Rihanna Performs On Saturday Night Live (A Must See!)

Published: Sunday 31st Oct 2010 by Sam

The Noise, otherwise known as Rihanna, took centre-stage on Saturday Night Live earlier tonight, giving her première performances of new singles ‘Only Girl’ and ‘What’s My Name’.

How did the model fare? Find out after the jump!

Only Girl

What’s My Name

And there, my friends, you see why we don’t spare Ms. Fenty around these sides – at all. Both performances, if they could even be called that, were hot burning messes. Particularly ‘Only Girl’, where the host rudely forgot to introduce Rihanna’s nose and Aututone as featured guests.

‘What’s My Name’, while marginally better, still sounded like construction noise – between her ear-drum slaying vocals and the busier than needed band. McFenty gets two gold stickers for trying to get her faux-‘Rude Boy’ on with the choreography, though. Yet, she still had me splashing engine oil at my screen in hope that she’d stop looking so damn stiff.

Sigh. Another case, point, example of why models should stick to modelling.

Randomness: It’s pretty much a cert that Rihanna could not have made it in the 90’s. She’s a beacon of the 00’s ‘image era’. Looks over talent, all day, everyday. Can you imagine her on the Apollo stage? Or the Wendy Williams radio show? Eaten alive.

Your thoughts?

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  1. bjksolo October 31, 2010

    NICE 🙂 —- 12.14.10 BASIC INSTINCT

  2. G.LaSalle October 31, 2010

    Only Girl was horrible! I can’t believe she’s allowed to sing in public. 😐

  3. BLACK October 31, 2010

    Com’on man, this s*** was W-A-C-K, try harder riri

  4. BLACK October 31, 2010

    YESS,,RIhanna would die on ha APPOLO Stage, omg i cant even see her on that stage, ugh music these days

  5. BLACK October 31, 2010

    apollo…..its 3 a.m lol

  6. NICKY October 31, 2010






  7. bjksolo October 31, 2010

    Sam what is Aututone?? Anyways 12.14.10 Basic Instinct

  8. NICKY October 31, 2010




    GO GIRL!!!!

  9. daboss8791 October 31, 2010

    I can’t lie, I absolutely loved Rihanna’s last album, probably because most of the songs resonated with what I was going through at the time. It was the first of her albums, and looks like it will be my last. That being said, with all the talent that exists in the world, why in the hell would someone give this chick a deal? She can’t sing, she can’t dance, and their are prettier faces out there with way more talent. The performances were awful. Where does she get the courage, the unmitigated gall to get on stage and do this s***. She should be ashamed of herself!

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  10. daboss8791 October 31, 2010

    In addition, if perhaps anybody who loves this girl happens to reads this message board, please if you care anything about her, tell her that atrocity she calls hair is a monstrosity! To make matters worse, she wore red with that hair! Is she trying to end her career on purpose?

    Spread The Word @ SPREADDAWORD.COM

  11. kigian October 31, 2010

    i loooove both

  12. MICHAEL October 31, 2010


  13. Jazlene October 31, 2010

    B**** I know you know you beta quit!!!

  14. carl October 31, 2010

    smh. She is a mess!

  15. HeLLo October 31, 2010



  16. WHIPyaWIG October 31, 2010

    Rihanna just made a fool of herself with the only girl perfomance. smh! i only came on that page cuz i wanted to see how she’d sing ONLY GIRL in live cuz when i firstly heard it on radios i told to myself “she wont b able to sing that in live” . This wack performance showed me that i was right. all that autotune to hide the fact that she CAN’T sing to save her life. I blame you ppl for lettin this s***** ass music be. She needs to STOP now and idk! she should b modelling, she’s GEORGOUS cant take that fro her! shes a beautiful woman so she should b a model cuz singing is definitely NOT made for her. I blame JAY Z : he should have waited 1 or 2 years b4 introducin her, i mean she could have improved her dancin/singin skills then they could have make her out. but hey its just me, my feelings.

  17. WHIPyaWIG October 31, 2010

    Though she did whats my name good : she still doesnt look like a professionnal on stage. after 5 yeras you’d think she’d have improved her skills. but all she does is walkin round half naked to hide her weakness : she cant sing or dance. so she touches herself cuz she knows she s*** just to trick u and make you forget that shes talentless.

