Nicole Scherzinger Reveals ‘Killer Love’ Tracklist

Published: Wednesday 2nd Mar 2011 by Trent

Nicole Scherzinger has released the official tracklist of her new album, ‘Killer Love’. The record, which features contributions from RedOne, Enrique Iglesias, Bilal Hajji, Kinda Hamid and Novel Jannusi among others, will hit stores in the UK on March 21st.

Look below for the full lineup:

  • 1. Poison
  • 2. Killer Love
  • 3. Don’t Hold Your Breath
  • 4. Right There
  • 5. You Will Be Loved
  • 6. Wet
  • 7. Say Yes
  • 8. Club Banger Nation
  • 9. Power’s Out
  • 10. Desperate
  • 11. Everybody
  • 12. Heartbeat-Feat. Enrique Iglesias [Rudi Wells’ Open Heart Remix]
  • 13. Casualty
  • 14. AmenJena {Source}


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  1. JJFAN1814 March 3, 2011

    Must I say it once more??? FLOP!

  2. eHarris March 3, 2011

    I would Care if Melody thornton was on the album but she’s no so……

    Where is the Melody Thornton Interview that was supposed to be posted a loooong time ago??/

  3. Kyus93 March 3, 2011


  4. GangsterA March 3, 2011

    yes gurl can’t wait

  5. JuanR March 3, 2011

    Where is “COLD”? …

  6. YOOS March 3, 2011


  7. MissKellYlistentoyourfans! March 3, 2011

    GURL BYE!!

    no one is checking for you ma

  8. FeenixPromo March 3, 2011

    Please check out Pop star Amerie @ItsAmeriie HOT new song “Outside Your Body” =[! Its amazing, promise!

  9. YOOS March 3, 2011

    @JUANR ‘Cold’ was removed because of the leak.

  10. MissKellYlistentoyourfans! March 3, 2011

    @ Feenix
    that is my gurll!! (Amerie)

    She is so slept on…Her albums be the truth!!

  11. MissKellYlistentoyourfans! March 3, 2011

    @ Feenix I guarantee Beyonce will copy that sound just like she did all of Amerie’s other stuff!

  12. pinkpop March 3, 2011

    probably flop….but so damn checking for JUST SAY YES… love that song

  13. Judge & Jury March 3, 2011

    No one cares. FLOP!!

  14. cheers (drink to that) March 3, 2011

    She’s only releasing it in the UK? Yup, FLOP!

    I love Poison tho! lol.

  15. Jasmine March 3, 2011

    I think it would flop in the US but it is not being released in the US. It might do OK in the UK but that cover is boring and her sound is not that great. She would do better with a variety of different styles on her album to attract a broader UK base of consumers.

  16. Poisonous March 3, 2011

    you people are really stupid… @JJFan.. U keep taking haters where to get off, while u’re the mean s*** around here.. Get a job.. @EHARRIS. don’t get me started @ Cheers to what.. You suck ass, its not like you’re on Rihanna’s payroll.

  17. RihannaForever March 3, 2011

    No “Cold”? -dies-

    Okay. I might order it since I don’t live in the UK, but I hate the cover so much. It doesn’t even fit with the gorgeous “Poison” and “Don’t Hold Your Breath” single covers. I just wish that Nicole would expand outside of the UK. She may not be able to crack the US, but I don’t see why she doesn’t attempt to be huge in all of Europe, in South America, in Africa, in Asia, and in Australasia. Besides, why not try the US once more? Part of the reason she flopped last time around was because the material and promotion were HORRIBLE. If they could just fix that…

  18. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN March 3, 2011

    The Only Quote I’ll Ever Use By Sicky Garbay
    “Hang It Up… FLATSCREEN”
    This Flop Needs To Give It Up! She Doesn’t Even Have Any Fans (Besides Poisonous & Aryo xD)


  19. RealMusic March 3, 2011

    I usually don’t say this, but its gonna flop

  20. hoytchampion March 3, 2011

    Nicole is beautiful. She should play Pam Grier when her book is turned into a movie.

  21. tae March 3, 2011

    Y would they remove Cold just because it leaked when more that half of this album has leaked literally YEARS ago when “her name is nicole…” got shelved. Smh
    Oh well Cold is still hot tho. Cold> the whole Killer Love album

  22. aaron kkk March 3, 2011


  23. Aryo March 3, 2011

    F*** OFF U DESPERATE W****! at least nicole doesnt wear buttpads!

  24. Aryo March 3, 2011

    hun did u check the video? bey is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!

  25. Aryo March 3, 2011

    take a seat yo!
    i know bey is fake but she doesnt copy a FLOP like amerie!

  26. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN March 3, 2011

    Hunn Stop Being Pressed Face The Facts Beyonce Is Queen Of Pop So She Can Take Whatever She Pleases;)
    Your Quick To Judge Amarie Calling Her A Flop While The Real FLOP Nicole Hasn’t Really Had Any Success As A Solo Singer;)
    & I’m Sure Nicole Will Slay With The 2 Albums She Sells 2 You & Poisonous xD
    •Love Coming To These Post To See You Get Mad Haha


  27. Vespi March 3, 2011

    Why do you guys looking forward for Melody? She have a superb irritating voice, and a forgottable song only.

  28. Aryo March 3, 2011

    @QUEEN BEYONCE STANN seems like the one who is mad is you not me!

  29. xxx March 3, 2011

    where the f*** is “cold”? it’s one of her best songs, if not the best!

  30. bob marley April 11, 2011

    ITS S***.

  31. CANDY-S May 1, 2011


  32. Kamoa July 25, 2011

    No matter how much people who dont even realize how cruel there being…can really bring or hurt peoples feelings,Nicoles trying her hardest trying to give u guyz wat u want but it just never seems like she can get a break from mean Flopperz like u guyz,its like its never enough for u people…but keep doing wat u love Nicole no matter wat people say,they will try to bring u down but all u can do is get back up again.I wonder if they would like it if i told them to stop doing wat they love…they would like it either. Ignorance is wat we r…Do the things ur good at nd wat u love to do. 🙂

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