Preview: Whitney Houston Performs ‘I Look To You’ At BET’s Celebration Of Gospel

Published: Friday 28th Jan 2011 by Trent

BET’s pre-taped Celebration of Gospel won’t air until 8pm Est on January 30th but footage from the event continues to surface. Undoubtedly, the most notable performer was Whitney Houston who performed ‘I Look To You’ alongside her close friend Kim Burrell. Check out a preview of the performance below:

It looks like Houston is still experiencing some vocal issues as she basically yelled her way through this part of the performance while hitting several flat notes along the way. However, judging by the fan footage, her rendition got better at the song’s climax so let us wait for the full show to premiere before we judge.


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  1. spunkypoop January 28, 2011


  2. Stoney-Brie January 28, 2011

    aww her story is just sad but i know she is gettin there..*awaits* 4 the full clip

  3. B4Real02 January 28, 2011

    C’Mon Whitney!!……long journey but it seems to be coming back slowlly but surely

  4. Nichole January 28, 2011

    Waiting on the full performance.

  5. Quanberg January 28, 2011

    She does not sound bad at all …..

  6. Royalkev January 28, 2011

    Flat, Trent really? I think she’s doing fine. Whitney is being Whitney, she’s using different inflections in her sinigng and being very colorful. It’s what she does. I notice that her voice is improving and I can’t wait to see everything in it’s entirety.

    *ThePagewithRoyalKev / January 31, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place).

  7. oneday January 28, 2011

    Whitney, Whitney, Whitney… keep on moving girl no matter what.

  8. CHECKMATE January 28, 2011

    The sound mix is off. It’s muted, flat, and the reverb/echoing has been turned off. It’s the same with Kim Burrell. Seems like they muted the backgrounds, the audience, and the band like they do for commercials with someone speaking over the clip as in a voice over. The bootlegged fan video doesnt have things turned off and it appears much better. Compare the muted version with unmuted version in Rome last year of same song ILTY.

    Whitney Houston – I Look To You (Live in Rome, May 2010) HQ Audio

  9. Chimier January 28, 2011

    Where’s the yelling?

  10. HottieHellYeahh January 28, 2011


  11. Warren January 28, 2011

    I think Whitney sounded wonderful. Her voice was full of clarity and colorful. She exudes the confidence. Her voice seems to be getting better. She has never left and will always be loved. I am a fan no matter what and will love her. I believe the full performance is going to be absolutely amazong. Whitney, we love you and pray for you. Never let get anything in your way. Remember, you have strength and love and the support of those that loved ones. Never forget it. God bless and take care Whitney. Much love and Peace.

  12. ayo_ronnie January 28, 2011

    Where is the yelling trent?

  13. Mr.GQ January 28, 2011

    Yes Whitney sang for Jesus!

  14. Ariana January 28, 2011

    She wasn’t yelling at all. She was struggling at times but she’s a pro so she knows how work things out. I’m really looking forward to seeing/hearing the full performance, for what I’ve heard so far her voice has improved a lot since last time I heard her singing live. Good for her, I wonder if she’s planning on release a new album this year.

  15. O leDoIt January 28, 2011

    I would like to send a big F*** YOU to Trent. You will always be a hating ass bitter f**. In the 43 seconds of this preview there was no “yelling” and no “flat notes.” Leave the Whitney post to Sam because your hatred is just ridiculous. You should probably stop making post all together because your opinions are about as useless as you are.

  16. Leo January 28, 2011


  17. MissImpartial January 28, 2011

    Obviously this is never going to biased review as Trent stans for Mariah and hates that everyone respects Whitney’s vocals.

    She does not need to prove herself anymore vocally as she did that over 20 years ago and that is what counts.

  18. Chris January 28, 2011

    I’ll take Whitney “Yelling” and “Struggling” as Terrence Trent Darby’s son said, over Mariah’s back track and window washing hand anyday!!…”Stop singing my part now baby…”

  19. MissImpartial January 28, 2011

    Opps I meant this never going to be an unbiased review!!!

  20. toohotfortv January 28, 2011

    Why is everyone so focused on Whitney here. Ummm helloooooooo KIMMMMMMMM BURRRRRREEEEEEELLLLLL !!!!!! and is it me or is she losing weight (Kim, that is…) anyway, if you don’t know you should. Kim Burrell is the business. Just ask Jasmine Sullivan. HELLLLLLOOOOOO!!!!!