  18. h October 31, 2010

    She’s definitely no Beyoncé!!!

  19. Andrew October 31, 2010

    Disastrous! I like the CD version of Rihanna not the Live one 😀

  20. Truth October 31, 2010

    Yall leave Rih alone. Only Girl was horrible tho..but she did ok wit h WMN…I like the Shy Ronnie skit. I have a love/hate relationship with Ri right now for reasons I will keep to myself. But as far as her performance last night…She wasn’t that bad….Stop with the hate…she’s still a chart topper….Get Over Yourselves.

  21. JOHN! October 31, 2010

    Right c’mon on your not giving the girl enough credit for this. I mean, it’s a pretty powerful song for Rihanna to sing and she had to rest her vocie for three days just to get the actually power, ye’know. And to be honest i really did like the performance, but i liked “What’s My Name?” More than “Only Girls” because everytime i was trying to listen i could hear the backing singers trying to sing over Rihanna, and look she still managed to put on a awesome show, and i loved it. But when your listening to Only Girl, focus on her and you’ll hear the better part, rather than the backing singers trying to get over her power. And if your haters then what’s the point in coming on here? Why? Just why? Seriously get a grip and go. Rihanna’s only here for her fans, because she really loves her fans, and i’ve been to one of her concerts and damn it was amazing, and so was her singing. Love you Rihanna. <3 xxxxxxxxx

  22. KELENDRIA ROWLAND October 31, 2010


    Support Ms Kelly Rowland!

  23. Hoff October 31, 2010

    She’s very amateurish.

  24. truthfully October 31, 2010

    Only girl was horrible…hope she doesnt do that tonight on xfactor….and whats my name is a bad repeat of rude boy….this really makes you see shes just going from bad to worse…

  25. GangsterA October 31, 2010

    any one notice on the whats my name peformance the part when rihanna turn around to her back up singer with the you off tune b**** look lol i love it only girl was bad but she looked cute and whats my name was great could be better tough

  26. Bacqui October 31, 2010

    So u think u can sing???..But she looks great!,…She needs more singing lessons

  27. royalkev October 31, 2010

    WMN, was decent. I was just giving her credit for a job well done, until I saw OGITW. She was struggling and it was painful to observe. She is sort of like her friend Katy live. Katy has a much stronger voice, but for some reason they’re both lacking presence and they come up short. The sad thing is that Rihanna has improved vocally.

  28. keepingitreal October 31, 2010

    She sucks at singing period

  29. jazybelle October 31, 2010

    Poor child ,get off the stage

  30. Stoney-Brie October 31, 2010

    THIS IS F***** HORRIBLE OMG!!!!!!!!!!

  31. mona from nigeria October 31, 2010

    Rihanna is good…her backup singer should be blamed.

  32. Lisa Munoz October 31, 2010

    Her What’s my name performance is much better than Only Girl.

  33. Rashaan October 31, 2010

    Well I am going to keep my negativity too myself but I will say that Rhianna needs to get in front of a mirror to watch herself! she needs to work the kinks out of the performances! I have seen her do better!

  34. TRENT-isha’s Retarded Sister October 31, 2010

    SAM-antha, U know she’s still better that yo fave Kelly FLOPLAND !

  35. Shouw October 31, 2010

    LMAOOO !
    OMG that was terrible ! especially only girl
    poor rihanna

  36. OUTSIDE THE BOX October 31, 2010

    Um, how they get the auto-tune in those supposed LIVE vocals? Nuff said. Great lip syncing technique. I swear that is a talent. The ability to lip spot on to the backing track. “GENIUS” I say… NEXT.

  37. Dave October 31, 2010

    Pepper Ann is not a vocalist. She sounds like broken glass being scratched again rusted metal. Plez stop… DEAD @ this girl on youtube saying she believe Rihanna is the next premier vocalist. These people be stuck on the STUDIO VOCALS, I CAN’T.. & her songs r lame as s*** (no hated intended, all real seriousness)

  38. UGh October 31, 2010

    What’s My Name was okay. I didn’t the ‘oh na na’ part because it sounded weird. Love that song though. The overall performance was just okay.
    Moving on to Only Girl, i was very curious as to how she would perform it live. The song itself is digitally enhanced ( her stans say her voice improved *shrugs*). I knew it would be a difficult song for her to sing live and i was right. Her performances has nothing to do with her back up singers, stop blaming them and the band. Who do you blame for her forgetting her lines? She has been in the game for 5 whole years and have 5 albums yet i haven’t seen much of an improvement with her as an entertainer. She is extremely lucky in this industry. If it weren’t for her looks she’d just be another struggling artist.

