Hot Shots: Chris Brown Goes Christmas Shopping

Published: Friday 10th Dec 2010 by Trent

Chris Brown was spotted doing some Christmas shopping in Beverly Hills earlier this week. The energetic entertainer’s new album, ‘F.A.M.E.’, will  be released in early 2011. More images can be seen below via Ultimate Chris:

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. MISHKA December 10, 2010

    Congrats on your grammy nods, Breezy!

    I hope your team is fighting to have you performing on that snoozef…err, show!

  2. GangsterA December 10, 2010

    not feeling the get up but cute chain

  3. mile December 10, 2010


  4. Plain and Simple December 10, 2010

    Looks like Chris is having fun shopping

  5. jazybelle December 10, 2010

    how can one man be this cute

  6. ellis December 10, 2010

    the cool chris ,just breezy.

  7. Xavi December 10, 2010

    I wish he was shopping for me lol

  8. Breezythebest December 10, 2010

    This man is GORGEOUS for no reason.

  9. chianne December 10, 2010

    @jazzybelle Yeah, its too much – someone upstairs did a job with this boy

    (and I’M feelin’ the get-up – cute pants)

  10. Blue Kid December 10, 2010


    December 10, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    This man is GORGEOUS for no reason.

    Honey Child, yes he is gorgeous and I hope he keeps his head up and stay away from those devils.

    Remember Chris M. Brown your fans got your back!

  11. anio December 10, 2010

    What a doll – and that’s the darlin’ way to wear a baseball cap

    (but in that one pic w/the hat straight? lol CB looks like he is all of 15 years old )

  12. Breezythebest December 10, 2010

    I have a lot of respect for this young man,he went thru some s*** these last two years.It takes a very strong person to survive that type of nonsense,keep your head up Chris i see you.

  13. Plain and Simple December 10, 2010


    That is a TASA cap and they are not cheap. But whay happened to the T. Anyway my brother seen Chris where that snapback cap in his video G-S*** take a look at that video he has on a white on.

  14. Plain and Simple December 10, 2010

    oops: wear that snapback cap in his video G-S*** and he wanted to buy one

  15. Bacqui December 10, 2010

    Its always nice to see Breezy smiling! 🙂

  16. kw December 10, 2010

    Breezy looking sexxxy. Wish I was out doing my christmas shopping, running into CB would have been the gift of a lifetime. Deuces

  17. Plain and Simple December 10, 2010


    Matter of fact he hasTA$A white jacket in that video also

  18. Sunflower27828 December 10, 2010

    Why do I hear “Ms Breezy” in my head when I see those pics…lol…….Christopher Maurice Brown….U just made my morning……How can 1 man be that fine?,,,,,,……

  19. zania December 10, 2010

    Chris is looking fine. I can look at him all day.

  20. RIR BEY CICI KERI CB aka GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! December 10, 2010


  21. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ December 10, 2010

    Damn, he looks good! YUMMY! Something about a man in a hoodie, just makes me HAWT and steamy! His swag is ON POINT! LOVE IT! <3 Hmmmm-mmmmmm…….

    Get 'em Breezy. 🙂

  22. Sarah December 10, 2010

    Chris always looks fresh like he just stepped out of the shower. I can only imagine his smell. Never mind I can smell it boy there will never be another you, you are a breath of fresh air Breezy.

  23. Blue Kid December 10, 2010

    @ Plain and simple…….That is not what I’m seeing but what dose that stands for?

    I want to do some research on it for myself, I’m going to lunch I’ll be right back just leave the message please.

  24. Chile Please! December 10, 2010

    He alright! Everybody be blowing these celebs up like they are the most beautiful people in the world. Come on now I bet you any amount of money if Chris was just a regular dude walking up the street you all wouldn’t even give him a second look. So cut the b******* people & stop with the over exaggeration of him looking “SO GOOD!” It’s not that serious for Chris…..I do love his dancing!!! He’s such a good performer! Work Chris!

  25. VA STAND UP!! December 10, 2010

    Love reading these comments! They’re all so positive and they are really making me smile!
    I love it when its positive in here. I hope I didn’t jinx it….

    Not trying to be funny but how do we know he is X-Mas shopping? I mean I know there is a Christmas tree in the background cause the malls decorate for the Holiday but how do we know CB is X-Mas shopping? He could just be regular shopping. Sometimes I think these blogs take pics and make up stories around them. *shrugs* Not a big deal though.

