Hot Shots: Guess Who!

Guess who was spotted playing basketball at Ludacris‘ 5th annual LudaDay charity event in Atlanta yesterday. Hint: he is a big fan of Kirby! Spot the answer below via Sir Mag:

It’s Chris Brown!

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. thekiddz September 6, 2010

    The s*** Chris Brown. But those tattoos UGHHHH

  2. BreezyBaby September 6, 2010


  3. LOTTIE September 6, 2010


  4. TRUTH September 6, 2010

    i keep saying if chris doesnt want to sing anymore he could be a basketball player

  5. Sasha September 6, 2010

    Damn he’s s***. I love seeing him smiling again…..go Breezy!

    That chick’s stans will be in here in 5…4…3…2………

  6. CRYSTAL September 6, 2010


  7. NOTSEXY September 6, 2010


  8. BK September 6, 2010

    I agree… Chris has way too many tattoos but I still love him to pieces! He looks like he’s having fun.

  9. Drop top girl September 6, 2010

    Chris got the loudest reception yesterday, everytime he’d touch the ball the fans went crazy! Ppl were only tweeting about Chris and someone was even crying lol… and apparently someone tried to challenge him to a dance off and everyone said that Chris embarrassed his ass in less than 30 secs and that he was an idiot to think he can go up against Chris! Lmao looks like he had a lot of fun, his team won too!!

  10. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 6, 2010

    OMG Chris has such a beautful smile. I’m happy to see him really smiling again.

  11. Secret Voice September 6, 2010

    Iwas at that game and when I tell you that he got the most applause,he did! Chris has gotten SO TALL! Saw him 3 times during the weekend! He’s sweet and many people love him and I was glad he saw and felt the love! He was TI last night at a club….

  12. UGh September 6, 2010


  13. Secret Voice September 6, 2010

    Those tattoos loked good to me in person! As cute as Chris is,he would be straight up beautiful if he wore a nice pair of pants PREFERABLY Black and a shirt with either sleeves or no sleeves with his shirt half way opened and put on a grown man chain or better yet some beads baby! Now don’t get me wrong I love Kirby too,LMAO! My best friend sister has a child and she just loves Kirby,it’s adorable!

  14. Soulful Roses September 6, 2010

    He is so GORGEOUS 😀

  15. Jeffrie September 6, 2010

    of course its C.Breezy

  16. KNUCK September 6, 2010

    I’m thinkin I can see his ass in those shorts.

    Basketball shorts are a gift from GOD. Amen.

  17. JonBerry September 6, 2010


    Who won the game? 🙂

  18. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 6, 2010


    Chris team won the game

  19. mari September 6, 2010


  20. Tiff September 6, 2010

    My Breezy!


  21. JonBerry September 6, 2010


    Thanks! 🙂

    Do you or anyone know if they have posted a clip of him at the game on Youtube?

  22. Drop top girl September 6, 2010

    Also, everytime Chris scored the announcer would yell “DEUCES!” lol

  23. Drop top girl September 6, 2010

    There’s a ustream vid around somewhere but I can’t remember where I saw it… hopefully someone else here has a link

  24. Lady September 6, 2010

    He looks good! I’ve gotten used to the tattoos…at first I was like “why???” but it could be worse he could be looking like a member from Young Money *shrugs*

    Oh and Takers fell to #2 in the box office this week. The American or whatever made about 1 million more dollars and it was played in 600 more theaters and only made about 13 million opening weekend…..FLOP….how do you play in more theaters then Takers and only make that much more? TAKERS STILL TAKING! And wasn’t the production for the movie only $20 milliion? Why do these sites keep saying $32 million? -_-

    Anyways I’m just waiting for it to turn into a hot ass mess in here in 3….2….1!!!!!!!!

  25. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 6, 2010


    Not only that but The American movie started showing Wed. that’s 2 days before the weekend. They had 5 days and that’s all they made BIG ASS FLOP?

  26. sheesh September 6, 2010

    F***** s***..

  27. Secret Voice September 6, 2010

    @ Lady! Are you FREGGIN (Chris word) kidding ME,13 million and that movie opened last Wed. I thought that dude George Clooney was supposed to be a big draw.I will be going to see Takers again this week.I know people that just went to see it over the weekend and they loved it!