  39. UGh October 31, 2010


  40. phillyitgirls October 31, 2010

    Y’all are all haters! Rihanna rocks. Phillyitgirls.com

  41. That ain’t it October 31, 2010

    Oh wow, even her stans on Rihanna Daily are going in on her for that Only Girl performance. It was horrible.

  42. SparkD October 31, 2010

    Who had the NERVE to bring up TLC? Did you see the kind of dancing and athleticism these girls had while singing/rapping.

    And vocally, Janet in the 90’s and Total were stronger than Rihanna. Again, could Riri do what Janet did on stage dancy-wise and sing.

    I have nothing against RiRi, but she would have no place in the 90’s. She’s not a dancer NOR a SANGER.

  43. KAT DELUNA FAN October 31, 2010

    The first performance was horrible,like always.
    The second was better on rihanna s standard because she was talkin and cause the back up singers were louder than her.
    The outfits were horrible.

  44. YESS!! BITCHESS@! October 31, 2010

    “The Noise, otherwise known as Rihanna”


    I heard of The Voice, but The Noise!! :LOL:

  45. LoveGaga October 31, 2010

    Rihanna is good at making #1 hits and looking beautiful, that is all :/

  46. queenbeyonce10 October 31, 2010


    how in the world do people let this woman perform?

    She sounds like a dying cat on a spinning typhoon.

    That was probably one of the worst SNL performances I seen in my whole entire life

    She needs to stop and give it a break.

  47. Beystanbish October 31, 2010

    Death at bringing up TLC and Janet. I can’t

  48. KASEY JR. October 31, 2010

    The backtrack in What’s My Name was killing me. I love Rihanna but the fact that they are trying so hard to hide the fact that she REALLY cannot sing is sad.

  49. SparkD October 31, 2010

    Again, I have nothing against RiRi, but she would have no place in the 90’s. She’s not a dancer NOR a SANGER.

  50. Malachi October 31, 2010

    Can’t wait to see her perform on X-Factor if this is what she sounds like now!

  51. the kiddz October 31, 2010

    This was a crime towards humanity. My ears rebuke and refuse that s***. Seriously? Are you serious, Rihanna? This is all you have to offer? Her attempts at “belting” on “Only Girl” were laughable. That song is too big for her. LOL @ Nicky…always talking about numbers, but can’t say s*** about her “performances”. At this point, what she does onstage is almost irrelevant *kanye shrug*

  52. Nothing But My Opinion October 31, 2010


  53. the kiddz October 31, 2010

    Did you know Lauryn Hill got booed at the Apollo? So, you know damn well they would have chased Rihanna off that damn stage with torches and pitchforks, then everyone would be eating curry goat for a couple of days. And I applaud her for TRYING to add rock influences in her songs, but CHILE you are NOT a rocker, sit ALL THE WAY DOWN with that.

  54. Nothing But My Opinion October 31, 2010


  55. jojo October 31, 2010

    ummmmmm so only girl would have been decent on mute…cause her body language reminded me of something madonna did in the 80s

    whats my name was good—–even though sooo very similiar to rude boy but vocally she was on point

    i didnt like only girl song when it first came out and i like it now but this is why it was not a good first single cause rihanna is gonna go all over the place singing that song and if she cannot do any bettter than that vocallly ………………….she is really making her stans to work extra extra hard to defend her cause that is not the buisness



  56. jojo October 31, 2010


  57. truth serum October 31, 2010

    She sounds like herself.. Her “voice” is unique and very distinct; this is why rihanna is able to do what she does. No one else in the industry sounds anything like her — for better or worse. There’s a bunch of artists who cannot sing. Rihanna is not the only one; she’s just the biggest star who cannot sing and is pulling in hits regardless.

  58. RosaRubbel October 31, 2010

    She gave the word Noise a complete different meaning!

  59. Beysus October 31, 2010

    she honestly didnt sound THAT bad. and on What’s my Name she sounds better than she ever has. i see she has improved vocally so she can get two claps from me. Sam is just exagerrating and being just plan mean.

