Hot Shots: Katy Perry Lets Her Hair Down For ghd

Published: Tuesday 12th Apr 2011 by Trent

She may have had extreme makeup in her ‘E.T (Ft. Kanye West)’ video but Katy Perry takes things in a completely different direction for her new ghd ad campaign. More images from the David LaChapelle-directed photoshoot of one of Pop music’s brightest young stars are available below via MTV:

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. Blanco Family April 12, 2011

    f****** STUNNING. Rihanna watch your back.. yes! us Californians are S*** !! #GetMad

  2. True Blue April 12, 2011

    She looks hot.

  3. MARIAH STAN / LAMB 4LIFE April 12, 2011



  4. MARIAH STAN / LAMB 4LIFE April 12, 2011


  5. LaLa April 12, 2011

    LaLa LoVe iT!!!!
    Katy Perry channeling Ditta Von & Cher is pretty dope!

  6. MARIAH STAN / LAMB 4LIFE April 12, 2011

    “Girl! We run this mother! Who runs the world? Girls! Who runs this mother? Girls!”

    CAN’T F***** WAIT

  7. True Blue April 12, 2011

    @ Mariah Stan:


  8. the kiddz April 12, 2011

    Oh, the irony that David LaChapelle is behind this shoot.

  9. MARIAH STAN / LAMB 4LIFE April 12, 2011

    Trent on Twitter:

    – it sounds nothing like those records! It’s World Music meets Dance. A direct sample of Lazer’s Pon Di Floor

    – Beyonce’s single is a risk. It doesn’t sound like anything on the radio but the beat is crazy. The sample is very direct though

    – it has a lot of repetition. She says “girls! who runs this mother?” over & over in the chorus

    – Beyonce single has a lot of repetition. Lyrically it doesn’t do much but the production will make it a club hit for sure!

    – Beyonce did a literal sample of Major Lazer’s Pon Di Floor but added serious bass to the intro & some synths. Bass!

  10. the kiddz April 12, 2011

    @True Blue

    A few people have heard it. But, I wish they would stop gushing about it.

  11. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN April 12, 2011

    @Mariah Fan

    OMG I Can’t Find The New Bey Song Anywhere 🙁 I NEED TO HEAR IT!
    Do You Know Where:)?


  12. Topman April 12, 2011

    A lot of Photoshop but she works all three looks

  13. Robier April 12, 2011

    Get it Katy. Looking real f******* without sleaze

  14. True Blue April 12, 2011

    @ The Kiddz:

    Oh, I thought it leaked. 🙁

    But why is it ironic that Dave LaChapelle shot these pictures?

  15. dfekndfk April 12, 2011

    You mean she lets her extensions down.

  16. Kavion April 12, 2011

    She looks like a t***** in the first picture, such a shame, she’s usually fine as hell.

    Girl leaked?? 🙁
    I’m not liking what Trent had to say…that it’s repetitive and a direct sample, man..

  17. the kiddz April 12, 2011

    @True Blue

    Who’s Katy Perry’s best friend? She and the photographer have had some friction regarding a video.

  18. the kiddz April 12, 2011


    We’ll be the judge of that. You know how Trent loves to throw shade.

  19. Kavion April 12, 2011

    True, but I don’t think he’d lie about that..especially since they’ve been Team Bey since BTW & HIAM didn’t deliver..

  20. Blanco Family April 12, 2011

    @MARIAHFAN that pissed me off. he liked the fact the stans were begging him for beyonce’s new song. he was feeling himself the whole time. when the song gets dropped no1s gna check 4 u no more trent. smh i hate ppl who do that.. f****** baiting us like that.

  21. KAT DELUNA FAN April 12, 2011

    na na na come on trent,leak the song !!!!!!!!!!

  22. i’m a billy goat…..baa April 12, 2011

    Not a fan at all but she looks very lovely in that pic. I love her hair curly. Its a very becoming look for Naked Perry!

  23. Misty Jean April 12, 2011

    Well we all know how Katy REAL looks like. They used a lot makeup and some photoshopping.

  24. dee April 12, 2011


  25. Sisa April 12, 2011

    She looks really good in these photos. 🙂

  26. AuntieJackie April 13, 2011

    She looks great. I’m glad she used David La Chapelle, instead of getting a photographer to do a shoot that’s like David La Chapelle. And yes, it’s funny that her BFF is in a lawsuit with the guy right now….

  27. Queen XXXTina April 13, 2011


  28. theman April 13, 2011

    She looks great in these photos. She’s so fresh looking.

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