Hot Shots: Omarion Does Fashion Week

Published: Saturday 18th Sep 2010 by Sam

R&B singer Omarion debuted an ‘interesting’ new look at New York Fashion Week. The former B2K star was spotted front row at the L.A.M.B. Spring 2011 fashion showcase on Thursday (September 16th).

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  1. the kiddz September 18, 2010

    I just want to see his cakes? 😀

  2. jazybelle September 18, 2010

    oh lord

  3. harvey September 18, 2010

    Dame!!!him nd Kat Deluna been front row at every fashion show.They on there A-Flow.but only O would cross his legs cuz he be getting front row nowadays.He setting trends betta than Chris.Breezy.

  4. Mindset212 September 18, 2010

    Why does everyone wanna see Omarions ass? Ive seen him in quick change booths and trust me.. theres not much theres.. He’s very shortl which gives the illusion of a rounder ass, but now that hes even thinner. theres really nothing but two extremely hairy little cheeks.

  5. keepingitreal September 18, 2010


  6. Chile Please!! September 18, 2010

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This look is all wrong! WTF was he thinking. I just can’t…it’s soooooo much to say about this but i’m not even going to go there. Omarigirl PLEASE STOP!

  7. Ummmm September 18, 2010

    He is giving Verse Power Bottom here O_o

  8. Ova It September 18, 2010

    I think the look is great…. It’s different for him but why are y’all hating? He looks great. No different than Kanye, Swizzle Beatz, Chris Brown and all those other metrosexuals!!! Go Omorian! Do YOU!

  9. KNUCK September 18, 2010

    miss hunnay hunnay HUNNAYY!!!

  10. Miss Chick Boom September 18, 2010

    That picture is so…

    How U Doin??

    Makes me believe that Bow Wow really did smash that.

  11. Tiff September 18, 2010

    Who’s That Chick?


  12. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 18, 2010


    This girl can really sing. Who is she?

  13. Soulful Roses September 18, 2010

    Snap for the kids, snap in a circle three times…

  14. Oh Hell No September 18, 2010

    Oh hell no! Ms. Thang is looking like a gay puppet! Sit it down and keep it moving the great Ms. O and I don’t mean Oprah!

  15. That Cranberry Sauce September 18, 2010

    HE TRIED IT!!!

  16. Oh Hell No September 18, 2010


    Why is Chris’ name being mentioned? He has nothing to do with this post. The fabulous Miss O is in no way shape or form a trendsetter more like a cheap fad!

    Hmmm…..pass the dutchie on the left hand side!

  17. Robier September 18, 2010


  18. Ms.T September 18, 2010

    Omarion……………………..oh you zesty huh?

  19. prymadonna September 18, 2010

    After a decade,..britney still doing her best.
    I see if some people say that she got less on talent, a moderate voice and simple.

    But one thing you should notice that,..why her last album Circus goodly sold (over 4 Million) and a great tour is because her music.
    She braves to bring a new material…from Baby One More Time to If u Seek Amy.
    from Sometimes to Piece of Me…

    She also proves that in 10 years,..she is the first artist (non-reality-show-artist) to debut straight at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 with ‘3′ song. Then eminem follows her with ‘Not Afraid’,…whatever it is,..she breaking the records.

    i don’t see why U people must drag a sweet and humble Britney in this s***???
    She always doing on her path,..she not even comment negatively on Christina, gaga, beyonce or rihanna.

    But these stupid b****** always doing shits on her:

    gaga: try to make a gimmick by releasing the Telephone demo and relate the song with Britney. (to get more attention maybe)

    Beyonce: always give a damn comment on Britney’s lip-sync and fashions.

    Rihanna: a big laugh on VMA 2007.

    But Britney???…never gave a word of comment on any other artists.

    the fact is why Britney stays on the rtop ight now is because of her GREAT MUSICS…

    1. 3
    2. Circus
    3. Womanizer
    4. If U Seek Amy
    5. radar

    All of these single were succeed in Top 3 , Top 10 and Top 20 charts worldwide. For your information,..Womanizer #1 on Hot 100 Billboard, Circus #3 on Hot 100 Billboard, 3 #1 on Hot 100 Billboard. If U Seek Amy #19 on Hot 100 Billboard (charted-low due to controversial), Radar Top 40, Gimme More # 3 on Hot 100 Billboard, Piece of Me Top 20 on Hot 100 Billboard.

    [ these f****** great musics by Britney are ‘struggle’ under Gaga & Beyonce era and just after her low-light moments (2007-2008),…and she proves that she still being listed as Top 10 on Forbes recently ]

    Her albums sold over than 100 Million,..and tons of Hits.

    She is the female best-selling-solo artist of the decade.. Not Beyonce, Not madonna and Not the new gaga or the fellow Christina.