  60. almostpia October 31, 2010

    I strive to say positive things when I’m in her threads. She has beautiful legs, I’m envious of her legs. As far as her vocals she is mediocre. I remember the 90s and yes there were artists who were not blowing ppl away with their vocals but many of those artists danced which helped their packaging. Total wasn’t great but understand Bad Boy was like Young Money in the 90s. But Total didn’t get the type of hype Rihanna has received in the 00s.

    The best female singers offerred in 00s are Jazmine Sullivan, Melanie Fiona, and Fantasia.

  61. Rod aka twitter.com/adrbleboi October 31, 2010

    It was bad…do not try to save the ONLY GIRL in the industry who can succeed and FAIL in the same night. SKIT….good job. REAL PERFORMANCE…funninest joke on SNL all night!

  62. Blasian October 31, 2010


  63. Kyle October 31, 2010

    I have such a love/hate relationship with Rihanna. LOVE- her albums and how she sounds on her studio tracks. HATE- whenever she performs! She just isn’t cut out for the stage. I really hope she doesn’t have a”diva” personality. She should go to bed everynight and wake up every morning feeling very lucky and thankful that she gets it so damn easy in the music industry. She racks up #1’s like crazy while other female entertainers (who sound good on & off the stage) struggle to even get their damn albums released. This is where the love/hate relationship comes into play though because when her album comes out I am obviously gonna buy it. haha

  64. keepingitreal October 31, 2010

    Her stans are so absent. They know she sucks. Cant wait for her career to be over

  65. Lady Gaga’s Invisble Twin Marty October 31, 2010

    OMG… Was the b**** drunk?

    How the f*** do you forget the lyrics to your own songs(the first verse of only girl was hilarious).
    Sometimes I just wish the girl would lip sync. I didn’t even know it was possible to butcher your own music.

    She’s a pretty face and she shits out hit songs… But will someone please tell Rihanna to stay away from live performances?

  66. Lady Gaga’s Invisble Twin Marty October 31, 2010

    If this is what the rest of LOUD’s promo is going to sound like…………..

  67. kw October 31, 2010

    Does this girl ever rest. I don’t know if she is trying to finish her committment to Def Jam so she can be free to move on or if she truly wants to release a new album so soon.
    Her performance on Whats my Name was well done. I will not comment on Only Girl, but I now understand why she looked so pissed leaving the SNL studio.

    Not every performance is going to be spot on, so I am interested to see how the next performance of Only Girl goes.

  68. haha!! October 31, 2010

    OMG!!!!! What the hell was that? Only Girl was just horrible this girl really can’t sing. And What My Name was really no better. Ha!!! Some on said that Rihanna fans are over at Rihanna Daily going off about that horrible performance. This is why most of the regulars are not here.

    Please people this is not a funny matter now. So so many female artists out there and they for some reason keep pushing her down our throats. LOOK

  69. Truth October 31, 2010

    You guys are over doing it..she didn’t sound that bad…except for OG…someone said mediocre…but like T-Boz–Rihanna has a unique voice. It fits with many of her songs…AND YES SHES ONE OF THE QUEEN OF #1 HITS!! At the end of the day….Rihanna stays relevant…Whether negative or positive….people love to keep her name in their mouths.

  70. spring October 31, 2010

    WTF WAS THAT???????????????



  71. MUSIC LOVER October 31, 2010

    Notice how the majority of Rihanna stans are absent because there is no way to defend that performance. With that said, I like the song “What’s My Name?” sooooooo much better than “Only Girl.”

  72. please!please!please! October 31, 2010

    No! No! No! No! This chick really can’t sing and her performance was DEAD. My puppy’s bark sound better that this chick. And then it was all that Damn Red. The other song she was dressed like a Hooker. Rihanna is circus material she is not a singer whatsoever

  73. please!please!please! October 31, 2010

    Hell no! T-Boz voice has a steady flow not chopped up all over the place. You can not compare T-Boz to Rihanna. Plus T-Boz voice is deeper with a smooth touch.


