L.A. Reid Was Not Fired From Island Def Jam

Published: Wednesday 22nd Sep 2010 by Trent

Reports have been swirling today that Island Def Jam CEO, Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid, had been fired from his post by the heads of the Universal Music Group. However, XXL magazine has received word from an official representative of the label who confirms that the rumours “are completely untrue and without merit”.

Reid, who became the head of IDJ in 2004, is credited for signing Mariah Carey, Young Jeezy, Justin Bieber and OutKast to the label. However, the music mogul received severe criticism from industry pundits after the underwhelming performances of Rihanna and Carey’s most recent studio albums as well as for adding rapper Shyne and Jennifer Lopez to the label’s lineup.


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  1. Music Lover September 22, 2010

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! he needs to be fired!

  2. drfenty September 22, 2010

    i understand mariah flopping, but rihanna sold 3 million albums after 9 months.

    but i know sam and trent think throwing shade looks cute on them. pathetic.

    i cant speak for the rest but mariah is a legend and had one of the biggest albums and songs of the previous decade.

    the same goes for rihanna. so thats a fail.

    but this post WILL b flooded with the usual RIHANNA haters having african monkey rain dances celebrating chris browns t takers movie…


  3. UGh September 22, 2010

    Something has to be going on though with the rumors something ain’t right

  4. UGh September 22, 2010


    why are you so racist/prejudice? this isn’t the 1st time i’ve seen you refer to ppl on this blog as monkeys or Negroids.
    Rihanna is black, you do know that right?

  5. Kevin September 22, 2010

    just fire him already.

  6. CC September 22, 2010

    Thats a shame…Def Jam don’t seem to be able to get it right these days!
    Amerie, Karina, Kristinia DeBarge…all did next to nothing with their most recent albums, and all were really good!
    Something ain’t right…

  7. Rihsus September 22, 2010

    Why is this filed under “The Dream” ?

  8. O LeDoIt September 22, 2010

    L.A. Reid ruins a lot of major artist careers. He needs to step it up or step out.

  9. OUPS I S*** ON YOU AGAIN September 22, 2010

    @CC thanks you
    Rated R 2.3 – 2.5 millions not 3 millions STOP THE B******* @Dr Fenty

    I dont care if LA Reid was fired or not; There is too much favoristism in this label for me to care

  10. Lady September 22, 2010

    Rihanna didnt flop but she did underperform as they said. Atleast they didnt call her a goat this time. It was probably shade but Trent was able to admitt Mariah underperfomed too which is true. Rihanna was expected to do better with Rated R espically given all the promotion.

  11. tiff September 22, 2010

    if this news is true I would not be surprised. He has made a lot of bad calls (i.e not signing Lady Gaga) the guy is a freaking idiot. The he signs J-No aka Jenny on the C***?? ROTFL!

  12. Lady September 22, 2010

    Anyways he needs to check some of the acts he is signing. They better get J Lo a hit or something….

  13. True Blue September 22, 2010

    “if this news is true I would not be surprised. He has made a lot of bad calls (i.e not signing Lady Gaga) the guy is a freaking idiot. The he signs J-No aka Jenny on the C***?? ROTFL!

    Don’t forget continually trying SO HARD with Riyodel when it is pretty clear that at this point she is not worth the investment. Oh well, we’ll find out if L.A. will merit being kicked to the curb or not depending on how “Loud” and J.Lo’s upcoming album will do…

  14. jojo September 22, 2010

    No more bad behavior for these artists.

  15. SHIMMYCOCOA September 22, 2010

    Not Jenny on the C***!!! LMAO

    I got my hopes up about his firing for nothing. -_-

  16. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS September 22, 2010

    He needs to be fired

  17. Bluekid September 22, 2010

    @ Tiff

    That was a good one Jenny on the c***! ROFL!

    Rihyance better do good this time, they are promoting her to the hilts, with the Doritos endorsement and all, this album better sell big. They is promoting her more than any artist I have ever seen in my life time. I do not understand why they put so much money in a person who lacks talent and is so needy.

  18. Bluekid September 22, 2010

    I’m not saying Rihyonce doesn’t have any talent she does, but it is limited for so much money to be poured on a person who gives so little.

