lady Love
    6. “True” by Brandy, from Human
    7. “H.A.T.E.U” by Mariah Carey, from Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel
    8. “Lesson Learned” by Monica, from Still Standing
    9. “Cry No More” by LeToya, from LeToya
    10. “Believing In Me” by Monica, from Still Standing
    11. “Obvious” by LeToya, from LeToya
    12. “Was I the Only One?” by Jordin Sparks

  9. Anne July 23, 2010

    @phatmat44, try these:

    Alanis Morisette- You Oughta Know; You Learn
    Mariah Carey- Someday; Fly Like A Bird; Make It Happen
    Beyonce- Why Don’t You Love Me?; Green Light; Irreplaceable; Kitty Kat; Me, Myself & I
    Alicia Keys- A Woman’s Worth
    Aretha Franklin- Respect; Do Right Woman, Do Right Man; Look Into Your Heart
    Candi Staton- Young Hearts Run Free
    The Commodores- Jesus Is Love
    Dionne Farris- Hopeless
    Lisa Stansfield- Don’t Cry For Me; I Cried My Last Tear; All Woman
    Mary J. Blige- Not Gonna Cry No More

  10. Dont Hate Appreciate July 23, 2010

    Its nice to see that Leona hasnt given up. I thought she would have blown up with BLEEDING LOVE but she flopped.

    You this just goes to show that you need more than a powerful voice to make it in the business.

    Rihanna could only dream of hitting the notes that Leona can do in her sleep yet Rihanna is a 3 time Grammy award winning mega global superstar and Leona is a nobody.

    You need star quality and Rihanna has it in abundance. Some people are just meant to be famous and Rihanna was one of them. Leona has a great voice but she is pretty boring otherwise.

  11. MaZ July 23, 2010

    That’s a good thing! Dallas Austin is a good producer.

  12. EXPOSED July 23, 2010


  13. GangsterA July 23, 2010

    Yeah i cant wait a preety face and an amazing voice

  14. Brian July 23, 2010

    Go F*uck your self
    Leona is amazing and you are full of sh*t.

  15. HUSHBITCH July 23, 2010

    Leona is amazing and has wayyy more talent than rihanna I mean that’s if rihanna has any!

  16. Beysbetter July 23, 2010

    Sasha Fierce …… that you????

  17. Teflon Boy July 23, 2010

    Leona has a great voice FULL STOP. While it’s definitely hurt her start, IMO her lack of image makes her an amazing blank canvass if given the right material. So far she’s been lumbered with the wrong material and with that she’s left artless and uninspired sounding belting out lukewarm platitudes of ‘hold on… be strong’ on over-produced characterless pop.

    This girl grew up in Hackney, she’s seen things I’m sure but in truth she doesn’t need to be anything else behind the scenes as showbiz is all smoke and mirrors anyway…, the people working with her need to feel free to give her their meat, bones and gravy and not just the steamed tasteless tracks they keep giving her…, basically stop aiming for ‘lite’ and just give her the real thing. The buck stops with her though, if she doesn’t demand better she’ll never get it.

  18. True Blue July 23, 2010

    ^^ Ditto that.

  19. JONALD. July 23, 2010

    LEONA LEWIS AND RIHANNA FENTY ARE AWESOME!!!! /end of. <3 hell yeah! hahaha.

  20. FortuneCookie July 23, 2010

    dallas austin is one of the great producer, i like his work, he has that R&B blend with Rock sound, i’m really interested to see how those two work… she needs to show some personality, she’s really talented and i know she’s got more to offer, i like the first album alot, second album i didn’t even pay attention, it was really that boring.

  21. Tha Phoenix July 24, 2010


    I’m surprised noone’s mentioned the Queen B’s ‘Irreplaceable’ yet!

    B – irreplaceable

    JLO – Louboutins & Brave

    Leona Lewis- Better In Time

    Jasmine Sullivan – Bust Your Windows

    CB – Deuces

    Just as starters.


  22. Anne July 24, 2010

    @THA PHOENIX, check my list, I suggested it.

