New Song: Shontelle – ‘Perfect Nightmare’

Here is a new track from Shontelle that surfaced today. The Darkchild-produced song, entitled ‘Perfect Nightmare’, will be featured on her new album, ‘No Gravity‘, which hits stores on September 24th.  ‘Perfect Nightmare’ will officially impact US radio on August 31st. Peep the song below:

This song features tight production and should fare well on Pop radio. However, considering the fact that Shonetelle is yet to escape her title of ‘not Rihanna‘, I wonder why she has not chosen to go in a more R&B direction to avoid such comparisons?

Rihanna is without a doubt a Pop act (regardless of what the BET Awards said) and given their similar background and sound, Shontelle should be more adamant about forging her own identity rather than following in her fellow Bajan’s footsteps. Then again, I sense that there is only so much that you can do with a voice like hers. Take it or leave it.

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  1. boo hoo hoo August 20, 2010

    for once I agree with Trent, shontell should indeed go the r and b route, because the tone of her voice seems better suited for R and B. This pop thing is not working for her.

  2. Kedrew August 20, 2010

    question, so because Rihanna happens to be from the island, Shontelle must pay the price of limiting her creativity and music?


    She should experiment everything possible, music should be limiting, it’s something to be explored.


  3. Kedrew August 20, 2010

    shouldn’t *

  4. UGh August 20, 2010

    She is sooooooooo underrated. I agree she should give the R&B thing a go.

  5. CC August 20, 2010

    I completely agree with @Kedrew

    Plus, R&B music isnt doing well in the mainstream anyway, so I think she’s right to go in a pop direction. And anyway, she’s always done pop music, so why should she change just to distance herself from Rihanna?

    Shontelle can actually sing, and I wish her all the best. I’ll be requesting this for sure, she deserves the success 🙂

  6. Maz August 20, 2010

    Where is the limit between Pop and R&B nowadays!??

  7. cocofelduhhh August 20, 2010

    I think it’s September 21st because the 24th is a Friday

    and I hate that the album keeps getting pushed back!

  8. harvey.c August 21, 2010

    this an AMAZING SONG ,so EPIC…I thought I wasnt gonna like this when I heard the the preview

  9. ADE August 21, 2010

    What is with all these paradoxical song titles? Anyway song is alright, nothing special.

  10. ADE August 21, 2010

    Actually, scratch that I didn’t like the song at all, I like Shontelle, but this is a NO.

  11. ULISES August 21, 2010

    I like this. I think this will be farewell in the charts.

  12. CONVERSATION CHAMBER August 21, 2010

    Black radio won’t play it.

  13. Landen August 21, 2010

    Although I can easily see SHontelle as an R&B artist with the texture of her voice in this,

    I Believe that Kedrew is Totally and COmpletely RIght. SHes Always DOne Pop,

    this is in Your face Underground pop, and she sings just as good, and sometimes

    even Better than RIhanna. WHy should she change just because RIri is from the Island

    too and already doing pop. So is every other Pop artist out there. There location

    being the same I dont see changing a thing..

  14. Jacob Hester August 21, 2010

    When the song started, I was really disappointed by the beginning of the chorus cuz I though it was ANOTHER ballad. I love “Impossible” but I was like, she cannot do another ballad if she wants to get anywhere. But when the pace picked up with the no way’s my jaw dropped and I was like “HOLY S***!” This album is now gonna be amazing and this single is epic. I also love the island feel in the beat. Shontelle should also be able to do anything @Kedrew. Just because they are both from Barbados doesn’t mean she can’t do fun, upbeat music. And I like that this isn’t just about a beat. She’s like Beyonce in some ways because she sings about real stuff, even with a fun beat. Rihanna and Ke$ha just sing about dancing and flirting. NO GRAVITY SEPTEMBER 21!!!

  15. Eric August 21, 2010

    I LOVE IT!
    I wish the Shontelle – Rihanna comparison would just stop already.
    They’re both incredible artists in their own unique way.
    Some people are so simple talking trash just because they are both from Barbados.
    Heck, Madonna and the JoBro’s are both American, I guess they must be alike too?! -_-

  16. kevin August 21, 2010

    I agree about the song titles.

    Beautiful Nightmare a.k.a. Sweet Dreams
    Perfect Nightmare
    Beautiful Monster

    Enough is enough..

  17. Tiff August 21, 2010


  18. zih August 21, 2010

    for sure a hit. she is picking up pace man! like the impossible was a great ballad IMO and it did well in the US and i was quite taken aback because i thought no one cared about her anymore.

    she just needs some good live performances and this song would be a big hit! im guessing top 20 or even top 10! this song has potential!

  19. Aj299 August 21, 2010

    Her voice with R&B music would be DOA. She’ll sound just like teairra mari and all those other people who can’t make a dent in the charts! Let her do her thing!

  20. KYLE August 21, 2010

    Wow.. this song is awesome.. guess she just keep bringing the hits… i can wait til ‘No Gravity’.

  21. Jacob Hester August 21, 2010

    It was genius of her to record new songs with Darkchild. Most of the album leaked before and a lot of it was mediocre to me. But now this will be fire! Too bad she said on Twitter that she isn’t gonna perform at the VMA’s because she isn’t nominated. So? That could give “Perfect Nightmare” and her album a big boost. grr…

    @ERIC but Madonna thinks she’s British lolz…

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