Hot Shot: Ciara Gets Wild In Australia

Published: Sunday 24th Apr 2011 by Trent

Ciara is known for being a beast on stage but during her recent trip to Australia she sound an animal who even she can’t tame. The entertainer posed with a white tiger while visiting Dreamworld theme park and although she was admittedly terrified of the big cat, she told herself to “be fearless and go for it!”. Roar.

What do you think of the pic?

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  1. TIMMI April 24, 2011

    She what?


  2. WhyYouMad April 24, 2011

    #TigerBlood #Winning

  3. Gucci April 24, 2011

    While everyone else is overseas on tour, Ciara is overseas at the zoo?

  4. The New Girl April 24, 2011

    Crazy! I wouldn’t dare…

  5. Jeffrie April 24, 2011

    sheesh is that what she doing these days

  6. 2bad2bme April 24, 2011

    thats right girl live your life have fun aint nobody thinking bout impressing these ppl with music and on the charts these days

  7. Yellow Gorillah April 24, 2011

    So this is what she has been doing while everyone is slaying LOOOOOOOL! I just can’t #BasicBitch

  8. Rich April 24, 2011



  9. TIMMI April 24, 2011

    LMAO you guys can hate hard.

    But the funniest thing is, Ciara has achieved more in her years than you will in your lifetimes…

  10. YOOS April 24, 2011

    Glad to see she has her Mojo back LOVE YOU CICI!

  11. joejpaige April 24, 2011

    For those above that failed 3rd grade reading comprehension. She is taking a break at the zoo while touring Australia. The money is made touring not having a single on the charts that you only get a few cents per a purchased download.

  12. joejpaige April 24, 2011

    By the way if you do not possess a passport to even leave the country then you need not hate on her enjoying what the world has to offer.

  13. I am cedric!? April 24, 2011

    @gucci & yellow gorilla
    Rotfl did u have to be so mean #i cant

  14. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally Known As R****** The Goat April 24, 2011

    Thats a very pretty tiger #THATSall

  15. antonip April 24, 2011

    I guess TGJ forgot to mention that Ciara was at Dreamworld Park while she performing on the SupaFest Tour which she co-headlined.

  16. Chelsie April 24, 2011

    That tiger is beautiful.

  17. Thedimplepuppet April 24, 2011

    Brave girl because I would #NEVER!

  18. Kenudigme April 24, 2011


  19. RIRI 2011 April 24, 2011


  20. GiftedSince92 April 24, 2011

    Yes CiCi. Now that’s just shows you how a down to earth person is. Ciara is one of the few artists who don’t let fame get to her head and stay true to herself. Can’t say the same with some folks. 🙂

  21. princebarbietv April 24, 2011

    DEATH! Half of yall on here hating and aren’t even able to leave the country with out an adult. Instead of being a young hater keep ya ass in school. Thanx!

  22. YOUR Queen! April 24, 2011

    So taking a picture at the Zoo with a white tiger shows how down to earth one is? Lmao girl/boy BYE!

  23. jmari April 24, 2011

    beautiful cat!!!!!! i want one

  24. ItsTrizHOE April 24, 2011

    Beautiful Ci! You rusty ass hood rats throwing shade can die slowly. F*** ya’ll!

  25. ImgunnacheckUboo April 24, 2011

    There’s a funny joke in here somewhere but I for the life of me can’t think of it.

  26. Jim April 24, 2011

    WTF? This s*** real? Cray if it is.

  27. mobwife (i’m a billy goat…baa) April 24, 2011


    She should have been scared though! Wasn’t it a white tigar that attacked the magican Roy?

  28. Rich April 24, 2011


  29. mobwife (i’m a billy goat…baa) April 24, 2011

    @Trent & Sam,

    Where are the candid shots of Chris Brown in Australia? You guys are slipping. I have seen too many posts of the same ppl talking about absolutely nothing! Pick it up guys!…THANKS 🙂

  30. Taylor swifts number 1 fan April 24, 2011

    Aweeeeeeeee. i would loveeeee to be ciara, that tiger is so adorable

  31. Taylor swifts number 1 fan April 24, 2011

    Also Trent, Tigers dont go Roar.. your thinking about lions.

