New Video: Chris Brown – ‘My Last (Freestyle)’

Published: Tuesday 12th Apr 2011 by Trent

Chris Brown may be riding high on the wings of success from his 1st #1 album, ‘F.A.M.E’, but that doesn’t mean that he has forgotten in his fans. Indeed, the singer/songwriter proves this by continuing his Mechanical Dummy webisode series this week with this new video entitled ‘My Last (Freestyle)’.

Watch the visual for Brown’s latest rap effort below:

Chris Brown – My Last (Freestyle) from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.


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  1. KingBreezy April 12, 2011

    yep that is good

  2. KingBreezy April 12, 2011

    1st to comment haters where are you lol

  3. Ashley April 12, 2011

    ima need this in an mp3 version STAT!!!

  4. Heaven April 12, 2011

    Nice. No doubt who his girlfriend is. lol

  5. TY April 12, 2011

    …Well when ur album is floopng, I guess this is what you have to do!!

  6. RIHLUV April 12, 2011


  7. Taylor swifts number 1 fan April 12, 2011

    ” i just want the badest b**** in the world” Is that how he sees girls then?
    Chris… Get some decent lyricssssssssss!! Cause that sucks real bad. Next!

  8. Topman April 12, 2011

    Read the typo = knew it was Trent so wrote this…

  9. Phoenix15 April 12, 2011

    Wish he would stop using autotune…he can sing without it!

  10. Perrylicious April 12, 2011

    People are crazy over S&M remix Rihanna & Britney!

  11. Rich April 12, 2011

    i guess it’s pretty good lol.

  12. AuntieJackie April 12, 2011

    @ Perrlicious

    No one gives a S*** about that remix!

    In other news, I don’t like this freestyle from Chris, but the album is great.

  13. Sarah April 12, 2011

    Chris is a versatile artist, let me know when ur fave can do that, I’ll wait

  14. Bia April 12, 2011

    NEXT —->>

  15. romeo April 12, 2011

    i can’t believe rhianna people are golowing chris brown and that person who says the album is a floopg need to check the world chart and see how many song he has in uk chart #5 and us chart has like 7 so is here in canada australia,new selland i guest that a shame if you dont like a person you folow them like puppy dog when there is to many things to do.shame in you haters go gogogoogogooogoog brezzy go

  16. MISHKA April 12, 2011

    “Look at me Now “just scored the #1 spot on Billboard Rap Songs. Dang, Chris Breezy should just release a rap album. Right now. He’s even way better than Wacka Flocka or Soulja Boy and they are being labelled rappers.

    I guess people who are consistently dissing his blonde ‘do in the “My Last” official video can now have a glimpse of what it would have been with his natural looks. *swaaaaggg*

    Did he shoot this on the roof of his condo or what. This fool!

    Love the “freestyle” , CB. Keep doing U.

    SN: I went to see all GQ covers and I didn’t see Beyoncé, Usher and Alicia up there. Meaning: That mag is irrelevant in music.

  17. Blue Kid April 12, 2011

    I want Beyonce to throw that red head goat under the buss and drive back over it a couple of time. I can’t wait!!!
    Chris Brown is doing his thing, haters stay pressed!

  18. VA STAND UP!! April 12, 2011

    The haters are still on that BS I see! F.A.M.E has already outsold what his last album did in just 3 wekks, so how is that a flop again?? Stop it, just cut the BS OK?!

    Anywho, I am soo over him rapping! I understand it’s just for ‘fun’ but I’m gonna need him to stick to doing what he does best and that’s singing! He just comes off trying to look hard, cursing and ish and it’s just so unbelieveable! I’m gonna need him to stick to singing the hooks and let the rappers do their jobs. *sighs*

    I see he shouted out his lil pot head GF! Lol! She’s cute but in order to be a certified ‘bad b****’ you have to have a body! LMAO! She has a realy pretty face though.

    This looks like it was shot on the roof of his condo. You can tell he gets bored and just be shooting random videos and s***. Lol!

  19. Real April 12, 2011

    Go Chris Brown, keep pushing on. No matter what people say Chris is a young man who made errors in his life just like we all did. He handle his errors not giving up on himself. He’s doing great inspite of people putting him down. Chris Brown quote, “Look at Me Now.”

