New Video: T.I – ‘Lay Me Down (Ft. Rico Love)’

Published: Wednesday 26th Jan 2011 by Trent

A new video was T.I was released today. ‘Lay Me Down (Ft. Rico Love)’ is yet another buzz single being utilised to promote his latest album, ‘No Mercy’, which is currently struggling to match the multi-platinum success of its predecessor, ‘Paper Trail’. Check out the clip below:

Videos like this make me wish that the recent World Star Hip-Hop fiasco wasn’t just a publicity stunt and that it really got shut down. This visual (like the song) was incredibly uninspired, cheap, and boring.

We all know that an artist of T.I’s calibre can afford to creat a much better production than this video. On the other hand, maybe all of his funds have been devoted to his lawyer fees.

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  1. Flop January 26, 2011


  2. Scam January 26, 2011

    Ever since he worked with Rihanna his career started to decline. She ruins everything she touches.

  3. PLAIN & SIMPLE January 26, 2011



  4. i’m a billy goat January 26, 2011

    Wait a minute Trent! No Mercy was just certified Gold (500,000+) copies sold



  5. Mystery123 January 26, 2011

    He needs to release ‘Castle Walls’ with Christina Aguilera instead of songs like this.

  6. i’m a billy goat January 26, 2011

    I’m not sure what just happened but let me try that again…LOL!

    ‘No Mercy’ was just certified GOLD (500,000+ copies sold) over the weekend after 6 wks with ABSOLUTELY NO PROMOTION due to his circumstance but everyone is hootin and tootin about ‘Loud’ supposedly going Platinum with all of the promoting RihSKANK has been doing!

    I say good job T.I.P! I don’t like this song however!

  7. Trent’s Wife. January 26, 2011

    @im a billy goat..
    u should learn to shut yo trap and stick to the topic,u up-hole lil b****.what makes you think this is about rihanna?leave her alone…why so pressed?

  8. NATALY January 26, 2011

    lmao when is he going to release “CASTLE WALLS”… he has a hit in his hands and won’t even use it.. I think it’s too late to save his album, he took too long to release CASTLE WALLS!!! … I will like TI when he gives me that DAMN VIDEO FOR CASTLE WALLS!!

  9. Sheesh_Beystan_btw January 26, 2011

    the song is hot…but the video is ugh….

  10. vcnbnbv January 27, 2011

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  11. Renae January 28, 2011

    He was in a rush people, jail was waiting.

  12. NE-YO*STAN January 30, 2011

    Tell me why this sounds like a song off of the Jersey Shore soundtrack. Plus, there’s no way this song could fly on radio (though, they’ve played just as equally raunchy songs in the past).

    & How many videos did T.I. make before heading off to the slammer!? I wish he hadn’t made any so I could finally get my dream of an animé T.I. video. S***, Godney got one.

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