  32. mobwife (i’m a billy goat…baa) April 24, 2011

    Okay some ppl need to stop talking nonsense!

    WE ALL KNOW CIARA WAS CO-HEADLINING AN ANNUAL CONCERT IN AUSTRALIA! Stop playing….she’s “overseas at the zoo”!!! Whatever..

    Looking good Cici!!

  33. Gucci April 24, 2011

    Girl calm down. We just didn’t know her tour was at the zoo. She should send a press release from Facebook next time.

  34. Blanco Family April 24, 2011

    that is YOU ciara.. cuz i aint sittin next to tiger like we homeboys!! naw! u go head ciara imma stay wayy over here

  35. Bubbles April 24, 2011

    DEAD! Ciara doing concerts at Zoos? *giggles*

  36. GangsterA April 24, 2011

    That Tiger>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Everything And Everyone

  37. mobwife (i’m a billy goat…baa) April 24, 2011

    She and others participated in an outdoor music festival held on park grounds. This is not unheard of ppl. What is the problem? Cochella (sp?) was also an outdoor music festival! Why were ppl not complaining about that? Some ppl are just haters..LOL 🙂

  38. Kerry Johnson(THE BLACK WOLF) April 24, 2011


  39. GiftedSince92 April 24, 2011


    You couldn’t comprehend what I said?Shows how UNEDUCATED you are. You just wanted to throw shade. #FAIL.

  40. GiftedSince92 April 24, 2011

    Ciara is enjoying life and doing fun things. Haters are #PRESSED *sips tea*

  41. YOUR Queen! April 24, 2011


    B****, don’t try it. First of all the grammar in your first comment was f****** horrible, so how you can be talking about anyone being uneducated is the biggest joke since Ciara herself. And this is what you said “Yes CiCi. Now that’s just shows you how a down to earth person is.” Since the post is about Ciara posing with a Tiger, your comment suggests that down to earth people pose with Tigers, no? Again….girl/boy BYE! ———–>

  42. ok April 24, 2011

    i luv here and widh her the best

  43. Kerry Johnson(THE BLACK WOLF) April 24, 2011

    Rihanna rules!!!!!

  44. Jeantaveous April 24, 2011

    UMMMMMM…. I am from Australia and that picture is NOT REAL!!! It’s a photo effect!!! It’s is at the theme park Dream World!!!

  45. GiftedSince92 April 24, 2011


    Are you #MAD boo? *sips tea* DON’T play with me gorl…… you DON’T want to feel the #WRATH of me.

  46. GiftedSince92 April 24, 2011


    “Since the post is about Ciara posing with a Tiger, your comment suggests that down to earth people pose with Tigers, no?”

    I KNOW what I said. YOU are PATHECTIC it’s funny how DUMB, DELUSIONAL and YES I will say it again how UNEDUCATED your SIMPLE-MINDED UNCOMPREHENSIVE ass is. YOU know what I meant. I stated that Ciara is a down to earth person NOT because she was posing a picture of a tiger. Carry on———–>

  47. WONDA April 24, 2011

    Why is this flop b**** in Australia?
    Shouldn’t she be on her parking lot tour in Atlanta?
    Come on CiCi, get it together!

  48. YOUR Queen! April 25, 2011


    LOOL dead! Yew ain’t gon’ do s***, hun! I will carry on and YOU WILL deal with it! It’s not my fault your grammar is worse than Fantasia’s and Mary J Blige’s put together. I don’t care about what you meant, fact is it sounded dumb as f*** and I checked you! Now what wrath am I going feel over the internet, boo? LOL I’m not here for e-thuggin, don’t choke on your tea, dear! *giggles* 😀

  49. GiftedSince92 April 25, 2011

    YOU SILLY GORL…. You’re antics are WORTHLESS. YOU ain’t put NOBODY in check. With that picture of yours? Gorl #SIT Carry on—-> *sips tea*

  50. Chelle April 25, 2011

    everytime i look up these hating ass no life broke b****** stay pressed with ciara.yall aint s*** but a bunch of pathetic ass haters.aint got s*** to do but hate on someone who is doing betetr then u.she still successful and doing her while u no life broke b****** still aint s***.miserable ass h*** with no life.i find it silly, immature, and pathetic that u would hate on someone just because u have a miserable life.stay pressed cause ci still fmaous and successful.what u doing? s***.