  20. paigej April 12, 2011

    @VA Stand Up co-sign! It may be just for fun but in my opinion rapping for him doesn’t work! There are a few songs that he’s done an OK job rapping on and that’s G S*** and 48 Bar rap but that’s about it! Have you heard Spend It All? Lawd he is trying to be too hard in that song lmfao

    P.S still love him though lol

  21. Secret Voice April 12, 2011

    Love Chris Breezy talent,the boy is nice! I also love that he mentioned his girl Kae ,he makes his love for her REAL CLEAR!

  22. Secret Voice April 12, 2011

    l laugh so hard at Rih-Ho stans that get mad everytime Chris has a woman in his life because you think he still wants that trollup,GoBreezy!

  23. Robier April 12, 2011


  24. JAMES April 12, 2011

    April 12, 2011 at 4:40 pm
    People are crazy over S&M remix Rihanna & Britney!

    Listen dummy people are all about Britney not Rihanna. And for the song it is horrible with Britney on it and I love me some Britney.

    Also I know this is freestyle Chris did I really like the original So you see Perryilicious (nine names) we will not sit here and say something is good when we don’t care for it even if we all know that he was doing it was just for fun.

  25. yasmine23 April 12, 2011

    its okay i think chris just raps for fun i think he knows he’s a singer but as an artist he can play around with rapping and singing
    and im glad he went back to the black hair
    even though i did not mine him rocking the blonde

  26. JAMES April 12, 2011

    Chris is going in hard on his tour. Get ready guys

  27. Misty April 12, 2011

    s*** self! mmmmmm

  28. Music Lover April 12, 2011

    Chris Brown been going had with music, album and tour…congrats to him…

    Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 50,000 People.. $1,000 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL

  29. livingmylife April 12, 2011

    I like his rapping phase! He’s exploring all facets of his creativity. It seems as if it’s here to stay for a while. Some of fans do enjoy it. Can’t please everyone all of the time. Chris is enjoying himself. It’s nothing he’s asking anyone to buy but LAMN is a number 1 rap song on billboard and his verse does get play.

  30. VA STAND UP!! April 12, 2011

    @TGJ: I know he posted this on twitter himself, but I swear it’s like ya’ll post his weakest s***! There have been several records that leaked from Breezy and ya’ll post this s*** of him ‘freestyling’ that we can just see in twitter. Haven’t we had enough of these already?!

    There was a beautiful record called ‘Treading Water’ that leaked the other day. That showcased his vocals and had beautiful lyrics. He said on twitter that it was gonna be on ‘Fortune’. Why not a post on that?!

    Then there was a couple records with The Game that leaked, one called ‘Pot of Gold’ that goes hard. It’s another record with meaning and great lyrics, but instead ya’ll keep posting his videos with him rapping and being silly! Can we get some post when of he releases some real music please?!

    Well…at least ya’ll didn’t do a post on that horrible stripper video he did the other day. *shrugs*

  31. livingmylife April 12, 2011

    I see that Chris has a woman. LMAO at comments about her-She doesn’t have to be “bad” in anyone’s eyes except his. She’s been around a while, guess she’s doing something right.

  32. VA STAND UP!! April 12, 2011

    April 12, 2011 at 5:20 pm
    @VA Stand Up co-sign! It may be just for fun but in my opinion rapping for him doesn’t work! There are a few songs that he’s done an OK job rapping on and that’s G S*** and 48 Bar rap but that’s about it! Have you heard Spend It All? Lawd he is trying to be too hard in that song lmfao

    P.S still love him though lol


    Thank you! I am sick of it! He comes off trying to look hard….and it’s just like…NO… stop it! People on twitter were going crazy like it was just so wonderful, and I’m like…are we all listening to the same song?! Ugh!

    I didn’t like ’48 Bar Rap’ or ‘G S***’ either. I could tolerate ‘some’ of his rapping from his first ‘In my Zone’ mixtape, like on ‘Too Freaky’, ‘Convertible’ but that was more of him like sing/rapping, not ‘n**** this’, ‘b**** that’. I just cannot with him trying to be hard!

    The only songs I like from Fan of a Fan are the songs where he WASN’T rapping on them!
    Whenever there is a rap song, I only want him to SING the hook. That’s it!

    I’m not here for ‘Spend It All’. I don’t even want to talk about that! -________-

  33. VA STAND UP!! April 12, 2011

    April 12, 2011 at 6:15 pm
    its okay i think chris just raps for fun i think he knows he’s a singer but as an artist he can play around with rapping and singing
    and im glad he went back to the black hair
    even though i did not mine him rocking the blonde


    The blonde had started to grow on me too, but I am glad he went back to black. It suits him better. IMO.