    Hello from Amazon.com.
    We are writing about the order you placed on October 13 2010 . The item(s) listed below will actually ship sooner than we originally expected:

    Ciara “Basic Instinct”
    Previous estimated arrival date: December 17 2010 – December 21 2010
    New estimated arrival date: October 28 2010 – November 01 2010


  75. kw October 31, 2010

    @Ciara, although this is not a Ciara post, good for you. I know how it feels to get an anxiously awaited CD from your FAV. Enjoy

  76. Yellow Gorrilah October 31, 2010


    Only Girl was a HOT ASS MESS!!

    What’s my name was good

    But I’m sorry what is up with the microphones because something is just not right!!!
    but anywho she is going to perform in the X-factor today hopefully she will kill it

    if she does good she will be number one in the uk next week she is alredy number in the uk itunes!

  77. ADE October 31, 2010

    I can’t even lie, Only Girl was absolutely horrible, What’s My Name was quite good though. I liked how they changed the arrangement of the songs, sounded great. And the staging and lighting was nice and psychedelic.

  78. Oscar October 31, 2010

    Only Girl was just insane….it was ALL over the place I couldn’t even get pass her hair…and yes I’m a STAN but I’m dissapointed…I just hope the rumor about the switched mic is true….

  79. Yellow Gorrilah October 31, 2010

    As a Rihanna fan

    I Cannot lie she sounded Horibble singing only girl
    But I’m not suprised when only girl came up I thought she will struggle to sing it LIVE

    But with that being said she has improved vocally *studio wise* =P
    But I want to see how she is going to do in the x-factor I hope she does better
    she needs to rest her Voice for like 3 days inbetween singing only girl or it ust sounds a MESS!!

  80. Ciana October 31, 2010

    Only girl is horrible like forreal it sounded like somebody singing drunk on a mic ………i mean chris brown at 14 performs more like a well groomed celeb than rihanna at 20 something SMH!

    #teambreezy CETIFIED

  81. Ciana October 31, 2010

    Oh i forgot my R lol

  82. K.Row Kid October 31, 2010

    I just knew Sam was gonna have a field day when I was watching this last night!!!!!!!

    Really though, why didn’t she just lip sync? But I think since that whole, Ashlee Simpson incident SNL banned it from their show.

    This just goes to show….. Until she gets the vocals to back it up, she better NEVER try and copy Kelly again.

    But I still will be purchasing her album. At least she’s good for studio music. lol.

  83. PLAIN AND SIMPLE October 31, 2010

    What happen to Only Girl?

    Not hating on Rihanna at all, but this was not good


  84. iureghqg October 31, 2010

    Only Girl-A HOT F***** MESS!!!!

    Even the Rihanna stans are admitting to it smh. Now u know it was TERRIBLE lol

  85. Your Boss B**** October 31, 2010



  86. oralanthony October 31, 2010

    love you Riri!!! u go girl!!

  87. PAM October 31, 2010

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Wire October 31, 2010

    That Only Girl performance was something Fist Brown would do.

    Rihanna must have been paying homage. She better get it right on X-factor.

  89. vegasgirl October 31, 2010

    If I needed convincing to support this artist with my $$$, these performances did not convince me. I have always wondered exactly what some saw in her to sign her to a recording contract, it must be the unique voice because I can’t think of anything else. She’s definitely not a horrible singer but she could be better.

    I guess endless twirling, shaking the head and claw hands are supposed to add drama but I would love for her to step her game up, performance quality wise.

    Not surprised Only girl sounded not so good because I knew that would be difficult song for her to perform live, the energy and power are difficult to duplicate. I don’t care for the other song, so I’m not going to comment ( except her back up singers sounded like s*** in the beginning)

    For those saying her mic sounded weird, there are mics that have pitch correct and other effects in them already so maybe she used one of those- maybe.

  90. iureghqg October 31, 2010

    ….And forgetting the words?!? Really????????????? smh jus WOW

  91. andrea October 31, 2010

    OMG – never had heard her sing “live” before – sounded like she was “dead”,
    maybe she was howling for Halloween. Sing in the shower only RiRi.

  92. Juan October 31, 2010

    These performances show how technology has saved singers’ careers and how weak they are. Rihanna in “Only Girl” sounds REALLY AWFUL. The autotune makes it even worse. I can’t understand why people go to her concerts.
    I like “What’s My Name?”, it’s better, but it is not brilliant. I’d say 6.5/10…. Again, this shows how untalented some singers are now today… Anyway, many people think Rihanna is a singles artist, so….

