Teairra Mari ‘Sincerely Yours’ EP Cover & Tracklisting

Published: Friday 6th Aug 2010 by Sam

Confused about what exactly Teairra Mari is and isn’t releasing these days? With the numerous push-back’s, EP, mixtape, and new LP talk, so were we. However, the much needed clarification has come via the singer’s label, Warner, who have confirmed that the 22year old is to release both a mixtape (click here for details) and an EP titled ‘Sincerely Yours’ – the cover of which was unveiled today.

The digital-only release (which hits online outlets on August 17th) features a mixture of previously ‘leaked’ material from Mari’s now-scrapped ‘At That Point’ LP, and unheard songs too.

Check out the full tracklisting after the jump…

‘Sincerely Yours’ Tracklisting

1. “Uneasy”
2. “Sponsor” featuring Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy
3. “Emergency”
4. “Body”
5. “Lucky”
6. “Operator”
7. “Stranger” (BONUS)

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  1. Nate August 6, 2010

    Can’t wait. But does anyone know where to get the mixtape?

  2. just askin August 6, 2010

    this cover is MUCH better.

    so is the mixtape recorded in her shasha (not quite) fierce persona?

  3. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) August 6, 2010

    Somebody (Sam) should better tell her to either bring out a hit album or don’t cuz I’m just about had enogh already. This goes to Kelly, Nicki and the rest!!!!!!!!

  4. genes August 6, 2010

    i wont waste my money on sum crappy crap,she so boring….nnnneeeeext

  5. TheBaddestBitch August 6, 2010

    @ Genes


  6. GangsterA August 6, 2010

    This is much better than the other one she wore the swimsut twice in the cover of body and the cover of the mixtape

  7. LuvMeDJ August 6, 2010

    Can’t wait for this release…and FYI @ SAM..none of these songs have leaked but the current singles at hand now.

  8. incognegro August 6, 2010

    I cannot wait for the release. Rarely do I ever buy anything online (I am old skool, I still buy cds and just upload it on my ipod); but I will definitely cop this EP.

    @ Luvmedj – great point!!! Majority of the songs on the EP have not been released nor previously heard; however, from Sam’s description it appears to be the complete opposite. Sam, one of the very few remaining honorable gems about journalism (print or online, news paper or blog) is journalistic integrity – in layman’s terms, just state the facts. Too often your own opinions are couched in the information you purport as being factual – which is okay to an extent, because that’s what blogs are for – but at the same time, when you are incorrect or misinformed, it can lead others astray even before they click the ” Read More” tab. Stating that the EP features “leaked” tracks is extremely misleading, as the EP features 5 unreleased tracks, and only 2 previously heard (buzz words) tracks.

    So my point is, while your intent was geniune (I’m sure), please be careful, because with the usage of certain words and phrases, you can do the artist more harm than good.

    At any rate, I’m excited about this EP, and look forward to hearing these new tracks and also look forward to Teairra’s new album.

  9. LEEK August 6, 2010

    Any mixtape DJ Drama is involved with youn can get @

  10. jeremydante August 6, 2010

    teairra mari is so tired. she should hang it up.

  11. Randy August 6, 2010

    Why does the cover look like a kodak camera photo hasn’t been developed properly. Hit the light of day n didn’t work. Hmmm photo and music???

  12. TT August 6, 2010

    The mixtape will be out today via DJ Drama. Follow me @TeamTeairra for more info!!!!!

    ~EP on August 17~

    ~The Lottery Ticket on August 20~

    Dont worry I will forward the info to TGJ as well!
    Follow @TeamTeairra!! And Follow Tea @Teairra_Mari


  13. LuvMeDJ August 7, 2010


    If you didn’t take the damn word out of my mouth!!! Great point!!!! KUDOS!! Because that is soooo true! Some people may come to the site and only read wats blogged on the first link and not go to the second page to read more. Sam stating that all the songs are leaked makes people not want to buy it thinking they already have the material. Its a lot of negativity involving Teairra on this site and I think sometimes things are posted just to bring people in to tear her down. No one respects a hustler, everyone is always so quick to point out flaws or negative things to bring an artist down when they’re trying their best to put themselves out there.

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