    Anywho, its good to see him smile & he has a lot to smile about! ‘Make A Movie’ just moved to top ten on the r&b charts so now he has 2 songs in the top ten! Its funny cause I didn’t really like that song at first and didn’t expect it to do well but hell….what do I know! *chuckles*

    ‘No BS’ has moved to top 20 and I am sure its gonna go top 10 at the rate its going. ‘Get Back Up’ is still hanging in there at No. 41. And last but certainly not least, ‘Yeah 3X’ climbed six spots and is back at No. 33! Go Breezy! Between all that and his recent THREE Grammy nominations he must be smiling all the time now!

    I think its a stretch for him to perform at the Grammys this year. I would love for him to because that is the type of promo that ‘Yeah 3X’ needs, a great live performance but unless its a certified smash by then, I dont think he will be performing. Which is cool cause I feel like 2011 is going to be an even better year for him and then he can perform in 2012. I know that seems like forever away but I think his comeback should be paced. Just being nominated this year is good enough.

    Keep smiling Breezy! ~Team Breezy~ got your back all day!

  26. VA STAND UP!! December 10, 2010

    Figures it would be SOMEBODY in here to spoil the mood. To whom it may concern, YES I do believe that if CB didn’t have all the money and fame he would still get stares! The money didn’t give him his looks his parents did! He’s very handsome, especially when he is in a suit! Hello did you see him in ‘Takers’?! I did! When I went to see ‘Takers’ the women, some old & young, went crazy for him! I’m sure even if he wasn’t famous girls would still lust after him.

    Oh yeah…and I like his pants. Which is crazy cause I usually hate what he is wearing. Lol!

  27. Blue Kid December 10, 2010

    @ Plain and Simple

    I went and looked at that video, at 3:25, I see the symbols perfectly on his jacket, and it is just what I said it was except for the “T”!

    Talking about a sheepel, Lawd wake this child up! And if you can prove me wrong give me the site where those symbols are explain differently than what I told you.

  28. Sunflower27828 December 10, 2010

    @CHILE PLEASE……Child please (lol) If Chris was a regular or an irregular man walking down the street looking like he looks, he would stop traffic. A reporter who was covering the Broadway play Rain said in her review of the play, that Chris Brown was one of the celebs present. But, what really stuck out was when she wrote, “The first thing you notice about Chris Brown is that he is BREATHTAKINGLY handsome.” Now, this comes from a woman who covers Broadway and NOT Urban beat. The only people who dont know Chris Brown is handsome are those who are legally blind or blind in ONE eye and cant see out of the other. LOL…..I could NOT let that one slide…..@CHILE PLEASE……CHILD PLEASE!!!!!!!lol

  29. i’m a billy goat December 10, 2010

    His smile is just contagious! He really is one handsome young man. I’m glad to see him out and about enjoying life and doing some Christmas shopping!

  30. Next December 10, 2010

    He Beat Rihanna

  31. i’m a billy goat December 10, 2010

    December 10, 2010 at 3:26 pm
    This man is GORGEOUS for no reason.

    I know right, for no reason at all! 🙂

  32. i’m a billy goat December 10, 2010

    @Chile Please!


    That might be true of some celebs but Chris Brown is FINE period! Anyone with 20/20 vision, corrective lens, or an eye implant can attest to that! 🙂

  33. Blue Kid December 10, 2010

    I agree with Sunflower and I’m a Billy Goat, Chris Brown could get it if he was just a regular guy walking down the street, he is gorgeous.

  34. i’m a billy goat December 10, 2010

    December 10, 2010 at 9:36 pm
    He Beat Rihanna



  35. PLAIN AND SIMPLE December 10, 2010

    There 15 pictures

  36. kody December 10, 2010


  37. kody December 10, 2010


  38. C-Error December 10, 2010

    @ Bill Goat wow ur a total slime ball so ur saying its ok for fist brown to beat on woman haha thats so sadd ur boh bullys rihana is thr totall victum!!!! ~Loud in stores now (:

  39. Yeah X3 December 10, 2010

    haha yeah x3 is beyond flopp only girl shitted all over yeh x3 sales hahah u pressed?? rihanna is soon to be the queen of pop haha yet? and chris brown is gay he basicly said so having this new song glitter loool wtf is he mariah carey

  40. kody December 10, 2010

    @yeah3x you know dam well the song is not flopping you just want it ti flop your a r**** fan dumbazz

  41. Blue Kid December 11, 2010

    @ Plain and Simple
    Thanks those pictures where cute!

  42. Blue Kid December 11, 2010

    “Team Breezy” do not answer back at the trolls that is just what they want you to do. Chris Brown got a lot of haters and a lot of people jealous, of him, ignore them and they will go away.

    Because we cannot change the past so why live and wallow in it, it happen, it’s over.

    The war is over!

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