  93. RiRiLOUD October 31, 2010

    She really did not do badly, you guys. “Only Girl” is a hard song for almost anyone to sing and she did a decent job singing that song. She also did not use auto-tune because auto-tune is a studio enchancement and is not used for live performances. She was off on some notes here and there, but her vocal performance was fair.

    As for “What’s My Name”, that was a great performance in my opinion. The song is less challenging than “Only Girl” and fits her voice much better so I liked the performance. She also was less worried about her vocals, it seemed, so her personality really shone through.

    Also, she could’ve fared well in the 90s, Sam. Music has been about an artist’s image since the late 70s, early 80s. Madonna doesn’t have an amazing voice but she was breaking records in the 80s and 90s. Your logic is ridiculous.

    However, her imagery for these performances was very psychedelic. However, I’m happy that Loud is shaping up to be a better-executed version of Music of the Sun.

  94. joy Thacker October 31, 2010

    Only Girl was pretty off. What’s My Name wasn’t particularly bad.
    I know everyones criticising, saying its the first time youve heard her sing “live” and how computerised her voice is in other performances and recordings. This is infact the most her voice has been computerised. It seems as though they put some guitar effects on her voice to give Only Girl are more rocky feel but I think the effects were FAR too strong. O well. She tried and it didn’t work. Hope she remembers for next time. Overall, good effort Riri!

  95. OUTSIDE THE BOX October 31, 2010


  96. TEE October 31, 2010


  97. Laurie October 31, 2010

    HAAA she shouldn’t be allowed to sing live for public health really ! she just can’t sing !! at some point you have to be objective even if you are a stan I’m sorry. She got hits because of the talent of good producers, song writers, her look and her pretty face but it has nothing to do with her voice or stage presence because she has none of them.

    Being objective is saying: the girl is georgous, is definetly not a singer, can’t dance, knows how to collaborate with big people in the music industry. She’s a model that’s all she gotta do come on.
    I don’t understand how people can buy tickets to go see her in concert (at least it is very few now ) if it’s any similar to this OMG

  98. keepingitreal October 31, 2010

    She did aweful stop trying to sugarcoat it. Its bad period

  99. C October 31, 2010

    She’s been around her Besty too much, she looks like Katy Perry now

  100. Doofus October 31, 2010

    We love you Riri…shake the haters OFF

  101. christina brown October 31, 2010

    That t***** looking girl riri was def’ lip synchin, and what the hell was she singing about in only girl in the world song, ha ha ha ha ???????

  102. Blasian October 31, 2010



  103. nickalus Randle October 31, 2010


  104. X,Y,”and Z” October 31, 2010

    … When you thought – it could get NO-worse! … You WERE convinced, that humanity could only “FAIL UPWARDS, and evolve into more-perfect beings…!” … When the primordial sludge was dusted-off, and then told as obscure fact.

    … Just when, superstition was replaced by science….

    … Here comes Rihanna, with this… B****** Brew of pretense, gimmickry and fuckry…!!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT…!!!
    (looks longingly at calender; counting-down the days to “Pink Friday”…)

  105. ??? October 31, 2010

    First off she needs her backup singers to tone it down because they are out singing her. By her using those backup singers to make her voice seem big just made it worse. Rihanna is not a singer not by a long shot. Oh I forgot her atire was awful her hair down to those boots she was wearing. And the other song she comes out with those shorts that look to damn small for her. She is just awful period.Then there is forgetting the words to her own song and shouting with it.

    Rihanna has no performance skills at all I don’t know how she was able to do those tours.

    Def Jam really should be ashame of themselves as well as her Camp.

  106. X,Y,”and Z” October 31, 2010

    … MIGHTY CALENDAR has spoken – Nov 22; flags fly at half-mast; day of mourning; National Holiday: THE OFFICIAL END of Brand-Rihanna, as we now know it…!!

  107. TEE October 31, 2010

    I sound better singing those songs and I can’t sing for S***.

  108. Thanks October 31, 2010

    I’m not coming to this site anymore….this ugly attitude is getting annoying….thanks for the a good blog before you all turned gimmicky


  109. RiRiLOUD October 31, 2010

    Are you serious? The chorus is vocally draining.

