Video: Whitney Houston Soars At BET Celebration of Gospel (Performance)

Published: Monday 24th Jan 2011 by Sam

As reported last month, the legendary Whitney Houston took to the stage with friend Kim Burrell at BET’s Celebration of Gospel. Together, the duo, ripped the roof off the building with a spine-tingling rendition of Houston’s 2009 hit ‘I Look To You’.

While the show airs on BET this Sunday, fan footage of the performance has today surfaced. Check it out after the jump…

Yes! All indications point to a great vocal showing from Whitney; however, before I throw my church hat to the sky and start rolling on the floor, I’ll wait for the HQ video later this week.

Your thoughts?

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  1. SparkD January 24, 2011

    The audio is terrible. But Whitney always sing gospel better than secular music, and her voice isn’t even in it’s prime shape and you can see the natural power she has.

  2. Mike January 24, 2011

    Is Whitney even aging? She looks just as good now as she did years ago tbh. Could be the make-up and everything but she still looks great.

  3. FUTURESTARdelux January 24, 2011

    i thought that was Oprah with her in the pic lol

  4. GREG January 24, 2011

    Yea the quality of this video is horrible so im going to wait until i see a better video before i agree that whitney is back…..

  5. tash January 24, 2011

    All I could hear was some guy say that was terrrible LOL guess I’ll wait & see

  6. Nicole January 24, 2011

    the guy said “that girl has a high note it’s terrible” meaning it’s incredible….now on to the clip
    it’s not clear enough because the audience went bonkers when Whitney came on, so it’s hard to make out what her voice sounded like, but her headvoice was clearly there, so it must have been amazing. Come Sunday….

  7. WOWOWOWOW January 24, 2011


  8. HOLY DAME GODTINA THE QUEEN January 24, 2011

    her voice just isnt there anymore, keep smokin yo crack tho whitney….

  9. CHECKMATE January 24, 2011

    Her head notes are better than that craptastic NBL tour last year. Appears stronger and more consistent. I assume so after 6 freakin mos of doing nothing though, SMH. Her chest notes still need improvement. Sounds about the same as her performances in Italy last yr. I think her Rome performance was the best. Have to wait for HQ vid. The crowd dint really go bonkers like people exaggerated. The rocker crowds are 10x worse in terms of noise and freakin out. The gospel crowd seemed pretty reserved imo. No different than they do for any other major artist. Feels like a 3/5 performance. Keep ur expectations in check!

  10. Royalkev January 24, 2011

    I agree with Nicole, the guy muttering that’s terrible wasn’t insulting Whitney, because you can hear him later yelling “sing Whitney” when she’s holding her notes towards the end. The crowd was pretty excitable to me, I don’t know how much more energy they’re suppose to have to appear so. Whitney’s vocal control is better, she sung out with ease while belting and controlled her higher pitch at the end. She’s definitely on the right track. Her voice is still very powerful. I’m happy to see “The Voice” so together, now maybe we can get that movie sequel and new album for 2012. Whitney 4 Life!

    *The Page with RoyalKev / January 31, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place).

  11. Midas January 24, 2011

    I’m with Sam, I’ll reserve judgement till I see a HQ video of this performance. Quite an overwhelming reception when Whitney came out, the love & respect for this woman is clearly in abundance. Can’t keep a good woman down for too long.

  12. Kersha January 24, 2011


  13. Anthony January 24, 2011

    Could she she have got her act together, only time will truley tell. She pops up and then disappears. Seems to be an act of hers lately

  14. Keyana January 24, 2011

    That crowd freaking went crazy to the point that you can hardly hear Whitney. That reception she got was off the chain! Your favs could never! The crowd was so crazy you could hardly hear her but from what I heard, her head notes were there and strong. This performance sounds very promising.

    Hopefully BEt will mute some of the background noise so you can hear Ms. Nippy! I’m encouraged! Her belts could be heard and it was very powerful.

    To the person who said she disappeared, maybe int he US but she performed 48 dates while ill and recovering then she came home for 6mths to recover. During that time she attended Alicia Key’s Keep a child alive Ball, visited her friend Kim Burrell ‘shed’ and performed on the down low and now the BET Celebration of Gospel.