  21. LIFE January 28, 2011

    Trent how dare you point out her flaws when Mariah whistles her way through in a “live” performance???? smdhh. your so backwards

  22. PRESSED January 28, 2011


    Why are you so quick to post anything negative about Whitney but fail to EVERRR post anything positive??! You’re so pressed. You mad that no matter what, she’ll always sound better than Mariah and do it all live? No backing tracks ever, because she’s a REAL singer.

    Whitney sounds fine and I can’t wait to hear the whole performance come Sunday!!!

  23. PRESSED January 28, 2011


    Thanks for your kind post, I’m glad to finally see a civil Mariah fan around here! Take notes Trent.

  24. Daniel January 28, 2011

    Typical Whitney bashing by the same author. At least Whitney sings live, unlike Mariah… I just saw Mariah at Christmas and it was completely lipped, not even an effort from Mariah.

    She wasn’t shouting, I guess next to Mariah’s whispering anything louder sounds like shouting. I mean I love both women but lets stop the tacky comments, shall we?

    Why don’t you let people see the whole performance and make their own determination before trying to sway people that it was a bad performance?

    Touch….skip….skip…Touch my….skip…Body….. Stop singing my part!

    Mariah Vanilli Carey

  25. Ariana January 28, 2011

    Really? Don’t go there please.
    Both are great singers and there’s no need to insult one in order to praise the other. I’m not deffending Trent but since I follow him on Twitter I can bet you that he has always said wonderful things about Whitney, but whatever what he wrote is HIS opinion, not a fact.

    Just so you know everyone can download the raw audio from that TV special, I do know it was dubbed on several notes HOWEVER if you listen to the undubbed version of every song you can barely tell the difference because Mariah was clearly singing live and she sounded great.
    And I’m not a delusional Mariah fan because I’ve complained several times before when she lypsynchs or gives awful performances.

    She’s not 19 anymore, but still she can kick damn asses w/ her voice.

  26. Ariana January 28, 2011

    There’s nothing to thank for. Both are wonderful singer, ICONS! 🙂

  27. TheMan4u January 28, 2011

    You know Whitney is killing them when the haters start to come out. Please show me where she yelled or hit flat notes in this small clip you showed? I never understood why mariah fans were so threatened by Whitney. Mariah has had a GREAT career and many successes but none of that is good enough for them. It kills them that despite everything Whitney has gone through she is STILL received with so much love and RESPECT, something it seems mimi and her fans feel she hasn’t gotten. Instead of hating on Whitney maybe they should be looking at mimi as to why she isn’t respected and held in the same regard as Whitney and madonna or even Janet and mary j Blige.

  28. Taylor swifts number 1 fan January 28, 2011

    Love whitney, shes a true singer:)

  29. Taylor swifts number 1 fan January 28, 2011

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this girl!!!

  30. X_POSED99 January 28, 2011

  31. Emily January 28, 2011

    She sounds amazing to me!!!! Her voice is so clear and powerful and it’s quite obvious Kim Burrell had an influence on her not just as a person, but also as a singer. The run’s Whitney’s doing are quite similar to Kim’s. Loving that!

  32. Jims January 28, 2011

    BET edited out the audience reaction………GGrrrrrr Bad editing!! The audience is almost as important as Whitney’s performance.


  33. X_POSED99 January 28, 2011

    Wow, someone posted a HQ clip of the same BET performance where it was unmuted. They sounded pretty good with the higher notes, audience reaction, and the reverb. Trent is PRESSED! Notice he deleted that comment. Agenda much????

  34. 100% January 28, 2011

    Whitney!!!! What an amazing performance. Can’t wait for the head notes she did at the end of the show….where she absolutely SLAYED!!!!!

    But now I can lift my heeaaaddd!!

    “Thank you Looorrdd” gave me chills!!!

  35. Carmen January 28, 2011

    No she did not yell at all Are you serious Trent?

    She sounds good to me. Definitely not like when she was 20 (who would expect that anyway? She’s 50, not 20). But she still sounds amazing for her age and all that’ she’s been through. And thats all that matters to me.

  36. Karan January 28, 2011

    SHE NAILED IT!! And sounds AMAZING….if this not good singing…NOTHING is!!!!

  37. bigg January 28, 2011

    Look at Kim’s expression when Whitney did the Lift My Head part…Priceless!!!!!

  38. maddd January 28, 2011

    YES THANK YOU WHITNEY!!! This made my day!!!!!

  39. whitnip January 28, 2011

    I think this performance is a true showcase of Whitney’s power as a performer. Look at the audience jumping to their feet and cheering on. If she’s not The Voice I don’t know who is.

  40. Prince January 28, 2011

    Wow that was just Terrible jus Awful! I wish she would just stop embarrassing herself live and start working on bettering her voice. Her voice has completely transformed in2 something horrible. What The Hell Whitney…..