  34. Gucci April 12, 2011

    Girl please he has no show bookings and nothing better to do. This sounds terrible by the way. He using more autotune in every song than Britney or Ke$ha ever could.

    But if this makes his fans happy then good for him.

  35. Kendra April 12, 2011

    ummm @VA StandUp sweetie you represent ONE Chris Brown fan not all of TeamBreezy so stop acting like you speak for us all. You on here ranting about what you want to see posted and complaining about his gf chile get a life and let Chris live his. And no you dnt have to have a “body” to be considered bad…Kae is clearly doing something right so stop hating.

    Anyway I like the original better but CB rapping doesn’t bother me. I dnt think he’s trying to be hard I thk he’s just doing him for the moment. Chris started something with LAMN and I suspect he may be trying to get his weight up and improve his skills cause I think he really likes rapping. Rap gives him the freedom to be hardcore and just say what he really wants to say without having to sugarcoat anything but yeah I could do without all the profanity too.

    And yesssss for LAMN getting that #1 Rap spot…kudos to Mr. Brown for believing in himself!

  36. Keesha April 12, 2011

    “Wish he would stop using autotune…he can sing without it!”

    I agree.

  37. Keesha April 12, 2011

    And I get sick and tired of hypocrites… I’ll just leave it at that.

  38. Truth Teller April 12, 2011

    CB is an all around artist. This is nice! He is doing this for FUN! Chill out! My goodness you sure can’t please everybody! Continue to do you CB! So glad he is happy!!! Can’t wait for She Ain’t You!

  39. Gucci April 12, 2011

    The irony of a hypocrite trying to call someone out for being a hypocrite. I’ll leave it at that.

    *sips tea*

  40. Blanco Family April 12, 2011

    if nicki minaj can be called a rapper… so can chris.. so i support this

  41. i’m a billy goat…..baa April 12, 2011

    Okay well DAMN! Is this the REMIX?? I LOVE IT!!!


    Boy what are they going to do with you? You know you got the haters stress, pressed, and damned depressed! I hear bodies falling from rooftops even as I type…LOL… their so mad!!! 🙂

  42. dfekndfk April 12, 2011

    Another video…Sometimes less is more….His boring now. Really this is nothing new.

  43. i’m a billy goat…..baa April 12, 2011

    Were is the autotune? Don’t you hear him singing in the beginning? What are you ppl smoking and can you please pass me some through the damn computer screen?

    Chris Brown is a BAAAAADDDDD MAN! You delusional haters need to take a damn seat!


    P.S. Is that Seven in the background?

  44. i’m a billy goat…..baa April 12, 2011

    I’m I reading these comments correctly? How in the world is what I just heard weak or not good in anyway?

    I repeat, Chris Brown is a BAAAAADDDDD MAN! You delusional haters need to take a damn seat! Enough with the foolishness!!

  45. Ethan Wildeman April 12, 2011

    VA Stand up, i think TGJ supports chris in some kind of way. meaning they won’t post LEAKED songs from an album thats far from being released! i don’t know about the records with Game but they never posted about him so that shouldn’t be a problem right?:)

    just saying.

  46. Ethan Wildeman April 12, 2011 really think you all that? you’re not an all knowing person, please stop acting like that, you’re just weak.

  47. pink.kisses April 12, 2011

    @DFEKNDFK- and yet you still took the time to click the post and comment, hmmm seems like he’s doing something right

  48. dfekndfk April 12, 2011


    I am a cb fan but i STILL STAND by my comment….this video does nothing. They only end up on blogs anyways.

    I click and see because I am a fan but that doesn’t mean he is doing anything right…..A waste of my time I say….a shame he used to be soo good.

  49. Kavion April 12, 2011

    Do you realize how many WOMEN refer to themselves as bad b******? B**** is no longer a horribly derogatory word. Chris writes amazing music. I suggest you check out Lucky Me, I’ll Go, Fallin Down & So Cold.

    Please don’t put words in his mouth, saying “You’re a bad b****” does not mean that you think all women are b******. I know many men who use that term for hookups, but never for a girl they actually care about.

    Don’t take one small minor lyric and completely turn it against him. Please don’t.