    Whitney is lowkey! She doesn’t make many appearances but when she does….

  15. KELENDRIA ROWLAND January 24, 2011

    LMFAOOOO thankz 4 postin dis I ffffcukcking needded it !!!!


    she sounds like UTTER S***!

    The Queen Of DanceRnB MS KELLY

  16. No one does it like Whitney January 24, 2011

    nobody does it like Whitney
    nobody sends chills down your spine like Whitney
    nobody gets standing ovations like Whitney
    not mariah, not celine, not christina, not mary, not jennifer – who are all great singers but Whitney is in a completely different league
    This is a woman who has gone through all kinds of horrible stuff and a true example of what God gives you nobody can take it away from you
    GO WHITNEY!!!!

  17. KELENDRIA ROWLAND January 24, 2011

    lmfao Im watchin over adn over!!

    she sounds like UTTER S***! The Voice (lmfao) is DEAD!

    Support Ms Kelly Rowland!

  18. THE VOICE January 24, 2011

    @”crowd dint really go bonkers like people exaggerated”

    WHAT? ARRE YOU FREAKING KIDDING MEE??? someone seems jealous that Whitney got a standing ovation the minute she walked out.

    i got a feeling that you’re just using Christina’s name to spread hate on this page. Fail! NEXT!

  19. lax January 24, 2011

    if whitney’s voice never get back to where it was she can still out sing many. and she will always be remembered in the history books for her album that did so great
    years ago 42 million copies sold and 17x platium the best selling female for a single album ever,,,,,,, she have even sold more on that one album than many men has done in their whole careers,,,,,,smh at the little nit picking crap yet many of YOU WANTS EVERY ONE TO GIVE A LOT OF THESE WIPPER SNAPPERS A PASS,,,,,,,WHEN THEY ARE SOBER AND STILL SINGING OUT THEIR ASSES,,,,,

  20. @Ms Kelly Rowland! January 24, 2011

    Yeah you think people will still support Ms Kelly Rowland after your comment? LOL
    You clearly got a problem…..

  21. LD January 24, 2011

    NIP F***** SANG HER COOTCH OFF!!!!! That just took my life and I am resting in peace! Nip has nothing left to prove to u people. Labor of Love is what she called recording her last album. Come June, she’s doing it to show out. Her vocals were on point. She ripped the stage up with her voice and yes, the people were caught up in the rapture. I just hope BET shows the whole performance and the reaction afterwards. Holy GHOST!

  22. ncvfg January 24, 2011

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  23. Lina January 24, 2011

    I was in heaven just hearing her head voice in vibrato. The audio is crappy so there’s not much to judge the overall quality of her voice but those f alsettos were long and clear and that is what people miss most from her voice.

    I WILL be watching. Go Head Nippy!!

  24. Jay1 January 24, 2011

    Was it REALLY worth putting this up??? Like really?? You can’t see anything & the sound is terrible…

  25. Taylor swifts number 1 fan January 24, 2011

    love whitney!

  26. CHECKMATE January 24, 2011

    @KELENDRIA ROWLAND says… Support Ms Kelly Rowland!

    Apparently one has to go to the UK to do that! LOLz. She aint s*** on this side of the pond anymore. Imma just sayin.. 😉

  27. CHECKMATE January 24, 2011

    Have to say… Whitney is gettin thick yall. That belly of hers aint gettin smaller. There are other HQ pics from this performance and she looks 3-4 mos preggo for real. 2ndly, what’s the darker material underneath her armpits? Is that sweat?? Also, saw clumps of of what looks like wet white powder on her armpits. That is effing weird!! Not kidding. Check out HQ pics, it’s just weird. Like, is that powder to reduce her sweat or what? Serious question but lame that it shows up in pics, WTF Whitney. Get it together…

  28. re-re January 24, 2011

    Kim Burrell is a beast. Love her version much much better than Whitney. Kim is the one singing at the beginning.

  29. Musiq January 24, 2011

    WOW, The haters are up early, lol. All the pics I’ve seen Whitney looks awesome. Sam hasn’t even posted the really, really awesome looking pics.

