Keyshia Cole Reveals ‘Calling All Hearts’ Tracklist

Published: Tuesday 30th Nov 2010 by Sam

R&B songstress Keyshia Cole is gearing up for the release of her fourth album is as many years ‘Calling All Hearts’. Due December 21st, the set’s tracklist was unveiled today.

Check it out after the jump…

‘Calling All Hearts’ Tracklist

01. I Ain’t Thru featuring Nicki Minaj
02. Long Way Down
03. Tired Of Doing Me
04. If I Fall In Love Again
05. So Impossible
06. Hangover
07. Confused In Love
08. Take Me Away
09. Sometimes
10. What You Do To Me
11. Better Me
12. Friends Turn Their Back
13. Where Would We
14. Thank You

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  1. Traci Summers November 30, 2010

    she needed at hit so she called nicki yawn

  2. BENJAMIN November 30, 2010

    I’m excited. I wasn’t too much at first after “I Ain’t Thru,” but “Long Way Down” has won me over. I still hate the album cover, but I really like her classic long red hair. I like it when these females go retro, or just change up their style in general.

  3. Nichole November 30, 2010

    @ Traci. Please shut it with that crap. In case you didn’t know, Nicki has been all over everybody’s s***, including some of the hottest artists.

    Anywhoo. I love Keyshia! She friggin rocked it on the STMA.

    She rocks! I hope the album does well because she deserves it!

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  4. tones November 30, 2010

    I am really that big of a fan of I Ain’t Thru, but I like Long Way Down, but I’m just convinced enough to buy her album, maybe if I hear some snippets of all the songs or something like that. But I do wish Keyshia Cole the best, this is her first album is 2 years, it’s gonna sell well because a lot of people have been wanting new music from her.

  5. Steffon November 30, 2010

    Not feeling her yet this time around. She needs to come harder. That album cover is also a GOD AWFUL MESS

  6. spunkypoop November 30, 2010

    i can’t wait to listen. Im hoping it’s as good as her last ones.

  7. THEiVY November 30, 2010

    im going have hear snippets. im tired of artist releasing two videos and throwing a slop of an album together*side eyes * nelly… give us the quality music okay

  8. JAYLA November 30, 2010

    if its not rihanna or beyonce these f*** aint feelin it…. they all wanna shake they ass to something

  9. RosaRubbel November 30, 2010

    Sounds interesting, especially ‘Tired Of Doing Me’, ‘If I Fall In Love Again’ & ‘Hangover’.

  10. THEiVY November 30, 2010

    lol @ jayla

  11. chile please! November 30, 2010

    Here we go again………..another chick that can’t sing!!! WTF is wrong everybody???? I really wish I can hear what all of you people hear when ya’ll listening to these artist that can’t sing. I mean this chick is starting to become real repetitive with her music……Nothing NEW! Long Way Down sounds like a spin off of her previous material “Sent from Heaven” come on now WTF! & the one with Nicki Garbage…….you can, “Sweepstakes Scratch That!” Boooooooooooooo especially that video where she got that Faith Evans snatched “You Gets No Love” Ponytail cocked to the side. FAILED! People WAKE the f*** up & stop listening to these mainstream recording artist & step outside the box with some real singing like Ledisi, Marsha Ambrosius, Letoya Luckett, KeKe Wyatt….ect.

  12. TeamKeyshiaUK November 30, 2010

    Just to let you guys know… Their will be a Deluxe Edition of the album. the Normal version would have 11 Tracks and the Deluxe Edition will have 14 Tracks. I would also like to say that Sam and Trent got this information from after I told them to follow them on twitter. But HEY!

  13. GangsterA November 30, 2010

    i will listen to it good luck keyshia

  14. katstacksFAN November 30, 2010

    this sh*t has flop all over it, her 2 singles aint buzzin for sh*t and they barley promoted the album they rushing the sh*t out of it.. how u go for a break have a kid and then rush the sh*t outta the album just so u can sell it for holiday season… they needa go back to the drawing board and start all over and release it next year or this is BOUND to floop

  15. katstacksFAN November 30, 2010


    November 30, 2010 at 7:01 pm

    im going have hear snippets. im tired of artist releasing two videos and throwing a slop of an album together*side eyes * nelly… give us the quality music okay


    busted out laughing cuz this sh*ts true! drop to barley hot singles and a 2 vid and all the sudden think you ready for an album NOPE!

  16. Jeremy Danté December 1, 2010

    best of luck keysh!

  17. Peanuts2157 December 1, 2010

    Nice cover!

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  18. December 1, 2010

    Is Track #2 a subliminal diss to Fantasia???

  19. cure21 December 5, 2010

    for all yal h*** that hate on my girl get a life what the f*** are u doing really stop with yal hateing ass bull s*** let me see u put a album out in see what happen yal h*** do not no music when it hit u in the faces i was born into music all her albums did great for all u haters keep talking her album to number 1 on the billbroad charts honey ok god can do all thing honey he knows his kids do something with ur life then talking that bull s*** about other poeple work she geting her money how much u got none broke bitchs

  20. LaReon January 25, 2011

    okaa so keyshia iz doiinn ha thang on disz i luh disz whole cd ! got it fa x-mas nd cldnt b more imprezsszed ! she is fa real da mos classy nd badass chikk ! keyshia is too kohldd nd i luv ha fa dat! whadds uhp wit all deze hatas ? plz jst shut da fuqq up yall izs TOO pathetiqqq !
    xoxoxxo MiSZsZ_ladyy_to0_KoHlddd_fA_yU_tU_hAnDleE !

  21. LaReon January 25, 2011

    ohhh nd fa all yu sexxxii dudes out der da name izs LaReon ! i lyke dem dark skynd boyzs nd s*** i keep it real all da time dnt fa get ! imma keep it hella real witchu ion lyke datin websitezsz bt idc ! i do whadd i wannnn =) ahaaa holla at chaa qurrll . less git it ihhnn okaa ! bye

  22. Miz_badd as fuqq January 26, 2011

    yo leme say dis iight okiaa well uh misz keyshia , or as iieye lyke ta call ha mizs keyshia kohldd ahah instid of cole, well any way she go HAM bra iieye reel tlk nd im kinna feelin hur =) she hella qute nd she mke a bahddd qurl qet weak ! mhm yup she dun turnt me out feel maeh ???!! aha mmm iieye luv hur ta deth bra nd iieye agree wit LaReon up der ^^^ FUQQQQQ HATASZS ! ay lareon yhuu sangle quhhrl ? i wna c a pic of yhuu =) HIT A TRILL NIQQA UP ! mmmm k nd fill free ta hit mehh upp @@ anyy timee okaa ;))))
    o nd gud job keyshia on dat cd

  23. LaReon January 26, 2011

    uhmm firstt off lil gurhl ion kno yuu lyke dat so okaa don com at me lyk dat ! bt if yu kutee and stuf i thank id b down fa sum fun =) hehehe SIKE na no homo bra i ain on dat lezsbo shyt so go on sum were else wit dat shyt fa real braa !! GUD bye bxtcch

  24. Jame April 26, 2011

    Only gotten to see her new video the other week ;Take me Away; on 106 and Park;and i dare say that she just gets better and better with every song she releases.She is in it.

  25. qadirah April 30, 2011

    keyshia has c** so far so stop hatin no matter what im still her biggest fan if she suck so much stop listenin to her and commenting on her she dont need that negativity she need to make a song about yall haters listen to yall self she gettin dough yall aint

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