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Published: Monday 21st Mar 2011 by Sam

{Image Removed As Requested}

Check out reality TV star and R&B singer Mashonda on the cover of KING magazine’s May/June 2011 issue.

The former Mrs Swizz Beats has found renewed relevancy on VH1 reality series ‘Love & Hip-Hop’, which also stars former G-Unit vixen Olivia.

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    WHO IS SHE ?

  2. jeremydante March 21, 2011

    she has a great body here but a better cover could’ve been selected.

  3. jimmi devine March 21, 2011

    B**** learn to read it is fundamental… dumbass!

  4. jeremydante March 21, 2011

    mashona was the wife of swizz beats- he had an affair with alicia keys & divorced mashonda. (for those wondering) mashonda sings, but has never dropped an album.

  5. lax March 21, 2011

    her body is on point.

  6. Chile Please!! March 21, 2011

    Yassss b****! Show Swizz Beats what he’s missing out on. He going to go for that pimple faced, hardcore, flat booty Alicia Please! BTW…..all I see is TIDDAYS! Work MaMa!

  7. CAMEL TOE March 21, 2011

    EWWW not a good pic. Her crotch looks too fat like she has a d***.


  8. Prince&Queen March 21, 2011


  9. Cheers (Drink to That) March 21, 2011

    Mashonda, I guess, did find new relevancy!

    It’s a shame she doesn’t sing anymore!

    Whatever happened with that January Joy album???

  10. DINEO March 21, 2011

    Somewhere in the valley Swizz Beat is crying like a little b**** Shonda is HAWT

  11. LIONESS March 21, 2011

    i like it!!!!!!!!

    get it girl

  12. slimeshow bob…..F.A.M..E. in stores tomorrow :-) March 21, 2011

    WOW…Swizz Beatz left her…LOL? He and “Homewrecker” Keys did her wrong but it looks like she might come out “smelling like a rose”!

  13. Libra March 21, 2011

    Sooo, this is the direction we’re going in, Mashonda? Just when I thought she was actually starting to class up her act. Guess not!

  14. MISHKA March 21, 2011

    Gurl, time to hit the gym. You’re on TV now!

  15. HUDSON MORRIGAN March 21, 2011

    Seriously, she seems to be tucking…
    Hidding candy perhaps?

  16. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! March 21, 2011


  17. Kisses March 21, 2011

    Ow!, you go girl 🙂

  18. lola March 21, 2011

    I heard Olivia this morning on Miss Jones radio show and I was just SMH! WOW, another sad, ghetto, reality TV show that airs all your business! I felt sorry for Mashonda, but honey, you’re a mother and don’t need to be showing your goodies on ghetto magazine covers. Whatever… I guess she gets a pass since she was humiliated when Alicia Keys stole her husband so she has to get back at him somehow. No worries, what the hell makes people think that 2 Can Sam will be faithful to Alicia, especially now that she has a baby? He will be “On to the Next One” quite soon.

  19. Classy March 21, 2011

    Mashonda is just pure class! She was meant to be on the cover of King Magazine.

    A good woman know how to get back at a man, show off your goods to the world. Look at what I have!!!!

    LMAO, Go Mashonda do what you do best………

  20. Gladis March 21, 2011

    You all just know the story huh? Miss me with all the negative homewrecker comments. This is so classy of her. Such a great image for her son to see. SMH.Get what you can I guess. All of you are tripping if you think she looks better than Alicia Keys, a mess. Stop saying Alicia Keys STOLE him…She didn’t steal a thing. They were separated in April 2008, Swizz conceived a child in 2007 with Jahna, so……..miss me with Alicia stealing anything. This chick just used Alicia Keys as her way to fame.

  21. STRAX March 21, 2011

    I would do her all day long, nice chest and seems kinda banging from the back too!


  22. I am pencil d*** with urine dyed hair a.k.a. the beaver March 21, 2011

    I just dont get how he can leave THIS for the pizza face cankled alicia skeez , you all can CLEARLY see the ex is shitting on the homewrecker

  23. NUDES March 21, 2011

    Yeah, Mashonda

    She should do nudes next. Her body is the ticket to a mansion, money, fame and fortune.

    She is using the fame of her ex-husband and his new wife to her advantage. This divorce is the best thing that happened to her.

    Go Mashonda! Show your body and Shake what your Moma gave ya

  24. AuntieJackie March 21, 2011

    That Body>LIFE

    Boobs: Check
    Hips: Check
    Tiny Waist: Check

    Good luck with no boobs, wide-assed Alicia Keys Swizzy! Don’t come crawling back to Mashonda when A. Key’s blows up like a blimp.

  25. D March 21, 2011


  26. Tru Voice March 21, 2011

    Eat ur heart out swizz!!!! lmao

  27. are YOU serious? March 21, 2011

    Swizz beat is stupid for leaving her for ALICIA KEYS manly ass!!!!

    smh alicia is messed up for having affair with swizz smh!!!!

    she has a banging body anybody saying other wise is HATING!

    get it girl!

  28. G4L Girl March 21, 2011

    Mashonda is looking mighty good. At least her s*** is real, and not like those other models posing with “Made In China” body parts…

  29. Gladis March 21, 2011

    All the Alicia Keys haters came out at once…

  30. PURRDY March 21, 2011

    Can’t understand how people can hate on Alicia.

    Jealous much?

    And swizz did good in leaving that b**** mashonda. what a s***.

  31. True Blue March 21, 2011

    Yes, she has a nice body, but the face is average.

    If Swizz did cheat on her with Alicia, I obviously don’t condone it, but it’s funny to see people bash Alicia’s looks. Reaching much?

    @ Auntie Jackie:

    So chicks who aren’t built like like hip-hop video vixens can go to hell? And what makes Mashonda immune from turning into a “blimp” in the future? She’s curvy, and curvy women are DEFINITELY more prone to weight gain as they age.

    So much childishness in this post…

  32. Taylor swifts number 1 fan March 22, 2011

    She scores very highly with me, but that piece of clothing is holding her back!

  33. True Blue March 22, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    No offense, but NO.

    @ Daniel:

    Yeah, but wouldn’t that bring shame upon her family? 😉

  34. Taylor swifts number 1 fan March 22, 2011

    @True Blue Haha! But i dont know the family, to make that kind of judgement;)

  35. Classy March 22, 2011

    Mashonda did get a boob job because they were sagging after gave birth to her second child.

    Just like a stripper work the pole, Mashonda.

    Your a star in the making. She needs to get naked and do soft p***.

    She is a class act.

  36. FBINX March 22, 2011

    She looks good. Stop hating y’all she’s doing her thing leave her be lol…Hell swizz did!!!

  37. Mashonda Fan March 22, 2011

    She did release an album. Back in 2005, titled “January Joy”, mostly produced by Swizz Beatz & Kanye West. And it’s a really good RnB album.

    And her boobs are not fake. She always had some but they grew because of the pregnancy.

    Watch her in VH1’s “Love & Hip-Hop” reality show!

  38. Elvis Madore October 10, 2011

    Mashonda looks amazing! Oh, & yeah she did release an album, “January Joy” in 2005. She already release her first EP titled “The Renovation Series” on DatPiff Only. She’s about 2 release her second album titled “Mashonda Loyal”. She also has another EP in the works also titled Mashonda Loyal. Check 4 the buzz singles on youtube… Juicy Fruit, Catastrophe, Intrigued, & the new single from her new album “Touch Me”. Follow me on twitter @ElvisLoyal.
    Yes, Loyal, because I’m a HUGE Mashonda fan, I even have the Loyalty. tat on the side of my hand 🙂

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