  28. Chick Boom September 6, 2010

    I know those Tattoo’s from a mile away

  29. Krissy September 6, 2010

    Chris will forever to me be the sexiest man alive!!!

    #teambrezzy stand the f** up!!!!!

  30. Krissy September 6, 2010

    his tattoooosss!!! i love them…i always knew he was gonna get tatted up…long as he doesn’t touch that body ( minus the chest tatoo) and that gorgeous face

  31. ~TeAM WeeZY~ September 6, 2010

    Damn, he looks so YUMMY! Hmmmmm! I love my C.BReeZY! <3

  32. Krissy September 6, 2010

    @team weezy
    girl yummy ain’t event the word!!! lol

  33. JonBerry September 6, 2010

    I kind of new Takers would not make it to #1 this week with George “The media loves him more than life” Clooney’s new movie coming out. I am happy that it is still holding its own. You know how some ppl are, they have to wait until others say how good a movie is before they will actually go. I’m just glad ppl went out and continued to support Takers this weekend.

    Oh yeah did I mention that Chris Brown looks DAMN FINE above 🙂

  34. Krissy September 6, 2010

    and i gotta say check out his “f.a.m.e” tattoo

    I love that one

    Forgiving All My Enemies!!!

  35. Krissy September 6, 2010

    awwwwww man Takers not #1 no more???????


  36. JonBerry September 6, 2010

    What, “The American” came out on Wed starring the BIGGEST DRAW IN HOLLYWOOD and it only gross 13 million dollars in 5 days? Nah, y’all lying on poor George! 🙂

  37. JAZ0195 September 6, 2010

    I think his tatoos are cool they don’t look that bad.

  38. Krissy September 6, 2010


    soooooooo takers is still #1??????

  39. Lady September 6, 2010

    Takers isnt still #1 this weekend but came in #2 by about 12 million this weekend 😀

    The thing is all these movies are played in 600 or more theaters than Takers and Takers is still taking the top spots in the box office! Who mad? Lol. I knew it wouldnt be #1 this weekend I actually did expect it to fall off more but this is good! But how does George Clooney only do that much is what I’d like to know?

    Just wait for Takers to come out oversaes next month! Overseas love Chris(and since he cant tour right now this while be the next best thing)!

    But seriously isnt the budget for Takers only $20 million? Cuz before numbers came out everyone said it cost $20 million to make now they are saying its $32 million….which one is it?

  40. Imanni September 6, 2010

    Saw these pics yesterday I knew it was my BREEZY. And YESS he is looking FINEEE!!!


    S***! I was just watching some of it on Ustream but I cant remember the link. If I can find it ill post it =)

  41. Me September 6, 2010

    Yes, it was $20 mill until it was “declared” #1. There’s a lot of funny stuff going on. For example:

    I’m still trying to reply to ppl on Twitter who talk about making/buying bootleg. It already has SO MUCH HATE, etc being thrown at it, so to have Black folks stealing money from these guys too, and not adding to the #s ANNND passing the stuff around too… it PISSES ME OFF!
    I wish we could start an ANTI-BOOTLEG TWITTER TEAM to put these ppl on blast or at least make them aware of the big picture! ANy takers? lol

    On another note: I LOVE that this kid has enough self-confidence to wear different kinds of clothes, jewelry ANNND smile! Some guys think smiling will make them look less cool or something. This kid just kind of gives you…HIM.

  42. JonBerry September 6, 2010


    Nah, they say it came in @ #2 but I’m still happy because “according to the powers that be”, it was not suppose to perform as well as it has. They predicted it would fail because of Chris Brown and the fact that not all of the main stars in the film were caucasian. They assumed that Takers would not appeal to a wider audience! I’m so, so, so, happy their predictions FAILED MISERABLY!


  43. Lady September 6, 2010

    Exactly! Before it was #1 and still shitting on all these movies in the box office the budget was $20 million…the budget has been $20 million to make the movie for 2 years now and now all the sudden its $32 million? Lol….I can’t with what the media says….Takers passed its budget opening weekend.

    And That link @me posted is PROOF the budget is $20 MILLION! Dont let the media tell you different even BoxOfficeMojo said so and now they say its $32 million? WTF?