  50. Taylor swifts number 1 fan April 12, 2011

    @Kavion. Some gay people, call themselves f***, do you think we should have songs with the word f** in? Also some black people call themselves the N word.. so is it fine to have that word used in a song? The word b**** is still a word used in a insulting way to girls, by the majority. If he writes should good music.. could he not come up with a word thats used for insulting girls?

  51. Taylor swifts number 1 fan April 12, 2011

    I just pointed out that lyric on one song… i never said the song or any others was crap.

  52. Taylor swifts number 1 fan April 12, 2011


  53. Kavion April 12, 2011

    *Clears throat* Lol

    Actually by the majority I’d say the word b**** isn’t offensive. The youth, young adults and many middle aged men and women don’t take it as offensive. Same with “N****”, it’s not like you hear it in an offensive way in any songs. N**** is no longer offensive by the majority as well. I hear little white boys adressing eachother as “My n****” all the time, their black friends/peers could care less. I know when I was in high school it wasn’t a big deal when we heard a someone non-black say N****, it meant nothing. It’s just like, “Ok, if they feel powerful or special with that word, let em have it.” It’ll be the same with f** eventually as well.

    At the end of the way, words are exactly that, mere words. We control the meaning and power of a word, you take the power out of a word, and it’s nothing. If you choose to have a mere word make you feel a certain way, that’s your choice. “B****”, “F**”, and “N****” are just words, we’re the ones who put the meaning and tone behind them. It’s all our choice.

  54. Kavion April 12, 2011

    ^^This song wasnt’ meant to be deep or meaningful, it’s a hood, fun, catchy, urban song, nothing more.

  55. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS April 12, 2011

    #TeamBreezy chill out it’s just for fun I don’t like his rappin like that either but he’s just doing it for fun just let him have his fun. I like both versions of My Last but I like the original better. If Chris would have just song his own version I would have liked his better but it is what it is.

  56. I REP FOR TEAMBREEZY April 12, 2011

    The freestyle sounds fine to me…I didnt hear any autotune all I heard was a man having fun freestylin…as far as him sayin ‘n****’ and ‘baddest b****’ shoot i say n**** all the time and my bf says he got the baddest b**** but he doesnt mean it out of any disrespect which im sure Chris didnt either…just wish people would get off this man’s d*** and let him make his money and do him instead of criticizing him for every lil thing he does. He’s human just like me and everybody else. : )

  57. Taylor swifts number 1 fan April 12, 2011

    @Kavion You say The word b**** isnt offensive, but i called your mum a b**** to her face, would you be okay with that? or even in a converstaion about her.. you’d not be please.. come on dont lie.
    lmao The word N**** isnt offensive? Thats not true in the united kindom.. if a white guy said it on the tv.. hes career is over.. That word has still a lot of hurt behind it for many, and yeh many young people may use it.. but then they dont know how it came about and the history behind it.
    Yeah, we do control the meaning of the words, but some words will always be offensive to some people, just like swear words

  58. Kavion April 12, 2011

    Clearly we will never wake up one day where no one is offended by these words, that’s ridiculous. I’m saying that the majority of the world is not offended by these words. Like I said, we control the meaning put into the words. If you called my mom a b**** in an offensive manner, you’ll be getting your ass kicked. If you said you mom’s a cockatoo in an offensive manner it’d p*** me off. Do you understand what I mean about controlling the meaning of words? Using a mom isn’t a good example anyway because even if you said “Damn, your mom’s a bad b****” it would be offensive because no one likes for their mom to be adressed sexually.

    There’s artists who perform in the UK that use the word N**** in their songs. You’re not understanding what I said about controlling the meaning. It’s not the actual word N**** that would end their career, it’s the racism. They wouldn’t need to use that word, if they said “F*** that Black monkey” their career would be over. It’s not the actual word, it’s the meaning.

    You can’t really say that cuss words will always be offensive. Look at TV & radio. Before damn, b****, ass, d*** & d***** could not be used on TV, now they are. Damn & ass aren’t even considered cuss words to many people. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happened with f*** eventually.

    Btw, I love how at first you said “The N word” then after I used the word N**** you used it, basically proving my point and contradicting yourself. You said you were against the word N****, then you used it.