  41. CHRIS January 28, 2011

    This was a great performance…What were you listening Trent?

  42. Strom January 28, 2011

    Unfortunately she looks like a bloated hog. This song is lame as it can be.

    Whit has returned to heavy duty lesbianism it is reported.

  43. lareon January 28, 2011

    goohhh ahead mama !! i aint even mahddd at chuu fa real girl ! aye whitney got her life ta gether an she got off dem drugs an away frum bobby muh f***** brown ! woman beata ! an she jus doin WHITNEY again okkaa ! i luh ha fa dat she tooohh khold bra ! go ‘hed whiiit ♥

  44. JohnVidal January 28, 2011

    You are always so right.
    I´m a fan of both Mariah and Whitney and I can´t really understand why some people talk s*** about one of them. They are so different and this is not 1990 when there was some competition between them to slay the charts and the rest of the music industry with their talent. That is the big difference with almost all nowadays ‘stars’: these two ladies slayed musically and slayed the charts. Your nowadays fake favorites are probably never going to make it at the same time.
    They are like the last two huge talented megastars. I love both of them. But it´s obvious that Mariah is the one still making it better, still making some amazing music and with a voice that even weaker and often lipsinced is absolutely flawless and beatiful still. Whitney (sorry for that people that love Whitney but not Mariah) really has gotten an awful… tone or something. I don´t want to bash her at all. But it is what it is. But she is that huge icon that I´m just glad she is here looking like that, giving the fact she almost lost her life. What she has done it´s unbelievable, to get out from that situation…LOVE Whitney

  45. jdog January 28, 2011

    Whitney is back baby

  46. theman January 28, 2011

    Lol at you desperate people bringing Mariah into. Mariah sounds amazing. Whitney sounded good to. People only say Mariah lips because they don’t wanna deal with Whitney when she doesn’t give you the Whitney that you want. Thats insecurity. Mariah vocally on her Christmas album sounded brilliant. It was a masterpiece. Incredible. Stop being lames.

    Y’all get mad when he talks about Whitney but bring Mariah up. Mariah can still tare all of her low notes, mid notes and whistle notes up. Her belting has beeen great to. Whitney is great. She goes for it. That is to be respected.

  47. Anthony The Great January 28, 2011

    Really, Trent?

    She was not yelling, but she did struggle to hit certain notes.

    At least she was singing live unlike a certain diva who struggles to do so these days.

    I like Mariah, but you come for Whitney I will come for your fav.

  48. TIMMI January 28, 2011


    Now where are all those IMBECILES who were on my d*** in the other fan video thread because I was honest and make a remark about Whitney’s voice not sounding as healthy as it could.

    Calling me a hater, a liar, so on and so forth. Either way, I was right, THIS IS NOT WHAT A HEALTHY VOICE SOUNDS LIKE. If you still believe Whitney sounds healthy, then you are beyond delusional and I have no time to entertain your foolishness.

  49. Agent_Mariah January 28, 2011

    If Mariah does sing to a pre-recorded track, atleast she still has the voice to even record a pre-recorded track. Whitney’s voice is COMPLETELY GONE. She wouldn’t even sound good if she pre-recorded herself.

    Don’t get me wrong Whitney was a BEAST back in the day but she can’t sing anymore. Don’t blame Mariah just blame her crack pipe. Do you see use Mariah stans bringing up Whitney everytime Mariah sounds a mess. Mariah may sound a mess but she has nothing on Whitney.

    Even Whitney’s own fans walk out of show and demanded a refund.


  50. caroline Wilson January 28, 2011

    Love Whitney

  51. Misty January 28, 2011

    SMH! Nippy this is TV, you cant be actin’ up now…
    She dont even have to ever touch a mic again, she’s a legend so she can just chill. It doesnt matter what’s goin on vocally, we will always love you Whit! Just #sit You’ve already proven you were a bad bishh in your prime and UNTOUCHABLE

  52. Jazlene January 28, 2011

    @ Timmi…Whitney DOES sound healthy…a little pitchy in the start of the snippet but she still has the power & resonance in her voice…I wish she’d take her time with the lift my head part because that was pure fiiire…anywho if you backtrack three years ago…the woman HAD NO VOICE…couldn’t hold a note and was a hot ass mess….now how you gonna say she sounds unhealthy when infact Whitney was belting and maintaing them notes. oughtta eat your words bout being “beyond delusional” coz your judgemnt is clearly clouded *grabs seat* #sityoFAILEDASSALLTHEWAYdown
    @Mariahagent…Pre-recorded=studio trickery…don’t play the Mariah vs Whitney LIVE card…coz Whitney demolishes Mariah with one note STILL..Mariah couldn’t fill a 3000 seat THEATRE peeps are through with her lip-synching fiesta…Whitney may have had people walk out …but case in point…Mariah barely had people walk in to her concerts.