    There is a method to this madness, I just don’t get it. I don’t listen to her music so I will never get it.

  19. Lady September 22, 2010

    I love how Chris Brown’s name was already brought up in the second comment on the post by a Rihanna stan. Lmao. And for what? Before anyone could even say their opinion there someone goes. Can’t say I shocked though…

  20. Oscar September 22, 2010

    Of course the ONLY name you guys saw was Rihanna aka “Riyodel” as you immature c**** title her. I mean seriously people when are we grow up. More importantly. When is Cry Brown stans gonna grow up…..smdh….

  21. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 22, 2010

    This is great news now all the fraud will have to stop. Either you have it or you don’t. I read sometime ago that this new person taking L.A. job will be cleaning house. This was supposed to happen January of next year the firing of L.A. Reid, because of to much money being spent but I guess things has gotten worse and they could not wait no longer

  22. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 22, 2010

    Trent he did get his pick slip but the are keeping it under raps

  23. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 22, 2010

    oops pink

  24. NICKY September 22, 2010



    #1 – NORWAY
    #1 – BELGIUM

    KEEP IT UP GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  25. NICKY September 22, 2010




  26. Bluekid September 22, 2010

    @ Lady
    I notice that too his name was mentioned by “drfenty” whom is the second person to post! ROFL! Rihyonce fans just can’t keep his name out of their mouths.

  27. Lady September 22, 2010

    September 22, 2010 at 1:41 am
    Of course the ONLY name you guys saw was Rihanna aka “Riyodel” as you immature c**** title her. I mean seriously people when are we grow up. More importantly. When is Cry Brown stans gonna grow up…..smdh….
    Of course it never fails for Rihanna stans to be the FIRST to throw shade at Chris before his stans even get to the post lmao. The second comment already had CB’s name in it. Lmao. FAIL! When will all stans grow up is what you should be asking. And c****? Boo you sound mad. You are talking about immature name calling but….aren’t you doing the same? “C****” and “Cry Brown” but thats mature right? Lmao. Oh sweetie please pratice what you preach before you come at anyone sideways. Don’t expect name calling to stop when you follow the same pattern.


  28. True Blue September 22, 2010

    It’s not unusual for blogs to first have the scoop on breaking news like this, but a lot of the times it can be hearsay as well, so I’ll just wait until official word breaks on this (because it’s not the first time there’s been a rumor that L.A. Reid was dropped from Def Jam).

  29. Bluekid September 22, 2010

    @ Not A Rumor

    The comments where more interesting than the story, LOL thanks!

  30. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 22, 2010

    @True Blue

    Your right about that tho

  31. JAZ0195 September 22, 2010

    How about they drop rihanna I’m so sick of hearing her horrible voice. No other label will want her.

  32. JT September 22, 2010


  33. Bluekid September 22, 2010

    @ JAZ0195

    I agree with you 100%

  34. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 22, 2010


    I read Not A Rumor that site the comments part, you are right it’s something else. I notice they kept bringing up one name

  35. BK September 22, 2010

    Everyone is saying that he is fired though. Anyways I don’t think he signed Rihanna so if he was fired, it wasn’t because of her. And why the hell are people talking about Chris?? This has nothing to do with him, it barely has anything to do with Rihanna!! If you Chris Brown/ Rihanna fans spent this much time supporting your artists they probably wouldn’t under perform! That’s to both fanbases. (I’m apart of Chris’ incase you’re wondering)

  36. Wire September 22, 2010

    Jennifer Lopez was a better investment than any artists on that label.

    The Icon has sold millions of records. She discovered Beyonce and put her on.

    If anything Def Scam doesn’t deserve her. She is our God. We worship the ground she walks on.

    But the Icon Jennifer Lopez sits enthroned forever; she has established her throne for justice, and she judges the world with righteousness; she judges the peoples with uprightness. —Psalm 9:7-8

  37. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 22, 2010


    If you look at the top comments it was one of Rihanna’s fan bringing Chris name on this post and the other person said something about it, that’s why you heard his name again.

  38. Bluekid September 22, 2010

    Plain and Simple
    It is always Ms. Fenty’s fans bring up his name, always!
    I seen X,Y, and Z in their fighting like a warrior. LOL

  39. Bluekid September 22, 2010

    @ Wire repeat your self because you are not making any since

    Beyonce is not with Def Jem, but JLO is!