  51. Tim April 25, 2011

    You all are too damn messy and immature! Now all of you losers who just choose to only spread negativity, can I ask you just one question? Why? Why do you do it? Because it doesn’t make sense. Me being a healthy minded human being, I dont act negatively towards certain people. I respect everyone, but I’m honest when doing so. We don’t need to put down anyone. And before you say anything, first realize who you are. Ciara is an international, Grammy winning, acclaimed performer who has sold almost 10 million albums worldwide. So she posts one picture of her having a good time, what’s the problem with that? Did you ever take a picture with a white tiger in Australia with a white tiger, while co-headlining a tour? ……… O_o Nope I don’t think so. So again before you say anything, stop, and think.

  52. YOUR Queen! April 25, 2011


    Yaassssssss b****, that picture is fierce! Yew mad? I clearly got you together, hence why you are pressed, typing every other word in caps and s***. I will continue pressing your buttons and you will continue biting the bait like the dumb r***** you are! And I am yet to feel your wrath, boo boo!

  53. GiftedSince92 April 25, 2011


    I’m pressed? GORL….. YOU WISH. I would be pressed enough to EXPLOIT myself on the internet? Is that what you’re saying? I DON’T feel sorry for you WORTHLESS TRASHY h***. #STOP lying to yourself. #BYE——-> *sips tea*

  54. Chelle April 25, 2011

    DEAD i tell u about haters.they ar ethe most fake, lying, immature hypoctires in the world.always wanna turn someone words around on them.smh! haters stay pressed cause they have no life, they hate on someone who is doing better then them, they attack pl just to make themselves feel i dont feel sorry for haters because in the long run they only hurting themselves.ciara is successful, beautiful,talented,and aint trippin off no life haters.she doing her and making haters hate even more.#jealousmuch

  55. YOUR Queen! April 25, 2011


    Lol girl, that is clearly a picture of Fantasia! I’m too cute to post a trashy b*** pic on the net! And even still, Fantasia’s dusty bathroom pic > you. That’s true tea! *pours you a cup of chai* Now are you going to pipe down or am I going to have too keep dragging you up and down this post? And child, where is that wrath??

  56. YOUR Queen! April 25, 2011


    Dead! After all that you typed, Ciara still loses. I see why yew mad!

  57. GiftedSince92 April 25, 2011


    NO ONE is mad boo? DELUSIONAL much? *sips tea*

  58. Ciara Stan 21 April 25, 2011

    I didn’t feel the need to adress this but @The Queen of the Ghetto, what’s your problem?! I really don’t understand people like you who feel like it’s their duty to hate on someone. Could you fill me in on why you seem to hate Ciara?

  59. Chelle April 25, 2011

    QUEENYOU no dead at a hating ass b**** like u still pressed at ciara cause she still successful and talented witha life and lviving it and ur a no life b**** hating on someone who is doing betetr then you so no cici wins u lose…

  60. Chelle April 25, 2011

    whateva ur stupid username is.

  61. peaches April 25, 2011

    your queen wont you just stfu!!!! take yo tired raggedy poot broccoli h** ass on somewhere ciara has done more than you could even dream of doing #thatisall

  62. YOUR Queen! April 25, 2011


    B**** bye! I’m done with you. ——->

    @Cedric stan 21

    Child, I don’t even hate Cedric but I thought I’d drag her since you stans wanna pop off! Who gonna do anything about it? Is there anything else?