  59. Say What??? April 12, 2011

    Nice song…but did Chris say he got a bad b****, black and Asia…hmmmm (karrshite). I don’t give a damn how famous a n**** is, I will not be called a b****! I bet this little dumb heffa smiling and s*** like this is cute! Sweetie if he is shouting you out in this song, your man has no respect for you boo! But you probably don’t give a damn. You’re just a easy f*** and in it for the fame and attention. #itiswhatitis

  60. KENDRA April 12, 2011

    @TaylorSwiftsFan if you call someone a name and mean it in a disrespectful manner then you are out of line period. ppl give power to WORDS not the opposite. Girls call each other b**** all the time but dnt mean it in a bad way. and If ur friends with Rihanna you might even be called c*** its all in how the word is being projected.

  61. Layla April 12, 2011

    Breezy Does It! I love this song! But I’m with some of you on the B**** calling, I love Breezy, but will never allow him or any other man call me a b****! Sorry that’s just me. I deserve more respect than that.

  62. Taylor swifts number 1 fan April 13, 2011

    @Kavion. Yeah, but wouldnt it just be best not to say those words then, rather then run the risk of offending people? Theres millions of words to chose from.. and only a few that offend… why use one that offends some people, when theres millions you could chose that dont?
    Yeah, i’d rather the N word just be banned though, its a racist word, yeh its only bad if you say it in a racist way.. but way say it anyways? when theres millions of other words?
    Yeah those words are now said, i supose on that point swearing words become less offensfive.
    No, The N word is spelt in a different way to the word N****.<< Thats not the correct spelling of that word. I would never spell the N word in that way, i just copied what you wrote.

  63. TRUTH TELLER April 13, 2011

    @ i’m a billy goat…..baa

    Girl I want some of what they smoking as well!! I sure didnt hear no autotune either!! CB can sing if you dont know that already!! SMHHHHHHHH!!

    He ain’t the first and he sure won’t be the last to say he has the baddest bit$%!! SMHHHHHHHH!1 It was not an insult to his woman, Kae, but a compliment!!!!Only cuz it’s CB right!! GET A LIFE YOU LOSERS AKA HATERS!!

  64. VA STAND UP!! April 13, 2011

    April 12, 2011 at 7:28 pm
    ummm @VA StandUp sweetie you represent ONE Chris Brown fan not all of TeamBreezy so stop acting like you speak for us all. You on here ranting about what you want to see posted and complaining about his gf chile get a life and let Chris live his. And no you dnt have to have a “body” to be considered bad…Kae is clearly doing something right so stop hating.


    Um..hold the f*** up…..who the hell are you coming at me with that s***?!?! When did I say that I represent ‘all’ of TeamBreezy?!? I was speaking MY DAMN OIPINION! If you don’t like it then scroll the f*** on down! I am a fan of CB and I will speak how I feel about him or anything! Deal with it!

    How the f*** am I ranting when I just asked TGJ to post some actual music, rather than some vid that we all have already seen cause he post the s*** on his twitter page already!! I think his rapping SUCKS and I am tired of hearing it! offends you then b**** TOO F****** BAD!!

    How the helhell am I ‘complaining’ about Kae?!?! Um B**** I gave Kae props on several occasions! Where the f*** have you been?! I said she had a pretty face and looked like a young Chilli and she is cool cause she doesn’t blab about their relationship on twitter! I even defended her on twitter when couple TeamBreezy members was hating on her after that pic of her sitting on a damn toilet smoking weed was floating around! I pointed out the fact that she doesn’t have a body, which she doesn’t, how the f*** is that hating on his relationship?!?!

    I’m not hating on his relationship, I know the boy is gonna f*** who he wants, but just like all his other ‘girlfriends’ that s*** won’t last so I am not gonna be kissing her ass like all of his obsessed fans do! I am not here for that, I’m here for Chris not his shoes! Again, if that bothers you then too f****** bad!

    Know WTF you’re talking about before you come at me next time! Don’t get your ass dragged b****!

  65. KENDRA April 13, 2011

    @VASTANDDOWN first off all that name calling is uncalled for. and secondly NEWS Flash r***** this is not TeamBreezy Central and everybody may not see what Chris post on his twitter…me being one of them cause I dnt sit at my f****** computer waiting for Chris to tweet. and ur ass was ranting you posted three f****** comments saying the same damn thing, and drag if you think you can but i’d rather you sitchoassdownsomewhere. #thatisall

  66. TRUTH TELLER April 13, 2011

    @ Kendra mwahahahahaha!!!! You are a trip!!lolololol!!

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