  53. TheMan4u January 28, 2011

    exactly @Jazlene

  54. Tara Henderson January 28, 2011

    I’ve been defending Whitney over at for some time now. I never thought a bunch of gay men would be so ridiculous in their attempts to tear women down (Whitney, myself and another poster). I can only imagine what those trolls are saying about this snippet. Eat me Manish!

  55. Jazlene January 28, 2011

    @ Trent …you Idolize a lip-synching piece of art…You are in no position to state an opinion on a live singer.

  56. Jordan January 29, 2011

    she sounds and looks like s***.

  57. whitneydiva76 January 29, 2011

    Poor Crackney fans, they must be devasteted after hearing this mess. How comes she sounds worse with each and every performance? Does she still do crack? That would explained why she has lost her voice for good. Poor bongs, it’s so depressing.

  58. theman January 29, 2011

    @Jazlene shut ur a** up. Mariah has filled the seats up with double the number that u mentioned. Why are u talking about her anyway. Focus on Whitney and her performance. Hater …. Did you hear that big clear live note that Mariah hit when she sung for Obama. THE BEST !!! It was live also. Whitney doesn’t demolish nothing. Don’t bring Mariah into this. Mariah has been sounding great. Even with studio albums Mariah has been way above stellar.

  59. WhitneyFanatic January 29, 2011

    Trent I beg you f*** off. I don’t even know why you were hired.

    LOL @Jazlene *hi5*

  60. whitneydiva76 January 29, 2011

    ^ I’ve been a huge Whitney fan since her debut but I need to admit she sounds worse than autotuned Britney. I’m sad. Does Manish know how bad I feel? 🙁

  61. meme January 29, 2011

    yeah Whitney is my favorite singer of all time…Greatest voice ever…but those days are clearly behind her as she sounds terrible in this little clip….I miss what she used to sound like

  62. Jazlene January 29, 2011

    @ WhitneyDiva76…Posing as a Whitney fan and talking smack is as sensible as an elephant driving a truck…#BOMBASTICFAIL
    @Theman4u…I was replying to Mariah agent incase you thought I randomly chucked in Mariah to my comment (who I happen to like)..But I am a die-hard Whitney fan…but not blinded by it… I will say where she is at fault and I have…but if Mariah fans are gonna go in for my girl ..they will be shut down mercilessly.

  63. Agent_Mariah January 29, 2011

    @JAZLENE – Chiiiiiiiiiiile! I’d love to see you shut a B**** like me down.

  64. whitneydiva76 January 29, 2011

    Agent_Mariah, just ignore jazlene, she’s on he period and don’t feel too great. We all know Celine and Mariah can still sing unlike Whitney who lost it years ago. Crack is whack,

  65. whitneydiva76 January 29, 2011

    Jazlene, can you please get rid of your avatar or make it smaller, cause your thick nose is distracting me, thanks in advance, gurl!

  66. Jazlene January 29, 2011

    @ Mariah agent…this performance Taekwondoed…demolished…slayed that perfomance by a longshot…here is how THE VOICE SAAANGS Mariah in her sleep…Mariah would faint if she tried.

  67. whitneydiva76 January 29, 2011

    ^ what a bad performance of Whitney, Rihanna would have sung it better. Sorry thick nose, but #FAIL.

  68. whitneydiva76 January 29, 2011

    ^ 3:58-4:02 (slaughtering a pig on a farm) ROTFL

  69. TIMMI January 29, 2011


    GIVE UP SERIOUSLY. There is NO WAY IN HELL that Whitney sounds healthy, the only person you are fooling is yourself and you don’t even realise it. There was NOTHING in this clip that was “pure fire”, you’re out of your damn mind.

    And you’re sitting there clapping like a disabled sea lion over her rushed, ashy vocals on “lift my head”? … I literally can’t.

    Dead at you talking about pitch, damn girl you don’t know S***. It’s NOTHING to do with her pitch; it’s called straight VOICE CRACKING.

    You don’t know what belting is either. Belting isn’t singing loud. Belting is singing loudly in a high pitch. Whitney did not belt at one point in this clip. You want to see belting? Again, refer to the YouTube link.