  40. Bluekid September 22, 2010

    You blasphemer:

    Psalm 9:7-8 (New Living Translation)

    7 But the Lord reigns forever,
    executing judgment from his throne.
    8 He will judge the world with justice
    and rule the nations with fairness.

  41. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 22, 2010


    XY and Z is something else but I love it lol!

  42. Soulful Roses September 22, 2010

    The biggest mistake DefScam ever made was letting Lady Gaga go. Mr. Reid could’ve had one of the biggest selling artist on the label but her choose otherwise. I bet everytime he sees her perform, or catches one of her videos on Tv he gets sick to his stomach. But DefScam aren’t worried about talent though. They are just focusing on who is marketable. Which is why they pump so much money into Rihanna&Justin Beiber. They may have limited talent, but they’re marketable. They reel in the most dough, which is why they recieve the most promotion, which is sad. If talents like Mariah, Amerie, Karina, and Chrisette Michelle knew what was good for them, they would get the hell out of dodge and find a label thats willing to support them, promote them, and fight for them like they deserve.

  43. Soulful Roses September 22, 2010

    But the Icon Jennifer Lopez sits enthroned forever; she has established her throne for justice, and she judges the world with righteousness; she judges the peoples with uprightness. —Psalm 9:7-8
    I just can’t with fuckery like this *vomits*..and correction YOU worship the ground J.Lo walks on. It aian’t no WE…

  44. JAZ0195 September 22, 2010


  45. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 22, 2010

    @Soulful Roses

    I see you changed you avatar to J Cole

  46. KP September 22, 2010

    Words is TEDDY RILEY will be replacing LA Reid position…….. Which will be great for music………

  47. Luv-Lee September 22, 2010

    After what this man did to Janet, he should have been fired a LONG time ago. He’s out of touch and he is f****** up music. He is part of the reason why music is going down hill today. I wonder who started this rumor? And why would he be receiving criticism for signing Shyne Po?? He is a REAL MC!!!

  48. Soulful Roses September 22, 2010

    @Plain and Simple

    Yup!…loves J.Cole 🙂 His mixtape “The Warm Up” was something. Great music indeed…

  49. Lady September 22, 2010


  50. Lady September 22, 2010

    September 22, 2010 at 2:57 am
    Jennifer Lopez was a better investment than any artists on that label.

    The Icon has sold millions of records. She discovered Beyonce and put her on.

    If anything Def Scam doesn’t deserve her. She is our God. We worship the ground she walks on.

    But the Icon Jennifer Lopez sits enthroned forever; she has established her throne for justice, and she judges the world with righteousness; she judges the peoples with uprightness. —Psalm 9:7-8
    *Throws holy water on you* Please tell me you are joking? I remember you are the same asshole trying to convince US there is no God. Talking about “She is our God” Boo BYE! She might be YOUR God sweetie but I only know of one God I worship. There is no WE! Just YOUR crazy ass. And wtf was that passage at the end? You need to go back to your room in the mental hospital.

    Don’t worry sweetie some nice men will be there in a second to help you find your way back 😀

  51. True Blue September 22, 2010


    A recently escaped mental patient has been safely returned to us thanks to an anonymous person who called the police after spotting said patient on a music blog site known as “That Grape Juice”. The patient commented under the pseudonym “Wire”, and his IP address has been traced back to his mother’s house, where he formerly resided in her basement before being sent to our psychiatric facilities for mental problems.

    Our thanks to the commenter known as “Lady” for tipping off the police, and we extend our gratitude to the New York Police Department for ensuring the safe return of our patient.


