Drake Talks About 2nd Album

Rap-Up caught up with Drake at the Blackberry Torch launch party in Los Angeles on Wednesday. The ‘Find Your Love’ singer revealed that he is currently working on a free R&B mixtape and a followup to his platinum-selling debut album, ‘Thank Me Later’. Check out what he had to say about both projects below:


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  1. kevin August 13, 2010

    R&B mixtape………….?



  2. Lala August 13, 2010

    Lmaoooo I was about to write the same thing as Kevin. But seriously stick to rapping and writing because ‘singing’ is not for you Aubrey

  3. DimpZone August 13, 2010

    i actually think that he can sing .

    i love his voice, i dont too much care for the rapping so ima be all over this mixtape when it drops

  4. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 13, 2010

    R&B mixtape? Um, No sir. Bad idea. That one note he sings gets annoying in a 4-5 minute song, so I know it will be annoying for an entire mixtape.

  5. BROOKLYN_JANETFAM August 13, 2010

    People are gonna get tired of him soon.

  6. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) August 13, 2010

    I thought the first one has just started selling……….(eyes rolling)

  7. Pinkcookieroses August 13, 2010

    Let the man express himself. If he wants to sing, let him sing.
    You stupid ass people always want to enclose someone in a box….
    bunch of dummies!! No wonder you are where you are. Docile negros!

  8. KNUCK August 13, 2010

    he has a very s*** singing voice.. I love it on his records. And he sings actual lyrics, not just about s**. He just makes hot music.

    However, I will say that if you can’t sing live you DON’T COUNT. So it’s whatever.

  9. DanteJ August 13, 2010

    so ummm what happened to releasing singles….
    are we just gonna get Over and Find your love…
    or did i miss something?

    Fireworks shouldve been released or Light Up……..

  10. Amir7 August 13, 2010

    To be be honest I love drakes voice it’s smooth and mellow

  11. BEYONCE VS. WORLD August 13, 2010


  12. Kearx August 13, 2010

    Honestly, I like his rapping more than his singing

    But I will still check for his mixtape 🙂


  13. Robier August 13, 2010


  14. VA STAND UP!!! August 14, 2010

    @DanteJ: I agree! I love ‘Fireworks’ that should be his next single. A.Keys vocals are so smooth on that track. ‘Light Up’ is a good track too but I think he is gonna go with ‘Fancy’ next. I believe he has already shot a video for it.

    Well I didn’t buy his first album so I am not checking for his second. I just downloaded the few songs that I lilked from iTunes, but overall I wasn’t too impressed with ‘Thank Me Later’. Too much singing for me and I don’t like his singing voice, I can barely tolerate his rappin cause he only has one flow. *shrugs*

    IDK about a ‘r&b mixtape’ but I am sure if he releases one it will be recieved well cause he is that dude right now.

    Honestly the only thing that I am really looking forward to from Drake is that ‘supposed’ collab with him and Breezy. I can’t wait to see how that would turn out. It could either be really good, or really bad. Lol!

  15. JonBerry August 14, 2010

    I Like Drake but I am tired of him right about now! Look man ride off of the success of your debut CD.

    I am tired of this music industry that only promotes a handful of some talented but mostly basic, average “arsh” artists. Enough already. It is sad that we only hear and see 10 – 15 R&B/Hip Hop artists. Progress within either genre cannot occur without fresh energy and ideas!

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