    And gorl, stop tryna bring Mariah into your argument to make yourself look better. If you find this clip so great then the clip should do itself justice without you needing to drag Mariah down to put Whitney up.

    Angels Advocate Box Office Score Data:

    TOTAL: 192,167 / 205,627 (96.0%)

    Nothing but Love World Tour Box Office Score Data:

    TOTAL: 96,683 / 108,962 (89%)



    *You have officially been slayed. Take a chair, GTFO out my sight, and sit YOUR beyond-failed ass all the way down.*

  70. whitneydiva76 January 29, 2011

    Jazlene #CLASSIC

    Read the description of the video by xXCelineDionXx , in case you’ve missed it:
    “This defeated hag lost it all. She’s the mistress of mediocrity, her voice stinks and she sounds like a 60-years-old alcoholic man. What else can I say about this crack w****? I hope the people who attended her cheap concert asked a refund lol. April 22, 2010”

  71. Jazlene January 29, 2011

    @ Whitneydiva76…You are still posing as a Whitney fan when clearly you aren’t…must I remind you how mentally unstable you sound?…and fyi i’m a model getting paid for my looks… that “thick nose” is getting money…how’s your sad life? *files nails*

  72. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ January 29, 2011

    I’ll wait for the entire performance, but so far I didn’t hear any yelling, Trent. Sorry.

  73. whitneydiva76 January 29, 2011

    Can you please get rid of that avatar of yours? UGLY MODELS LONDON?

  74. Jazlene January 29, 2011

    @ Timmi you are a fool if you are going to post me a link of Whitney in her prime and expect her to sound the same today…..She will NEVER be the 90s Whitney ever again…you can’t expect someone who has toured excessively singing LIVE 99% of the time…used drugs heavily for 15 years to sound like they did in their 20’s…Whitney has also aged..hormones and all..the woman’s voice is going to change…that is inevitable. In considering all that has happened Whitney TODAY sounds “healthy”…correction yes her voice cracked in the beginning of the snippet but she gradually got it together…anf fyi she technically speaking Belted the Now I can lift my head part so #sit down …talking like you know your ish #FAIL
    Mariah’s Memoirs tour was a national tour. and she couldn’t outsell a THEATRE….An arena seats 10,000 plus people….A theatre 3000 max…Whitney SOLD OUT ARENAS!!!…that Mariah could only fantasize about. Whitney is an HONEST performer…warts and all she will do the best she can…tackle notes head on…no matter what the outcome….It is a reason why she is highly respected despite the negative media frenzy. Mariah cops out and lips..gutless and a disservice to her true fans who want to hear HER sing…

    You have not slayed Ish but your credibility as a fan….you speak of her studio album sounding above stellar…hell she soesn’t sing live anymore….again the studio does magnificent wonders.

  75. Jazlene January 29, 2011

    @ Whitneydiva76…You’re calling me an ugly model and yet your POSING as a Whitney fan….Hell I’m crushed!

  76. TIMMI January 29, 2011


    The aim wasn’t to show that Whitney sounds different. I’m quite aware that the voice changes. The aim was to show the deterioration of her voice because you are stupidly trying to deny the fact her voice doesn’t sound healthy.

    I repeat, Whitney did not belt in one part of this clip. She added intensity to make some notes sound louder and more powerful, but she did not sing a high note loudly.

    I’m not even trying to read your irrelevant definitions of tours and locations. Whatever excuse you come up with, Mariah’s tour sold better than Whitney’s. End of.

    What on earth are you talking about “warts and all”? Did you mean “nodules”? LMAOO. What I tell you, I know my stuff and you don’t.

    “tackle notes head on…no matter what the outcome”

    Sorry but I find that to be a LIE. Whitney often SPEAKS through her performances. Especially the high notes.

  77. expose the hate January 29, 2011

    @ tarawhitneydiva76henderson

    Always has Whitney’s back but is homophobic trash. comming from the largest represt race in history you should know better! so we would rather you be out of the Whitney house. You do not represent what she stands for NBL

  78. Jazlene January 29, 2011

    I am not denying ish…her voice has deteriorated..yes but Whitney’s voice sounds “healthy” for the Whitney of the past 5 years. You can’t expect Whitney to go through what she has and BANG TBG Whitney voice singing in full throttle…it doesn’t happen that way. That Era is gone. And just because it’s not TBG voice does not mean Whitney’s voice today is unhealthy….simply put…it’s different. Her tone is deeper…at times husky…but she can still belt notes and hit the high notes just as passionate like back in the day.
    The lift my head part was a belt …maybe not as high as you feel it should be..but it technically speaking is called belting.
    Warts and all meaning bum notes etc …do you even read?
    “Whitney speaking through performances…esp. high notes”…..clearly you are getting restless by this point coz now your story telling…Get hydrated then comment with some sense and facts.