  52. Soulful Roses September 22, 2010


  53. Lady September 22, 2010

    @True blue

  54. tiff September 22, 2010

    LMFAO @ True Blue! I swear yall crack me UP! I needed that laugh

  55. JAZ0195 September 22, 2010


  56. LOUD September 22, 2010

    IDK about you but ‘Only H**’ is becoming my Jam!…










  57. Geronimo Deuces September 22, 2010

    mmmmm i thought THE DREAM WAS FIRED TOO…………….. karma is a b**** mstzzzzzz

  58. madison September 22, 2010

    F@ck u haters talkin s*** about JLO!!!!! the b**** is bout to be back on top….with all your girls trying to emulate her once again

  59. theman September 22, 2010

    Mariah is the biggest selling most influential artist on that damn label. She’ll have thing sher way. Her album went gold off of 1 tophot100 hit alone, Rihanna had the scandel and a ton of press and a number one single, along with about 2 or 3 hot100 top 10 hits, and she only went platinum. Rihanna is not an album seller period. Her albums do ok. She has these huge hits, but they don’t translate into album sales.

  60. mike t September 22, 2010

    The level disrespect shown to LA Reid, by the music biz, and by the media is hard to believe.
    This man is not only responsible for signing Usher, Outkast, and TLC, he also signed PInk and Avril Levine, as well as The Killers. Trust me yall, theirs no head of any label with the resume like LA, that would be disrespected like he’s been.

    It’s the R word at it’s finest

  61. Jazybelle September 22, 2010

    LA Reid made a lot of poor business decisions recently so maybe its time for him to bounce idk…
    Anyway its obvious that Rated R was a waste of money for def jam but I dont think Riri t is the one to blame in this particular issue , at least she is making some money with the singles sales… well as much as I hate to admit it ,she is even doing waaaaay better than Chrisette michelle or Melanie Fiona when its come to album sales.
    I think Rihanna is succefull because there is a popular demand for “artist” like her ,like it or not ,most of the consummers enjoy a pretty girl that can walk around the stage half naked singin some silly generic songs (britney ,katy perry ,even beyonce…) the industry has always been like this this, thats why not so talented actresses like Marilyn monroe or brigitte bardot became legends in the first place .
    Non-yodeling singers will be succefull the day people will buy their music AND their image money talks so Invest It Wisely …

  62. Jazybelle September 22, 2010

    @ true blueyou had me rolling on the floor laughing with your last comment

  63. LOUD September 22, 2010


    “like it or not ,most of the consummers enjoy a pretty girl that can walk around the stage half naked singin some silly generic songs (britney ,katy perry, GWEN STEFANI, & even GAGA…)”

    How can you include the Queen Bey when unlike those other B****** she actually has TALENT AND Looks?? & Bey (& even Rihanna’s) music is far from generic compared to most of that Mess on the Radio today. Both deliver some great music. Bey’s Halo was like the last song of substance to become a big hit & that was over a yar ago!!. & Yes Bey can ‘Yodel lay hoohoo’ Among her many other vocal abilities. NEXT

    But yes the Demand for “little to No Talent’ B****** is on the Rise big Time, The industry is a mess, Its almost as if consumers are boycotting Talent & real Music(Beyonce) & riding with Autotune/Techno b******. SMH

  64. LOUD September 22, 2010

    If Bey dont hurry up with her next album I might just go crazy!!

    Beyonce >>> The Industry…

  65. JAZYBELLE September 22, 2010

    I knew some bee stan will come at me for tha s*** oh well
    Bee is one of the most talented chick in the industry right know and no one can do what she does better period, BUT She wouldnt have made it so Big if she looked and dressed like india Arie for expemple (who is very pretty in my opinion ) or if she was doing old school inspired music like work it out or the one she did with the legendary luther vandross on her dangerously in love album .
    My point is that even tho she is far more talented than Katy ,Brit or Riri she still needs to sing songs like single laidies (which does’n t have more substance than cali girls or rude boy) and show some ass in order to stay in the game.

  66. egialbania September 22, 2010

    omg i cant waitttt anymore for new album jlo LOVE c mon i hate pornostar ladygaga beyonce rihana i wana to se again jlo in the top charts

  67. Dan September 22, 2010

    I love you hating fuckers. Rihanna is a bigger artist then ALL of your f****** faves which is why I see these c-error stans and criminal brown fans crying about a b****.

    Rihanna is THE BIGGEST FEMALE ARTIST of that company and dont lie about it Trent

    Mariah f****** Carey’s last two albums flopped and GGGB and Rated R have done MUCH better then E=MC2 and Memoirs so b**** SIT!

