R. Kelly Releases ‘Love Letter’ Track Lineup

Published: Friday 12th Nov 2010 by Trent

R. Kelly is gearing up for a comeback. The man who Trey Songz imitates R&B singer will be releasing his ‘Love Letter’ LP on December 14th – his 10th studio album as a solo artist. Check out the full tracklist below:

1. Love Letter
2. Number One Hit
3. Not Feeling The Love
4. Lost In Your Love
5. Just Can’t Get Enough
6. Taxi Cab
7. Radio Message
8. When A Woman Loves
9. Love Is featuring K. Michelle
10. Just Like That
11. Music Must Be A Lady
12. Love Letter Christmas
13. How Do I Tell Her {Source}


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  1. THEiVY November 12, 2010

    why is he dressed like ray charles ugh can this p******** go back to his cave, while i do respect his music he is a troll.

  2. @IM_SOJANET November 12, 2010

    R Kelly is The MAN.. Thank God he BACK!!!!

  3. KAT DELUNA FAN November 12, 2010

    Idiot @First comment

    I love him,I’ll get it

  4. Wake Up Six November 12, 2010

    Cant Wait!

  5. Robier November 12, 2010


  6. Alexander November 12, 2010

    THEiVY your a joke!

    Team Kelly has made his best work yet! I mean ever okay; R Kelly is back and has promised to deliver us some real R&B for us grown folk. Now hip hop is dead and you cannot cross the two together any longer.

    Real Substance is in the making and grammy awards and billboard awards are coming his way for making up ground he lost, the lanes are clogged up due to people using his sound and raunchy style when it comes to undressing ladies out of there panties. Trey Songz can never dream of writing material like this nor can his camp regroup after coming out with a flopper.

    Love letter is suited for us older generation of people who appreciate great talent, R&B is missing real vocals and smooth melodies of timeless hits.

    No comparisons here and those who make negative comments about the greatest R&B singer in our era is hating on true success. Stats do not lie and countless written records for the music industry speaks for itself that nobody can deny.

    But you can deny the ones who has not established themselves yet by copying style and rhythm with class. R Kelly never has to take jabs at another to promote or sell an album. The ones who is treating R&B like a 50cent war needs to grow up and respect the game before the window’s close on there careers.

    The window will always be open for R Kelly on of the business greatest prodigy’s of all time, just buy the album and open the love letter and let love live again and heal all wounds.

    Love letter say’s it all.

  7. Speaks Truth November 12, 2010

    Man I hope the billboard recognizes that he bringing a album out cuz when a women loves should have been number one for some weeks.

  8. That Cranberry Sauce November 12, 2010

    😮 The track listing looks good. If its got that old Kelly vibe like When a Woman Loves… I’ll be buy this the day it comes out.

  9. Yours Truely November 12, 2010


    AKA…… RKELLY is that YOU?!?!?!?

    lol….you made great points though I couldnt agree more *coughs* R KELLY or “alexander”

  10. Broms November 17, 2010

    Love his new song “When A Woman Loves” and if he keeps that same sound with the rest of his album then it’s going to be a huge influential move for R&B. I recently saw this interview about him talking about the album, here it is if you’re interested http://bit.ly/9EAa9E

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