  79. Jazlene January 29, 2011

    @exposedthe hate…..Are you telling me WhitneyDiva76 is Tara Henderson…the writer for the examiner?!? She has written many positive things on Whitney and now she is spewing vile ish on a blogsite….souds like someone got the boot. Such a shame I liked her but now I’ve lost all respect for that girl.

  80. X_POSED99 January 29, 2011



    LOL, 89% is less than 96%. But $45-50 mil gross (include 2 russian concerts) NBL tour exceeds whatever FAT-riah made. Hell her figures are so low dont even know what her lousy tour made. *DEAD*

    Now shut the f*** up, u gay stan.

  81. Go U January 29, 2011

    It don’t sound that bad but how did Whitney go from being the best rnb singer to the bottom bunch like that. Don’t say drugs cuz half the singers use drugs and it did nothing to their vocals. Her voice used to be the sweetest voice in teh industry. The lady behind her sounds so much better and purer. Well at least whitney sounds better than she was sounding a few years ago.

  82. Bibby January 29, 2011

    Her career is oficially over. She’s done, so is her voice – she lost it for good.

  83. TIMMI January 29, 2011


    You’re dumb as f***. Whitney’s tour was WORLDWIDE with over 50 dates. Mariah’s tour was a small-venue tour based in North America with 23 dates. What did you expect moron?

    Either way, Mariah sold more of her available tickets and that money stayed put too. Where did a portion of Whitney’s profits do a U-turn and make their way back to…

    Stay mad.

  84. soul January 29, 2011

    I can’t stand your bickering here. Whitney sounded great here (despite editing flaws). It is premature to judge a performance from a snippet. Wait till Sunday for that. Mariah can’t touch this performance period.

  85. 3456Paul January 29, 2011

    ^ wow, what a voice Mariah STILL has. Now I see why Whitney stans are mad.

  86. Natanya January 29, 2011

    How many months is Whitney and who is she preggers by?

  87. X_POSED99 January 29, 2011


    F*** yourself. Obviously this idiot changes facts and scenarios to be FAT-riah’s tampon. Feel good and juicy and all red?? Ass kissing boy, LOL.

    Oops, here’s a fact. FAT-riah’s xmas cd made god shipped. Glee’s xmas cd in same time frame went platinum!!!!!!!! Haha, u f***. justify FAT-riah pinhead. As whitney would say kiss ma ass!

  88. X_POSED99 January 29, 2011

    …meant gold shipped.

  89. JayD January 29, 2011

    I see your true colors are coming through. Are you still bashing gays which got you banned from ClassicWhitney. Wonder what Lopez has to say know? You are one to talk about avatars. Chile please. Whitney sounds great by the way.

  90. R&B January 29, 2011

    Whitney needs to stop. Then the folks over at her fan site have been tweeting BET to try and get them to “fix” the problem the hear with her voice. Give it up people, Whitney had a great career but her time as a great live performer is OVER. Kim Burrell puts Ol’ girl to shame.

  91. Strom January 29, 2011

    Yep I agree and its not gay men that believe it, it is everyone. She looks like a bloated grape here and cant sing any more. Just go away and understand the career is over.

    Her lesbianism has given her certain fans but it causes her also so many problems like sneakiness.

    She laughs at her fan and takes their money.

  92. JohnVidal January 29, 2011

    I´m a fan of both Mariah and Whitney and I can´t really understand why some people talk s*** about one of them. They are so different and this is not 1990 when there was some competition between them to slay the charts and the rest of the music industry with their talent. That is the big difference with almost all nowadays ’stars’: these two ladies slayed musically and slayed the charts. Your nowadays fake favorites are probably never going to make it at the same time.
    They are like the last two huge talented megastars. I love both of them. But it´s obvious that Mariah is the one still making it better, still making some amazing music and with a voice that even weaker and often lipsinced is absolutely flawless and beatiful still. Whitney (sorry for that people that love Whitney but not Mariah) really has gotten an awful… tone or something. I don´t want to bash her at all. But it is what it is. But she is that huge icon that I´m just glad she is here looking like that, giving the fact she almost lost her life. What she has done it´s unbelievable, to get out from that situation…LOVE Whitney

  93. X_POSED99 January 29, 2011


    You’re a moron. They are completely 2 separate clips. The muted clip is visually edited to only show whitney’s top half of her body. You never see Kim Burrell in the snippet, just her voice. The 2nd clip is from the show itself and shows the full stage with Kim Burrell. My feeling is BET showed the muted clip as a preview and wanted to keep the final cut for Sunday as a surprise. But since pepo bitched, they released the actual show clip. I highly doubt they went and re-edited cuz a few pepo tweeted a guy at BET who runs the gospel blog, LMAO!!