    This sounds promising. Can’t judge too much as the crowd is entirely too loud but I love Whtiney high notes.

  30. Anthony The Great January 24, 2011


    WHO’S MAD?

  31. Ariana January 24, 2011

    Looking forward to seeing the performance on TV. I’m a huge fan of Mariah but I’ve always respected this woman, I hope -for her own sake- that she’s been taking care not only of her voice but herself. Wish her the best, we need more singers like our girls MC & Whit! 🙂

  32. TheMan4u January 24, 2011

    funny that someone said her head voice is better than the tour, but Whitney KILLED i look to you on just about every stop on the tour, but the press will not report that. 99% of the reports were praising this performance but had they taken the time to watch the concert footage they would know this is NOTHING new.

  33. Quanberg January 24, 2011

    I just got chills wayyyyy down my back !!! Whitney is the best the quality may have been crap but the crowd was feeling it, you cannot resist that !!!

  34. Nichole January 24, 2011

    I’ll wait until the HQ version becomes available.

  35. hins January 24, 2011

    I really can’t wait to hear HQ footage! She sounds strong and powerful in this clip even if the audio is distorted. This is why Whitney = The Voice. No doubt about that!

  36. JohnVidal January 24, 2011

    I agree with your comment. They are like the two greatest emerged in the last 25 years. I don´t understand those people that are Whitney fans and talk s*** about Mariah and viceversa. Some of them even hate. Just understandable when you have Rihanna or Britney Spears to criticize all you want…lol Plus they are absolutely different. Mariah is more an artist and talented woman for music overall (sings, writes, produces…). Whitney on the other hand is like the best live performer ever. They are so different in so many things. And fans of both of them really need to like the other. I think that´s what most people really do.

  37. Talea January 24, 2011

    OMG! I can’t wait! ‘Oh My Sistah!’ only Whitney would throw those adlibs in there. Write notes to self to clear schedule for 1/30 8pm BET!

  38. THATS ACTUAL AND FACTUAL January 24, 2011


    Can’t wait!

  39. Ariana January 24, 2011


    I guess some stans are still living in the Mesozoic era lol.

  40. Chimier January 24, 2011

    The Voice.

  41. frankie January 24, 2011

    she should do a gospel album…that’s where her roots are

  42. YASSS!! January 24, 2011

    LMAO @ people in here hating. All you can do is bring up armpit sweat and claim the audience didn’t go that crazy? LMAO!! Jealous much? Because your fav can never do it like Whit? LOL!! Face it, the world loves her, and loves to hate her. KEEP HATING B******!!

    All Hail the Queen Whitney!

  43. TIMMI January 24, 2011

    Man, at the beginning I thought it was Whitney slaying some high notes. I was excited, thought the voice had returned. Then I looked and seen it was Kim and Whitney wasn’t out till later.

    I can always hope…

  44. CHECKMATE January 24, 2011


    Srusly, you and Trent should stop using the same username and log-in password for realz! Every1 knows it’s u 2… LOLz.

  45. TIMMI January 24, 2011


    You fail darling. Next time you make stupid assumptions, do your research: I can lead you to several posts where I have said I like both Whitney AND Mariah. I don’t know why you love to start ish when I slay you each time and leave you without an argument. I guess that’s why you’re on my d*ck this time, because I left you bleeding and for death in all the other posts where you make the foolish mistake of starting an “argument”.

    If you honestly believed I was Trent, why would you write “you and Trent”… FAIL.

    And your illiterate dumbass read my post wrong. If I was a Whitney hater, would I have said “the voice” and said I can always “HOPE”. KEYWORDS = “the voice”, “hope”.

    Take more time out and think about it again. FAIL.

  46. Showbiz January 24, 2011

    Whitney high notes coupled with that unique vibrato that only she has is #BOSS!
    Can’t wait to see this and the crowd went freaking crazy for her, lol

    Kim did great but really Whitney voice drowns her out once she starts to sing because it’s so powerful.