    Are u ready for her new materials???…

    Heard that some collaboration with Rusko, Dr. Luke, Darkchild, Max Martin, Usher, Akon and Snoop Dogg…and by herself.
    She also praised Gaga in one of her latest interview,…see how humble she is?

    Just leave her alone,…it’s the Queen of Pop Musics.

    The Legendary Miss Britney Spears!

  20. ~Team Weezy~ September 18, 2010

    LMAOOOOO! These pictures are TOO damn funny!

  21. ! SoWhat ! September 18, 2010

    welll… anyone gonna throw a gay joke??? CMONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  22. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS September 18, 2010

    He looks a hot mess he tryna do what Chris Brown did last year at fashion week and he failed with his wanna be Fonzworth Bently. Omarion don’t try again just give up. Sorry

  23. Yellow Gorilah September 18, 2010


    Omarion HOW U DOIN!

  24. CIARADABESS September 18, 2010

    Who’s gone hollywood now b****!!!

    He’s so idiotic and lame.

  25. Rihsus September 18, 2010

    He looks like P. Diddy’s ex-Umbrella servant. Fonstworth Bent-something or w/e.
    Oh, on top of looking dumb as hale.

  26. Landen September 18, 2010

    Talk about a prefabricated piece s***

    talking ass who is constantly going

    out of his way to outshine the next

    less than mediocre R&B artist out

    there. Omarion. Runs Over. Unless

    you get humble and start dancing


  27. Ghetto Fab September 18, 2010

    Ridiculous! Everyone will think this look is “cool” and “in” meanwhile gay men have been walking around rocking this look for decades. I’m sick of people like him and Kanye jocking the style and other’s calling fashion icons. Annoying!

  28. RATED X September 18, 2010

    my only question is, WHERE IS BOW WOW AT?

  29. Ciara’s Left Bollock September 18, 2010

    GIRL BYE! Miss Grandberry looks a damn mess. She ain’t fooling no one with this fuckery, it’s just not her.

  30. C September 18, 2010

    Don;t they say basic rule black shoes white socks is a flop?

  31. anon September 18, 2010

    His whole fashion sense is an EPIC FAIL!!! He just needs to stop it!!

  32. TMM09 September 18, 2010

    There is nothing fashionable about the pathethic smuck

  33. JonBerry September 18, 2010

    Yes, “GO Omarion”….go home and change that hideous ensemble! Zesty one.

  34. Nique September 19, 2010

    Farnsworth Bentley had that style 7 years ago. EPIC FAIL.

  35. True Blue September 19, 2010

    What straight man sits like that?!?!

  36. Jolie September 19, 2010

    LMAO @ all the guys are funny, u really went in………anyway, you go Ms O with your fabulous self….*snaps 3 times in a Z formation*..LOL

  37. Jasmine September 19, 2010

    He looks gay and queeny. No, I’m not hating just stating the obvious. I have gaydar too so I can tell a gay man when I see one and what position he likes…he looks like a gay man that likes to take it up the ass.

  38. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 19, 2010

    oh my. whatever floats your boat

  39. Imanni September 19, 2010

    Forget the stupid outfit…..WHAT IS THAT ON HIS MIDDLE FINGER???? Is that 2 plastic eyeballs?

  40. Quiana September 19, 2010

    what the hell does he have on and WHY!!! Lord please help these souls because they are lost very lost and I am smh on this mess.

  41. Parisian girl September 19, 2010

    Those gay jokes are so tired and predictable
    Sam u ain’t slick b%tch i see trough u
    U just got What u wanted lol

  42. DION-ISH September 19, 2010





  43. nesa September 19, 2010

    Work it Miss O lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Yoko September 19, 2010

    His stylist is straight playing him like a gameboy. What kind of sick and twisted sense of humor does he/she have? They are always dressing him up like a clown. And the funny thing is he just looks as confident as ever. How cute!

  45. Jordin90 September 19, 2010


  46. Tami September 19, 2010

    He looks ridiculous

  47. CRE8TIVE_i September 19, 2010

    wait did anyone notice the “HELLO KITTY” necklace… WAIT, WAIT, WAIT…STOP NOWWWWWWWWWWWW….

  48. kellz September 19, 2010

    This must be how black celebrities “come out” without actually coming out and saying it.
    Wait for Neyo to flex something similar….Just saying

  49. Pharis September 19, 2010

    While I’m not fond of this channeling of Steve Urkel that he’s doing, I was going to give him a pass for trying.

    But I goddamn refuse with that Hello Kitty necklace.

  50. GangsterA September 19, 2010

    lmao omarion what the hell happend to you

  51. Wake Up Six September 19, 2010

    Hello Kitty!? #Casket

  52. Myway September 20, 2010

    Damn, y’all just about said it all up in here. O’moron looks a hot mess. What in the world was miss thing thinking about when he slid this outfit on & stepped out in public?

  53. Girl yassss September 20, 2010

    Yassssssssssss hunny give me 3 snaps in Z formation!

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