  94. WHS January 29, 2011

    Poor Whitney, she used to have a good voice.

  95. Robier January 29, 2011

    People are Lost. I love Whitney back in the day but why can’t people tell the truth. Yes it was as horrible as past yrs but its really bad. Its ok to want the best for her but truth is it sounds bad

  96. KELENDRIA ROWLAND January 29, 2011

    She sounds and lookz lyke S***!

    She is FAT and an UGLY PIG now.

    She KANT SING FOR S***. Her voice is DEAD and she only TALKS. She doesztnt sing.

    She has nothing (no pun) goings on 4 hur. She is DEAD and a haz been.

    Shes truly OVER

    Support Ms Kelly Rowland The QUEEN of DANCERNB

  97. TIMMI January 29, 2011

    Erm Sam, WHY wasn’t my comment in response to @X_POSED99 posted? Because you know damn well it was slaying his ass. I’ll cut out the extra bits this time:


    Oops, let me post SOME facts.



    And FURTHERMORE, let me attempt to make this slightly less embarassing for you and talk about what was only released two months ago…


    You just got slayed twice over.

    Now are you sure you want to continue the path of discussing Christmas albums?


  98. Tru Voice January 29, 2011

    WE STILL LOVE YOU WHITNEY!!!! YOU’RE THE BEST! I say wait until the final tv performance to judge her.

  99. MIDAS January 29, 2011

    So much hate- yet that is the consequence Whitney must pay for being the Greatest singer of all-time. Everyone expects perfection from this woman. Like you she bleeds red blood…she is human. Whitney sounded good here…cracked in the first part but like a pro worked out the kinks . Whitney sounds good. Can’t wait to see the entire perfomance #TEAMWHITNEYFORLIFE

  100. X_POSED99 January 30, 2011


    STOP TALKING ABOUT THE PAST U FUCKTARD. talk right now!! FAT-riah is a loser!!!!!!

    *DEAD* and DONE. F*** off.

  101. lucky56 January 30, 2011

    Sorry, but according to Oprah Whitney was the voice, but to everybody else THE REAL VOICE is Mariah Carey! PERIOD!

  102. StoneCold January 30, 2011

    Xposed: your theory may be correct but the point is that fans bitched and bet heard enough of it to do something which was to release the ‘unedited’ clip.

    Timmy: What a LOSER! 89% of 8-13k people at a concert for whitney is STILL more than 96% of a 2-4k theatre venue that Mariah played to. do you even understand basic math!

    How bout this, Whitney’s tour grossed around $38-$40mil and Mariah’s gorssed $9-$11mil! BOOM!

    Trent = full time Whitney hater. He’s pressed over how whitney is continually respected by her peers and still get’s standing ovations before she is even freakin SEEN! They just heard her voice, and knew instantly that it was her.

    lol, Trent couldn’t wait to post that clip not knowing that the mix wasn’t right!

  103. Earl January 30, 2011

    Can’t wait to hear Miss Whitney’s head notes. They’ve been mia for a while. Stay strong Whitney, you are looking marvellous! she sounds fine and i don’t hear any yelling plus this is a gospel song

  104. TIMMI January 30, 2011


    Theoretically, everything we discuss happened in the past. Hypocritical FOOL.

    What’s the agenda behind refusing to allow me to state things that happened as little as TWO months ago? Is it because you know Mariah’s track record slays Whitney’s?

    Haha, you have a case of selective hearing, don’t take well to being shut the f*** down do you.

    Let’s talk right now. The only thing we can state certainly as of right now, the precise second you are reading this comment, is that Whitney doesn’t have a voice left.

    You have been dismissed.


    Talk about digging your own grave and flopping straight into it. You talk about the basic maths behind Whitney’s tour having larger venues, yet you fail to realise larger venues = more available tickets = higher grossing tour! “BOOM!”

    Again, HYPOCRITICAL and also a FOOL.

    Dismissed. Follow your gwarl @X_POSED99 for the exit.

  105. EpicFail January 30, 2011

    I don’t know who would be sick and bored enought to impersonate WhitneyDiva but that is not her. She is one of the BIGGEST Whitney fan on the net and I know she didn’t type that mess upbove.

    Bottom line, if her picture isn’t showing up in her gavatar and it’s not the exact name it ain’t her.