  47. YASSS!! January 24, 2011

    TIMMI, you can hear Kim clearer because the audience is so quiet while she sings. Whitney is a Goddess & world Legend, so it’s only natural for the audience to stand up and scream, cry, and flip out when they’re in her presence. No one can enter a room like Whitney! They are so loud while she’s singing, so it’s hard to hear her as clear as Kim. It’s not her fault the world loves her this much. Quit hating. But we will hear her very clearly on Sunday!

  48. TIMMI January 24, 2011


    This isn’t about who I can hear clearer. I was playing the video and wasn’t watching it and at the beginning I heard a healthy voice singing some high notes. And let’s face it, whether you like it or not, Whitney’s voice hasn’t been described recently as being able to hit the high notes nor being in a healthy state. And don’t even dispute that with me because quicker than you can say CROAK I will be providing you with links to various articles, videos, etc. where Whitney has had bad reviews and people have left her concert due to how bad the state of her voice has been in. Anyway back to my original point, I heard a healthy voice singing high notes and was dissapointed when I saw that it wasn’t Whitney because I was hoping she had recovered.

    For you to call me a hater because I am living in a reality is a LIE and makes you an idiot. The reason being you are delusional. Like I said, for whatever reason, which we won’t get into because as such a stan I’m sure you know Whitney’s history… Whitney’s voice has detoriated. And that is a FACT which I can back up. Like I said, whether you like it or not, whether you think it’s because she’s aged and that’s natural, etc etc. It’s all irrelevant. At the end of the day, Whitney’s voice is not what it once was. The press and fans don’t PAY to go see her concerts and then suddenly decide to hate her and lie that her voice has detoriated. I heard a glimpse of Kim singing and got excited, thinking Whitney had improved it and got it into a better state. And yes, further in, I could hear her singing over the crowd, and the point is, she still doesn’t sound healthy and still wasn’t hitting them high notes. Perhaps if you removed yourself from the fantasy world you lived in and acknowledged the fact Whitney’s voice isn’t up to par then she might too, then start taking steps towards the direction of the voice that you fell in love with. Ever thought of that?

  49. YASSS!! January 24, 2011


    I am VERY aware of Whitney’s vocal decline, what does that have to do with all the positive reviews for this performance? What does that have to do with this video? Yeah sure the audio isn’t great, but you can still hear her belting and hitting falsettos. You’re acting like a pure hater, bringing up past performances and ish. Why not focus on this? And why don’t you wait and hear the HQ video before fully judging? You can’t even clearly hear her due to the audience screaming hysterically over her presence. Fact is, Whitney’s voice has changed, but she also has her great moments, and her voice goes up and down. This seems to be one of the UP moments.

    Quit hating.

  50. JAZLENE January 24, 2011

    @ Timmi…Now you are clearly a hater and evidently a canyving one at that. How are you going to say Whit does not sound “healthy” nor was she reaching the high notes when she was . The audio maybe crappy but it is distinct enough to hear that Whitney sounded great. When she belts out Now I can lift my head…and the high notes at the end..and let’s not forget the power in her voice that still remains resonant and strong. Whitney DOES sound healthy. …Her tone may not be Bodyguard Whitney..But everything else is still Whitney who can still captivate an audience like only a true Great can. Learn to be objective when you form an opinion in the future.

  51. TheMan4u January 24, 2011

    i love when haters try to disguise themselves as fans and pretend that they are giving constructive criticism. How can anyone listen to the clip and say her voice doesn’t sound healthy? from what anyone can hear she clearly sounds strong and appear to be hitting some great notes. no one is denying whitney has lost some of her vocal power but all signs clearly indicate here that she can still deliver a song with strong conviction

  52. TIMMI January 24, 2011


    The vocal decline has to do with the performance because I was explaining that I thought Whitney had restored what she lost in the decline. I didn’t lie and say OMG WHITNEY SOUNDS LIKE S***, etc etc. I simply said that at first I mistaked Kim’s voice for Whitney’s voice and had hopes that her voice was becoming more healthier. IDGAF what you think, there is no argument here. If I (and all those people who asked for their money back in her concert, but for the sake of this argument, I’ll just refer to me) feel that her voice doesn’t sound healthy, then I have the right to state my opinion. And your delusional ass can’t/won’t change it.