  110. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS October 31, 2010

    Both performances were horrible. Well know WMN was ok it just the backup singers was messing everything up it sounded like everyone was tryna see who could sing the loudest and I wasn’t feelin it at all. Only Girl In The World know comment at all.

  111. S*** October 31, 2010


    There isnt one song that a Fan or I as a semi Fan can say Rihanna is gonna KILL Live, The closest shes ever gotten to killing a song live was Te amo & disturbia & even that was a FAIL

    But Te Amo Live isnt a complete Fail, its DECENT& thats Rihanna’s version of GREAT… Its Def the Best song Ive ever seen her do live.

    Nobody on this earth can say “Rihanna is gonna kill (insert song) Live.”

    & Thats why I like her… lol

  112. Nadjee October 31, 2010

    I actually like The “Whats My name” performance (she sounded pretty good actually which is RARE from her)and this is my first time hearing the song and I kind of like it.

    But that Only Girl performance was horrid.

  113. keepingitreal October 31, 2010

    Nothing is draining about thr chorus. Thats is why we see no improvement cause her fans pat her in tge back even when it’s so obvious she did badly. Willow would do better than this. Its a shameful performance honestly. The moves, her clothes and everything about this performance is bad bad bad. Maybe dark rihanna is more of hrr calling. This loud era will be a set back cause its becoming obvious to everyone that she CANT sing

  114. Carmello October 31, 2010

    Horrible just horrible.

    This chicks sucks live.

  115. skippy October 31, 2010

    Rihanna sounded great on What’s my name, but as usual the haters had to hone in on the song that wasn’t the best, as if people can’t have an off night. So she had a bad night with Only Girl, are you guys gonna kill her? Damn these haters are just waiting to pounce on anything rihanna does. Even in the performance of Only girl, I can still hear that she has some powerful vocals. It wasn’t her night last night, but just like russian Roulette her live performances will get better. Give the girl a break. Why you haters checking for her performances more than we are?

  116. skippy October 31, 2010

    @ sam if Madonna could have done good in the 90’s and whispery Janet, I see no problem with rihanna being able to make it in the 90’s as well. Rihanna has a strong and powerful voice that gives those two chicks i mentioned and a whole lot more in the game a run for their money.

  117. Nadjee October 31, 2010


    Madonna and janet knew how to dance and had stage presence to make up for there lack of vocals, unlike Rihanna.

  118. skippy October 31, 2010

    @nadjee it depends on who you ask, I know rihanna can dance. Let them put on some soca music which is the caribbean style music I bet you would be surprised to see her waistline wuk. But she danced before from the time she came out until now, so IDK where you guys keep getting this she can’t dance mess. All janet and Madonna had were some choreographers to teach them some steps. Rihanna could do that too if she really wanted to.

  119. Robier October 31, 2010


  120. skippy October 31, 2010

    Rihanna did not have the track playing. Don’t you see there was a live band?

  121. Speechless October 31, 2010

    I love how ppl bring up her itunes sales like it actually makes up for her mediocre performing skills lol

  122. skippy October 31, 2010

    Not everyone can perform live just like not everyone can sell a record. Ask all the so called singers out there who still can’t manage to bring in any sales and keep relevant in the business. You guys say rihanna can’t perform, but she sure as hell can sell records, so its obvious many out there love her performances just fine.

  123. keepingitreal October 31, 2010

    We all know what made her stay relevant so…..

  124. trail October 31, 2010

    both performances were not as bad as sam makes them out to be. Expect a discist and decease letter in the near future. Im sure he cant continue to slander a artist and expect nothing to happen.

  125. Tiff November 1, 2010


    She needs to just..stop.

    she must think that she does not need singing lessons.
    I still say she sounds better when she first came out
    *files nails*

  126. Frankie November 1, 2010

    some people just don’t have the vocal control to sing live..that is all

  127. Can I have of That Grape Juice, Please? November 1, 2010

    Lol @ ‘The noise otherwise known as Rihanna’. LMAO! You guys are a trip! Ya’ll don’t ever cut her no slack….not that you should. Lol!