  106. Tru Voice January 30, 2011

    BTW, No matter what Whitney sounds like she is “THE VOICE” Who in the hell would consider any other singer but Whitney? Only pressed Mariah fans. Can’t wait to see my lady perform tomorrow.

  107. CHUCK January 30, 2011

    Bravo Whitney! It’s nice to see her back in the limelight where she belongs and embraced by the gospel community and her true fans. We will always love you Whitney and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!

  108. ranjeet January 30, 2011

    Sooo much power !!! I do have to accede that her notes are all over the place though.Kim Burrell,although sounding timid next to that barrel of power , is actually singing much better.

    But I guess everyone has their drawbacks-
    Mariah finds it hard to belt continuously and enunciate while belting nowadays,Whitney cannot carry a tune.
    Celine ? she lips.

  109. lillymae January 30, 2011

    Her voice is shot. That’s it.

  110. Mariah fat flop ass January 30, 2011

    F*** Mariah and the lambs. She has not a live singer and by definition a “SINGER” needs to SING LIVE –> Mariah is NOT a singer. The lambs should just stay away from this thread.

  111. Strom January 30, 2011

    Amazing how she took the fans money for her shows and then couldnt sing. She laughs at them for being stupid.

    It is the lesbian thing coming back to haunt.

  112. Truth January 30, 2011

    It is amazing what people can gather from a 45sec clip that appears to have been unmixed or sound altered by bet when compared to the fan clip of the 4min performance.

    The one thing i continually give Whtiney credit for is her honesty in singing. She is live, ALL live, no studio tricks, no high back track, no lipping that is always apart of Mariah’s singing these days

    Can’t wait to see the full performance.

  113. TIMMI January 30, 2011


    Mariah has proven time and time again that she is capable of singing live. If pre-recorded vocals and lip-syncing every now and then mean that there is a better chance of her preserving her voice, I’m riding with that.

    I hate watching an amazing voice take such a tumble, as in Whitney’s case. Like @TRUTH said, Whitney definitely deserves all credit as a performer because she always sings live, no matter what the outcome is. That is rare nowadays. But still, I can’t help wondering if whether Whitney lipped every now and then we might have a bit more of the glory that was in her voice at it’s prime.

  114. Grady January 30, 2011



  115. TIMMI January 30, 2011



  116. Andre Kellman January 31, 2011

    Looks Prego

  117. Sexcess1 January 31, 2011

    Whitney served them b****** last night and all the Mariah fans can’t take. You’re witnessing a master at work!! She is getting her voice back, those head notes were phenomenal. Mariah needs to go deliver those lil babies and don’t try to whisper a note till those kids are walking. Whitney is back and it’ll be” LIKE SHE NEVER LEFT”

  118. Strom January 31, 2011

    She is not pregnant unless it can be done from a Queen Latifah type as her preference is for the girls!!

  119. LS Burg February 1, 2011

    Whitney Houston took a perfectly beautiful voice and brilliant career, hooked up with garbage like Bobby Brown – and the rest is history. A total waste of talent – a dreadful shame.

  120. Strom February 1, 2011

    Bobby is partially to blame but he was used as a cover for her lesbainism. Whitney has been drug goofy for a long time. Now she is fat too and her daughter is following in her footsteps chasing women.

  121. kenny February 2, 2011

    Whitney has and will always be the best of them all… after all she’s been through, her age, marriage, and her carrier almost gone down and she can still face the crowd. she is certainly all in one. Simply best of the best. Have been a fan since 13years now am married and i know what it takes to be a wife, a mother talkless of being a star… God she is good. Just face it. live with it or die in it

  122. biddy February 6, 2011

    seen the BET sunday special. Whitney did sound great, not as good as she used to but for all she’s been through i think she carried it well. Kim burrel sounded beautiful as well.

    Mariah is no where near where she used to be. She practically whistles through her songs nowadays. The voice just seems to be so watered down. I guess she just seems to lack the energy she used to have.
    Dont get me wrong she ranks way up there with whitney as well.

    Its good to hear whitney after all these years, But I just feel so sad because it shouldn’nt have been like this. She didn’t have to have waited this long to have taken the step in the right direction. Now we all feel so hurt because we know if things had been different, by now her stars would have shot through this universe.

    I guess talent in itself is not enough. A character to choose to do the right thing and listen to what everyone else is telling u when some dush bag is in your life and trying to ruin it is required. Everyone else but u can see clearly.

    Atleast she did all her exploits before she married him, wonder what would have happened if she had married him first. We may have never heard of her.

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