    I love how because I am not throwing immense praise at Whitney, I “can’t even clearly hear her” so I should wait to judge. Yet, all the people, including yourself, who have praise for her, can all hear her fine and you have nothing to say to any of them. I’m sure you all have a magical hearing ability then and can filter out the audience noise, and those who aren’t praising her don’t have this ability. Ever heard of the phrase “biased”? Or even “hypocrite”? Because darling, you are the living breathing definition.

    Now settle and sit your delusional ass down please, getting mad because I ain’t gonna sit here and pretend Whitney sounds as glorious as she once used to. As you said, even if she does, I won’t be able to judge until I hear the clear version. And believe me, I will be the first to throw praise in her direction where deserved.


    Don’t tell me how healthy Whitney’s voice sounds, it is a matter of opinion and it is one that I have already formed. Your delusional ass cannot tell me otherwise. Yes I agree, Whitney sounds powerful and I’m glad about that. That doesn’t mean her voice is healthy. It is often singers using “power” excessively what makes their voice decline in the first place.


    The funniest thing about this is, I didn’t even criticise Whitney in my comment. I simply stated EXACTLY what happened when I opened the post and pressed play on the video. I heard a healthy voice, assumed it was Whitney, got excited that her voice was reforming, realised it was Kim, then was left with hope. I didn’t even ADDRESS Whitney’s voice in this performance. My point was that Kim’s voice is healthy. Whether you prefer Whitney’s voice/tone, which I also actually probably do, Kim’s vocal state is healthier and I heard that and hoped it was Whitney’s. For you to call a Whitney fan a hater because I’m not going to lie about my response to please you makes you pathetic. It’s stans like you who get people mad and then they start going in on Whitney even more. Seriously.

  53. TIMMI January 24, 2011


    Let’s clear a couple of things up.

    1) I don’t CARE about you OR YOUR OPINION enough to disguise myself as a fan. If I cared about you and your opinion, I would have taken it back and changed it. Why do I care about some random person over the internet? I don’t let nobody try and tell me I can’t have an opinion in REAL LIFE, let alone over the internet.

    2) I love how you are talking so ignorantly and digging your own grave. Do you know that there are posts on this very website where I have addressed Whitney before? Do you know that the comments I have made have been positive where deserved and showed that I am a fan? Do you know that these comments are also dated? Do you know that the dates are way before this debate ever occurred and you even knew who I was?

    Do your research please.

  54. checkmate January 24, 2011


    D***** we all know you’re a deranged FAT-riah stan!! No one cares. Sit the f*** down son and stop kissing her fat ass. Oh, let’s posts link of FAT-riah lipping, where her voice is cut & paste on the most recent xmas album, where the first few rows of her Dallas concert in her last tour left, where her tockets were discounted from her lack of sell out shows, yada yada, and so on. Yilchhhhh!!!!! You’re just a jealous f*** cuz after all she’s been thru she can still sing better than Fat-riah live without a f****** backing track and lip syncing. Geeesh!!!!!!!

  55. YASSS!! January 24, 2011


    How are you going to say you didn’t bring up her voice at all??? You said she didn’t sound healthy. How are you gon say that with all the audience’s screams and cries while she sang? GTFOH. Even with the audience’s screams I can hear her belts and falsettos through it. No it’s not clear, but anyone can hear her belts through it. But I too am waiting for HQ video to fully judge.

    We’re calling you a hater because you’re acting like one. You act like one of those people that will make any excuse & reason you can to bring Whitney down, even while she’s improving. None of us are ever saying she’ll sound like 1992 Whitney or even 1999 Whitney, but you’re pretty much shutting her down without even giving her a chance this time around. Without even clearly hearing her sing. Jumping to conclusions like always.

    But it is a fact that she got massive positive reviews from this show, and it is a fact that nobody enters a stage like her.

  56. TIMMI January 25, 2011


    LMAOOOOOOOOOO why you mad bro? Is it because you try so bad but you just can’t get off my d***?

    1. Ya, I know I’m a Mariah stan too *roll eyes, tumbleweed*, and I never tried making a secret of being a Mariah fan. In fact, scroll up, I already acknowledged I liked Mariah as well as Whitney. So FAIL.