    And lol at the link also cuz they were laughing at the fact Takers probably wouldnt make the amount of its budget back……I guess that guy/woman or whoever wrote it feels dumb right about now? Never underestimate the power of a s*** ass cast!

  44. Lady September 6, 2010

    In fact last weekend Box Office said it was $20 million…now they say its $32 million…..hmmm…. (Now says $32 million….FALSE)

    But I’m not too surprised they STILL don’t have their facts straight cuz they keep listed T.I. as the “excutive producer” along with Chris when T.I. is a “Producer” not an “excutive producer”…..I guess they don’t like giving full credit huh?

  45. ilovebreezy September 6, 2010

    i love his smile its so cute 🙂

  46. JonBerry September 6, 2010


    SCREW THEM! Some folks will never learn. They never see the big picture. The success of a film like Takers means there can be more quality films with many different ppl in positions of lead actors, film directors (Will Packar sp?), producers (T.I. etc), executive producers (Chris Brown and Morris Chestnutt, yes he too was an ex-dir) etc.

  47. Imanni September 6, 2010


    Morris Chestnut REALLY!!!! Thats cool =)

  48. Me September 6, 2010


    I know I should just say screw them, but I do think SOME people just never thought about it. I keep seeing tweets about mom or dad bringing home bootlegs of takers,lottery ticket, etc. If that;s what people know, they will just keep doing it. Plus, some people dont really know how stuff works ESPECIALLY when you combine it with how THIS country works.

    There ARE some people that have Tweeted like “eff them nigs, they already rich so im bout to cop this takers bootleg”, etc. SO they tend to reply to me with like ..”EFF YOU”, etc. So defensive, lol.

    Plus, how BOLD of people to put this stuff online! Twitter is not private, lol. People say stuff like it’s not possible someone else can read it.

  49. Me September 6, 2010

    In fact, there was a girl who says she’s TEAMBREEZY (on her page) bragging about getting it on bootleg.
    @Krazii4CBreezy I got takers on black market!!!!….ahhhhh got damn Chris sexayy!
    @Cjay310 lmao uhmmm u can stop now!!! i have Takers on black market!!!!!!!…’s breezy babyyy!
    Lawdddddddd I have Takers on DVD!!!!!….black market babyyyy:)…legoo!

    I replied to her and look what she replied:
    @angsproject what dha f***?..I have seen it nd made every family member see it!…get dha f*** outta here!

    So, instead of going back to the movies to see it again and saving up to get the DVD, none of them has to pay anything anymore AND she kept bragging about havin it

  50. annie September 6, 2010

    When the budget money is increased it’s because some of the actors might have signed a contract that didn’t pay them until movie got released. Usually some actors contracts say they don’t get paid until release date of the film or they get a small percentage during first sign and some from movie profit.

  51. Krissy September 6, 2010

    ya’ll i got this bad feeling in my gut about something…but im not gone start nothing on this post!!

  52. I and I (yardie style) September 6, 2010

    His smile is so contagious. Too cute for words

  53. Me September 7, 2010

    @ ANNIE

    Interesting! I’ve never heard that. .Thanks for sharing. Can’t seem to find any other explanation for the increase. Especially, since other movies are still saying their original amount. Hmm…

  54. Lady September 7, 2010

    We all know the budget is really $20 million either way….cuz no other movie has budgets that change even with an exception of the actors or whatever. Takers passed its budget opening weekend let the media continue to give false info….

  55. jonberry September 7, 2010


    Yes, I was meaning to post that fact after seeing Takers for the 2nd time. I finally sat through the credits. I love that the 1st name you saw after the film ended was Chris Brown and is name appeared again above Morris Chestnut’s who should have had his sexiness in the film! I guess that would have been entirely too much fine on the screen at one time! 🙂

  56. jonberry September 7, 2010


    I agree keep up the good work! You are so right some ppl have never been taught the importance of supporting a cause and what it could mean for them if they choose to pursue a similar path!

  57. jonberry September 7, 2010


    Don’t say that! Things are going well so we are going to meditate on the positive and let GOD handle the foolishness!

  58. Bluekid September 7, 2010

    Hey team breezy, no haters wow, chri is looking s*** as all get up lol

  59. Geronimo Deuces September 7, 2010

    Go chris

    im glad “TAKERS” is doing its thing 😀 sorry Jay, Oprah and Tyra

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