    E=MC2 = 1.5 million worldwide
    GGGB = 8 million worldwide
    Memoirs = 500, 000 worldwide
    Rated R = 3 million worldwide

    Not to mention Rihanna’s tour did MUCH better then Mariah who had to do f****** school gyms. and I love Mariah so im not being hateful, been a fan for 11 years and i went to see angels advocate, she didnt sell out a single show while rihanna did GREAT in Europe and despite cancelling 6 effin shows she sold out LA and New York the biggest arenas of life

  68. Chica September 22, 2010

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He needs to go since yesterday.

  69. Stacey September 22, 2010

    To all of you citing RIAA numbers:

    How many albums an artist sells is irrelevant if what the record company spends on promotion exceeds the profits from sales. For all of you mathematically challenged people, here’s an example:

    If a record company spends 5 million dollars promoting an artist’s album, and the album sells 3 million worldwide, after deductions are made to pay songwriters, producers, transportation costs, taxes, and packaging fees, the record company DOESN’T MAKE A PROFIT, and neither does the artist. That is when they have to immediately go on tour. Prices for those tour tickets are made to offset losses from the failure of the CD to recoup expenses.

    THAT IS WHY LAREID GOT INTO SO MUCH TROUBLE FOR OVERPROMOTING RATED R. They spent millions to promote it but didn’t even sell 1 million in the states where most of the promotion occurred. The artist only gets about 1 dollar for every CD sold (unless, of course, the CD was sold for .99, in which case the artist gets nothing).

    You poor souls, singles mean nothing, because the record companies make no profits from it. They pay stations to play singles to promote ALBUM SALES! Album sales and tours are how profits are made, but if an artist can’t match record sales to promotion, and can’t at least break even for a record company via concert sales, the RECORD COMPANY LOSES MONEY.

    Whew! It’s a shame to have to explain this, but I know that even now, some people won’t get it.

  70. TEE September 22, 2010

    @Stacey: Believe some of us do get what your even the Stans, they just can’t accept the truth.

  71. TEE September 22, 2010

    I meant, get what you are saying

  72. FLOPnetFLOPson September 22, 2010

    Youre exaggerating those numbers…so not only has Rihannas singing left you deaf, but has her red rainbow wig left you blind too?
    Did Mariah need a scandal to sell records? Did Mariah need [fill in the blank] rappers to win grammys/awards?
    …and must I remind you that Rihanna sold FLOOR seets for $10-$20, and even handed out some for free. And didnt she cancel some of her tour dates because of low sales?

    RiCRAPPa on Mariah: “I looked up to [Mariah] a lot and I still do. I admire her as an artist, and to compete with her]was a moment I will never forget for the rest of my life”

  73. Yellow Gorillah September 22, 2010

    nobody said rihanna is better then mariah

    they just stated that rihannna has sold more then her from there last two albums
    mariah is LEGEND aint nobody c oming for her boobooo

    At I think L.A Reaid should be ierd there just something not right about him =/

    He f***** up w ith TLC
    He f***** up with MY QUEEN JANET!
    He f***** up with Carey

    Rated R to me was not a flop as in quility of music but it was a flop as in sales but 3 million is not soo bad (when some artist these days cant even go platinum)

  74. Yellow Gorillah September 22, 2010

    *Dameee my spelling be looking a MESS TODAY* MOTHER F****** KEYBOARD!

  75. Bluekid September 22, 2010

    @ True Blue, that was funny what you said about Wire! ROFL!

    @ Stacy, you are on point and you summed it up well!

    @ FLOPnetFLOPson, ROFL! LMAO!

  76. Over September 22, 2010

    Word is the position is being offer to TEDDY RILEY>>>>>>>

  77. IF HE HAD SPENT THAT MONEY ON CIARA September 22, 2010

    If this dumb a-hole had spent that money on ciara she would easily be bigger than beyonce now.

  78. ciara sexiest woman alive September 22, 2010

    There is a huge demographic out there, that has never even heard of Ciara all because she is the only girl who wont suck his baboon d8ck

  79. ricky September 22, 2010

    all i kno is jlo is coming back n hard she aint goin no where
    every artist is different they all have thier own style n voice so i aint gonna hate on any of them
    i just cant wait for love? to come out im really excited bout this album…………

  80. I.D. September 22, 2010

    Nobody should forget how he f***ed up Janet’s Discipline album, by not letting her have any input, whatsoever………. Karma’s a b****, ain’t it, L.A.?