    2. Besides that, I haven’t even mentioned, let alone PRAISED Mariah in this thread, so df you talking about me kissing her ass? LMAOO. FAIL.



    Let me repost a section of the comment you’re replying to. Because you just made up a sentence that I didn’t say lol.

    THIS is what I posted:

    “I didn’t even criticise Whitney in my comment. I simply stated EXACTLY what happened when I opened the post and pressed play on the video.”

    When I wrote that, I was referring to my initial post. And I stick to those words still, because it is the truth. In my initial post, all I said was that I mistaked Kim’s voice for Whitney’s and thought the voice had returned.

  57. YASSS!! January 25, 2011


    Then you quickly went on to say :

    “I heard a glimpse of Kim singing and got excited, thinking Whitney had improved it and got it into a better state. And yes, further in, I could hear her singing over the crowd, and the point is, she still doesn’t sound healthy and still wasn’t hitting them high notes.”

    You were throwing shade in your initial post, whether you’ll ever admit it or not, and then came back with the statement above. And no matter how good she’ll sound this coming Sunday in high quality, you’ll still throw shade and throw little jabs at her, you’ll find any and everything you can to put her performance down. I know how YOU PEOPLE work. lol! Not. Fooling. Anyone.

    Ta Ta.

  58. TIMMI January 25, 2011


    I was only “throwing shade” because I didn’t type what you wanted to read. Guess whose problem that is?


    And come Sunday, if I do decide that my opinion isn’t the same as yours, it will be YOUR problem again.

    Ta Ta. xxx

  59. JAZLENE January 25, 2011

    @ Timmi ..Chile take a backseat! Clearly no matter how “healthy” Whitney sounds you will still throw inevitable shade which is downright pathetic. …this performance here sounds amazing compared to AMAs 2009…work in progress..and Whitney is getting better & better…if that doesn’t resignate with sounding any kinda healthy…hell!!! wtf is?!?

  60. TIMMI January 25, 2011


    Shh, be quiet. We can’t hear nothing due to the amazing applause Whitney received. Silence yourself and wait till Sunday.

  61. YASSS!! January 25, 2011


    I’m not expecting your opinion to change at all come Sunday, because you’ll nit pick her to pieces. You’ll rewatch it over and over to pick apart any little thing that you can. Like I said, I know how you people are! It won’t be my problem at all, especially when I see all the positive reactions from everyone else come Monday morning. 😀

  62. TIMMI January 25, 2011

    Well if it won’t be your problem then, then I don’t see what made you feel the need to make my opinion your problem tonight. After all, you have been debating with me for a while about what I had to say… Mere old random TGJ reader Timmi’s humble opinion…

  63. keta January 25, 2011

    Lol at how much time and effort @TIMMI is spending on Whitney! Your fave could neva! How could anyone mistake Kim’s voice for Whit’s they r very diff and how can anyone tell how healthy or not whit is when u can’t even see her much less hear her!


  64. TIMMI January 25, 2011

    Lol at how you feel the need to unnecessarily get involved. I posted my opinion, I read other people’s opinions, I explained my opinion. In case you didn’t notice, you’re too late: your post has brought nothing new to the table.


  65. Nicole January 26, 2011

    Whitney doesn’t sound healthy ?…..mmmkay……
    This performance even through the crappy video brought a smile to my face! This is the best performance in years that she has delivered! No raspiness, she didn’t sound out of breath, no coughing… Her voice is clear even through this crap video, she went for the high notes without hesitating, and don’t get me started on her stage presence/confidence..chile, God is good indeed. I pray that HE continues to work on her.

    SIDE NOTE: who else can get a STANDING OVATION before she even appear on the stage?
    hmm… that’s what i thought ..NO ONE….only WHITNEY ELIZABETH HOUSTON, aka THE VOICE, aka NIPPY can achieve that!

  66. Marie Antoine January 31, 2011

    Love Whitney Houston’ new look, she sounds goood, she looks healthy,
    She reminds me of the Whitney everbody knew before. So glad to see her
    make a come back. Love Love her.

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