  23. UmYa July 24, 2010

    She’s a talented singer and all but I still can’t believe the amount of Hype $Imon Cowell gave this woman. It’s like the UK isn’t known for producing power-house vocalist so when they get an above average singer $imon touted her as the next Whitney/Mariah/Celine–when in reality she isn’t even in the same Galaxy as them vocally. Girl got red carpet treatment even before she won that talent show.
    Nonetheless she does have a decent voice and her personality is fine [search a couple interviews of her] it isnt as out-going as people would like but maybe she can come out her shell both musically & personally for this new record.

  24. thekiddz July 24, 2010


    Beyonce – Why Don’t You Love Me? Irreplaceable Me, Myself, and I, Resentment
    Christina – You Lost Me
    Mariah – Thanx for Nothin, You’re so Cold
    Maxwell – Fistful of Tears
    Usher – Burn

  25. Kevin July 24, 2010


    also, christina aguilera’s “fighter”

  26. EXPOSED July 24, 2010



  27. arfa July 24, 2010

    dallas is the man i luv what he did with tlc

  28. Mike H July 24, 2010

    lol @ the ignoramus who grudgingly described Leona’s voice as “decent”.

  29. Ryan Frank July 24, 2010

    Nooooooo!!!! Please don’t work with these guys! Leona, do you think you need to get all hip-and-trendy to justify yourself?! No!

    People love you for your voice and the fact you are a regular person, don’t let the music business machine push you down this route – don’t believe the hype! Give your fans what they want.

    You should do something that not only enhances your voice qualities but something that is unexpected (in the good way!) Why don’t you work with some up and coming talent? Let’s face it, talented as you are, you won a competition at the end of the day.

    There’s a songwriter and singer called Kelly Erez who is a wonderfully talented artist in her own right as well as a gift writer. Please give new talent a chance, it will keep you fresh and away from the hype-machine that’s so evidently does not work in most cases. Check Kelly Erez out:

  30. Nita July 25, 2010

    How can people say such cruel and ugly things about other people?
    I am not coming back to this site — forever.
    Bye Bye for good!

    Always trashing other people. People that do this have n’t any class.

  31. iLaugh! July 25, 2010

    Actually, Leona L. is exceptionally BORING. There’s nothing to her other than her talent & in THIS day & age, it’s NOT ENOUGH. If it were, she would have sold way more records. Not saying she should start singing in auto-tune, but she needs SOMETHING to spice up her music!

  32. Amy Shear July 30, 2010

    @ Ryan Frank,

    I hear what you’re saying about the competition but I think Leona would have made it anyway, Her voice is unbelievable and she’s such a humble, lovely person who has stayed grounded and deserves to be the sar that she is :-).

    On another note, i checked out Kelly Erez and she is AMAZING! Thanks for the link…fellow bloggers if you like leona you will love Kelly, here’s the link:

  33. Amy Shear July 30, 2010

    @ Ryan Frank,

    I hear what you’re saying about the competition but I think Leona would have made it anyway, Her voice is unbelievable and she’s such a humble, lovely person who has stayed grounded and deserves to be the star that she is :-).

    On another note, i checked out Kelly Erez and she is AMAZING! Thanks for the link…fellow bloggers if you like leona you will love Kelly, here’s the link:

  34. Kate Hanson September 16, 2010

    @Amy Shear and @Ryan Frank

    Checked out the singer Kelly Erez and WOW! AMAZING vocal talent and songs! I don’t think she sounds or reminds me of Leona Lewis though, they may come from the same country but that’s about it. Sorry to say but Kelly’s music and voice is in my humble opinion far better then Leona Lewis. Leona seems to be a little boring for my taste although she does have a very good voice but then so does Alexandrea Burke – I just don’t know what the record companies are doing with giving her s*** pop songs to sing when she should be singing proper ballads or slow R&B songs better to suit her voice. Anyway back to Kelly, her song ‘Come To Me’ which s on her website is AWESOME – reminds me a little of Prince – I love it – can’t wait for her album to come out!!

  35. Lisa Henley November 8, 2010

    @phatmat44 I hope you are feeling better! A song that really helped me get over my ex is ‘Letters’ by Kelly Erez – you can hear an acoustic version on YouTube, I think this might be her first single but you download the full version through her Online with Andrea radio show she did recently. She sings about letting go of the physical things associated with a past relationship and how this helped her to move on ‘getting rid of all your letters…’ I still listen to it and it helps me keep strong 🙂

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