  81. bobs September 22, 2010

    I know — if selling 3 million albums, and another 6 million singles is a flop for Rihanna – poor Chris Brown is worth than a s*** stain. Poor n**** didn’t even kiss the 200k mark… He be wiping the floor with pathetic mix tapes.

  82. Ch.. September 22, 2010

    DEAD @ the Manriah fans lashing out and blame LA for her flops. STFU and sit down. He promoted that pig for filth!

  83. jessnosugar September 22, 2010

    Too bad people don’t spend tthe slightest effort verifying rumors before jacking them all over the place. Just a little P.I. work would have revealed the man is still in his seat at IDJ. All things change but stop with all the b.s. dissing. Success just chaps some folks I guess.

  84. Corazon September 22, 2010


    shut the f*** up. Maybe your punk ass is the man. Let’s see you win a beauty contest. Anyway, Mariah’s album sales are both her and the label’s fault. equal blame. Mariah’s been around long enough to have SOME say…but anyway again…L.A. Reid just needs to go. LMFAO @true blue about wire…haha XD

  85. Corazon September 22, 2010

    my bad…better yet you’re a t***** 😀 lol

  86. Lacoste September 23, 2010


  87. kelvin September 23, 2010

    To the foolz it was only 2 rih concerts that had tickets for 20 bux
    The rest ranged from 80 to 100 so shut the f*** up
    To the person that said gggb sold 8mill its 9mill my fwendz uncle is a defjam exec nd he knowz
    Rih iz f***** bigger than bitchonce it only lady gaga thatz in d game rite nw bigger than rih
    Nd thatz even about to change fanx to loud
    Antonio reid is nt fired but hez on probation
    Rih’s 5th album iz the 1 that will determine his future at defjam sayz my fwend’s uncle
    So thatz it guyz xpect mad sales 4rm loud
    Get loud this nov

  88. KOLFAN September 23, 2010

    he should resign or be fired. He could not get Rihanna’s last album to be a big seller. How do you screw up like that? Epic Fail. He has got Mariah Carey’s career to go into a tailspin. He signed Lady Gaga then dropped her a few months later. He passed up someone with so much talent who is not the biggest pop act in the world and is making lots of $$ for Interscope now. Jimmy Iovine must be having the last laugh at what L.A. Reid missed out on. L.A. Reid however did sign Jennifer Lopez who has not had a hit in a long time. She also has not made a decent album in a long time and has not been commercially successful in recent times. Idk why he signed her. He signed Justin Beiber. He may be a money maker but she has not talent whatsoever. She can’t sing or write a decent song. She is a short term success. I doubt Justin Beiber will be big in another two years.

    Every company at UMG tends to be doing pretty well, except Island Def Jam. L.A. Reid should be fired. He is not producing anything that is groundbreaking, nor is he helping the company make money. Its time for a change at Island Def Jam.

    Bring back Jay-Z as CEO!!!

  89. piff September 24, 2010

    I knew it was a lie, l.a ried is the man over there he makes it happen.

  90. CHERRY March 14, 2011

    wow. LOL
    Even if the artists does sale that great they still making money!! Off clothes,tours,perfumes, etcc.. lol they gettin paid regarless how u feel or what u say !!!

  91. CHERRY March 14, 2011


  92. CHERRY March 14, 2011

    OHH AND JUS so y’all know. Labels (record labels ) are not going to waste their time with a artists that is not marketable. Ex. Nicki Minaj built herself up by doing mixtapes and shows before she was ever signed. They have to realize they have to make music for every group of people. They have to. Prove to the record labels they can make music that will sell before they get signed. Word to the wise MIX TAPES AND SHOWS DEMOSRATES A ARTI HELPS DEVELOP A FAN BASE!!!! ONCE YOU’VE BUILT YOUR FAN BASE YOUR FANS WILL BUY YOUR MUSIC THEN YOU’LL PROBABLY GET SIGNED…………YOUR FANS ARE YOUR CHECK …

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