  63. YOUR Queen! April 25, 2011

    Deeeaaaad!! I have the gwarls upset it seems? Lmao! Cedric stans are too easy! *sips cocktail*

  64. Jwellz10 April 25, 2011


  65. W.E. April 25, 2011

    I love Ciara and dnt hate on her cuz she is a rly talented performer and she’ll have a comeback on time..Basic Instinct was too rushed after Fantasy Ride she’ll be back mark my words!!!

  66. Kisses. April 25, 2011

    Love Ciara 🙂

  67. noodles April 25, 2011

    Why is everyone in Australia? S*** I wanna dougie with Kolas let me book a plane ticket.

  68. ehaheha! April 25, 2011

    lmfao noodles

  69. VA STAND UP!! April 25, 2011

    April 24, 2011 at 4:11 pm
    For those above that failed 3rd grade reading comprehension. She is taking a break at the zoo while touring Australia. The money is made touring not having a single on the charts that you only get a few cents per a purchased download.


    I’m saying! Some poeple (one in particular) are so stupid! Do you think the child is gonna be on stage every damn second she is down there?! F*** sake, she’ s obviously on her down time and she decided to go to the zoo. Damn, can she enjoy Australia like everybody else!

    Chris was spotted at a boiling alley, the movies and apparently a strip club too *side eye*. It’s a s*** load of celebs in Australia right now and they aren’t working 24/7! Dumbasses!

    Ciara may not be hot in the States anymore, but at least she can still tour and make money else where! She still has some what of a career and is more successful than half you people hatin on her behind your computer screen.

    I do wish she would something about that damn lace front though, It’s so tired!

    Oh, and the Tiger is cute but I would have been scared out of my dsmn mind!

  70. antonio April 25, 2011

    This is what happened, people who are miserable and have no lives saw Ciara’s name and thought, “Now my life finally has meaning and purpose because now I can a urban blog site and bash a woman who has millions of dollars and millions of people who adore her and love her music and I am sitting at home wishing I was her but I’m not so I going to hate on her” Some people just really need to get a life. I also find it funny how Rihanna and Keri Hilson are always so quick to comment on what Ciara is doing. She’s a flop, that means she’s not a threat to ya’ll faves right? So why are ya’ll always pressing and stressing over Ciara?

  71. Brandon April 25, 2011

    B**** wanna get eatin up alive….#BitchCrazy

  72. lola April 25, 2011

    STOP IT WIT THE F****** LIES ALREADY!!!!! What is it with you retarded stans? 10 million worldwide of all her albums???? Yeah the f*** right, more like 5 million with the 4 albums she’s released! I wish you guys would stop lying. If she sold that much, why the hell wasn’t it reported? WIKIPEDIA IS NOT A DAMN RELIABLE SOURCE!

    Goodies- 3 million

    The Evolution- 1.5 million

    Fantasy Ride- 250,000

    Basic Instinct- 60,000

    How the f*** does that equal 10 million sold worldwide????

    Anyway, CERROR looks like a damn man! And LOL at her loser ass stans being all up her ass. People can “hate” all they want because we’re the ones who buy people’s singles and albums and made her ASS FLOP and be in danger of getting dropped from her label!!!

  73. Tim April 25, 2011

    okay @lola i said WORLDWIDE, check the facts again hun.

    Delusional bitter b******, you’ve got to love them

  74. go away April 26, 2011

    Who in he hell cares about this flop!!???

  75. hajhkjs April 26, 2011

    @Go way , Apparently you do , thats why you commented F*** Face , Ciara do you honey , hope things Work out , and wish you best success ! 🙂

  76. hajhkjs April 26, 2011

    @Lola If Ciara is such a goddam flop , Why the hell are you Stressing over how many copies she sold? If she’s not important Why even CLICK on her Link? Cause you know damn well Ciara would OWN your Favorite , She Has Hell of a lot of talent , She is Very Entertaining, Known for making great hits , And now Since ciara is having trouble with promotion, you guys Always have to bring up her album sales , Ciara is a 4x threat to ur favs , and you KNOW it!

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