    Actually..the performances weren’t that bad. Well, ‘Only Girl’ was a H.A.M, the background vocals were louder than she was, but I hate that song anyway. I knew it would be hard for her to sing it live because it so obviously digitally enhanced. ‘What’s My Name’ wasn’t that bad though. Even though the band was so loud they were drowning her out…but that was probably for the best. Lol! She did dance somewhat, if you can call it that, mostly stiff grinding. Of course she relied on flaunting her body parts, grabbing her boobs, real classy. *rolls eyes*

    The thing that really gets me with her is that she does all this extra stuff throwing her head back, waving her hands with her eyes closed like she is just killing her vocals…when in actuality…she’s not. She’s just screaming. It’s funny cause you can tell she really believes she can sing. Poor thing. No one around her has the heart to tell her the truth. Her background dancers sing better and louder than her! Thank God for her looks, or else she would have never made it in this industry.

    That wig was absolutely atrocisous though! You think she could at least comb that ish! SMH! Where is her stylist, on vacation?

  128. Anonymous November 1, 2010

    I have no doubt she will perfect it later…I bet Beyonce could sing “Only Girl” effortlessly..lol

    BTW. the red hair photographs well but she looks like a trannie Ronald McDonald sometimes..sorry go back to black Riri!

    She needs to stick to songs in her range like “Whats my name”.

  129. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue November 1, 2010

    Her voice was most definitely synthesized, and her back up singers did most of the work as well. That was most definitely NOT singing. No, she would have not fared as well in the 80s and 90s. She would’ve had maybe a couple of hits, and then once people discover she cannot sing or perform live, she would’ve faded into obscurity. No, Madonna and Janet aren’t powerhouse vocalists but they CAN sing decently enough, and at least they make up for their lack of vocal prowess by being powerhouse PERFORMERS. Rihanna is unfortunately, neither. Sorry, but there is no defending this performance. And yes, I would have given her props if I thought this was a good performance, I give credit where I feel credit is due.

    @ RiRiLoud:

    With all due respect, how is “Only Girl” a hard song to sing live? It’s not like it’s a ballad that RELIES on powerful vocals to sound good.

  130. raraskils November 1, 2010

    um…that skit was HILARIOUS.
    and she looked hot as f***,
    but both these performances were a HOT ASS MESS. :/

  131. dakkylove November 1, 2010

    the performance was not that bad , i think she needs to work more on her stage presence, and this red hair thang…i just dont get it. she is slowly losing her looks. oh well

  132. I & I (yardie style) November 1, 2010

    “Only girl” was not a convincing performance at all. From the start it was tragic, I kept watching hoping that it would get better. I t was like a train wreck, you cannot look away

    “What my name” was 10 times better than only girl but that is not saying much. When all else fails just throw on some booty shorts and start winding.

    I mean come on it has been 5 friggin years she should be killing her performances by now. She doesn’t even have to be dancing for her to done the stage. The disappointment is never-ending

  133. bobs November 1, 2010

    she did great on What’s my Name — Only Girl was a disaster. Can’t cover for that. She made up for it on X-factor IMO. Tho all the intense hate coming from poor dumb Sam. He always posts about her. Kind of like a lame stalker.

  134. bobs November 1, 2010

    (and let’s not forget, Rihanna has 3 of the biggest singles of 2010…)

  135. UMMM…….. November 1, 2010

    OMG, that “only goat on the farm”performance was HORRID! Isn’t this her song? Shouldn’t she know the beat well enough to know when to start singing? This girl’s live performances suck a**! Damn, even her backup singers looked horrified……Oh wait was this a Halloween gag? Wow, what the hell Rih-onald McDonald?

    *on a positive note, her brown dress is cute!………Non-talented hack!!!!

  136. Malik November 1, 2010

    What’s My Name was good to me !

  137. Jim November 1, 2010

    Why is acceptable for American Negro performers to lip sync on a show that is supposed to be live? Taylor Swift’s recent performance on SNL was live and it was horrible. A few years ago, Ashlee Simpson was caught lip syncing and was excoriated in the media as a fraud. So why is it ok for this latest mocha colored creation to pass off a taped performance as a live one? Is it this same sense of entitlement that has resulted in our once great country being saddled with “little black dumbo” as its President?

  138. damnshame November 3, 2010

    the thing about rihanna is she be doing the movements like she actually sounds good because when you mute the video it look like she actually doing something but then when you unmute it, its just like what the hell happen………….#TRYAGAINBITCH lol. aye but “whats my name” would actually be a good song if who ever wrote it would have given it ti someone else

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